CORRALES ONSITE Exotic Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Thursday 11/14/13
End Date: November 21, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 11/21/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 518 Camino Hermosa, Corrales NM 87048
Load Out Times: Saturday 11/23/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

1001 Taos Ceremonial Drum approx. 12 inches
1002 Taos Flute approx. 19 inches
1003 Sandpainting box Sunshield by Allen approx. 5.5 x 5.5 inches
1004 Acoma Pots by V Louis, Acoma, NM approx. 5 inch diameter
1005 Cowboy Boot Metal Sculpture approx. 12 inches tall
1006 Floral Engraved Brass Teapot, India 1950’s approx. 7 inches tall
1007 Brass Engraved Jungle Motif Coffepot, India 195o’s approx. 9.5 inches Leopard head spout, stork handle, monkeys engraved
1008 Oil Lantern, India 1950’s approx. 7 inches tall
1009 Hodja Pen Holder, Turkey, early 1970’s approx. 5 in W x 7 inches Tall
1010 The Complete Harley Davidson Book
1011 Harley Davidson Baseball Cap
1012 Harley Davidson Stock Issued to Joe Garcia
1013 Christmas Lenten Candle Holder, Sweden, 1950’s approx. 10 in x 15 in
1014 Woven, embroidered tribal symbol wall hangings, Turkey, early 1970’s approx. 19.5 in x 4.5 in Set of 3
1015 Woven, embroidered Turkish Saddle Bag
1016 Woven, embroidered Turkish Saddle Bag Moths got into this one
1017 Hand Made Woven Rug approx. 58 x 36 inches Charcoal & Ivory
1018 Hand Made Woven wall Hanging, Mexico approx. 22in x 23 in Ivory & Brown
1019 Soft Alpaca Rug, Peru, early 1980’s approx. 42 in x 28 in Brown & Black Stripes
1020 Handcarved Wooden Indian Elephant Wall Hangings, 1950’s approx 7 in x 5.5 in Set of 3
1021 Handcarved Wooden Knocker/wind Chimes, Indonesia, early 1970’s approx. 9 in wide, 6 in wide Set of 2, Right upper lip of the larger one has a crack
