MILWAUKEE, WI ONSITE Copy Plus Office Supply Liquidation Auction Part 1

Start Date: Thursday 5/29/14
End Date: June 5, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 6/5/14 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 7100 Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53223
Load Out Times: Friday 6/6/14, Saturday 6/7/14, and Sunday 6/8/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

We are liquidating the assets of Copy Plus Print Shop located in Milwaukee, WI. Part 2 will be coming soon!

1001 four boxes of Manila jackets quantity of 50 in each box legal size
1002 Two boxes of case paper transport files 10 x 14.75 100 each box
1003 Four boxes of file folders legal size 100 in each box and one box of hanging file jackets 25 in the box
1004 One box of Fasner folders 50 in the box and one box of expanding file folders with fasteners 25 folders in the box
1005 Four boxes of mortgage folders each box contains 10
1006 One box of red rope expanding wallets extrawide legal size 10 in the box
1007 One box pressboard guides legal size quantity 50
1008 Four diskette trays
1009 Four metal card file boxes
1010 Large assortment of card guides including, large box plain quantity 100 and 17 daily,calendar, and alphabet sets
1011 Three blank pressboard guides 25 in each box and seven pressboard guides quantity 100 in each box
1012 25 plain tab pockets letter-size straight cut
1013 Two boxes of end tab pockets quantity 10 in each box letter-size
1014 two boxes of expanding file pocket 25 in each box
1015 Three boxes of Manila pockets letter-size ruled tabs quantity 50 each box
1016 Box filing jacket box of 100 count may not be exact
1017 Two boxes of reinforced hanging folders 25 in each box
1018 Three boxes of reinforced hanging folders 25 in each box
1019 Four boxes of reinforced haying folders 25 in each box
1020 Five boxes of hanging folder vinyl tabs plus large amount not in boxes
1021 Five boxes of premium hanging folders 25 in each box
1022 Four boxes of reinforced hanging folders 25 inch box
1023 Two boxes of hanging folders 25 in each box
1024 Eight boxes of hanging file folders 25 each box
1025 Box of 1/3 cut and tab folders
1026 one box of end tab folders 100 in box
1027 Box of end tab folders 100 in box
1029 Box of press board folders 1 inch capacity letter size 25 inbox
1030 Four boxes of pressboard Fastner folders 25 inch box
1031 Box of file folders with fasteners 50 inbox with assortment of tabs and insertable plastic tabss
1032 Box of brief covers quantity 25
1033 Box of pocket portfolios 25 in each box
1034 box of two pocket portfolio professors 25 inbox
1035 Two boxes of pocket portfolios quantity 25 in each box
1036 Box of pocket portfolios 25 in box
1039 Large assortment of data cartridges, cleaning tapes, floppy disks, vinyl pocket and index tabs
1040 Eight Post-it note dispensers, seven packs of next Post-it notes, 100’s of post-it flags and large assortment of important message tablets
1041 Three boxes of laser transparency film 150 sheets
1042 Nine boxes of shipping/mailing labels 100 sheets in each box
1043 10 boxes of write on roll film 50 foot rolls and pack of thermal transfer paper 250 sheets
1044 five packs of labels transparency protectors and cardboard transparency mounting frames
1045 14 packs of address labels for typewriters and three packs of laser sheets
1046 Two boxes of Avery.matrix printer labels
1047 Avery white computer labels 5000 in box
1048 Two boxes of computer labels
1049 10 boxes of loose leaf record Legers
1050 Four ledger/columnar books and paper
1051 Travelers expense book ledgers, ideal family text record and text deduction file
1052 Seven progress in sales and delivery…… Duplicate with carbon receipts
1053 30 plus telephone call record/important message notes
1054 13 duplicate carbonless and carbon message books
1055 17 absentee report/employee daily attendance record and time check forms
1056 Four packs of personal action notice and reprimand forms
1057 Eight employee warning reports carbonless 50 snap off forms
1058 Five packs of pay roll and earning records
1059 Five packs of status/payroll change forms
1060 Four packs of purchase requisiton forms
1061 Four packs of purchase order forms
1062 35 pads of material requition forms
1063 Five packs of two pads of requition for supplies forms
1064 Three pads billhead forms
1065 One pack two pads requition for supplies forms
1066 Three packs of laser CMS 1500 format health insurance claim forms 500 sheets in each pack
1067 25 accountant and analysis pads
1068 34 columnar pads
1069 Three pads of shippers export declaration
1070 Five pads of certificate of origin forms
1071 11 pads for sales orders forms
1072 21 pads/pack employee record master, daily attendance record, health history forms
1073 12 packs of employee record files and application for employment forms
1074 12 pads of received petty cash slips and request for checks
1075 Seven packs of quotation and application for credit forms
1076 Four packs of proposal forms
1077 Eight packs of invoice and purchase order forms
1078 16 pads of money receipts
1079 Two money receipt books
1080 20 packs/pads credit memos and purchase order forms
1081 15 pads of merchandise transfer forms
1082 nine pads of Colmenar pad
1083 Three pads of accountants work sheet pads
1084 Five packs of computer forums and quad papers
1085 10 packs/pad employee payroll records, computer forms, credit memos
1086 Four packs of disbursement/traveling and other miscellaneous forms
1087 13 packs of inventory sheet
1088 10 packs of bill of landing simplified format forms
1089 Nine Shipper/packing list forms and three daily drivers logs
1090 13 pads of receiving and drivers daily log forms
1091 11 liquid paper special match, seven green liquid paper, and eight ledger green liquid paper
1092 Seven taperaser refills
1093 Sort a lot of memo plans including 500 count deficiency memo 200 call memo sheets and 100 count pads 3 x 5
1094 Collection of memo pads including 60 memo packs of 200 sheets and four packs of memo sheets 500 count
1095 Collection of 10 memo pad holders of various sizes
1096 Eight pieces of 3 x 5 12 pad 100 count each
1097 Lot of 9 -12pcs arrowhead cap erasers with display
1104 ink refills including Shafer Parker sharp cannon and more 28piece count
1105 Group of scripto and Paper Mate eraser’s pink refills for pilots and more 89 piece count
1106 Cross pen ink refill center display with 43 piece count of refills
1107 Collection of ink pen refills for Eversharp pelican Paper Mate Pentel AToya and more 78 piece count
1108 Ballpoint pen store display by zebra including 101 piece count of pens
1109 2-store displays including pilots tabletop with 54 pcs of pens
1110 Pentel store display including 89 piece count of assorted types of pens
1111 82 piece count of paper Mate pens with store display
1112 Group includes 2-store displays Paper Mate 2 pens and highlight marker set the lot has a 42 piece count
1113 Sharpie Accent store display shelf with assorted sizes and types 456 pcs
1114 Group of Sanford pocket excellent pens Paper Mate highlighters the planners and more 17 piece count
1115 Hundred and 84 count Pen assortment with pilot store display
1116 94 count pen assortment including containers
1117 105 piece count of silver coat extra fine markers, pens and more with store display
1118 96 piece count of pens Including containers
1119 Group of carted pens included pilot Bic and more 24 piece count
1120 19 pieces of ink rollers fitting Casio Royal and sharp calculators
1121 Lot includes 5 boxes of 1 dozen and 11 loose arrowhead cap Erasers in bags
1122 FaberCastell eraser store display with 47 piece count of erasers
1123 Store Display of protractor ruler in stencils 27 pcs count
1124 Group of eraser refills and more 36 piece count
1125 Group of assorted cassettes and correction ribbon includes brother compact PC will display brother self correctable three ribbon pack and assorted other cassettes – 50 piece count
1126 Group of 4 ink jet refills for HP
1127 Group of 2 inch at refills and cartridge plus reusable replacement to please call
1128 Group of five inkjet refillable cartridges for Epson models
1129 Group of 10 inkjet refillable’s ink cartridges for Epson & cannon
1130 nine boxes of drawing/film marker pencils and watercolors
1131 assortment of beginner drawing pencils
1132 29+ boxes of bic Paper Mate, and other boxes of pens most contain 12 in each box
1133 18 boxes of bic and uni-ball pens
1134 20 pieces of holiday Decore erasers pencils and more
1135 Themed Decor items including 90 piece count of funny ereasers, canoe, leatherwork and more.
1136 Metal enamel plates and leather wineskin flask included in this 4 piece lot
1137 Large assortment of clips and binders including fasteners large piece
1138 Collection of lightbulbs on the card including three packs of desk lamps and 40 W high-intensity bulbs
1139 Collection of taped self sticking wheels and panel wall clips. 34 piece count
1140 Group of 7 packs of FileMaker quick file tabs on cards
1141 Large assortment of office items including finger grips pencil clips scissors ,tape and more
1142 Group of X-Acto cutting blades and more before piece count
1143 Various sizes & types of two ply register/calculator tape 60+ rolls
1144 Xstamper store display includes 17 stampers
1145 Group including 11 stampers 4- ink bottle approximately 70 ink pads and 2-stamps racks
1146 Group of three Curtis copy flip clips
1147 Cash register tape rolls including bonded and thermal 43 individual roles +2 packs of town
1148 Group including glue sticks and liquid glue 13 pieces of permanent glue stick eight pieces of liquid glue and one brush glue
1149 13 pack of glue sticks on cards
1150 Department of staple clip removers mini staplers pen grips and more 277 piece count
1151 selection of tape dispensers and data cards and more
1152 Large group of roll tape including 10 scotch and 3 book tape rolls and more
1153 Collection of boxed tapes including 16 rolls of transparent tape by scotch and four Highland invisible tape rolls
1154 eight boxes of invisible and transparent tape
1156 colorful paperclips including three boxes of 500 count and two boxes of large 50
1157 2-gen. office electronic surge protector plugs
1158 2-Faxmate single with phone line and 2 plug 15 amp plugs
1159 Group of 3 Panamax surge protectors
1160 Nameplate inbox
1161 Assortment of nameplates and letters
1162 Large group of staples including nine boxes of three eights inch nine boxes Bostitch half-inch three boxes of quarter inch swing line 4 boxes of five eights and swing line or boxes of three eights inch heavy-duty swing line one box of Chiselpoint nine boxes of large crown staples 11 boxes of 206 of
1163 Group of staples including four boxes of number two OEF staple cartridges six boxes of swing line 5000 staple cartridge and 15 boxes of Bostitch CT 300 staple cartridge contains 5000 staples
1164 Assortment including three hole paper punch Bates 640 stapler and large cult rubber band box
1165 Large group of assorted fasteners including 350 count number PP 27 paper fasteners four boxes of number 42 paper fasteners four boxes of 100 PL – one how to pronged fasteners 35 boxes of 2 inch 50 count fasteners four boxes of long base prong 100 count boxes and two
1166 400+ piece count of looseleaf binding’s connectors
1167 selection of tape includes starter pack 8250 SP two boxes of double-sided tape colored tapes and more
1168 3-16oz bottles of thinner for rubber cement and a grip it
1169 Photo ID badge and clip Kit 500 count +49 additional pocket badge holders and 175 cards of small display holders and 31 3×5 name badge with insert Pinstar
1170 Labelor no106 metal adhesive liquid box
1171 Group of tags label rings and more including 12 called blue tags and 100 count tags with strings
1172 Group of gummed labels to and from address labels and foil notary seal labels 34 piece count
1175 Dyno #1360 tapewriter with box
1176 Group including price labels two boxes of 16 rolls of 17,000 labels 6 inch rollers and one roll of plain white label impact
1177 Dymo professional label kit with box
1179 82 piece count of various colors of dyno tape
1180 Large group of manifold inventory tags to part with carbon numbered four boxes plus extras
1181 Crêpe liner double coated tape. And filament tape 16 piece count
1182 Group of binders including 3-2 posts 7 x 8.5 binders 10 number 15–8 11N vinyl guarded print out binders and 19 accorpress report covers
1183 Lot of 17 binder covers of various types of styles
1184 Selection of decorative festive themed items for St. Patrick’s Day & Valentine’s Day on store displays and more
1186 Group of festive themed items including Halloween and Thanksgiving 36 pc count
1187 Learning tree greeting card assortment including various themed cards (100+ cards with envelopes)
1191 Group of themed erasers stickers and more
1192 Two rolls of printer paper for banners
1193 Group of vinyl bags and the assortment package with store display
1194 Two rolls of banner paper
1196 Group of large index cards 19 count
1197 Collection of 47 pieces of memo cards, notepads, and more
1198 Large group of looseleaf paper including three 100 compacts seven 200 compacts and six speed 200 packs of the business card holder and more
1199 Group of small legal pads in pastel colors three packs of 12 5×8 and 40 single packs
1200 Legal pads portfolios and airmail envelopes included in this oot
1201 Portfolio with pen
1202 Selection of business envelope security window
1203 Seven photo mailers 8″ x 10
1204 23- first-class floppy disk mailers number 18–276
1205 60-number five mailers
1206 47 -number five mailers
1207 14-36 inch mail tubes
1208 130-number five mailers
1209 assortment of heavy stock paper and white red blue and part
1210 Three boxes of heavy bond paper including sauce worse Nina and Hammermill
1211 12 packs of 12 prism junior legal rule paper
1212 four packs of inch letter-size graph pads bob in each pack
1213 12 packs of legal rule 14 inch legal size pads 12 in each pack
1214 Two packs of legal pads and manual script covers 12 pads in each pack
1215 Four packs of ring book sheets hundred sheets in each pack
1216 Spinning display rack with inventory including framed tobacco cards, and the miniature collectible series
1217 Large assortment of reinforcement labels, border badges, Tags, foil labels and other miscellaneous labels
1218 Quartet staff tracker
1219 Employee/staff tracker chart with accessories
1220 Filing equipment and index systems by Master products
1221 Assortment of index tabs including gummed, weekly desk calendars, refill cards and more
1222 large assortment of colored transparent index cards dividers
1223 Large assortment of various sizes of index/Rolodex cards
1224 Four disk files
1225 Disk filing systems and Maxi diagonal files
1226 Rolodex filing systems
1227 Assorted lot of desk tray supports, tray risers and other similar items
1228 Large assortment of desk organizers and paper trays
1229 Large assortment of letter trays and stacking supports
1230 Two desk blotters
1231 Desk pad refill 25 sheets
1232 Metal file guide and other similar items
1233 Metal file drawer guides
1234 Huge assortment of manila folders and pressboard folders
1235 Three metal filing cabinets
1236 Large assortment of folders, binders, and other similar office items
1237 Huge assortment of miscellaneous office items including reinforcements, fasteners, tabs, and other similar office items
1238 Huge assortment of office supplies including keys, tabs, and other similar items
1239 Two drawer metal index filing cabinet
1240 Large assortment of hanging file folders
1241 Three vintage bow ties
1242 Three wrist rest and mounting bar
1243 Compac keyboard and mouse with under the desk mount
1244 California Golden past shining future hardcover book
1245 Huge assortment of presentation folders, report holders, and other similar items
1246 Huge assortment of office supplies including index papers, daily desk file and sorter, and other similar items
1247 Huge assortment of office supplies including index papers, data finders indexes, and other similar items
1248 Assortment of tabs, legal exhibit tab, index tabs, every day file and fast sorter and similar items
1249 Huge assortment of pressboard file folders in varying colors
1250 Large assortment of pressboard file folders, and manila envelopes
1251 Large assortment of presentation pressboard file holders and accordion file folders
1252 Seven large boxes of spiral binding for presentation folders
1253 Huge assortment of spiral presentation binding supplies
1254 Huge assortment of binders
1255 Combbind C55 manual punch and bind system
1256 Four large boxes of plastic binding combs and two smaller boxes
1257 5 large boxes bindings and 4 of presentation binding
1258 Large assortment of binders
1259 Large assortment of binders 2 inch
1260 Box of black curved sheet lifters for 1 inch to 1.5 inch capacity
1261 Large assortment of 3 inch economy binders
1263 large assortment of heavy duty binders 5″, 4″, and 3″
1265 Five disk storage containers
1266 Assortment of filing cabinet file guides
1267 Four waste baskets
1268 Small metal index file cabinet
1269 Assortment of presentation folders
1270 Large assortment of C-line punch report covers
1271 assortment of report covers and print and present kit
1272 Assortment of report presentation covers
1273 Assortment of report presentation covers
1274 Assortment of report presentation covers
1275 Scotch binding system and binding system covers
1276 Telephone message center
1277 GN netcom remote headset system
1278 GN netcom remote headset system
1279 Desktop keyboard drawer
1280 Employee scheduler
1281 Monitor organizer
1282 Presentation binder, visible folder file and tool organizer insert
1283 Sanyo memo scriber compact cassette dictating transcribing machine
1284 Ink Cartridge
1285 Brother DR – 400 drum unit ink cartridge
1286 Premium laser toner cartridge for Canon 104 image class D420
1287 LD-DR400 drum unit, ribbon cassette, and postage machine ribbions
1288 Assortment of office items including notebook Micro Center, security cables, static clear and other similar items
1289 Assortment of message cassette tapes
1290 Small message center with letters
1291 Surface cleaning wipes, time clock replacement ribbon and Calculator arms hold paper roll
1292 Large Lot of miscellaneous office items
1293 Large Lot of ink pads, stamps, index cards, Collection labels and other similar items
1294 miscellaneous office items including organizers, paper trays, index cards, and other similar items
1295 Desk top metal organizer
1298 Large Lot of unassembled store display bins
1299 Public informational signs for businesses, magnetic month and dates and file organizer
1300 Large Lot of rub on letters and numbers
1301 Large assortment of CD cases and typewriter/computer covers.
1302 Wood decorative sign ” people who believe that the dead never come back to life should be here at quitting time”
1303 large Lot of used chair casters
1304 Three boxes of 2 1/2″ a.m. white paper rolls
1305 10 printer paper rolls t7pth 2 1/4″
1306 Large lot of 3″ paper rolls
1307 Box of 3 1/4″ paper rolles
1308 Large Lot of colored note cards
1309 Large Lot of colored envelopes
1310 File organizers, sheet magnifiers with store display and things to do today pads
1311 Large assortment of office items including dictionary, fax document carriers, application for employment, pocket protectors and more
1312 Large assortment of important Message pads, things to do today pads, table of contents dividers and more
1313 assortment of office accessory index and binder inserts, desktop calendar and other similar items
1314 Large assortment of Calendar binder base
1315 Okidata Microline 321 Turbo nine Pro printer with wire paper catcher
1316 Five boxes of 14 7/8″ x 11″ computer paper 2700 sheets
1317 Six boxes of computer paper
1318 2 Boxes of computer paper
1319 Assorted lot of battery backup surge protectors
1320 Lot of multi-plug surge protectors
1321 Two drawer black metal filing cabinet on wheels
1322 Two drawer black metal filing cabinet on wheels
1326 Pressboard desk top shelving unit with wood grain laminate
1333 Artist signed oil on canvas framed wall art depicting hunting dog and Fall Woods scene 31″ x 43″
1333a Framed bobcat print 36 1/2″ x 24 1/4″
1333b Framed cheetah print 36 1/4″ x 24 1/4″
1333c Assorted lot of work/lap coats
1333d Large Lot of assorted men’s copy plus suit jacket and trenchcoat most 44 large
1334 Genuine Zebra hide rug 8.9″ x 6.9″
1335 Artist signed oil on campus romantic castle scene with mountain scene background by Mekard 42.5″ x 55″


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