RIO RANCHO ONSITE Estate Liquidation Online Auction

Start Date: Thursday 10/3/13
End Date: October 9, 2013 6:00 pm
Preview Times: Wednesday 10/9/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 826 Thunder Rd. SE, Rio Rancho NM 87124
Load Out Times: Thursday 10/10/13 through Saturday 10/12/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

estateauction3 Lot 4001 Lot 4002 Lot 4003 Lot 4004 Lot 4005 Lot 4006 Lot 4007 Lot 4008 Lot 4009 Lot 4010 Lot 4011 Lot 4012 Lot 4013 Lot 4014 Lot 4015 Lot 4016 Lot 4017 Lot 4018 Lot 4019 Lot 4020a Lot 4020b Lot 4021 Lot 4022 Lot 4023a Lot 4023b Lot 4024 Lot 4025 Lot 4027 Lot 4028 Lot 4029 Lot 4030 Lot 4031 Lot 4032 Lot 4033 Lot 4034 Lot 4035a Lot 4035b Lot 4035c Lot 4035d Lot 4036 Lot 4037 Lot 4038 Lot 4039 Lot 4040 Lot 4041 Lot 4042 Lot 4043 Lot 4044 Lot 4045 Lot 4046 Lot 4047 Lot 4048 Lot 4049 Lot 4050 Lot 4051 Lot 4052 Lot 4053 Lot 4054 Lot 4055 Lot 4056 Lot 4057 Lot 4058 Lot 4059 Lot 4060 Lot 4061 Lot 4062 Lot 4063 Lot 4064 Lot 4065 Lot 4066 Lot 4067 Lot 4068 Lot 4069 Lot 4070 Lot 4071 Lot 4072 Lot 4073 Lot 4074 Lot 4075 Lot 4076 Lot 4077 Lot 4078 Lot 4079 Lot 4080 Lot 4081 Lot 4082 Lot 4083 Lot 4084 Lot 4085 Lot 4086 Lot 4087 Lot 4088 Lot 4089 Lot 4090 Lot 4091 Lot 4092 Lot 4093 Lot 4094 Lot 4095 Lot 4096 Lot 4097 Lot 4097a Lot 4098 Lot 4099 Lot 4100 Lot 4101 Lot 4102 Lot 4103 Lot 4104 Lot 4105 Lot 4107 Lot 4108 Lot 4110 Lot 4111 Lot 4112 Lot 4113 Lot 4114 Lot 4115 Lot 4116 Lot 4117 Lot 4118 Lot 4119 Lot 4120 Lot 4121 Lot 4122 Lot 4123 Lot 4124 Lot 4126 Lot 4127 Lot 4129 Lot 4130 Lot 4131 Lot 4132 Lot 4133 Lot 4134 Lot 4135 Lot 4136 Lot 4137 Lot 4138 Lot 4152 Lot 4153 Lot 4154 Lot 4155 Lot 4156 Lot 4157 Lot 4158 Lot 4163 Lot 4164 Lot 4165 Lot 4166 Lot 4167 Lot 4168 Lot 4169 Lot 4170 Lot 4171 Lot 4172 Lot 4173 Lot 4174 Lot 4175 Lot 4179 Lot 4180 Lot 4181 Lot 4182 Lot 4183 Lot 4185 Lot 4186 Lot 4187 Lot 4188 Lot 4189 Lot 4190 Lot 4191 Lot 4192 Lot 4193 Lot 4194 Lot 4195 Lot 4196 Lot 4197 Lot 4198 Lot 4199 Lot 4200 Lot 4201 Lot 4202 Lot 4205 Lot 4206 Lot 4207 Lot 4209 Lot 4210 Lot 4211 Lot 4212 Lot 4215 Lot 4216 Lot 4217 Lot 4218 Lot 4219 Lot 4220 Lot 4221 Lot 4222 Lot 4223 Lot 4224 Lot 4225 Lot 4226 Lot 4227 Lot 4228 Lot 4229 Lot 4230 Lot 4231 Lot 4232 Lot 4233 Lot 4234 Lot 4235 Lot 4236 Lot 4237 Lot 4238 Lot 4239

4001 9ft Sofa Sevilla Mesilla by Autumn Mfg St. Moritz Fabric Beautiful carved details on frame.
4002 Livingroom Chair Sevilla Mesilla Mfg St. Moritz Fabric Beautiful Carved details on frame.
4003 Large solid wood Coffee Table with two tuck under stools. Lots of storage inside. St. Mortiz fabric.
4004 Tall TV armoire and display case.
4005 LCD BRAVIA flat screen TV 19″ Color By SONY
4006 Two piece modular sofas with strking southwest fabric.
4007 Village square rug 60″x28″
4008 Lovely Southwest Runner 118″x38″
4009 Antenna for TV that works!
4010 “Father Sky Mother Earth” Sand Painting by Navajo Alfred Yazzie
4011 Sand Painting Clock Frog Design with Tourquois embellishments.
4012 Gorgeous Sand Painting apprx 24″x24″x24″ and stand. Not signed.
4013 Collection of three small 8″x10″ framed art prints.
4014 Solid wood cabinet.45″x21″
4015 Ceramic Planter 10″diameter
4016 Ceramic Planter 10″diameter
4017 Salt Glazed Ceramic Pot with USA Crown Mark 9″H 9″Diameter
4018 Lg Salt Glazed Ceramic Pot with USA Crown Mark 15″H x 12″ Diameter
4019 Angel collection. Large regal cement angel with horn. Small white plaster cherub. Bronze colored composit little angel.
4020a King Sized Bed with Large storage head board and under platform drawers.
4020b King Sized Mattress Serta Perfect Sleeper Dual Pillow top “Night Star Stratus”. Extremely comfortable.
4021 Oak Armoire with lots of storage.
4022 Vintage Print of Horses and Riders South Western – Native American scene.
4023a 1950s Twin solid wood bed frames set of two.
4023b Posture Firm Twin Mattresses set of two. Clean and in good condition.
4024 1950s Dressing table with drawers and glass tops. Mirror and dressing stool included. Nice south western fabric.
4025 Framed print52″x36″
4027 Oak Side table with glass top
4028 Oak Side table with glass top
4029 Folding Chair with Caned back
4030 Sand Painting Eagle Dancer by W Wilson and G Nelson signed.
4031 South Western still life. 3 Panel prints. Framed.
4032 Sand Painting of Shield Sun Creation by H. Tom
4033 Sand Painting “Spirit Belssing” Signed “Bryan”
4034 Sand Painting signed V Begay
4035a Beautiful kitchen/office chair with south western design fabric. Light oak finish arms and wheeled foot.
4035b Beautiful kitchen/office chair with south western design fabric. Light oak finish arms and wheeled foot.
4035c Beautiful kitchen/office chair with south western design fabric. Light oak finish arms and wheeled foot.
4035d Beautiful kitchen/office chair with south western design fabric. Light oak finish arms and wheeled foot.
4036 Large Oak TV/Sound System Display
4037 Oak Wine Closet
4038 Sand Painting Clock of Dancer with Turquois Embellishments.
4039 Still life painting “Bowl of Peaches” Raphael Peale 1816 Gold frame. Small approx 8″x10″
4040 Cardinal Collection Relief on Slate, 8″x10″ Print framed and two figurines.
4041 Blue office chair
4042 One step ladder and one step stool.
4043 King sized bed frame with mirrors and storage Golden Oak/Wood head board
4044 Tall oak storage and drawers
4045 Tall oak storage and drawers
4046 Tall set of draers with revolving base and full length mirror on back. Gold oak finish.
4047 Electric adjustable bed with memory foam. Beyond belief comfort! Comes with manual.
4048 Electric adjustable bed with memory foam. Beyond belief comfort! Comes with manual.
4049 Full size 9 drawer oak bureau with mirror.
4050 Tall oak finish dresser with five large drawers and mirror.
4051 Unique Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set Western Pueblo.
4052 Contemporary Kitchen utensils including two wall hanging sets, toaster, and measurung cups.
4053 Seafood and nutcracker set with picks.
4054 Box of misc kitchen utensils.
4055 DANSK silverware set.
4056 Large Brown Ware Ceramic Dinnerware set Incl Dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, desert bowls, mugs, pitchers and more.
