NATIONWIDE Antiques & Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Week of 6/7/15
End Date: June 20, 2015 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 6/16/15 through Saturday 6/20/15 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix, AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 6/23/15 through Thursday 6/25/15 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

1 – Schlitz Antique Light-Up Sign Made By “The Cincinnati Advertising Products Co.”
2 – Antique Kellogg Oak Hand Crank Wall Phone
2a – Antique Cast Iron Balance Scale with Metal Pan
3 – Vintage Radio Flyer Retro Red Scooter with Training Wheels (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
4 – Rare Disney Pinocchio Commemorative Lithograph with Certificate of Authenticity
5 – Collectible Moore Creations Vampirella Cold-Cast Porcelain Statue
6 – Large Black & White Print With Only The Eiffel Tower In Yellow, 39″ x 55″
7 – Large Black & White Print With Only A Double Decker Bus In Red, 38″ x 55″
8 – Antique Round 3-Tier Figurine Display With Decorative Trim, 41″H
9 – Two Matted & Framed Black And White Prints “San Francisco Sunrise” & “The Empire State Building” By Jesse Kalisher 24 Hour Guarante
10 – Limited Edition Disneyland Mickey Mouse Watch with Leather Band (Made Exclusive for 1995 Official Disneyland Convention, #767)
11 – Two Forest Green Anchorglass Dishes, Bowl 7″D & Shell Shaped Candy Dish 24 Hour Guarante
12 – Four Vintage Clocks Including, New Haven, Vanguard, Bulova, & Elgin
13 – Remo Djembe 10″ Fiberskyn 3 Mondo MO-FA Head in Kinte Kloth Design
14 – Large Group Of Holiday Candy Dishes Including, Autumn Leaf Motif, Christmas Tree Motif, And More
16 – Rare Hiroshi Sakai Signed Japanese Wall Hanging 15.5″x17″
17 – Vintage 12 Gallon and 5 Gallon Glazed Ceramic Crocks (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
18 – Smurfette Tin Lunch Box And Various Smurf Figurines
19 – (2) Vintage Coin Candy Machines on Single Wood Stand (Cosmetic Damage/Keys Not Included)
20 – The LeRoy Butler Story Autographed Book By James J. Keller, “From Wheelchair To The Lambeau Leap” 24 Hour Guarante
21 – (5) Beautifully Framed Marilyn Monroe Wall Hangings
22 – (5) Beautifully Framed Marilyn Monroe Wall Hangings
23 – (6) Beautifully Framed Marilyn Monroe Wall Hangings with Vintage Budweiser Wood Crate
24 – Vintage Hartmann Kempf’s Frequency Meter for X-Ray Device (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
25 – Vintage Rainier Brewing Co. Lighted Display Sign
26 – (2) Zeiss Focus From Outer Space Film Slide Books (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
27 – Three Porcelain Women In Ceremonial Attire With Asian Motif
28 – (3) Gorgeous Carved Jade Layered Puzzle Spheres with Stands (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
29 – Full Antler Rack (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
30 – Vintage Victorian Style Hand Mirror and Brush Set
31 – Decorative 6-Light Wrought Iron Chandelier with Leaf Design (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
32 – Gibson Golden Pond Collection Black and Green Frog
33 – The New England Clock Company Antique Regulator Wall Clock, Model 279NE
34 – Thang Long Railroad Lantern
35 – Vintage Cine Perfex Double Eight Model A Movie Camera with Argus a-four 35mm Camera and 12V 300 Watt 25 Amp Lighting Ballast Power Supply, Model AT300T
36 – Vintage Measuring Instruments Pullin LTD Bakelite Face Frequency Meter in Jointed Wood Box (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
37 – Aurora 1/25 Scale All Plastic Aston Martin DB 4 Semi-Built Model Kit # 562-259
38 – Vintage Stenographic Machines Reporter Model Stenograph with Case (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
39 – Barbie Collector Bob Makie Couture Confection Bride Gold Label
40 – (12) Collectible Vintage Beer Cans
41 – Samurai Sword with Stainless Steel Blade and Sheath, 25″ Blade
42 – Samurai Sword and Sheath, 25.5″ Blade
43 – Decorative Marble Egg
44 – Samurai Sword and Sheath, 25.5″ Blade (Cosmetic Damage)
45 – Ornate Samurai Sword with Stainless Steel Blade and Sheath, 25.5″ Blade (Cosmetic Damage)
46 – Wentworth Cherry Wood Finish 31 Day Regulator Wall Clock
47 – Fantasy Dagger with Leather Sheath, 20″ Blade
48 – Fantasy Dagger with Leather Sheath, 26″ Blade
49 – Vintage Bendix CAN-21CN Pilot Navigation/Communication System with Assorted Antique Capacitors and Tubes for Amps
