NATIONWIDE Gold and Costume Jewelry Auction

Start Date: Week of 9/19/16
End Date: September 25, 2016 6:30 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 9/22/16 through Saturday 9/24/16 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St. Phoenix, AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 9/28/16 through Thursday 9/30/16 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

2001 – Pamp Suisse 1g Fine Gold Bar
2002 – 10K Gold Bracelet and Matching Earring Set with Various Color Stones
2003 – 14k Gold Chain with Oval Pendant with Diamond Accents
2004 – (3) Necklaces- Cross Pendant With Chain 10k, Chain 14k, and Chain with Diamond Holder 14k
2005 – 14k Gold Bracelet and Ring with Pearl Accents-12k Gold Necklace with Blue Pendant Stone
2006 – Group of Gold Tone Leaf Necklace, Ring and Earrings- Gold Tone Rose Pendant Necklace
2007 – Gold Filled Cross Necklace
2008 – Silver Tone Link Braceket- Made in Italy
2009 – Sterling Roman Link Chain Bracelet
2010 – Milan Quartz Pocket Watch
2010A – Gunnells Jewelry 14k Gold
2011 – .925 Silver Bracelet and Necklace
2012 – Group of Native American Rings, Pins and Cuff Links
2013 – Pair of Sterling “Forget Me Not” Heart Pendant and Pin with Turquoise Center
2014 – 6 Strand Silver Tone Necklace
2015 – Group of Jewelry Including Clear Stone Necklace, Various Flower Clip-on Earrings, Crystal Like Flower Pin and More
2016 – Group of Diamond Accent Jewelry Including a Bracelet, Earrings and Choker Necklace- Blue Beaded Bracelet with Matching Clip-on Earrings
2017 – Group of Pearl Necklaces and Bracelet
2018 – Gold Tone Necklace
2019 – Group of Jewelry including Blue Beaded Necklace, Blue Stone Earrings and More
2020 – Group of Collectables From New Mexico, Germany, and More
2021 – Group of Gold Tone Necklaces Including Cross Pendant Necklace, Link Chain Necklaces and More
2025 – Three Gold Tone Bracelets, Pair of Gold Tone Dangle Earrings, and Gold Tone Necklace
2026 – Chinese Handwork Comb and Fold Out Paper Fans
2027 – Group of Necklaces Including Clover Leaf Gold Tone Necklac, Black Beaded Necklace, Silver Tone and Black Pendant Necklace and More
2028 – Group of Necklaces and Earrings Including Flower and Gold Tone Necklace, Silver and Gold Tone Hoop Earrings and More
2029 – Group of Necklaces and Earrings Including Gold Tone Chain Necklace, Silver Link Cuff Bracelet, Silver Tone Stud Earrings and More
2030 – Silver and Gold Tone Necklaces, Light Pink Jewelry/Make-Up Bag, Various Earrings and More
2031 – Group of Blue and Pearl Color Beaded Necklace, Bracelet and Matching Earrings
2032 – Gold Tone Chain Necklace, Rose Gold Tone Bracelet and Dangle Earrings
2033 – Silver Tone Diamond Accent Jack Necklace, Silver Tone Cuff Link Bracelet, 1776 Bell Clip-On Earrings and More
2034 – Gold Tone Ruby Like Bracelet, Gold Tone Stud Earrings and Gold Tone Necklace
2035 – Silver Tone Leaf Stud Earrings, Pearl Bracelet and Silver Tone Link Necklace
2036 – Gold Tone Bow Necklace, Gold Tone Link Bracelet and Diamond Accent Gold Tone Stud Earrings
2037 – Charcoal Stud Earrings with Matching Necklace with Gold Tone Beads
2038 – Brown Beaded Necklace with Matching Dangle Earrings
2039 – Gold Tone Link Necklace, Silver Tone Hoop Earrings and Green Stud Pendant Necklace with Gold Tone Chain
2040 – Brown Beaded Long Necklace with Gold Tone Dolphin Earrings
2041 – Silver Tone Charm Necklace with a Pair of Silver Tone Dangle Earrings
2042 – Three Pairs of Black and Gold Tone Stud Earrings
2043 – Silver Tone Cuff Bracelet, Pair of Silver Tone Earrings and Silver Tone Charm Bracelet
2044 – Group of Earrings Including Blue Stud Earrings, Black Stone Clip-On Earrings and More (5 Pairs)
2045 – Pair of Matching Muli-Color Stone Bracelets and Gold Tone Dangle Earrings
2046 – Muli-Color Beaded Necklace, Gold Tone Hoop Earrings and Turquoise Colored Gold Tone Pendant Necklace
2047 – Muli-Color Blue Beaded Necklace with Stud Earrings
2048 – Gold Tone Chain Necklace, Heart Rose Pin, and Pair of Turquoise Color Clip-On Earrings
2049 – Pair of Silver Tone Leaf Earrings, Pair of Rings, Butterfly Pin and More
2050 – Group of Pins Including Owl Pin, Leaf Silver Ton Pin and More
2051 – Gold Tone Cuff Bracelet, Muli-Color Road Runner Pin, Flower Cuff Bracelet and More
2052 – Three Pairs of Earrings Including Dark Blue and Gold Tone Dangle Earrings, Angel Stud Earrings, and More
2053 – Group of Assorted Knives
2054 – Group of Assorted Gold Tone Cuff Links, Clips and More
2055 – Three Assorted Necklaces Including Black Heart Pendant with Gold Tone Chain, Gold Tone Owl Chain, and Brown and Green Beaded Necklace
2056 – Group of Assorted Shirt, Hat Pins and Key Chains
2057 – Group of Assorted Jewelry Including Silver Chain Necklace with Lion Star Pendant, Blue Beaded Necklace and More
2058 – Group of Assorted Jewelry Including Pair of Gold Tone Pearl Earrings, Gold Tone Dolphine Necklace, Gold Tone Turtle Charm and More
2059 – Two Jewelry Bags and Box of Assorted Jewelry Earrings, Pins and More
2060 – Group of Assorted Holiday Jewelry
2061 – Group of Jewelry Including Rose Beaded Bracelet, Silver Stud Heart Pin, Silver Tone Hoop Earrings and More
2061A – Cross Coventry Felt Tip Pen Set and Things Remembered Credit Card Holder, Key Chain and Money Clip
2062 – Jewelry Set of Silver Tone Flower Necklace with Matching Earrrings and Silver Tone Heart Pendant Necklace
2063 – Group of Watch Bands and Faces Including Quartz Stainless Steel Watch Face, Timex Quartz Stainless Steel Watch Face and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2064 – Group of Assorted Watches Including Advance Night Light Quartz , Minnie Mouse Stainless Steel Watch and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2065 – Group of Assorted Watches and Watch Faces/Key Chain Including Pink Polar Watch Mio Black Men’s Watch and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2066 – Group of Assorted Watches Including Pearl Beaded Quartz Watch with Diamond Accents, Gold Tone Time Square Men’s Watch, Silver Tone Watch-it Watch, Bow Pin Watch and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2067 – Green and Gold Tone Beaded Necklace and Flower Diamond Accents Pin
2068 – Blue and White Beaded Necklace with Three Pairs of Earrings Including Silver tone Studs, Triangle Green and Black Stone Studs and Blue Stone Stud Earrings
2069 – Group of Beaded Bracelets and Bangle Bracelets
2070 – Kokopelli Pendant with Turquoise on Silver Tone Chain with Leaf Turquoise Ring
2071 – Coral and Silver Tone Pendant with Silver Tone Chain
2072 – Fairly Pendant with Silver Tone Chain
2073 – Beaded Necklace with Gold Tone Clasp
2074 – Square Flower Stud Earrings
2075 – Group of 3 Rings Including Peace Ring, Heart Dangle Ring and Silver Tone Ring with Silver Tone Necklace
2076 – Silver Tone Flower Pendant and Bracelet with Various Shapes
2077 – Group of Silver and Gold Tone Cuff Links with Brown Jewelry Box
2078 – Liz Claiborn Sunglasses with Black Case-SU1229CL
2079 – Muli-Strand Silver and Gold Tone Necklace with Chain Link Earrings
2080 – Beaded Necklace with Various Stones and Silver Tone Charm Bracelet
2081 – Group of Gold Tone Necklaces Including Moon Snail Seashell Pendant, Zigzag Scallop Seashell Pendant and Gold Tone Chain
2082 – Group of Pearl Beaded Necklaces with Gold Tone Clasps
2083 – Group of Assorted Watches Including Diamond Stud Watch with White Band, Seiko Quartz Gold Tone Watch and More
2084 – Fossil Stainless Steel/Water Resistant Watch (Needs Repair)
2085 – Group of Silver .925 Heart Pendant Necklace, Diamond Accent Bracelet, Ring and Earrings
2086 – Group of Assorted Pins Including Red Stud Strawberry Pin, Goofy Pin, Black and Silver Stud Pin and More
2087 – Group of Assorted Pins Including Pearl Pin, Gold Tone Flower Pin and More
2088 – Group of Bracelets Including Red Beaded Bracelet, Silver tone Cuff Bracelet and More
2089 – Pair of Silver .925 Bracelets Including Peace Charm Braceleta nd Heart Pendant Bracelet
2090 – Group of Silver tone and Black Bracelets
2091 – Black Tear Drop Pendant Necklace with Silver Tone Chain and Pair of Black Beaded and Silver Tone Earrings
2092 – Pearl and Diamond Accents Necklace with Michael Angelo Silver Diamond Accent Dangle Earrings
2093 – Silver Tone Black Square Necklace with Flower Beaded Earrings
2094 – Black Pearl Beaded Necklace, Diamond Accent and Black Stud Clip-On Earrings and Pin
2095 – Blue Crystal Beads Rosary with a Pair of Blue Bead Dangle Earrings
2096 – Group of Jewelry Including Green Beaded Muli-Strand Necklace, Silver Tone Bracelet
2097 – Group of Jewelry Including Blue Muli-Strand Beaded Necklace, Santa Clause Earrings, Christmas Tree Earrings and More
2098 – Pair of Silver Tone Hoop Earrings, Double Strand Silver Tone Necklace, Silver Tone Key Chain and More
2099 – Gold Tone Necklace Chain, Angel Pendant Gold Tone Necklace, Triangle Stud Earrings and More
2100 – Turquoise Beaded Necklace with Read Stones and Matching Earrings, Blue Beaded Earrings with Magnetic Cuff Beaded Bracelet
2101 – Gold Tone Beaded Necklace, Brown Tone Bracelet with Matching Earrings, Gold and Silver Tone Watch, Silver and Gold Tone Bangle Bracelets and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2102 – Real Metal Cross Pendant Necklace, Rolex Watch, Snoopy Watch, Guess Silver Tone Watch and More (Some May Need New Batteries)
2103 – Pearl and Silver Tone Chain Necklace, Silver Tone Fairy Bracelet, Black and Clear Beaded Rosary, and More
2104 – Group of Link Cuff Blue and Silver Tone Bracelets, Blue Beaded Necklace with Gold Tone Pendant, and More
2105 – Group of Silver Tone Necklaces Including a Cross Pendant Necklace, Angel Liberty Pendant and More
2106 – Clear Beaded Necklace with Matching Clip-On Earrings
2107 – Group of Stuff and Hoop Earrings, Various Pins and More
2108 – Pair of Black Buckeye Necklaces with Ribbion Ties, Various Silver Tone Rings and More
2110 – Group of Various Watches, Watch Band in Multiple Colors, and More
2111 – Group of Various Jewelry Including Bracelets, Necklaces and More


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