ALBUQUERQUE ONSITE Cedar Crest Estate Auction Part 2

Start Date: Friday 6/6/14
End Date: June 13, 2014 6:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 6/13/14 from 11am to 1pm
Location: 4 Everest Court, Cedar Crest, NM 87008
Load Out Times: Saturday 6/14/14 from 10am to 4pm ONLY!

Photo Gallery:

1001 Ornate wooden carved couch 72″ x 21″ crack in the left arm
1002 Solid Chinese Ornate Trifold Seperator 72″ x 48″
1003 Wicker Shelf Set with Glass Shelves 77.5″ 27.5″x16″
1004 Native American Style Ladder 59″ tall and approx. 15.5″ wide
1005 Wicker painted side table 22″ tall and 17.5″ squared
1006 Six sturdy bamboo bar stools 28″ tall
1007 sony display case
1008 Candle wall sconce
1009 Cedar box for linens or storage, 31.5″x 17.5″ x 17.5″
1010 Liquer cabinet box top and bottom open
1011 Four TV tables on a rolling rack
1012 Hong Kong Street Artist Painting 51″ Diagonal Signed G. Mayo
1013 South Western Medecine Shield
1014 Wooden Bread Box
1015 Hat from Hong Kong
1016 Painted Sewing Box with a large assortment of Sewing Supplies
1017 Two Sewing Boxes with Sewing Supplies
1018 Round Sewing Box or Hat Box Full of Supplies
1019 Large Chest with a padded seat, Full of Sewing Supplies
1020 Wicker knick knack shelf not including items on shelves
1021 Collection of Antique Bottles
1022 Collection of Antique Bottles
1023 Collection of Antique Bottles
1024 Collection of Antique Bottles
1025 Collection of Antique Bottles
1026 Wicker Chair with Cushions
1027 Vintage decanter and glass set
1028 Two desk top organizer units
1029 Wooden Magazine Or Desk Supply Organizer
1030 Bronze metal small table/side table
1031 Digereedoo with a snake design
1032 Candle Valances and Mirror Grouping
1033 Seashell, Holders, and Sun and Moon Mirror Grouping
1034 Candles, Tiles, and Coasters Grouping
1035 Candles, holders, knick knack assortment
1036 Crafted figures and smalls assortment
1037 Candles and holder assortment
1038 Large assortment of candles and some small note books
1039 Two large baskets, one with insense, one with sage
1040 Two contact or recipe organizers and an interesting fountain
1041 3 Vintage Boxes
1042 Shelf of itemes including a basket tray, basket with candles, candle holder, and shelf organizing shadow boxes
1043 Wooden baskes carved from 1 piece of wood
1044 3 Large Candles
1045 Decorative Seashore Macrame Hanging
1046 Collection of Unique Colored Animal Shape Candles
1047 Crystal Schnapps Glasses 4
1048 4 Sherry Glasses with a small Ice Bucket
1049 4 Adam ad Eve Schnapps Glasses
1050 Two Cognac or Brandy Glasses by Villeroy and Boch
1051 4 Champagne Glasses
1052 2 Large Cognac or Brandy Glasses
1053 Set of 3 water style glasses, 3 stemmed glasses, and 1 Shot Glass
1054 8 Wolfschmidt Egg Shaped Vodka Shooters on a carrying rack
1055 9 Crystal Champagne Glasses
1056 Large 10.5″ tall glass chalice
1057 Martini Shaker Set
1058 Bar accessories assortment
1059 Tall Cocktail Pitcher
1060 Large Glass + Martini Mixer w Bamboo Design
1061 Two Unused Candles and 2 Lotus Flower Valances
1062 Assortment of Candles
1063 Wolf Candle and Clock
1064 Decorative Candles
1065 Candle Sticks and Two Trumpet Candle Holders
1066 Williamsburg Soap and Candle Company Small Candles
1067 Assortment of Candles, and basket with matches
1068 Grouping of Candles and candle holders
1069 Large assortment of candles and holders and accessories
1070 Two French Style Candelabra with unused green candles
1071 Asian Collectables and candles
1072 Aramis 3/4 LBS. Jar with some bar accessories inside, including pour stops, mini umbrellas and class charms
1073 Assortment of Nice Baskets
1074 Single piece carved wooden serving bowl
1075 Antique Cast Iron Muffin Pan and Thick Cutting Board
1076 Three Serving Dishes, blue has been repaired
1077 Large Sangria or Juice Serving Container with tap.
