Start Date: Saturday May 25th 2013
End Date: May 31, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Wednesday 5/29/13 through Friday 5/31/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Saturday 6/1/13, Tuesday 6/4/13 and Wednesday 6/5/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

We are liquidating the Carl Carlock Estate! This is part four of the antique and collectibles auction that you don’t want to miss!


1701       Vintage oak icebox

1702       Vintage/antique 1942 brass Grover brand emergency hose nozzle

1703       Vintage/antique portable kerosene heater

1704       Antique Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co. crank telephone

1705       Vintage cattle skull

1706       Vintage hand tooled horse saddle

1708       Vintage cast iron Tite Top Dutch oven & lid

1709       Vintage/antique cast iron #10 footed dutch oven w/ lid

1710       Vintage cast iron skillet & lid

1711       Vintage Wagner Ware Drip Drop No. 8 cast iron roaster

1712       Vintage Wagner Ware Drip Drop No. 9 cast iron roaster

1713       Vintage Wagner Ware Drip Drop No. 7 cast iron roaster

1714       Vintage/antique cast iron #12 dutch oven with two lids – one glass & one cast iron

1715       Vintage Wagner Ware cast iron flat skillet

1716       Vintage Wagner Mfg. Co. cast iron square bacon press

1717       Vintage/antique handled cast iron #12 footed dutch oven with lid

1718       Vintage/antique Wagner Ware brand cast iron frying pan

1719       Vintage Wagner Ware round cast iron fat free fryer

1720       Vintage Wagner Ware round cast iron fat free fryer

1721       Vintage set of 3 Benjamin & Medvin frying pans

1722       Vintage 12÷ cast iron Dutch oven w/2 glass lids

1723       Vintage Falls City Angler’s Choice minnow bucket

1724       Vintage Wagner Ware 10 1/2÷ cast iron skillet

1725       Vintage Erie, PA cast iron skillet

1726       Vintage Lot of assorted kitchen items

1727       Vintage frying pan

1728       Lot of two Vintage/antique pans – one cast iron corn bread pan & one heavy Wagner  brand muffin pan

1729       Vintage 10 1/4÷ cast iron pot w/lid

1730       Vintage/antique Wagner brand cast iron rotating waffle maker

1731       Antique Coleman steam iron

1732       Vintage Wagner Ware Drip drop No. 8 cast iron Dutch oven & lid

1733       Horned wall mount

1734       Vintage Goodell Co. White Mt. Cast iron apple peeler

1735       Vintage cast iron cow bell

1736       Vintage Lot of assorted kitchen items – graters, whisks and more

1737       Unique vintage 60s painted glass figures Spanish wine/alcohol bottles

1738       Vintage Booth Design Workshop, England, wooden rooster

1739       Vintage set of 3 white & flow blue Oriental tea cups

1740       Vintage cobalt blue glass Old Cabin Whiskey bottle

1741       Vintage very rare 1863 gold glass Roberts Bros. Hand blown bottle

1742       Vintage Hobnail white milk glass vessel

1743       Vintage hand painted pink Goldcastle Oriental floral vase

1744       Vintage set of 2, ceramic rooster & hen

1745       Antique 1930’s handmade Japanese vase

1746       Vintage 1961 Inarco lady head vase, Japan E-19O/L

1747       Vintage 1940’s amethyst footed glass candy dish

1748       Vintage sitting hen figure

1749       Vintage lot of 3 poultry kitchenware:CA ashtray, Portugal rooster tile, Country Chicken dish

1750       Vintage set of 5 ceramic roosters:salt & pepper, creamer, napkin holder

1751       Vintage/antique glass soda water dispenser server with decorative woven metal overlay

1752       Vintage Walt Disney plastic pig ramp walkers

1753       Lenox ⌠Wildlife of the 7 Continents÷ porcelain Australian Koala bear family figure, Japan

1754       Lot of 3 owl figures

1755       D. Grossman figure of 2 quails

1756       Vintage lot of 4 roosters: toothpick holder

1757       Lot of barnyard pig & hen figure, cow in basket

1758       Vintage lot of 2 Spanish Pinot Noir hand painted 1966 wine bottles:toreadors

1759       Vintage lot of 2 Spanish Pinot Noir  hand painted wine bottles:toreador & woman

1760       Vintage lot of 2 Spanish Pinot Noir hand painted 1966 wine bottles:toreador & woman

1761       Vintage lot of 2 Bulgaria & Sweden glass coca cola bottles

1762       Vintage lot of 3 German Rhine wine bottles

1763       Vintage lot of 4 German wine & Grotsch bottles

1764       Vintage set of 11 divided metal dishes

1765       Vintage Wagner Ware cast iron bread stick pan

1766       Vintage cast iron flat griddle

1767       Vintage  cast iron griddle

1768       Vintage cast iron flat flapjack griddle