4057 Variety of strainers.
4058 8 Wood bowls. One bowl needs minor repair.
4059 Beautiful Wood Salad Bowl and service set. No serving tongs.
4060 Red box and coaster sets.
4061 Kitchen Wood collection Cutting boards and bottle openers
4062 Unique Coffee mugs and covered bowl Ceramics.
4063 Extravagant bottle opener!
4064 Kitchen Craft Stainless Electric Cook Pot.
4065 Kitchen Craft collection of cook pots includes seven pieces.
4066 Kitchen Craft stainless steel electric cook pot with lid.
4067 Twelve piece assortment of Cook Ware including 8 pieces of stainless.
4068 Assortment of Kitchen Gadgets including Super Shooter, Lettuce spinner, glass shaker, and organizer.
4069 Jumbo Stainless beverage urn.
4070 Vintage Electric Coffee maker and Tea Pot
4071 Krups and Mr. Coffee Maker Jr.
4072 Vintage Sunbeam Waffle maker and original plastic cover.
4073 Kitchen Aide Coffee Maker
4074 Russel Hobbs Stainless Kettle and coffee grinder
4075 Thermo Serv Salad Bar and Sandwich Grill
4076 Magnalite 7 QT Stock pot.
4077 Two slow cookers and cook book.
4078 Stir Fry Pan and Recipes
4079 Table Top Electric Skillet
4080 Ultimate Chopper and Pop Corn Machine
4081 Ultimate Chopper and Black and Decker Lid Remover
4082 Assortment of Kitchen Gadgets including 5 Piec Boxed Grater, Salsa Maker, 2 speed electric knife, and GINSU knife.
4083 KING KUTTER table top food slice and dicer.
4084 Assortment of Kitchen Gadgets including Electric Hand mixer and Springform Pan.
4085 Slo-Cooker and cooling racks
4086 Toaster, potato ricer, and cherry stoner.
4087 Waring Pro Toaster Oven
4088 Pizza Stone and Grill Dominoes
4089 Two rolling pins and Lazy Susan.
4090 Bake decorating set
4091 Micro Wave Vegetable Steamer and Syrup/Gravy Server
4092 Baking Pans and Ice Tea Maker
4093 Baking Pans and Assorted Baker Tools
4094 Beef Jerky machine and slicer
4095 Glass assortment
4096 Pottery/Ceramic Assortment
4097 Assorted glass vases in different colors and styles
4097a Assorted Napkins and Placemats
4098 Cannister Set with measuring spoons.
4099 Cookie Baking Sheet
4100 Kitchen Aid Double Door Black Refrigerator. LIKE NEW!
4101 Collection of Pyrex Pie Plates, Steins, and Pyrex Measuring cups.
4102 Green Leaf Design Plates Bowls and mugs, missing pieces from service for four.
4103 Set of Pyrex Bowls
4104 Three shelves of Apple Design dishes, mugs, wine glasses, and assorted plates and bowls.
4105 Assorted Glass Ware and mugs ALL THREE SHELVES
4107 Assorted plates and Iron Skillet, Canisters, pitcher and cooking pot covers.
4108 Two collectors Dali Museum Bowls, Chinese Tea Pot, Four Tree of Life/Staffordshire plates, Rose glass bowl, two mugs and Aluminum Cover
4110 Set of Chef’s Bowls and strainer
4111 Tupperware and assorted plastic ware
4112 Kitchen Assortment Covered Bowl Cheese Board Recipe Holder Coffee Server Weight Measure
4113 Handy kitchen tools and two knives.
4114 Fondue set and assorted cookware.
4115 Assorted knives and utensils
4116 Collection of Potholders
4117 Collection of bags, wax paper, tinfoil and much more
4118 Assorted knives and utensils
4119 One lamp with accordian shade and one large accordian shade.
4120 Aloha cooler.
4121 RICCAR Vacume Cleaner
4122 ONKYO Sound System, turn table, JVC Receiver and controls
4123 Two Mitsubish Cassette recorder and DP-107 Player with three hand controls AS IS
4124 Two high quality Paisley Speakers
4126 Assorted Vintage linens with cross stitch items included.
4127 Christmas Village collection.
4129 Porceline Grandmother and Grandfather figurines. Not marked.
4130 Hopnail cut two piece Punch Bowl, Serving Dish and small bowls. Contemporary pieces.
4131 Christmas and angel assortment.
4132 Assortment of Angels and Nativity Pieces.
4133 Southwest ceramc votives and covered bowl.
4134 Southwest vases and pottery pueblo scene.
4135 Assorted Angels
4136 Collection of Decorative Asian Vase Fan Stained Glass night light and Book Stack.
4137 Boot scrape with careved reflief.
4138 4150 Three Kings and silver cross.
4152 Basic Medium Accoustic Guitar without Case
4153 Collection of Southwestern miniatures.
4154 Collection of Southwestern miniatures.
4155 Rich Tones Twin Covers and Shams (for 2)
4156 Two Twin Comforters with Southwestern Design
4157 Very fine quality blanket Made in Portugal 100%Cotton
4158 Like new pillows with Embroidered shams.
4163 Vintage ironing board quilt patterns and two irons.
4164 Lot of Holiday Gift paper
4165 Collection of Nativity Scene pieces and Religious print framed.
4166 Harvest Wreath and Angel door wreath hanger.
4167 Decorative Box and Eiffel Tower Wall Art
4168 Gorgeous Nativity Scene Figures approx 12″ tall
4169 White Table Top Christmas Tree with lights.
4170 Basket Collection
4171 Basket Collection
4172 Basket Collection
4173 Glass Collection
4174 Beautifu lCut Chrystal Candle Sticks and set of Small Candle Holders
4175 Magnet Collection
4179 Pressed Glass Set
4180 8″x10″ Framed print.
4181 8″x10″ Framed print.
4182 9″x15″ Framed print
4183 Two South Western Rugs One Small Blue 17″x15″ and one 19″x19″
4185 Box of miscellaneous power strips, electronic connectors, antenna, and remotes
4186 Box of frames
4187 Nutcracker Gift Set
4188 Humidifier/ Vaporizer
4189 Assorted Puzzles
4190 Thomas Kinkade Puzzles
4191 Assorted Games
4192 Games and Table Top Tree
4193 Assorted Stain Glass Window Ornaments
4194 Stain Glass Window Ornaments
4195 Rug and Clock
4196 Collector Plate of Chief Joseph by Gregory Perillo
4197 Vintage Dolls
4198 Native American christmas figurines
4199 Aquamark Nautical Compass
4200 Blown Glass Lamp Oil Burner
4201 Minurature Pueblo Sculpture, Decorative Tiles and ceramic jar
4202 Animal Minuratures
4205 Wooden ware collection
4206 Bosch-Optikon Binoculars and Photo Album
4207 Decorative Items
4209 Trays and Mounted Photo
4210 Rug 59″ x 29″
4211 Two Plush Rugs 66″ x 43″ and 39″ x 23″
4212 Vintage Games
4215 Metal Shelfing Unit 37.5w” x 84″H x 12″ Depth 7 Shelves
4216 Metal Shelfing Unit 37.5w” x 84″H x 12″ Depth 7 Shelves
4217 Metal Shelfing unit 36″ wide x 70″ tall x 12″ depth 5 Shelve
4218 Collection of Saws
4219 2 Full Fire Extinguishers
4220 Vintage Wrenches
4221 Indian Carved Wooden Trivets
4222 Artwork
4223 Group of Frames
4224 Signed Water Color by Clara Blesch Unframed
4225 Framed Country Church Print
4226 Romantic Print
4227 Vintage Crib
4228 Telestar Telescope by Meade
4229 Group of Tools
4230 Group of Wreches and Ratchets
4231 Assorted vintage and misc. tools
4232 Loom frame, embroider hoop, and baskets
4233 Assotment of Shovels
4234 Gas Chainsaw, Black and Decker 3/8″ Electric Power Drill with saw attatchment, and power chords
4235 Easy carry sprayer and electric orbital heavy duty sander
4236 Miscellaneous Tools
4237 Attractive ceramic hanging lamp and Christmas nativity stage
4238 Chimney Sweep Set, Utility Light, Umbrella, Plunger, Sunscreening material, Concrete spike
4239 Miscellaneous Cleaning Tools


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