ANTHEM AZ ONSITE Estate Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Thursday 6/6/13
End Date: June 12, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Saturday 6/8/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: Anthem AZ (Address will be disclosed prior to preview)
Load Out Times: Thursday 6/13/13 and Friday 6/14/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

Great selection of furniture, decor, antiques and collectibles, art, electronics, housewares and much more!

2061 Like New Thomasville brown leather sofa w/gold studs
2062 wrough Iron with glass top cocktail table
2063 wrought Iron with glass top end table
2064 Barca southwestern design upholstered lounger
2065 Barca southwestern design upholstered lounger
2066 Metal and frosted glass floor lamp
2067 Two tiered wooden shelf
2068 Wooden side table
2069 Set of two wicker side chairs with upholstered pillows and cushions
2070 Blue ceramic pot w/cattails, stand & small woven mat
2071 Lascaux woven southwestern fringed area rug
2072 Blue ceramic pot on black stand
2073 Blue ceramic pot with cattails
2074 Blue ceramic pot on black stand
2075 Amber glass bowl w/seashells and dried pods/gourds
2076 Artist Signed Southwest framed American Indian picture
2077 Ceramic American Indian woman wall hanging
2079 Ceramic pot with feathers on stand
2080 Ceramic American Indian crouching woman statue
2081 Artist Signed ceramic shrouded woman & child statue on black base
2082 Lot of 3 glass vessels with sand & seashells
2083 Woven magazine basket with handle
2084 Woven southwestern bowl
2085 Set of 3 woven southwestern baskets & 2 black easels
2086 Native American Indian Kachina statue signed
2087 Signed American Indian statue: woman holding woven bowl
2088 Native American Indian Kachina statue signede
2089 Signed & framed Indian pottery picture
2090 Packaged small dream catcher w/legend info
2091 Hand Made Dream Catcher in Original Packaging
2092 Lot of 2 wooden ladders, 1 woven mat & woven hanging basket
2093 Signed iridescent art glass perfume bottle with stopper
2094 Signed art glass paperweight with purple swirl design
2095 Signed art glass paperweight with cobalt blue design
2096 Ceramic pot with sunflower design
2097 Framed southwest cowboy boot picture
2098 Set of 4 rust candles with 1 holder
2099 Set of Reader’s Digest condensed books, signed, carved old man statue & misc.
2100 Yamaha and Toshiba stereo 7 video equipment
2101 Lot of 15 hardback and paper books & Reader’s Digest condensed book set
2102 Lot of CD’s and cassette tapes & 16 books
2103 Wicker rooster with scarf
2104 Terra cotta pot with stand
2105 Wall shelf with bird, watering can & birdhouse
2106 Brass lamp with lampshade
2107 Brass floor lamp with lampshade
2108 Round corner table with glass top & fabric tablecloth
2109 Lot of 2 southwestern woven baskets
2110 Signed Seated woman & child statue
2111 Wood & Ratan hand tied Headboard, Footboard and rails
2112 3 drawer wooden matching dresser
2113 23 drawer dresser with basket weave pattern
2114 Wooden matching armoire with doors and drawers
2115 Set of 2 elephant candle holders
2116 Signed & framed elephant and palm tree picture
2117 Large potted palm with elephant and palm planter
2118 Floor lamp with beaded shade
2119 Upholstered chair with ottoman
2120 Metal treasure chest with Mardi Gras beads
2121 Framed & signed Native American Indian picture
2122 Framed & signed Native American Indian picture
2123 Framed & signed Native American Indian with wolves picture
2124 Framed & Artist signed American Indian with bobcats picture,28/950
2125 Framed & signed American Indian with eagle picture
2126 Set of two colorful fish
2128 Set of 2 stained glass candle holders
2129 Lot of 3 glass vessels with seashells
2130 Framed American Indian picture
2131 Artist Signed woven basket picture
2132 Set of 4 rooster pictures
2133 Rooster picture
2134 Cardinal Select ceramic rooster serving bowl
2135 Glass top kitchen table and 4 chairs w/upholstered seats
2136 et of glass jars with beans
2137 Eggs for Sale lidded box
2138 Square ceramic rooster plate
2139 Display glass bottle with peppers
2140 Lot of 5 display glass bottles with food
2141 Hand painted Italian rooster plate
2143 Fitz & Floyd Ceramic pig wall pocket
2144 Lot of 6 display jars & bottles with food
2146 Lot of 2: recipe box and potted flowers
2147 Lot of 18 Mikasa ôPeasantriesö dish pieces
2148 Lot of 40 Michael & Co. dishes
2149 Michael & Co. rooster plate
2150 Set of two roosters
2151 Set of 4 Henriette porcelain rooster plates
2152 Lot of 4 rooster items: Pail, clock, box & figure
2153 Ceramic rooster
2154 Lot of 4 rooster items: Plate, bowl, tile & box
2155 Lot of 7 picture easels & hangers
2156 Lot of 8 red water glasses
2157 Set of 4 ceramic Little Red Riding Hood cups & teapot
2158 Set of 6 spice decorative bottles with holder
2159 Ceramic bowl with fake apples & cloth
2160 Red glass vase with seashells
2161 Art glass perfume holder with stopper
2162 Artist Signed black art glass paperweight
2163 Artist Signed art glass with stopper
2164 Artist Signed art glass paper weight
2165 Artist Signed art glass paper weight
2166 Artist Signed art glass paperweight with snake
2167 Artist Signed art glass striped perfume bottle with stopper
2169 Artist Signed art glass mauve perfume bottle with stopper
2170 Artist Signed art glass paper weight
2171 Artist Signed art glass: cobalt blue wine glass
2172 Artist Signed art glass striped paperweight
2173 Art glass paperweight with red striped swirl
2174 Artist Signed cobalt blue art glass thin vase
2175 Artist Signed art glass paperweight: swirl design
2176 Artist Signed art glass striped paperweight
2177 Artist Signed art glass mauve paperweight
2178 Artist Signed art glass teal perfume bottle with stopper
2179 Artist Signed art glass iridescent paperweight
2180 Artist Signed art glass round iridescent paperweight
2181 Artist Signed tall art glass striped paperweight
2182 Art glass paperweight with black flower
2183 Artist Signed art glass fluted vase
2184 De Lee Art of CA. ceramic skunk
2185 Lot of 3 ceramic items, pig with mask, penny & skunk
2186 Artist Signed art glass fluted orange vase
2188 Artist Signed art glass paperweight with iris
2189 Artist Signed art glass cobalt blue striped paperweight
2190 Handmade art:globe paperweight
2191 Artist Signed pink frosted flower vase
2192 Artist Signed art glass blue swirl paperweight
2193 Clear glass bowl & plate
2194 Set of aqua blue glass book ends
2195 Glass pitcher of dried thistles
2196 Set of 8 clear glasses with frosted bird base
2197 Clear glass candy dish with lid
2198 Footed kelly green coin glass candy dish with lid
2199 Artist Signed frosted and clear glass paper weight
2200 Artist Signed gold & brown swirled paperweight
2201 Kelly green fluted candy dish with lid
2202 Lenox cut-out pattern fluted candy dish
2203 Nikco Christmas dinnerware & glass set
2204 Set of 8 pale mauve crackled goblets
2205 USA Castleton ôLaceö dinnerware set
2206 Mixed lot of 9 glass & metal tableware items
2207 Mixed lot of 9 small decorative plates
2208 Mixed lot of 6 coffee mugs & ceramic Easter egg with lid
2209 Fostoria red salt & pepper shakers
2210 Large pink swirl design glass bowl
2211 Lazy boy pink floral upholstered sofa
2212 Lazy boy pink floral upholstered sofa
2213 Framed Carol Grigg southwest picture
2214 Magnavox TV with remote
2215 Wooden corner end table w/movable leaves
2216 Square end table
2217 Wooden TV tray w/mat and pink flower table lamp
2218 Wooden TV tray w/mat, pink flower table lamp & ceramic dish w/lid
2219 Terra cotta laying cherub
2220 Terra cotta seated cherub
2221 Terra cotta seated cherub with bird
2222 Bird cage with flowers
2223 Basket with handle, throw and fringed accent pillow
2224 Framed round embossed picture
2225 Framed round embossed picture
2226 Artist Signed framed Native American Indian w/wolf picture
2227 Two piece set of American Tourister luggage
2228 Lot of 4 decorative birdhouses
2228a Lot of 3 decorative birdhouses
2229 Blue ceramic pot with dried cacti
2230 Large terra cotta bird pot
2231 Lot of 3 decorative birdhouses
2231a Lot of 4 decorative birdhouses
2231b Decorative birdcage w/flowers
2232 Turquoise blue ceramic pot with cacti
2233 Teal ceramic pot with agave plant
2234 Large decorative terra cotta bowl
2235 Large teal ceramic pot
2236 Large aqua blue pot with palm
2237 Stack of round pavers
2238 Large round pot with agave on stand
2239 Assortment of potted plants with a bird house
2501 Pink and blue floral bedspread
2502 Tan on tan striped bedspread
2503 Pink and blue bedspread, tan pillow & purple floral spread
2504 Set of two fabric seat cushions
2505 Set of 4 mauve and lavender pillows
2506 Mixed linen lot: pillows, sheets
2507 Patchwork pattern spread
2508 Cream blanket and white comforter
2509 White comforter
2510 2 cream pillows
2511 White comforter
2512 Set of 3 gingham check pillows w/rooster
2513 Lot of 3: comforter, blanket and pillow
2514 Lot of sage bathroom rugs, seat covers
2515 Mixed box lot of various towels, blanket
2516 Mixed lot of linens in plastic bag
2517 Mixed lot of table linens, placemats, napkins
2518 Mixed lot of embroidered items
2519 Mixed lot of tablecloths
2520 Mixed lot, embroidery kit, crib cover & misc.
2521 Mixed linen lot: dust ruffle, sheets
2522 Mixed linen lot: pillow & blankets
2523 Mixed lot of linens: pillows and blankets
2524 Mixed linen lot: pillows and sheets
2525 Bamboo bed with Beauty Rest pillow top mattress
2526 Mixed box of hardback and paperback books
2527 Mixed lot of decorative boxes
2528 Black & Decker Floor Buster cordless vacuum with charger
2529 Small upholstered foot stool
2530 Box lot of photo frames
2531 Lot of Elements and assorted candles
2532 Lot of glass picture frames
2533 Ann Kary Picture frame
2534 Toastmaster waffle iron
2535 Oster stainless steel toaster
2536 Cuisinart toaster
2537 Hamilton Beach & Toastmaster mixers
2538 Lot of Black & Decker chopper, 2 hand choppers and pineapple slicer
2539 Lot of Toastmaster citrus juicer and Kitchen Gourmet defrosting tray
2540 Lot of Little Dipper crock pot, hand grinder & Black & Decker food processor
2541 Lot of 2 glass vessels with dried pods, plants
2542 Lot of 3 containers with dry pasta
2543 Lot of pans
2544 Lot of pans, strainers and knife rack with several knives
2545 Vintage Hand grinder
2546 Handled basket of fake bread
2547 Aroma Cool Fry deep fryer
2548 Lot of 12 frosted, crackled water glasses
2549 Lot of Black & Decker mixer, Osterizer blender, canister and pitcher
2550 Innova ice cream maker, lot of 3 wooden cutting boards
2551 Rogers International Silver Co. silverware set with case
2552 Community silver plate silverware set with case
2553 Silverware set in plastic divider
2554 Silverware set wooden divider not included
2555 Carvel Hall knives wooden divider not included
2556 Mixed lot of knives, kitchen utensils in wooden divider not included
2557 Lot of baking tins
2558 Lot of baking racks
2559 Lot of mixing bowls, paper cups, cupcake baking cups
2560 Lot of Pyrex measuring cups, paper cups, salt & pepper shakers
2561 George Foreman Lean Machine grilling machine
2562 Rival crockpot
2563 George Foreman Lean Machine grilling machine with trays
2564 Lot of metal grater, colander, glass baking dishes
2565 Blue ceramic casserole dish with lid
2566 Lot of gold ceramic dishware
2567 Lot of bakeware, cooking pots & pans
2568 Lot of cooking pots, pans, bakeware
2569 Lot of cobalt blue mugs and pitcher
2570 Lot of mixed glasses and mug
2571 Lot of hand painted glasses and pitcher
2572 Lot of clear Plastic water glasses
2573 Lot of colorful ceramic dishes and bowls
2574 Lot of colorful ceramic mixing bowls
2575 Lot of Plastic glasses and striped Plastic pitcher
2576 Lot of clear Plastic water goblets
2577 Drawer full of odds & ends and a rolling pin
2578 Box lot of spices
2579 Box lot of cleaning supplies
2580 Box lot of plastic containers and lids
2581 Lenox hand painted glass bowl with rooster
2582 Lenox Fruits of Life handled cooky tray
2583 Set of 2 ceramic sun faces wall hangings
2584 Lot fo 4 rooster items, 2 pictures, coasters & dish
2585 AT & T telephone w/answering system
2586 Lot of paint, craft supplies
2587 Lot of laundry supplies
2588 Lot of cleaning supplies
2589 Round card table and 4 folding chairs
2590 Lot of household items & ironing board
2591 Lot of paper towels and tissue
2592 Lot of oil and plastic wrap, baggies
2593 Lot of cookbooks
2594 Lot of potholders, kitchen towels
2595 Lot of gift bags
2596 Lot of 2 irons & a steamer


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics