MESA ONSITE Antiques and Collectibles Auction

Start Date: Week of 9/13/15
End Date: September 20, 2015 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Sunday 9/20/15 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: 201 S. Greenfield Rd #89 Mesa, AZ 85206 Gate Code is #9213, Enter Gate Turn Right, Signs Will Be Present
Load Out Times: Monday 9/21/15 and Tuesday 9/22/15 from 11am to 5pm

Photo Gallery:

1201 – Snap together, 4 shelf plastic shelving unit. Used, but good
1202 – Brown, wooden shelving unit, with narrow shelves for Hot Wheels, collectibles, movies etc. 45″ Tall, and 5 1/2′ DEEP
1203 – Shelves~ White wooden bookcase with 4 shelves. Cosmetic damage
1204 – Nice, wooden 3 shelf knick knack wall shelf, with heart cut out. 18 1/2″ wide, and 26″ tall. Minor cosmetic damage
1205 – Set of 5 shelf plastic, snap together shelving. Used but good. There are 5 shelves, but only 4 pictured
1206 – wooden bookcase~ 6 ft. tall, and approx. 2″ wide
1207 – wooden bookcase~ 6 ft. tall, and approx. 2″ wide
1208 – Three metal, wire table-top display units for smalls and up-sales in your shop. Also nice for desk top sorting.
1209 – Very large, heavy green glass cylinder vase. 21 1/2″ tall
1210 – MLB Baseball. Group of 1989 Donruss trading cards
1211 – MLB Baseball. Group of 1989 Donruss trading cards
1212 – MLB Baseball. Group of 1989 Donruss trading cards
1213 – MLB Baseball. Group of 1989 Donruss trading cards
1214 – MLB Baseball. Group of 1989 Donruss trading cards. This set includes a number of Diamond Kings cards, too.
1215 – MLB Baseball. Groupd of 1989 Donruss trading cards..
1216 – NBA Basketball. Group of nice trading card. Varied companies and publishers, teams & players.
1217 – NBA Basketball. Group of nice trading card. Varied companies and publishers, teams & players.
1218 – NBA Basketball. Group of nice trading card. Varied companies and publishers, teams & players.
1219 – NBA Basketball. Group of nice trading card. Varied companies and publishers, teams & players.
1220 – NFL Football. Selection of trading cards . Varied companies & publishers, teams & players
1221 – NFL Football. Selection of trading cards . Varied companies & publishers, teams & players
1222 – NFL Football. Selection of trading cards . Varied companies & publishers, teams & players
1223 – NFL Football. Selection of trading cards . Varied companies & publishers, teams & players
1224 – NFL Football. Selection of trading cards . Varied companies & publishers, teams & players
1225 – Stars of Nascar trading cards. Varied drivers, sponsors & publishers
1226 – Tibet Silver ladies’ ring. Goose egg turquoise green stone. Size 8
1227 – .925 silver ladies’ ring. Indian Agate stone (golden orange) size 7
1228 – .925 silver over copper plating, ladies’ ring. Large blue Druzy stone. Size 8. in box
1229 – Tibet silver ladies’ ring. Goose egg Turquoise blue stone. Size 9
1230 – 14x8x3mm Blue Stabalized Turquoise gem nuggets. 15″ strand
1231 – Tibet silver hooks dangle earrings. Silver-tone finding with dolphin accent. Grey tinted turquoise center stone.
1232 – Tibet silver hooks, heart shaped dangle earrings. Red center stone, unsure of stone
1233 – Pair of natural peridot stones. 5X5x3mm
1234 – Wire wrap Titanium crystal, agate, geode, Quartz Geode. 52 x 38mm. Over 2″ long. Gold wire wrap. Pendant
1235 – Natural red Madagascar Druzy Agate 2″ pendant.
1236 – Deep blue lapis, faceted stone. .925 silver pendant. 1 1/4″ long
1237 – Lovely translucent green stone (unknown) on .925 silver pendant. 1″ long. This is looking dark in these photos, but it is a very nice, cool green
1238 – Set of 4- vintage PEPSI Cola glasses. Uh Huh- You got the right one Baby.5 1/2″
1239 – 4 Pepsi Cola vehicles, Die Cast by Majorette. Still in packages.
1240 – Group of beautiful wire and wicker autumn and summer basket. Never used
1241 – Cute, Melissa & Doug Cowgirl hand puppet. Muppet-like. Nice condition.
1242 – NHL Hockey photos, with schedules and stats. Colorado Avalanche- Chris Drury #37, signed, Martin Skoula # 41 signed. 2 #52, with Coa on back. License plate: I Am the Phoenix Coyotes (mascot).
1243 – Group of collectible Smurfs figures. 2000s. By Peyo, 3″ tall. + Kids play watch, for collectors only, does not work, but hard to find.
1244 – 3 tier table top display shelf. 11X23″
1245 – Set of 4- heart shaped baskets, in graduating sizes.
1246 – 4- Vintage Christmas art prints, framed under glass. 8X10″
1247 – 4- Vintage Kliban Cat art prints, framed under glass. 8X10″
1248 – 4- Vintage landscape art prints, framed under glass. 8X10″
1249 – Nicely detailed, resin statue of African American lady, holding her baby. 9″ tall, Never used.
1250 – Fairies- Fairy statues and window sun catcher
1251 – Huge, Orange Sanguine stone, with white dragon veins. Heart shaped agate pendant bead 51x41mm
1252 – Red Onyx Agate Trapezoid shaped pendant bead. 51X35x56mm. Pretty rose red color
1253 – Turquoise green and purple onyx agate Heart shaped pendant bead. 41x47mm
1254 – Teardrop shaped Ocean Jasper stone pendant bead. 50X31mm
1255 – Natural Amethyst stone, teardrop cut gem pendant bead, 1 1/4″ long
1256 – Circular cut Peridot ladies’ ring. It is 14 kt. Gold filled, accented with tiny crystals, and size 9.
1257 – Round cut red gemstone, ladies’ ring. I’m not sure what the stone is, but ring is 14 kt gold filled, size 9. Center is accented with rows of tiny crystals.
1258 – Circular cut Amethyst stone, ladies’ ring. It is accented with lots of little crystals. It is14 Kt gold filled, and size 9,
1259 – Pear cut purple Sapphire stone, accented with clear crystals. Ring is 14 kt gold filled, and size 9
1260 – Champagne Topaz stone in 18 kt yellow gold filled setting, accented with crystals. Size 8
1261 – Oval cut Champagne color Topaz ladies’ ring. It is set in 14 kt. Gold filled setting, and size 9
1262 – Tibet silver round pendant with red center stone. 1 1/8″.
1263 – 3 etched brass candlestick holders or small vases. Diamond cut. 8″ tall. Made in India.
1264 – Halloween- Tigger dressed as pumpkin, 13″, Boots from Dora dressed as a pumpkin, 14″, The Count from Sesame Street in little car vampire, metal Ghost candle holder
1265 – Vintage, all wood child’s rocking chair. 22″ tall, 19″ deep, and 14″ wide.
1266 – Large jar full of incense sticks. High Quality. Re-sell!!
1267 – Little green kitchen cabinet with rooster décor, and nice rooster and hen statue
1268 – large collection of kitchen items, mugs, food keepers, vases, as shown
1269 – Collection of glass iems, etched glass cubes in boxes, and others as shown
1270 – Hershey’s Chocolate, vintage decorative tins, Hershey’s bear, and official Hershey’s ice cream scoop.
1271 – Group of collectibles for ladies. Mini shoes & purses, photo frame, statues, as shown
1272 – 3 pair of vintage, 1950-70s earrings. 2 pair are clip ons, and one has a screw back. As shown.
1273 – Coffee table style collector book. Liberty, the American Revolution, by Thomas Fleming. 1997. Dozens of full color paintings and illustrations, frameable. 394 pages with dust cover.
1274 – Beautiful hard back book with dust cover: The Spirit of America by Thomas Kincade (the painter of light). It contains dozens of full color illustrations that can be framed. Coffee Table style book in good condition. 1998. Thomas has passed on now, making his work even more desireable.
1275 – Unique, little red DEVIL nutcracker. He is 8″ tall, and in good shape. One spike is missing from the base.
1276 – Nice group of very collectible, hard back books for kids. Thomas the Train, Little Critters, Disney, ABC of Dinosaurs & more
1277 – Set of 2- wooden welcome signs, and 1 cast metal (iron?) Ladybug doorstop, and small tea pot bell, for indoors or outside.
1278 – Vintage- 1940-50s painting. Native American Indian Boy in full head-dress. Signed: Oxborough. Original frame & mat. 21 1/2 x 24″
1279 – Bundle of 1 x 2s. 8′ tall. Still bundled
1280 – Nice metal magazine rack. Stands alone.
1281 – 10, black/Dark brown shelf boards, used as shown
1282 – Comics~ Group of vintage DC comics. 2 x Mask, Armageddon, Robo Hunter. About 1985
1283 – comics~ Group of vintage mixed publishers comics. Troll Lords, Prototype, Cable, Hard Case, Justice Machine. Late 1980s
1284 – comics~ Group of vintage DC comics. Justice League, JLA, Justice League Elite, & Green Lantern. 2000