50 – (3) Angel Figurines (One Lighted)
51 – (15) Collectible 1990’s 22kt Gold Replicas of the Stamps of the Century
52 – Handcrafted Tooled Leather Horse Saddle Strap (Minor Cosmetic Damage)
53 – Hunting Knife with Bird Head Handle and Leather Sheath, 12″ Blade
54 – Fantasy Dagger with Curved Blade and Leather Sheath, 17″ Blade
55 – Glass Decanter with Pink Glass Candy Dish and Serving Platter
56 – Unique Handmade Brass Bulls Head
57 – Collectible Vintage “The Snoopy and Woodstock Phone”, 14″H
58 – (27) Collectible Marvel Comic Books Including: The Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Etc
59 – Group of 1990’s Baseball Cards Including Ken Griffey Rookie Card
60 – (4) Delfts Boch La Louviere Belgium Handcrafted Decorative Plates
61 – Jumping Dolphin and Whale Glass Figurines (Cosmetic Damage)
62 – (2) Framed Signed Inuit Native American Alaskan Indian Wall Art
63 – (8) Vintage Hemingray Glass Insulators with Brown Glass Insulator (Cosmetic Damage)
64 – Beautiful Hand Painted Italian Vase and Pitcher
65 – Martini Man at Bar Painting on Canvas Wall Art with Decorative Framed Wall Hanging (Cosmetic Damage)
66 – (2) Hand Painted Airplane Wall Art Pieces, 20″x16″
67 – Elegant Silver Plated Serving Platter 21″x15″
68 – Assortment of Home Décor Including: Audrey Hepburn “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wall Art, Small Figurines, Glass Candy Bowl, Etc
69 – University of Michigan Law Quadrangle Singed Framed Wall Art, 38″x20”
70 – (4) Decorative Framed Wall Hangings
71 – Collectible Items Including: Indian Police Arizona Terr Badge, Cowboys Pen, (2) Rings
72 – (2) Decorative Glass Candy Dishes
73 – Group of Collectible Bottle Caps
74 – Hermes Fine Porcelain Minh Long I Coffee and Tea Service Set
75 – Elegant Churchill Floral Tea Cup and Dish Set with Francess Hook Ceramica Excelsis “For a Mother’s Love” Figurines
76 – Small Village Novelty Herb and Spice Jars with Inspirational Angel Figurine
77 – Group Of Antiques Including, Kyosho 1:18 Die Cast Car Series Car, 50th Anniversary Original Cokpit Gyron Horizon, Aristo Craft Camel Back Switcher, And More
78 – Zeiss Lunar Rocks Under The Microscope Slides, Two Rare Coral Fossils, & Cast Iron Leaf With Snail On It Ashtray
79 – Rare Disney’s Aladdin Commemorative Lithograph Sealed
80 – Group Of Darts Including, Accudan Points, Halex, Steel Tip Dart Set, And More
81 – Three Pieces Of Cow Motif Decorations Made Of Wood
82 – Group Of Collectables Including, Mickey & Minnie, Hot Wheels, Star Wars Figurines, And More
83 – Two Collectable M & M Dispensers, M&M’s Not Included
84 – Group Of Collectable Glassware Including, 7 Icecream Glasses With Leaf Motif, Multi-Colored Rocks Glasses, Yellow Tinted Pitcher, And More
85 – Group Of Collectables Including, World Globe, Two Glowns, Windchimes, And More
86 – Group Of Collectables Including, White & Light Green Matching Vases, World Globe, Mirror With Female Frame, And More
87 – Group Of Glassware Including, Rocks Glasses, Samuel Adams Pints, Coke Glass, And More
88 – Group Of Native American Collectables Including, Dream Catchers, Eagle Figurines, And Wolf & Eagle Head Wall Hangings
89 – Group Of Collectables Including, Elvis PEZ Dispensers, Budweiser Bottle Opener, & 4 Budweiser Coasters
90 – Large Group of Keychains & Buttons Including, Bush 25 Keychain, Shamrock Keychain, Because I Work Butoon, And More 24 Hour Guarante
91 – Holley Carberator Chrome Cover And 1 Unmarked Carberater Cover
92 – Large Collection Of Keychains And Buttons
93 – Group Of Collectables Including, Cellphones, Metal Storage Box, Piggy Bank, And More
94 – Group Of Sky Box Star Trek Collectable Cards
95 – Three Spalding “Registered Tournament Model” Antique Wood Golf Drivers (Cosmetic Damage)
96 – Vintage Little Pal Charcoal Smoker (Cosmetic Damag
97 – Group Of Civil War Reenacting Gear Including, Glasses, Hats, Buttons, And More
98 – Group Of Albums With Covers Including, Neil Diamond, Percy Faith, Ludwig, And More
99 – Framed & Matted Print By Shannon, 24″ x 30″
100 – Framed & Matted Print By Charlie Dye, 19″ x 25″
101 – Framed & Matted Print By Jon Van Zyle, Alaska Copy Right ’91, 26″ x 31″
102 – Framed & Matted Serigraph By Gary Carter, Copy Right 1991, (375/850), 27″ x 41″
103 – Framed & Matted Serigraph By John Clymer, Copy Right 1972, “Night Visitors”, (238/750), 27″ x 43″
