MESA ONSITE Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Week of 10/26/14
End Date: November 2, 2014 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Sunday 11/2/14 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 201 S. Greenfield Rd #89 Mesa, AZ 85206 Gate Code is #9213, Enter Gate Turn Right, Signs Will Be Present
Load Out Times: Monday 11/3/14 and Tuesday 11/4/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

3001 – 1850s Christmas Train set, Wintersville. 1996. 18′ track, locomotive has light and sound, forward and reverse. In box.
3002 – Beautiful Ivory wooden shelf with heart décor, designed for Precious Moments, and ideal for any collection. One small scar at top, needs a touch of paint.
3003 – Coca Cola Diecast Bank. Made by Ertl in 1993, a Coke delivery van. MIB!
3004 – Hand painted, signed oil painting on canvas, stretched over wooden frame. Signed: Robynson. Approx. 3 ft. diameter. Irises, floral
3005 – revolving magazine or card rack & metal purse or sign display rack
3006 – Nice Male Mannequin on adjustable height stand, as shown
3007 – Nice wooden corner shelf for knick knacks or phone stand. 11X36” tall
3008 – HUGE collection of VHS movies and tapes
3009 – Large selection of 33 RPM LP records, all titles
3010 – Nice collection of frameable art. Oil on board, vintage framed OWL, Inspirational
3011 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 12 x 16”. Topps Baseball
3012 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Miller Light Beer sign
3013 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Garden fresh tomatos, country farm scene
3014 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, 66 Park Drive In, old cars
3015 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Pups unwrap Christmas presents. JR Boyd Co.
3016 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Protect & Serve, Police Dept. pinup, man cave
3017 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Squeeze me, stomp me, make me wine
3018 – Retro Nostalgic tin sign, Elvis famous art print
3019 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 12 x 16” Hoyt’s German Cologne, Girl Cave
3020 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 12 x 16” Marvel SPIDERMAN
3021 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 12 x 16” Scooby Doo
3022 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 12 x 16” BATMAN Logo, few scratches from being displayed
3023 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 9 x 16” James Dean, 1950s image
3024 – Retro/ nostalgic tin signs. 8×13” The Three Stooges~ Born to be Wild!
3025 – Selection of vintage BRASS and silver tone collector bells
3026 – Large group of vintage Little Golden Books for kids
3027 – Primitive metal cut outs for garden and yard. Coyote figure, needs metal stake
3028 – Primitive metal cut outs for garden and yard. Lizard figure, needs metal stake
3029 – Good selection of Garden flags, for fall & Christmas. Still in packages
3030 – Pair of licensed Coke/ Coca Cola plush bears, and Coke stickers, MIP
3031 – Nice group of vintage crystal goblets, for an elegant holiday table. Gold trimmed made in Germany, 2 w/ frosted stems. 6 vintage block optic.
3032 – Halloween~ Poofy, Pretty Hand made holiday hair bows for girls
3033 – Huge group of lights/ lighting. Nice glass globes
3035 – Cookie Lee, bronze tone necklace with amber and other fall stones, NEW!n & tagged
3036 – Cookie Lee, bronze tone necklace with sparkling clear crystals, NEW! & tagged
3037 – Tibetan silver necklace with turquoise bead accents, Brand new!
3038 – Pretty Bronze tone DRAGONFLY necklace with enameled accents, and green crystals. It comes on green ribbon necklace. NEW!
3039 – Hand crafted dream catcher style earrings, with beaded dangles. Surgical steel ear wires, made in Peru. New in pkg.
3040 – Vintage pewter cuff bracelet, with diamond cut Southwest style pots
3041 – Statement post earrings from Maurice’s. Antique silver with faceted black center. New on Card.
3042 – Large collection of Marvel comics. Night Thrasher, Terror Inc., X-Force & more
3043 – Large collection of Marvel comics. The NEW Mutants, Speedball, US 1 & more
3044 – Large collection of DC comics. Legion of Super Heroes, Deadman, Azrael + more
3045 – Large collection of DC comics. Superman, Man of Steel, Crystar & more
3046 – Big selection of Lil Pet Shop pets, and lots of accessories
3047 – Dover Publications, 2005, 24 art cards. Great Nudes: A celebration of the female form in 24 art masterpieces. NRFP.