1078 Omega wooden display shelving unit 15.5″ tall x 19″ wide
1079 Two framed photography prints 20″ and 21″ diagonally
1080 2 Korean Serving Trays
1081 Framed Needlepoint
1082 Interesting 10.5″ Prints with artists information card
1083 14.5″ Prints with artists information card
1084 21.5″ Prints with artists information card
1085 18″ and 14.5″ Prints with cartists information card
1086 Vintage Mexican Covered Pot, Vintage Jar with Cracks, and Carved Hot Plate
1087 Carved Horn
1088 Beautifu glass blown candy dish
1089 Seld contained weather tool and tower clock 7″, and 8.5″ tall
1090 New Hawaii Scrap Book 12″x14″
1091 Oil lamp, small round china box, and two parrot figures
1092 Asortment of candles
1093 Asian fan made of carved wood, in original box
1094 Wicker hanging shelf
1095 Vintage metal match box with the french word for matches
1096 Wooden south western mirror 18″x18.5″
1097 Wooden bar stool 30″ tall
1098 Grape and Chile Lights
1099 Vintage duck bottle covering made of leather
1100 Grouping of smalls
1101 Brass bucket with long decorative branches
1102 Baby bear glass top coffee table 45″x32″
1103 Hersheys toy truck box with moving wheels
1104 Wine charms and decorative oil candle
1105 4 Drawer wicker desk top storage cubby
1106 Unique metal and glass Humming bird feeder
1107 Metal industrial style desk top organizers
1108 Revolving ball fountain with stones
1109 Magic Wizard and Dragon Electricity Sphere
1110 Two pieces of Native American Pottery large piece signed F. Waquie
1111 Native American Pottery Bowl
1112 High quality gift packing containers, and decorative pinecone basket
1113 Asortment of desktop office supplies and container clip board with working calculator
1114 Desk Top Paper Organizer, Passport book, business card folios, and work book
1115 Two crafted clay chimes with pretty sound
1116 Assortment of playing cards, one set is from the Golden Nugget Casino, and two card game rule books
1117 Assortment of bags and briefcases
1118 Group of camera or electronic bags and cases
1119 Travel Scrabble Game and Domino Set
1120 Domino Set and Deluxe Dice Set
1121 Scrabble Game Board and Dominoes Set
1122 3 clipboards, file box, desk organizer, paper clips, and card holders
1123 Artistic mirror for hanging or has pads for a table piece
1124 Glass multiuse bowl
1125 Wine bottle box, wine bottle coaster, hot plate tile, and tray
1126 Large Electric Fireplace Heater 26″ tall x 23″ x 17″
1127 Hot Baths, Massages, Parlor Style Vintage Mirror
1128 File boxes, with empty file holders, and a hangng file frame set
1129 Phillips Stereo and small stereo
1130 Un Used Life Organizer with undated calendars, calculator, notes, and pen
1131 Desk shelving organizers, adding machine, and laptop cooler with multiple plugs in the back
1132 River Print 21″
1133 Assortment of smalls, candles, and boxes
1134 Sewing tin with supplies, and Avon American Hairloom Vintage Doll
1135 Fish Shell wind chime, and soap stone carved fish
1136 3 garden wind chimes
1137 Huming bird optical illusion wind chime
1138 Brown Bottle and Beaker, and metal pot
1139 cat wind chime and sun window ornament
1140 Small milk pitcher, cookie jar, and honey jar
1141 Bunny flower pot holder, and two rocks with crystal, and polishing
1142 Signed, and made pottery plate, and fish small
1143 Basket and its contents of beack mats and large beach towels
1144 50″ tall and 36″ wide filing or storage cabinet with pull out desk topcontents not included
1145 hanging bird cage plant holder
1146 Fold up card playing table top 47.5″


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L & L Society


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Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


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