104 – Framed & Matted Serigraph By Gary Carter, “When Starvation Is A Flinch Away”, (48/100), 26″ x 35″
105 – Framed & Matted Serigraph By Gary Carter, (450/850), 23″ x 40″
106 – Framed Movie Poster For The Movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, 30″ x 41.5″
107 – Framed Western Print By Charles Russell, Copyright 1909, “When Horseflesh Comes High”, 30.5″ x 43″
108 – Large Framed Black & White Print With Only A Red Bike In Color By Fernando Bengoechea, 39″ x 55.5″
109 – Large Water Color Print Of Lily Pads And Flowers, Copyright ’87, Artist Name Not Legible, 23″ x 30″
110 – Large Poster Of Clark Gable Wearing A Tie Marked SU051 Litho, Copyright 1981, 20.5″ x 28.5″
111 – Group Of Collectables Including, Home Depot “Tony Stewart” Hot Wheels Car, Baby In Tub Figurine, Cute As A Button Figurine, And More
112 – Two Vintage Liqour Bottles Including, Old Cabin Still 90 Proof, & Heritage 1971 Ezra Brooks Bottle
113 – Group Of Boyds Bears & Friends Figurines Including, Fixin’ Tea For Three, Shower Roses, Put On Your Happy Face, And More
114 – Group Of Collectables Including, The Little Street Collection, Cherished Teddies, Westland Cow Parade, And More
115 – Group Of Sonshine Promises Including, Sonshine Promises Plaque, Happy Birthday – Savor Life’s Magic Moments, And More
116 – Two Framed & Matted Abstract Art Prints, 1 Has A Crack On The Top Right, 31″ x 36″ (Cosmetic Damage) 24 Hour Guarante
117 – Italian Paper Mache Figurines Of Old Lady & Man Selling Flowers 24 Hour Guarante
118 – Large Group Of Blue & White Porcelain Dinnerware Including, Wedgwood, Wessex, Churchill, And More 24 Hour Guarante
119 – Fourteen Of The Beatles – The Magical Mystery Trip by Artrock In Reel Cover Motif 24 Hour Guarante
120 – Two Bright Colored Clowns, One With Hands Up & Other With Tamborine, Artist Name Not Legible
121 – Antique Comforter Set Including, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Skirt, And More
122 – Miller High Life “The Champagne Of Bottle Beer” Cabinet With 9 Small Cubbies
123 – Group Of Lion & Tiger Motif Collectable Items Including, Busts, Figurines, And Portraits
124 – Large Group Of Collectable Puzzles Including, Star Trek, Return Of The Jedi, Beer Puzzle, And More
125 – Six Framed Pictures Of Marilyn Monroe In Various SIzes, 5 Matted
126 – Group Of Collectables Including, 3 Snow Globes, Thomas Kinkade “Blessings Of Summer” Figurine, Kaysons Creamer Bowl, And Moree
127 – Group Of Records Including, The Commodores, The Mighty Clouds, Aretha Franklin, And Many More
128 – Group Of Porcelain Dolls And Figurines Including, Marie Osmond, And More
129 – Group Of Collectables Including, Two John Wayne Pictures, Plate Holder, & Norman Rockwell Plate “Waiting At The Dance” With C.O.A.
130 – One Piece Nativity Scene With Grass
131 – Sun Devils Collectable Display Including, Ladies Shirt, Pom Poms, Football Tickets, And More
132 – 20th Century Fox “Ther’s No Business Like Show Business” Marilyn Monroe Collectable Doll
133 – Kachina Doll Rug Art On Burlap
134 – Solid Brass Egyptian Ladies Bust
135 – Marilyn Monroe Framed Poster With Different Pictures Of Her, 29″ x 39″
136 – Group Of Collectables Including, John Wayne Picture On Wood, Three Crwo Brand Coffee Tin, Simpsons Clock, And More
137 – Group Of Collectables Including, Jewelry, Rocks, Stone Eggs, And More
138 – Group Of Metal Mugs Including, Gun Motif Mug, Gerz German Stein, & 1 Gold Toned Antique Mirror
139 – Group Of Brass &Metal Figurines Including Horses, Bear Bell, Flower, And More
140 – Group Of Brass & Metal Items Including, Alarm Clock, Mask, Turtle, And More
141 – Four Brass & Metal Figurines Including, Sparta Warrior, Hawk, Longhorn And More
142 – Group Of Collectables Including, Aztec Calendar Wall Hanging, Tribal Head Wall Hangings, Egyptian Head Statues, And More
143 – Walter’s Gems Gold Toned Silverware Set Including, Forks, Spoons, Serving Spoons, And More
144 – Group Of Brass & Metal Items Including, US Tobacco Spitoon, Elephant, Door Knocker, And More
145 – Star Marble Chess Set, New In Box
146 – Group Of Collectables Including, Cobra, Egyptian Dog Head, Roman Plaques, And More
147 – Group Of Collectables Including, Two Metal Guns, Letter Opener, Monkey Bank, And Moree
148 – Stagecoach Resistol “Self-Conforming” Western Hat With Box
149 – Four Black Metal Custom Made Western Motif Cut-Outs & Bag Of Ceramic Birds (Some Broken)


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