1022 Handcarved Roadrunner, Indonesia, early 1970’s approx. 11 in Suar wood
1023 Beautiful Handcarved Teak Hand Table Sculpture, Indonesia, early 1970’s approx. 7.5 in Suar wood
1024 Handcarved Wooden Ducks, India 1950’s approx. 5 in Set of 3
1025 Handcarved Wooden Letter Opener, Indonesia, early 1970’S approx. 9 in Suar wood
1026 Cabo San Lucas Decorative Items approx. 5.5 in Set of 3, 2 fish, 1 mask
1027 Handwoven ivory & brown rug approx. 52 in x 29 in.
1028 Eastern style tribal runner, split weave approx 10 ft x 2 ft 4 in
1029 Eastern style tribal runner, split weave approx 10 ft x 2 ft 4 in
1030 Framed Batik Tribal Shaman, Handcarved Frame, Indonesia, early 1970’s approx. 29 in x 38 in
1031 Painted Horse Ceramic Tile approx. 8 in x 8 in
1032 Italian made Holiday Bowl and Candlestick approx. 10 in D bowl, 6.5 in high candlestick
1033 Tile, Forgive me for I have Zinned approx. 6 x 6 in Set of 2
1034 Tiles, Blue Corn, Native American Woman Corn: approx. 6 in x 8in Woman: 8 in x 8 in
1035 Onyx figurines, Mexico, black approx. 6 in and 4 in tall Set of 2
1036 Alabaster Donkeys, Mexico, 1960 Set of 2
1037 Black alabaster dual purpose egg/candlestick holder approx. 4.5 in tall Set of 2
1038 Deluxe cigar afficionado box set, like new Cutter, lighter and ashtray
1039 3 cigar holder, leather, black
1040 2 cigar holder, leather, black alligator pattern
1041 NRA Lapel Pin
1042 NRA Golden Eagles Belt Buckle, Gold & Blue, Boxed
1043 NRA Golden Eagles Belt Buckle, Bronze
1044 Authentic Swiss Cow Bell, Switzerland, 1970 approx. 19 in L, bell approx 9 in W
1045 Granite candle holder/vase, approx. 5.5 in smooth granite
1046 Porcelin Mallard Duck “Over the Rainbow” Music box, Otagiri, Japan approx. 7.5 in tall it works but needs adjustment
1047 Vase, blue and white, leaf relief approx. 3.5 in tall
1048 Vintage Blue & White Pr Candlestick, 14k detail minor chips
1049 Vintage Royal Orleans Blue & White Ceramic Cats Set of 2
1050 Danish style armchair
1051 Danish style armchair
1052 International Silver Plated Salad Service Set
1053 Bradford Exchange Plate, “Small Wonder”, no. 349F
1054 Bradford Exchange Plate, ” Little Miss Muffett”, no. 5160M
1055 Bradford Exchange Plate, “Mary Had a Kittle Lamb”, no. 3733H
1056 Bradford Exchange Plate, “Der Kreis”, no. 7567B
1057 Leather Husky Tool Belt and Hard Hat
1058 Frames, Cherry Finish Set of 2
1059 Frames Set of 2
1060 Women’s Collection, Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch, Compact mirror, bracelet Pouch
1061 Camera, Nikon, Nikormat, 50mm f/1.4, SLR
1062 Telephoto lens, Vivitar, 75 to 205 ft May need minor work to attach to camera
1063 Holiday Hostess Gift Assortment Holiday candles, frame, butane gas candles
1064 Seth Thomas Metronome, electric, works
1065 CD/AM/FM player with speakers, works, red
1066 Red collection: red clutch wallet, red reading glasses (1.50) & red & black jewelry box
1067 Silk Flower Arrangements Set of 2
1068 Duplicate 1000
1069 Signed prints, 1983, Richard Ashby
1070 Copper Face Contemporary Clock, battery operated approx. 9 in diameter
1071 Drawing & Sketching Artist Kit
1072 Basket approx. 14.5 in x 12 in
1073 Kodak Easy Share Camera with Carrying Case
1074 Comfort Collection Candle Holder, Potpourri, Oil Lamp
1075 Bunch o’ Buttons Collection
1076 Handcarved Wooden Letter Holder, Indonesia, 1970’s
1077 Handcarved Round Wooden Table with Ivory Inlay, India 1950’s approx. 17.5 in. D, 18 in. tall Legs are detachable
1078 Navajo Rug approx. 31 in. x 32 in. Some moth damage on one edge
1079 Candlestick converter, glass
1080 Very Large intageque Toy Box approx. 3 ft W, 20 in. tall, 18 in. deep
1081 Adorable Moose Family Set of 6
1082 Vintage Pith Helmet, Red, Leather Strapping
1083 Polaroid Impulse Camera Uses Polaroid 600+ film
1084 Cycle Ops Trainer, Wind Model, Bicycle Wind Resistance Trainer
1085 CD Rack, Vertical, 4 sided, holds 100 CDs
1086 Office chair, upholstered, wood frame, on wheels
1087 “This Fabulous Century”, 8 book collection
1088 Health Concious Book Collection, 4 books
1089 Cookbook Collection, 6 books
1090 Reversible Wool Pendleton Blanket approx. 55 in. x 37 in.
1091 English Toby Jug apprx 8″ tall
1092 English Toby Jug apprx miniature
1093 English Toby Jug miniature
1094 English Toby Jug miniature
1095 English Toby Jug miniature
1096 Masonic White Envelope Scroll with Tassles and Holder
1097 Masonic Hat
1098 Shriners Hate and Hat Box
1099 Shriners Collection
1100 Special Rites Books for collector or member.


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