3048 – Christmas is only 2 months away! Great collection of hand made wooden ornaments, Snowmen, Christmas trees and much more!
3049 – Pair of vintage Movie/ lobby Cards/ foreign Movies with American actors. Manos Sobre La Ciudad, starring Rod Steiger. La Conquista del Atlantico starring Douglas Fairbanks & Margaret Lockwood.
3050 – Pretty silk flower arrangement in black glass bowl, with pink, & lavender arrangement.
3051 – Pretty silk flower arrangement in fabric basket, with sunflowers, daisy and other yellow 7 white flowers.
3052 – Set of 6 licensed Gil Elvgren Pin up girl note cards, with envelopes. By Taschen. One card shows frontal nudity, you must be 18 years of age to purchase.
3053 – Vintage art print by Charlotte Becker. Shows baby boy on the phone as terrier dog listens in. Matted to 8×10”. Pop it into any standard frame. 1940S
3054 – 3 collector vintage fruit & vegetable crate labels. Capital Gain California Vegetables, ZEE Apples, Gold Crest California Bartlett Pears. 1940-50s
3055 – Large collection of ads from 1949 Life magazine +++ ads from 1971 era. Coke, Breck, car ads and more
3056 – Vintage plastic Coke/ Coca Cola display tray, and 6 pack of various collector bttles. All Star Game 1994, Classic Coke, as shown.
3057 – NEW IN Box. Rooster candle lamp. 6 1/2” diameter, and 6 1/2” tall.
3058 – 1960-70s animated toy, juggling clown toy. Works. 7” tall
3059 – Nicely detailed vintage resin horse, rider & dog. I believe this was made in Mexico, 1070s. 9” tall
3060 – Very ornate, vintage silver/ silver plate creamer and sugar bowl. Very heavy. Umarked.
3061 – FE Rogers, very ornate silver plated bowl, with handles. This bowl is at least 30 years old. 4X5” diameter.
3062 – Rare, 1978 GARFIELD the Cat, electric alarm clock. Works. No battery cover. 6 1/2” tall
3063 – Large, Coca Cola polar bear, with santa hat and scarf. Tagged. 11” tall
3064 – 3 vintage oil lamps. Red glass is 12” tall. Copper is 7”, and multi colored needs chimney.
3065 – Harley Davidson licensed display model. Red bike is made of plastic, and very detailed. Battery compartment does not have a cover, and one is not required. 16” long, 9” tall.
3066 – ZIGGY. 3 Ziggy dolls. Wonder beanie, tagged & 11”. Prisoner of Love, 1993 tagged. & Dracula, 2006, & tagged
3067 – Collection of kitchen/dining items. Ornate silverplate tray (needs polish), casserole dish, enamled container for cat treats, granite & copper lids +++
3068 – Vintage, 1970s orange cannister with push seal lid, 3 oblong Pyrex casseroles (1 1940-50s, with lid)
3069 – Brolio Copper casserole carrier with glass casserole dish & Silver tone round casserole carrier
3070 – Large ceramic POPCORN tub & old fashioned glass candy jar with lid
3071 – Vintage blue and grey asian teapot, with exotic birds & wicker handle.
3072 – 17 pc. Set of 1940s Nautilus china. 1 cup has chip in rim.
3073 – Hallmark: 2 Madame Alexander ornament, Lil Red Riding Hood (1991) & Glorious Angel (1998). Both MIB
3074 – Vintage decorative teapot, in the shape of a house, and AVON, 1908 Thomas Flyer car bottle.
3075 – Native American artist vase with beads and feathers & Stone look candle holder with reticulated sides
3076 – Native American Little Brave & Wolf pal figurine, 10”
3077 – Native American Little Brave w/ tomahawk, cactus man magnet, and 3D picture card, Indian girl, 4×6”
3078 – Cowboy western: Nicely detailed resin horse & cowboy rider, NEW!