1769       Vintage Wagner cast iron muffin pan and circle grater

1770       Vintage USA cast iron muffin pan

1771       Vintage Wagner Ware cast iron muffin pan

1772       Vintage/antique Wagner brand cast iron corn bread pan

1773       Vintage cast iron corn bread pan

1774       Vintage/antique heavy cast iron Iron with nice handle

1775       Cast iron iron

1776       Vintage/antique heavy cast iron Iron

1777       Vintage hand made wooden corner clock

1778       Vintage made in Mexico wood and woven leather 6FT. bull whip

1779       Vintage set of painted red metal & wood hay bale hooks

1780       Vintage primitive lot of two metal & wood hay bale or ice hooks – 1 short/1 long

1781       Vintage Crumarco ‘Sealtite Ware’ gasoline oil can

1782       Vintage 1960s ‘Hot Nip’ plastic flask printed on front & back with moulded head lid

1783       Metal grapevine leaf wine bottle holder

1784       Handmade wooden clock

1785       Vintage Avon sea foam milk glass pitcher & bowl

1786       Vintage 1951 Jim Beam purple carved glass decanter

1787       Vintage clear glass Scotch bottle

1788       Vintage glass decanter

1789       vintage glass decanter

1790       Vintage clear glass etched bottle with stopper

1791       Vintage amber handmade glass decanter with stopper

1792       Vintage blue glass RX bottle: ⌠Safe Kidney & Liver Cure÷

1793       Vintage blue glass decanter with man’s face stopper

1794       Vintage wicker wine bottle holder

1795       Vintage clear glass decanter with stopper

1796       Vintage ceramic rooster container

1797       Vintage set of 2 large decorative metal keys

1798       Vintage clear glass Scotch decanter with stopper

1799       Vintage brown and black etched vessel

1800       Vintage carved Asian vase on black base

1801       Vintage carved Asian nude woman statue on black base

1802       Vintage lot of 2, carved horse on black base & extra carved piece

1803       Vintage wooden Asian dragon holder with decorative oval egg

1804       Vintage Oriental vase on black footed base

1805       Vintage Oriental floral ginger jar with lid on black base

1806       Vintage lavendar floral vase on black base

1807       Vintage green Oriental floral vase on black base

1808       Vintage green Oriental vase on black base

1809       Vintage black Oriental floral vase

1810       Vintage wooden Asian dragon holder with decorative oval egg

1811       Vintage set of 3 bearded Asian men ceramic figures

1812       Vintage gold Oriental ginger jar with lid on black base

1813       Vintage blue Oriental jar with lid on black base

1814       Vintage set of 2 blue ceramic Oriental dogs

1815       Vintage blue Oriental vase on black base

1816       Vintage gold Oriental ginger jar with lid on black base

1817       Vintage gold Oriental ginger jar with lid on black base

1818       Vintage red carved Oriental snuff bottle with small spoon

1819       Vintage red carved Oriental vessel with lid

1820       Vintage light red Oriental carved vessel and lid

1821       Vintage Oriental Buddha figure incense burner

1822       Vintage squash shaped red Oriental carved vessel with lid

1823       Vintage red carved Oriental bowl with lid

1824       Vintage carved Oriental birds & flowers on stand

1825       Vintage carved Oriental flowers on stand

1826       Vintage blue & white Oriental snuff bottle

1827       Vintage red carved Oriental bottle with stopper

1828       Vintage Oriental 2 handled sugar bowl

1829       Vintage Oriental planter of grapes & vines

1830       Vintage Oriental old man statue with staff

1831       Vintage Oriental old man statue with fan

1832       Vintage Oriental old man statue with fish

1833       Vintage Oriental old man statue with ginger jar & staff

1834       Vintage Oriental old man crouching statue

1835       Vintage red carved Oriental vessel with lid on black base

1836       Set of 2 ceramic panda bear salt & pepper shakers

1838       Vintage red carved Oriental vessel with lid

1839       Two sitting panda bears on brown base

1840       Vintage straw coolie hat

1841       Set of 2 panda bear salt & pepper shakers

1842       Dodge Charger Evolution slot car in case

1844       Mac Tools limited edition car: 1 of 5,004 with box

1845       Antique Mophar Rx bowl with spout

1846       Vintage Rx mortar & pestle

1847       Vintage Maker’s Mark rooster figure

1848       Vintage Asian doll with ceremonial headdress

1849       Ninco Cobra Le Mans car in case

1850       Vintage English Baret Ware Canton Compote No. 136 dish

1851       Vintage Roseville Ohio, ceramic dog planter

1852       Vintage Addometer adding machine with instructions

1853       Antique 1880’s French mother of pearl opera glasses

1854       Vintage Mexican sterling silver bird pin

1855       Vintage child’s Uncle Quack Little Golden book

1856       Vintage Walter Wilson, CA ceramic hat with purple & lavendar lace

1857       Vintage Lefton china hand painted rose pitcher

1858       Vintage set of 2 Folk Art hand carved wooden statues

1859       Vintage USA Hull 2 handled pottery

1860       Vintage Austrian blue & white ink well

1861       Vintage Federal blue ceramic pitcher

1862       Vintage amber glass Liberty Bell bank

1863       Vintage lot of 3 kitchenware: City Chicken, small pitcher, black ceramic tray

1865       Vintage set of two turquoise & white swirled candy dishes

1866       Vintage Crystal oval candy dish with lid:Yugoslavia

1868       Vintage 60’s/70’s green hen candy dish with lid

1869       Vintage 60’s/70’s iridescent blue hen candy dish with lid

1870       Vintage milk glass hen candy dish with lid

1871       Vintage rooster pencil holder

1872       Vintage ceramic rooster figure

1873       Vintage red handle Dixie beer bottle opener

1874       Antique Western stoneware crock

1875       Vintage Vodka Odesa bottle in wicker casing

1876       Vintage metal roller skates

1877       Vintage brown leather ammo belt

1878       Vintage gold suitcase (1) This has the same number as the one below!

1879       Vintage Handy Breeze electric fan

1880       Vintage Portugal rooster tile

1881       Vintage set of 2 copper gas lamps

1882       Vintage Acorn yellow gas lamp

1883       Vintage Acorn copper gas lamp

1884       Vintage set of 3 clear glass gas lamps

1885       Two parrots figure

1886       Vintage Enesco 13 piece Nativity set in box

1887       Vintage green fluted glass bowl

1888       Vintage cream rotary phone

1889       Vintage wood and metal coffee grinder

1891       Vintage dish lot of 4 cups, 2 scalloped bowls & pitcher

1892       Vintage ceramic cat and glass fish bowl

1893       Vintage lot of 2 purple glass bottles

1894       Vintage aqua blue glass hand painted candy dish

1895       Vintage flow blue & white hand painted Dutch windmill plate

1896       Vintage marble ashtray

1897       Wood and metal wall shelf

1898       Large clear wine glass

1899       40÷x 40÷ baby blue patchwork fabric

1900       40÷ x 40÷ baby pink patchwork fabric

1901       Antique ornate gold tone frame with little girl photo

1902       Antique gold tone frame with seated girl photo

1903       Vintage ⌠Ante up Rummy÷ and ⌠Chinese÷ checker board

1904       Vintage wood framed Wm D. Corson residence farm scene

1905       Vintage framed Columbian Lariat Rope advertising

1906       Vintage Aztec carved green wall hanging

1907       Vintage Parker rust fountain pen

1908       Vintage gold Oriental ginger jar with lid

1909       Vintage red carved Oriental dish with lid

1910       Vintage set of 2 yellow floral Oriental vases

1911       Vintage set of 2 yellow with rust flowers vases

1912       Vintage Marutomoware, Japan playful kitten figure

1913       Vintage carved Oriental statue

1914       Vintage carved wooden nude statue

1915       Vintage carved wooden nude statue

1916       Vintage red caver Oriental dish with lid

1917       Vintage Oriental vase with lid on black base

1918       Vintage set of 2 Mexico ceramic pitchers

1919       Vintage wooden monk statue

1920       Vintage set of 3 enamel candy dishes

1921       Set of 2 ⌠Mammy÷ salt and pepper shakers

1922       Vintage St. Joseph and Baby Jesus statue

1923       Glass display box and decorative hand painted egg on stand

1924       Antique ⌠Alaska÷cast iron toy icebox

1925       Antique Arcade Mfg. cast iron toy stove

1926       Vintage Tonka red toy fire truck

1927       Antique cast iron toy horse and buggy

1928       Antique Chatillon’s balance scale

1929       Antique enamel handled pot with ladle and spoon

1930       Antique enamel pitcher

1931       Vintage decorative ladies brass boot

1932       Vintage tombstone salt and pepper shakers

1933       Vintage Egyptian sculpture on marble base

1934       Vintage set of 3 marble eggs

1935       Vintage set of 3 blue marble eggs with 2 stands

1936       Vintage set of 3 marble eggs with 2 stands

1937       Vintage lot of 3 purple marble eggs

1938       Vintage lot of 3 marble eggs

1939       Vintage lot of 3 marble eggs and stand

1940       Vintage of 2 red /2 pink marble eggs and 2 stands


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