MESA ONSITE Estate and Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Week of 9/27/15
End Date: October 4, 2015 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Sunday 10/4/15 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: 201 S. Greenfield Rd #89 Mesa, AZ 85206 Gate Code is #9213, Enter Gate Turn Right, Signs Will Be Present
Load Out Times: Monday 10/5/15 and Tuesday 10/6/15 from 11am to 5pm

Photo Gallery:

1001 – 4 shelf, white plastic unit. 4′ wide.
1002 – Short brown bookcase, narrow depth shelves
1003 – White wooden bookcase
1004 – 1 x 2s, Whole new bundle, 8′ long
1005 – 4 plastic shelves 2′ wide
1006 – Nice metal magazine rack. Stands alone.
1007 – 10, black/Mk brown shelf boards, used as shown
1008 – Group of table top displays
1009 – Tall Green vase, heavy glass
1010 – Nice kitchen chair with wicker seat in good condition. With pad. Painted/ lacquered dark Forest Green. Very minor paint loss
1011 – Set of Americana decor, storage boxes. Round= 9″ diameter. Squares are 4- 6 &7″. Closet organizers
1012 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1013 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1014 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1015 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1016 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1017 – Trade Cards~ MLB Baseball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1018 – Trade Cards~ NBA Basketball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1019 – Trade Cards~ NBA Basketball. Various publishers, players and teams.
1020 – Trade Cards~ NBA Basketball. Various publishers, players and teams
1021 – Trade Cards~ NFL Football. Various publishers, players and teams.
1022 – Trade Cards~ NFL Football. Various publishers, players and teams.
1023 – Trade Cards~ NFL Football. Various publishers, players and teams.
1024 – Antique Bronze-tone OWL Pendant locket. Has blue crystal eyes. New in package.
1025 – 18 KT. Gold-filled ladies’ ring with Champagne Topaz stones. Size 8
1026 – BOHO style dangle earrings. Tibet silver with turquoise center and CZ accent crystals
1027 – 9 Kt. Gold filled KITTY Cat earrings. AAA CZ stones. Studs.
1028 – Tibet (925) silver dangle earrings with turquoise resin centers.
1029 – 9KT. Gold filled pendant, with Royal Purple center stone. NEW!
1030 – 14 KT. Gold-filled ladies ring. Wide with hollowed spaces. Size 9
1031 – Boho style dangle earrings. Tibet silver with turquoise beads.
1032 – 925 (sterling silver) ladies ring, with large Blue CZ center. Size 7
1033 – Natural Turquoise and Tibet silver wristlet/ bangle bracelet. 1 3/4″ wide.
1034 – 4 1/4″ pocket knife with Statue of Liberty. Stainless steel. New!
1035 – 3″ pocket knife with tools. Cork screw, screw driver, & several blades.
1036 – Pair of throwing knives in nylon pouch. Accented with spiders
1037 – 4″ decorative pocket knife & lighter, in wooden box. Horse decor’. New!
1038 – A 4 blade Scorpion throwing knife. In box.
1039 – 4″ Elvis Presley collector knife in box. New!
1040 – 4″ Marilyn Monroe collector knife, in box. New! Last one
1041 – Group of Disney’s, 101 Dalmatians collectibles. Large vinyl bank (barks), figural mug, ornament & more
1042 – Beautiful hand-beaded phone, cigarette or coin purse, with metal chain. NEW!
1043 – Large collection of trinket boxes, ceramic and porcelain mini baskets and other knick-knacks
1044 – Vintage painted/stained glass Garden WELCOME sign. Framed, with some paint loss. Other small garden/floral items as shown
1045 – Group of very collectible Marvin the Martian collectibles. 2 Key Chains 1997, 1 keychain photo frame, Figural pen & Keychain with tiny note book. Hard to find
1046 – displays- jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings & earrings
1047 – Displays easels. Most are wood. 6 total
1048 – Hot Wheels~ Large selection of Hot Wheels style cars & trucks
1049 – Hot Wheels~ Large selection of Hot Wheels style cars & trucks
1050 – Hot Wheels~ Group of older die-cast airplanes, & jets
1051 – Hot Wheels~ Collection of small, chunky cars, shorter than Hot Wheels
1052 РRetro Beauty Cameo Goddess, Cameo Charm Alloy  w/ Bronze-tone ball chain
1053 – Gems~ 5MM Titanium Agate Druzy Quartz Geode stone PENDANT
1054 – Group of US Presidents campaign and election pins and buttons. Nixon, Perot, Flag lapel pins
1055 – Designer Kirk’s Folly Fairy pin with crystal accents, in box. Made in USA
1056 – Mason jar filled with high quality, 11″ incense stick. Great re-sale at 10/$1.00
1057 – Apple decor cookie jar & wooden sign, with Apple candle burner.
1058 – Magnetic, Hermatite bracelet. Good for joint pain relief and arthritis pain.
1059 – Comic Books~Group of DC, Adventures of Superman Comics. 75 cents – $1.50. Bagged
1060 – Comic Books~Group of DC, Batman & Batman & the Outsiders comics. 75 cents – $1.00.
1061 – Comic Books~ Group of DC Superman comics- Mid 1990s. Bagged
1062 – Comic Books~ Group of mixed publishers, .50- 1.00
1063 – Coke- Coca Cola, 6 pack of unopened Super Bowl XXX commemorative Coke bottles, in carton
1064 – Large selection of Lizards, and frogs
1065 – Nascar Illustrated, April 2001. Dale Earnhardt Sr. Remembered. Lots of great photos. Pair of checkered flag sun glasses & #3 coffee mug
1066 – Nascar Illustrated, April 2008. Earnhardt Today. If he had lived…who would he be? Collector Race Day drink container. Earnhardt #3
1067 – 2001 7 Time Champion, Nascar Dale Earnhardt Sr. felt pennant. 30″ & Coca Cola 600, Charlotte Motor Speedway program. Lots pics & stories
1068 – Shadow Box with miniature LIBRARY. 12 x 15 1/2″ glass front. 3″ deep
1069 – 11″ Monkey statue. Monkey reading a book. Nicely detailed resin.
1070 – Selection of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading series. 1996-2004. May show some signs of being well read
1071 – 6- 2 each of 3, Rodeo of Rodeos, 1977-84 Rodeo programs, Phoenix Jaycees. Lots of vintage ads, photos, art and more! + cowboy horse clock, new
1072 – Group of MONKEYS, plush chimps, apes etc.
1073 – Good selection of Disney Children’s books. Winnie the Pooh, Jungle Book, Snow White. As shown. Also Peanuts, Transformers, Dora Halloween Cat
1074 – Two cameras
1075 – Three portable CD Players
1076 – Large selection of collectible Kid’s books
1077 – 5 TONKA mini board books, and Tonka vehicles
1078 – Large selection of unused post cards, Great re-sale
1079 – Collection of decorative jewelry keepers, dresser boxes, trinket boxes
1080 – Vintage stoneware German Beer stein. Hab’ I an Durscht…mia is alles Wurscht. 5 3/4″ tall, very good
1081 – Gorgeous vintage German beer stein. Very ornate. Gott erhalt’s. Original Gerzit. 6″ tall.
1082 – Nice Blue decorated German Beer stein. Dortmunder HANSA. Made in West Germany. Stoneware. 6″ tall
1083 – Stoneware, German beer stein & stemmed German beer glass. Hacker-pschorr brau munchen 6″ tall & Henninger Kaiser-Pilsner 7″ tall.