3079 – Vintage beer tap handle: Hefeweizen Ale, Widmer Bros.
3080 – Vintage beer tap handle: Wildberry Ale, Widmer Bros.
3081 – Vintage beer tap handle: Red Hook Blonde Ale.
3082 – Vintage beer tap handle: Red Hook Winter
3083 – Vintage beer tap handle: Red Hook Nut Brown
3084 – Budweiser Select bottle opener (NIP) & 2 new lighters (full)
3085 – Star Wars Episode I, Queen Anidala, 10” NRFP
3086 – Nice selection of woven baskets, some hand made, and one platter style basket
3087 – Great selection of vintage tins, and retro spice cans
3088 – Black satin glass boudoir set/ shell shaped pin dish, perfume bottle, and atomizer bottle. Dresser set.
3089 – Beautiful hand painted German Beer TANKARD. Elk, and The Guardian of the Forest, by Rick Fields & The Franklin Mint, with embossed lid, 5” tagged
3090 – 4 pc. Black & white enameled cannister set. 4 & 4 1/2”. Adam’s Ribs, Best Ribs East of Eden. Lidded glass Beer Tankard with embossed lid. 7”
3091 – New from vintage stock, Disney Animal Kingdom Tee Shirt. Size L and never worn.
3092 – Ted DeGrazia Oval framed art, Flower Girl (4 3/4 x 6”) ++ 2 licensed DeGrazia Magnets (Tucson, AZ.) Mary Englebrite magnet.
3093 – Tibetan silver ladies ring with blood red stones. Size 7 ½ or 8. NEW!
3094 – Large 24” plush Winnie the Pooh doll. Battery op. Talks well
3095 – Batman,, Stainless steel Batman Logo pendant. NEW!
3096 – Pair Disney, Pink Metal MINNIE MOUSE bookends. Designed bu Michael Graves. Taiwan
3097 – Twin set of hand painted porcelain dolls.Sisters with addjustible stands. Orig. box. 14 & 17” tall.
3098 – Selection of Hot Wheels style cars.
3099 – Pretty 14” hand painted, brunette Porcelain doll. In Victorian clothing, with stand.
3100 – Hand made & hand painted geisha doll. She is dressed in satins and silks with gold accents in original ethnic clothing. 11” tall, and NRFB.
3101 – Raggedy Ann kitchen set, dated 1997 by Hasbro, and NRFB. Includes doll in chef’s hat, table, 2 chairs, china cabinet, table settings and more. Includes doll in chef’s hat, table, 2 chairs, china cabinet, table settings and more. Doll is approx. 4” tall.
3102 – Collection of vintage USA/ Americana collar pins. Memory of Twin Towers,various flags & crystal flag.
3103 – Mickey Mouse. A nice selection of Mickey miniatures, with phone bags.
3104 – Nice selection of Hot Wheels, and miniature diecast cars. With Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile
3105 – Nice selection of Hot Wheels, and miniature diecast cars.
3106 – Pair of retro tin cars. These were found in the basement of an old dime store, before it was to be torn down.
3107 – 1:38 1949 WoodyWagon Ford, and 1956 Ford F 150 Pick Up truck. Diecast. New!
3108 – Group of miniature perfume bottles, many full. & 1 vintage Avon snowman lite cover (in box). Intuition, Lady O, NUDE & more
3109 – Large group of collector NBA, Basketball trading cards, MLB baseball, and NFL football, too. Misc.
3110 – Red gumball machine night light. Can be dimmed or brightened. 11” tall
3111 – Very large, hand painted Native American Indian pot. There is a symbol and 19 etched into the bottom. 9” tall.
3112 – Marvin the Martian whimsical silk tie, with other Warner Bros. Favorites, & Large mug, Picture, and small tin. Hard to find.
3113 – Re-sale~ very large selection of unused Arizona & USA postcards.
3114 – Breyer Circus City Play Set. Minnie Whinnies, comes with play mat, carry case, and back drop. NRFP.
3115 – Collection of US military collar buttons, with Vintage heart shaped flag pin, airplane pin,
3116 – Collection of vintage Disney Mickey Mouse toys, 1 milk glass pedestal mug (with JACK imprinted on it), and group of vintage stickers
3117 – Vintage Playskool Tractor & wagon, with Little People & 3 Fisher Price horses with riders.
3118 – HUGE 22” tall, plush ENERGIZER bunny. 50.00 retail.
3119 – Collection of wide body ‘Dinky’ cars. Metal & approx. 1 1/2” long. Scarce.
3120 – Collection of metal tiny, vintage cars. Approx. 1” long. Hard to find!
3121 – 1988 DESERT FOX JEEP Vintage G.I. Joe Vehicle Brown
3122 – 1987 GI JOE vehicle, shuttle. May be missing a top cover???
3123 – VINTAGE 1983 GI JOE COBRA FANG Helicopter Hasbro
3124 – Large selection of sun glasses. Great for re-sale.
3125 – Large lot of Winnie the Pooh collectables. Vinyl bank, purse, miniatures, UNO card game
3126 – Ertl Diecast bank, 1919 GMC TEXACO tanker truck. Made in 2000, and MIB.
3127 – Very old brass platter with 6 communion goblets. Made in India. May need polish, if desired.
3128 – Pretty jewelry box, with triple mirror, clock with angel face, and plays music, nicely. 12” x 15” tall.
3129 – Large Cobalt blue vase with brass accents. 10” tall.
3130 – Set of Blue Willow serving pcs. Made by Churchill of England. 2 plates are 10” diameter, and two cups. One cup has a chip on the rim.
3131 – 3 dimensional plaque for the fisherman. FISHING: if it was easy, it would be called catching. All different. 8 ½ x 4 1/4”, new.
3132 – 6 pack of Coke, Coca Cola bottles, depicting Super Bowl XXX, 1996 ++ Coke carton, heavy vinyl.
3133 – Pair of chrome plated sun catchers, accented with authentic austrian crystals. By Chrystal Temptations. A star, and a multi color pineapple. N
3134 – 1984 boat vehicle for GI Joe dolls.
3135 – 1987 GI JOE vehicle, shuttle. May be missing a top cover???
3136 – Pair ornate Tibetan silver dangle earrings with man made turquoise stones. & Small vintage locket to keep tiny photos in. Silver tone with chain.
3137 – Vintage 20” Betty Boop doll by KellyToy. Also: a wallet, Bound journal, Key Chain, and Christmas ornament.
3138 – Set of 4- vintage Campbell’s Soup mugs/bowls with handles.
3139 – Set of 4, 1978 Jim Davis Garfield mugs. All different.
3140 – Disney, Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Vintage 7 1/2” Applause Minnie doll, and rare Walt Disney Co. Minnie & Mickey tee shirt, XXL
3141 – 1997 Premiere Series Action Figure: SHARKMAN with jet glider & knife w/ flotation device. Orig. pkg.
3142 – Vintage Pyrex Casserole dish, Americana, && 1970’s Tupperware 5 pc. Measuring cup set
3143 – 1989 Fred Flintstone plush doll, and later Barney doll. Tagged. 14” tall.
3144 – Kitchen collectibles. Fall basket with pumpkin décor. Nice, red soup bowl with matching spoon as gift. And set of vintage knife & fork napkin holders.
3145 – Route 66, Great American Road Trip game. 2002.
3146 – Nice Fall &b autumn décor. Group of vintage amber glass, including a set of luster goblets. Turkeys, pilgrim
3147 – Group of dollhouse miniatures. Melissa and Doug nursery set, never opened. FP rocker, small easy chair, and wooden armoire.
3148 – Fun! USA Patriotic top hat, with 14” super-soft plush bear, and high quality decal: Freedom is not free.
3149 – Merry Chris-Moose, 17” stuffed Moose with skis, & talking, singing Tigger. He moves, and wiggles his ears while he sings. 11” sitting.
3150 – 2 partial boxes of florescent light tubes. +++ a selection of fabric light shades for small lamps. Approx. 30 bulbs


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