1285 – comics~ Group of vintage Marvel comics. X-Force, 2 x New Men, X Files, about 2002
1286 – angels~ Collection of Angel figurines, mugs, trinket box, vintage & newer.
1287 – Knife & marbles~ small collection of unique marbles, and pocket knife from Dakota Cutlery. MIB
1288 – Large group of large plastic trucks for toddlers, Tonka
1289 – Magnets= group of old school dimensional animal magnets.
1290 – Trading Cards- Bench warmers pin up girl cards, most 1994
1291 – 2 yards & 7 inches, 54″ wide, Dark brown upholstry fabric. Very pliable vinyl with aligator skin finish. Cotton lined
1292 – 1 yard 32″, 54″ wide turquoise vinyl upholstery fabric. Cotton lined.
1293 – Nice, glavanized, 2 handle ice bucket, or flower pot. Keep beer cold right at your table, or use for a planter. New! 13″ wide, and 7 1/2″ deep. Party Pail
1294 – Divided, wood wall hanger for Hot Wheels and other small collectibles. 13 1/2 x 16″ & 2 1/2″ deep. 36 compartments. Some cosmetic damage
1295 – Divided, wood wall hanger for Hot Wheels and other small collectibles. 13 1/2 x 16″ & 2 1/2″ deep. 36 compartments. Some cosmetic damage
1296 – Nicely detailed Cowboy on Horseback, resin, 8″ tall, & deck of Cowboy themed playing cards, new, and Beaded head-dress for rear view mirroe
1297 – Indian, Native American maiden statue, ceramic, 8″ minor cosmetic damage, & finely painted wolf figure, & beaded Head-dress for rear view mirror
1298 – Large collection of short, high quality incense sticks. Good re-sale
1299 – Group of Arizona Western souvenirs, Sm dream-catchers, playing cards, tepee, Indian teddy bear, beaded head-dress. Good re-sale, all new
1300 – Cowboy, western cast metal wall hook, 4 x 12″ & Cowboy dresser box, new, deck of western Arizona playing cards new, & beaded head-dress for rear view mirror
1301 – 6 hand carved, shaved wooden Roses, hand tinted, with grasses. And small vintage art print in silvertone frame
1302 – Adorable ‘Little Monkey lost’, thumb-sucking baby monkey doll. 15″
1303 – Group of vintage food tins. Mr. Peanut, Peanuts the comic strip, as shown
1304 – Group of nice Campbell’s soup bowls, mugs, and covered bowl
1305 – Selection of cereal collectibles. Rice Chrispys, Post Toasties, Animal Crackers & Chuckie Cheese lunch box.
1306 – Oreos, Carlton ornament, Cookies for Santa MIB & Oreos mug
1307 – Group of small to medium framed art. One beautiful, hand-painted painting of a ship. These are old, and frames need attention.
1308 – Group of easel and displays
1309 – Pair of vintage Norman Rockwell Lithos in frames. Grandpa in a boat sleeping while fishing, and Norman Rockwell look alike peering over the shoulder of a young artist. The frames are original, and have quite a lot of cosmetic damage. Both are framed under glass. 11X13″
1310 – Very Large faceted cut AMBER crystal, in box. 3 1/2″ diameter
1311 – Set of 4- 1989 Budweiser Clydesdales glass flute beer glasses
1312 – Group of Hot Wheels style died cast cars. Retro and classic cars
1313 – Selection of Hot Wheels style cars, all kinds
1314 – Collection of Hot Wheels style, die cast trucks and equipment
1315 – Group of older, die cast Armed Services airplanes & jets. Army & Air Force. 1 Army camo helicopter
1316 – Cowboy statue made from resin Horse shoes, 9 1/2″. Cowboy rope desk box for pens and pencils, ceramic boot vase, pencil holder, misc.
1317 – Whimsical guitar playing horse (untested) battery op. Large silhouette horse candle holder, Cowboy sun catcher in box, & mini Lone Ranger metal lunchbox.
1318 – 2- Heavy vintage Hershey’s chocolate bowls, 1 Hershey’s mug & 1 soda fountain style glass, stemmed Sundae cup.
1319 – 11×14″ matted Pinochio art canvas. Just pop into any 11 x 14″ frame
1320 – 11×14″ matted Sleeping Beauty art canvas. Just pop into any 11 x 14″ frame


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


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Father Joe’s Villages


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Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


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Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


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