ALBUQUERQUE Tools and Contractor's Supply Online Auction

Start Date: Friday 5/16/14
End Date: May 22, 2014 6:00 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 5/22/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 3825 Osuna Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Load Out Times: Friday 5/23/14, Saturday 5/24/14 (10am to 12pm), Monday 5/26/14, and Tuesday 5/27/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

2001 Wisdom 3/8″ Pistol Grip Air Impact Wrench, Model 30-AIW38-2
2002 Wisdom High Pressure Air Spray Gun, Model 30-HPSG-1
2003 Wisdom 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder
2004 Wisdom 52-pc 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Socket Wrench Set, Model 12-SK52-2
2005 Hand Pipe Threader Die Tool Set
2006 Wisdom 11-pc Little Worker’s Set, Model 81-TK8
2007 Wisdom 13-pc Long Pattern Combination Wrench Set, Model 01-W13MW-1
2008 Hughes 25-pc Socket Set 1/2″ Drive SAE/Metric, Model 12-SK25P-2
2009 Hit 6″ Home Shop Bench Vise, Model 14-MV6L-1
2010 Bolt Cutters
2011 Sandvik Bahco 8-1/4″ 18 Teeth Miter Saw Blade, 8/8-1/4″ 24 Teeth Contractor Blade, HIT 7″ Turbo Rim Diamond Saw Blade and Wisdom Depressed Center Grinding Wheel
2012 Assortment of Items Including: Set of Paint Brushes, Wisdom 12-pc Sand Paper Assortment; Wisdom Safety Googles and More
2013 Wisdom Air Grease Gun Kit, Model 30-AGG-2
2014 Wisdom 15″ Utility Bar, Sledge Hammer and Hammer
2015 Wisdom 10-pc Angle Wrench Set, Size: 10-19MM, Model 01-AW10-1
2016 Wisdom Air Touch Up Gun, Model 30-ATG-2
2017 Wisdom 3/8 Load Binder, Model 16-LB38-1
2018 Wisdom 3-pc Pliers Set and Wisdom 7-pc Professional Screwdriver Set
2019 Wisdom 12-pc Carving Chisel Set, Model 10-CC12-1
2020 Wisdom 5-pc Plier Set, Model 03-P5-1
2021 Wisdom 40-pc Tap and Die Set, Model 22-TD40M-1
2022 Wisdom 5-pc Mechanic Plier Set, Model 03-MP50-1
2023 Wisdom Air Windshield Knife, 30-AWK-2
2024 Wisdom Ratchet Load Binder, Model 16-LB38R-1
2025 Wisdom Air Sand Blaster Kit, Model 30-ASBK-2
2026 Wisdom 46-pc Harmonic Balance Puller, Model 16-HBP46-1
2027 Wisdom UNC & UNF 41-pc Tap & Die Set, Model 22-TD41H-1
2028 Air Caulking Gun
2029 Wisdom Heavy Duty Engine Cleaning Gun, Model 45-ECG-2
2030 Wisdom 4-pc Pry Tool Set, Model 09-PB4-1
2031 HVLP Spray Gun, Model FR-906/HVLP
2032 Wisdom 3,500 Lbs. Coupler
2033 Wisdom 14-pc Combination Wrench Set, Size: 3/8″ – 1-1/4″, Model 01-W14W-1
2034 Wisdom Utility Cut-Off Tool, Model 30-UCT-2
2035 Wisdom 17-pc 1/2″ Socket Set, Model 12-SK172-2
2036 Wisdom 21-pc 3/8″ Socket Set, Model 12-SK2138-2
2037 Wisdom 10-pc Bearing Race & Seal Driver
2038 Siphon Feed HVLP Spray Gun, Model FR-920
2039 Wisdom 1/4″ Air Angle Die Grinder and Wisdom 1/4″ Heavy Duty Air Die Grinder with 1/4″ Chuck
2040 Wisdom 6-pc Jumbo Combination Wrench Set, Model 01-WJ6-1
2041 Wisdom 3/4″ 250 ft/lb Micrometer Torque Wrench, Model 11-TW34-2
2042 Wisdom Air Hammer Set with 4-Chisels, Model 30-AH7-2
2043 (2) Wisdom 11-pc 1/2″ Deep Impact Socket Sets
2044 Wisdom 3/8″ Heavy Duty Air Metal Shear, Model 30-AMS-2
2045 2″ A Frame Coupler, 5,000 lbs.
2046 Wisdom 1/2″ Impact Socket Set and Wisdom 3/8″ Impact Socket 9-pc Set
2047 Hughes 25-pc Socket Set 1/2″ Drive SAE/Metric, Model 12-SK25P-2
2048 Wisdom 2 Ton x 3 Hooks Cable Puller, Model 16-PP2SH-1
2049 Wisdom 6″ Heavy Duty Air Dual Action Sander, 8,000-10,000 RPM
2050 Wisdom 6″ Steel Vise, Model 14-SV6-2
2051 Wisdom 4 Ton x 3 Hook Power Hand Puller
2052 Wisdom No. 2 Pipe Cutter, Model 22-PC2-1 and Wisdom 2-1/2″ Clamp-On Vise, Model 14-TV212-1
2053 Wisdom 8-pc Spring Clamp Set, Model 15-SC8P-1
2054 Wisdom 3/8″ Air Ratchet Wrench
2055 Wisdom 10 pc 1″ Air Impact Socket Set
2056 Wisdom 21-pc 3/8″ Socket Set, Model 12-SK2138-2
2057 Wisdom 8-pc Wood Lathe Chisel Set, Model 10-WLC8-1
2058 Wisdom 3-pc Pipe Threader Set, Model 22-PT3-1
2059 Wisdom 2-Way 16″ Fluorescent Work Light, AC/DC, Model 29-WL2-1
2060 Wisdom 9-pc 3/4″ Impact Socket Set, Chrome-Vandadium Steel, Model 12-IS934SM-2
2061 Wisdom 60-pc Crimping Tool Set, Model 03-CT60-2
2062 Wisdom 26-pc Socket Wrench Set
2063 Wisdom 14-pc 1/2″ Crow Foot Wrench
2064 Wisdom 4-pc Tune-Up Kit, Model 13-TUK4-2
2065 Axe Head (HEAD ONLY)
2066 Wisdom 60-pc 3 In 1 Socket Set, Model 12-SK3P-2
2067 Wisdom 4-pc Adjustable Wrench Set, Model 02-AW4-1
2068 Wisdom 24″ Pry Tool, Model 09-CB24-1
2069 Wisdom 7-pc Brad Point Wood Bit Set; Wisdom 4-pc Masonry Drill Set and Wisdom 5-pc Masonry Drill Kit
2070 Wisdom 5-pc 8″ Steel File Set, Plastic Handle, Model 17-SF8B-1
2071 Wisdom 20 Ton Air/Manual Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Model 20-AJ20-1
2072 Wisdom 8-pc 3/8″ Universal Joint Socket Set, Model 12-US838-2
2073 Wisdom 14-pc Angle Wrench Set, Size 3/8″ – 1-1/4″, Model 01-AW14-1
2074 Wisdom 1/2″ Gluing Clamp, Model 15-GC12C-1
2075 Wisdom 13-pc Precision Tool Set
2076 Wisdom 4-pc 3 Jaws Gear Puller Set, Model 16-GP4-1
2077 Wisdom 5 in 1 Hand Tool Set, 5-pc Multi-Purpose Brass Hammer, Model 45-HT5-1
2078 Wisdom 26-pc Screwdriver & Bits Set, Model 81-TK23
2079 Wisdom 4-pc 6″ Heavy Duty Snap Ring Pliers Set, Model 03-SRP46C-1
2080 Wisdom 2-pc Dual Function Tool Set, Model 81-TK18
2081 Wisdom 14-pc Screwdriver Set, Model 81-TK14
2082 Wisdom 2 Way Hand Riveter with 40 Rivets, Model 03-HR2-1
2083 Wisdom 9-pc 3/8″ Deep Impact Socket Set
2084 Wisdom 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist, 10′ Chain, Model 16-CH05-1
2085 Wisdom 3-1/2 LB. C. Axe, Model 06-AXE312-1
2086 Wisdom 6-pc Offset Box Wrench, Model 01-BW1-7
2087 Wisdom 3-pc Utility Tool Set, Model 81-TK11
2088 Axe
2089 Axe Head (HEAD ONLY)
2090 Drill Press Vise, 20″
2091 Wisdom 6-pc Wood Chisel Set, Model 10-WC6B-1
2092 Wisdom 3-pc 3 Jaws Gear Puller Set, Model 16-GP3-1
2093 Wisdom 4-pc Wood Chisel Set, Model 81-TK10
2094 Manual 55-Gallon Pump
2095 Wisdom 3/4 Ton Lever Hoist, Lifting 5′, Model 16-LB34-1
2096 Wisdom 18″ Machete, Plastic Handle with Camoflauge Sleeve, Model 36-M18S-1
2097 Wisdom Air Brush Kit, Model 30-ABK-2
2098 Wisdom Torque Wrench, Model 11-TW3812-2
2099 Wisdom 4-pc Air Chisel Set, Model 30-AC4-2
2100 Wisdom 1/2″ Micrometer Torque Wrench, Model 11-TW12-2
2101 Wisdom 8-pc 1/2″ Universal Air Impact Socket SAE Set
2102 Wisdom 3/8″ Air Impact Wrench, “Butterfly”, Model 30-BIW38-2
2103 Wisdom 7-pc Forstner Bit Set, Model 21-FS7-1
2104 Wisdom 6-pc Household Tool Set, Model 81-TK15
2105 Wisdom 10″ Nail Claw Paw, Model 09-NCP10-1
2106 Wisdom 12-pc Professional File Set, Model 17-F12B-1
2107 Wisdom 11-pc Long Pattern Combination Wrench, Model 01-W11MWV-1
2108 Wisdom 315-pc Roll Pin Assortment, Model 07-RP315-1 and Wisdom 460-pc Shop Assortment, Model 07-SA460-1
2109 8″ 3-pc Wood Rasp
2110 Wisdom 300 psi Mini Air Compressor
2111 Wisdom 7-pc Nut Driver Set and Wisdom 4-pc 3/8″ Extension Bar
2112 Wisdom 1-7/8″ x 3″ Trailer Couplers, Model 25-TC1783-2
2113 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom 12-pc Wrench Holder, Wisdom 3-pc Extension Bar and More
2114 Assortment of Items Including: Forney Utlity Pliers, Wisdom 7-pc Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set, Wisdom 1/2″ Ratchet Handle and More
2115 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom Helping Hand, Adjustable Wrench, Clamp and More
2116 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom 110-pc Zerk Grease Fitting Assortment, Pry/Crow Bars, Clamp on Vise and More
2117 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom 3/8″ Micrometer Torque Wrench, Wisdom Utility Knife and More
2118 Assortment of Assorted Hooks
2119 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom Hammers, Socket Sets, Pliers and More
2120 Assortment of Items Including: Wisdom 1-1/8″ Tube Cutter, Lock Installation Kit and More


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