1084 – 4 decorator, collector beer bottles from Breweries in Oregon & Colorado. Retro Red, Blue Moon, Rogue/ Dead Guy Ale & Pandora’s. Great bar decor
1085 – Nice, official licensed Phoenix Coyotes Hockey team Christmas Stocking. Very collectible since they are now the Arizona Coyotes. 22″ never used
1086 – Nice sewing room lamp. With quilt design shade. Slight damage to shade, as shown. 14″ tall
1087 – Group of new magnets, funny, Coke, Smokey the Bear, as shown. Great re-sale at 4.00 each
1088 – Group of new magnets, funny, Coke, Busted Knuckle Garage, Ford and Chevy parking, as shown. Great re-sale at 4.00 each
1089 – Arizona State Talking bottle opener. Never used, but may need batteries. Spirit Bracelets & Spirit beads
1090 – ASU Sun Devils bumper stickers, Spirit beads & spirit bracelets. Tagged
1091 – Group of men’s fun stuff. Retro fuzzy dice, Winston cap, Beer cozies, small pocket knife with pearl handle & more, as shown
1092 – Group of Las Vegas, retro souvenir collectibles, glasses, fuzzy dice & more, as shown
1093 – Nascar collection, Misc. drivers, Earnhardt Jr & Sr. Petty, Bobby LaBonte. Everything pictured
1094 – Beautiful, animated white Teddy Bear from Tiger toys. Yawns, giggles, and moves his mouth and arms. Working great. 15″.
1095 – Flashing colors light box for your glass displays. Has a large base for larger pcs., and looks great with faceted glass. 3 3/4″. This glass is only for display.
1096 – Big selection of kitchen gadgets. Wire basket, napkin holders, popsickle molds, scoops Pr.embossed Pink glasses. lots misc. New/old stock
1097 – Set of 6- vintage 1960-70s tumblers. 6″ tall
1098 – Nice collection of angel figures. Young’s love angel (tagged), white ceramic, like Willow Tree.
1099 – Collection of BIRD items. Vintage trinket box, 1960d parrot, Bird photo frame Cardinal tile (hand painted)
1100 – Collection of fairies & cupids
1101 – Gemstone pendant- Beautiful burnt orange/ ivory agate druzy geode pendant bead, 2 1/2″
1102 – Gemstone pendant- Pretty onyx agate druzy geode pendant bead. 2″
1103 – Gemstone pendant~ Nice green/ivory agate druzy geode pendant bead. 2″
1104 – Gemstone pendant- Gorgeous blue/ black agate druzy geode pendant bead, 2 1/4″
1105 – Set of 3, vintage, heavy glass (Block optic) mugs. 4″ tall
1106 – Selection of nice baskets, for organizing and displays. Bicycle or scooter wire basket
1107 – Metal art FROG wall hanger for garden, Frog jar, Frog WELCOME sign
1108 – Cat collection, trinket boxes, felt kitten, wooden signs, as shown
1109 – Vintage china/ porcelain doll. She is very white skinned, and is wearing a prairie style dress. 19″
1110 – Group of 90’s Wheaties boxes featuring sports figures. Michael Vick, Barry Sanders, Pedro Martinz, World Champion Twins & Red Sox
1111 – Brand new Popcorn shirts for small lady or teen girl. Great for travel. No wrinkle
1112 – Dolphin, fish, sea-life clock. Battery op. With photo frame. New! Working
1113 – Beautiful beaded coin purse, cigarette bag, or pouch for smaller phone. NEW!
1114 – Kitchen items, Mug racks, wire baskets, light switch cover, cannister
1115 – Pair of frosted lamp globes, 1 petal shaped frosted globe & nice embroidered lamp shade. All great condition.
1116 – Large box full of VHS movies. Great titles!
1117 – Pair of Wizard figurines, MIB. 4″ tall, and nicely detailed
1118 – Disney, Magic Kingdom Game by Parker Bros. Complete and comes with 2, detailed collector pawns Mickey & Donald)& SORRY< Madagascar Edition Game. Complete 1119 - 2 boxes- 12 pcs. Wine glass charms. Palm Trees/ Tropical Breezes + 3 Hand painted collector tiles, 4x4". One made in Greece, one signed: Made in Denmark, 1970 1120 - Large group of Apple decor. Salt & pepper shakers, wooden signs, candle burners, all as shown


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics