NATIONWIDE Jewelry Liquidation Online Auction

Start Date: Monday 10/14/13
End Date: October 20, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 10/17/13 through Saturday 10/19/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 10/22/13 through Thursday 10/24/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

goldjewelry Lot 3001 Lot 3002 Lot 3003 Lot 3004 Lot 3005 Lot 3006 Lot 3007 Lot 3008 Lot 3009 Lot 3010 Lot 3011 Lot 3012 Lot 3013 Lot 3014 Lot 3015 Lot 3016 Lot 3017 Lot 3018 Lot 3019 Lot 3020 Lot 3021 Lot 3022 Lot 3023 Lot 3024 Lot 3025 Lot 3026 Lot 3027 Lot 3028 Lot 3029 Lot 3030 Lot 3031 Lot 3032 Lot 3033 Lot 3034 Lot 3035 Lot 3036 Lot 3037 Lot 3038 Lot 3039 Lot 3040 Lot 3041 Lot 3042 Lot 3043 Lot 3044 Lot 3045 Lot 3046 Lot 3047 Lot 3048 Lot 3049 Lot 3050 Lot 3051 Lot 3052 Lot 3053 Lot 3054 Lot 3055 Lot 3056 Lot 3057 Lot 3058 Lot 3059 Lot 3060 Lot 3061 Lot 3062 Lot 3063 Lot 3064 Lot 3065 Lot 3066 Lot 3067 Lot 3068 Lot 3069 Lot 3070 Lot 3071 Lot 3072 Lot 3073 Lot 3074 Lot 3075 Lot 3076 Lot 3077 Lot 3078 Lot 3079 Lot 3080 Lot 3081 Lot 3082 Lot 3083 Lot 3084 Lot 3085 Lot 3086 Lot 3087 Lot 3088 Lot 3089 Lot 3090 Lot 3091 Lot 3092 Lot 3093 Lot 3094 Lot 3095 Lot 3096 Lot 3097 Lot 3098 Lot 3099 Lot 3100 Lot 3101 Lot 3102 Lot 3103 Lot 3104 Lot 3105 Lot 3106 Lot 3107 Lot 3108 Lot 3109 Lot 3110 Lot 3111 Lot 3112 Lot 3113 Lot 3114 Lot 3115 Lot 3116 Lot 3117 Lot 3118 Lot 3119 Lot 3120 Lot 3121 Lot 3122 Lot 3123 Lot 3124 Lot 3125 Lot 3126 Lot 3127 Lot 3128 Lot 3129 Lot 3130 Lot 3131 Lot 3132 Lot 3133 Lot 3134 Lot 3135 Lot 3136 Lot 3137 Lot 3138 Lot 3139 Lot 3140 Lot 3141 Lot 3142 Lot 3143 Lot 3144 Lot 3145 Lot 3146 Lot 3147 Lot 3148 Lot 3149 Lot 3150 Lot 3151 Lot 3152 Lot 3153 Lot 3154 Lot 3155 Lot 3156 Lot 3157 Lot 3158 Lot 3159 Lot 3160 Lot 3161 Lot 3162 Lot 3163 Lot 3164 Lot 3165 Lot 3166 Lot 3167 Lot 3168 Lot 3169 Lot 3170 Lot 3171 Lot 3172 Lot 3173 Lot 3174 Lot 3175 Lot 3176 Lot 3177 Lot 3178 Lot 3179 Lot 3180 Lot 3181 Lot 3182 Lot 3183 Lot 3184 Lot 3185 Lot 3186 Lot 3187 Lot 3188 Lot 3189 Lot 3190 Lot 3191 Lot 3192 Lot 3193 Lot 3194 Lot 3195 Lot 3196 Lot 3197 Lot 3198 Lot 3199 Lot 3200 Lot 3201 Lot 3202 Lot 3203 Lot 3204 Lot 3205 Lot 3206 Lot 3207 Lot 3208 Lot 3209 Lot 3210 Lot 3211 Lot 3212 Lot 3213 Lot 3214 Lot 3215 Lot 3216 Lot 3217 Lot 3218 Lot 3219 Lot 3220 Lot 3221 Lot 3222 Lot 3223 Lot 3224 Lot 3225 Lot 3226 Lot 3227 Lot 3228 Lot 3229 Lot 3230 Lot 3231 Lot 3232 Lot 3233 Lot 3234 Lot 3235 Lot 3236 Lot 3237 Lot 3238 Lot 3239 Lot 3240

This auction has a great selection of items including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, collectibles, antiques and much more!

3001 18k (750) yellow gold and Emerald cabochon Ring
3002 14k Yellow gold lucky horse shoe ring with Diamonds
3003 14k yellow gold bambo designed pendant with pearl
3004 14k yellow gold .25 nice clean Diamond solitaire pendant
3005 14k yellow gold .25 nice clean sapphire solitaire pendant
3006 14k yellow gold love knot earrings with Emeralds
3007 14 K yellow gold hoop earrings with sterling silver cherubs
3008 14 K yellow and white gold heart earrings
3009 antique 1849 California gold coin pendant
3010 14 k yellow gold heart earrings with ruby, emerald, and blue sapphire.
3011 10 k yellow gold pink mystic Topaz accented with diamonds pedant necklace
3012 14k yellow gold heart cut Cz pendant
3013 14k yellow gold blue topaz stud earrings
3014 14k yellow gold peridot stud earrings
3015 Genuine purple amithyist beaded necklace with 14k gold clasp
3016 Designer Michael Dawkins sterling silver bracelet accented with diamonds
3017 Designer Ann King 18k yellow gold and Sterling silver necklace with turquoise
3018 Designer T& C 14 k the yellow gold and sterling silver cushion cut smokey topaz paved with diamond accents
3019 Modernists custom made sterling silver and 14 k yellow gold citrine and amithyist ring
3020 Designer gold over sterling silver large carved the mother of pearl kitty cat adjustable ring
3021 Gold over sterling silver wedding style ring with diamonds of
3022 Stunning sterling silver open work filigree high mount Peridot ring
3023 14k gold over sterling necklace with ruby,Blue sapphire and emeralds clusters
3024 Sterling silver wheat chain bracelet with diamonds
3025 Sterling silver coil wrap bracelet with hearts accented with marcaite
3026 Sterling silver Hawaiian flower pendant necklace with czs
3027 Sterling silver Hawaiian flower link bracelet with czs
3028 Sterling silver Hawaiian flower earrings with czs
3029 Rhodium plated sterling silver aquamarine ring
3030 Rhodium plated sterling silver Ring with czs
3031 Sterling silver amithyist ring with diamond accent note is missing one diamond
3032 Rhodium plated sterling silver blue topaz ring
3033 Two tone sterling silver twist bracelet
3034 Gold over sterling silver puffy hoop earrings
3035 Rhodium plated sterling silver hoop earrings
3036 Genuine ivory twist ring accented with 14k gold
3037 genuine ivory carved flower earrings With 14k gold posts
3038 Genuine ivory carved flower pendant on gold filled chain
3039 Genuine ivory oriental design pendant necklace
3040 Sterling silver cross pendant necklace with ruby
3041 Rhodium plated sterling silver cross pendant necklace with czs
3042 Sterling silver crystals pendant necklace on sterling silver box chain
3043 Sterling silver crystal earrings
3044 Sterling silver hart pendant necklace with czs
3045 Unique sterling silver angel wing designed pendant necklace
3046 Gold filled etched heart Locket pendant necklace
3047 Sterling silver mormon charm pendant
3048 Sterling silver openwork butterfly ring
3049 Gold over sterling cat pendant necklace
3050 Sterling silver leaf earrings
3051 Sterling silver southwestern turquoise necklace
3052 Sterling silver southwestern turquoise cuff bracelet
3053 Sterling silver southwestern turquoise earrings
3054 Vintage native American sterling silver earrings with turquoise
3055 Vintage native American sterling silver earrings with turquoise
3056 native American style sterling silver semi hoop earrings with turquoise
3057 Vintage sterling silver southwestern turquoise ring note does need repair
3058 Vintage sterling silver native American green Nevada turquoise ring notes does need repair
3059 Southwestern turquoise and heshi necklace
3060 Vintage sterling silver native American turquoise pendant note chain is not sterling
3061 Awesome large sterling silver vintage southwestern grape cluster brooch
3062 Detailed sterling silver butterfly abalone inlayed brooch Signed
3063 Detailed sterling silver flower abalone inlayed brooch Signed
3064 Vintage southwestern sterling silver clip on earrings with black onyx
3065 Desert rose trading sterling silver and turquoise double strand necklace
3066 western silver tone tips with turquoise and coral
3067 Sterling silver southwestern ring with opal inlay
3068 Large red coral bead necklace and earring set
3069 Vintage sterling silver taxco tie pin
3070 Southwestern turquoise bead necklace with sterling clasp
3071 Southwestern sterling silver bear paw earrings with turquoise
3072 vintage sterling silver chain link necklace
3073 Antique sterling silver large amithyist colored earrings
3074 Oriental green jade beaded disk necklace
3075 Vintage signed sterling silver snuff bottle with crown and unicorn design
3076 Vintage signed sterling silver snuff/perfume bottle necklace
3077 antique sterling silver art deco Initial brooch
3078 antique sterling silver filigree cross pendant with blue glass stone
3079 Antique 800 fine silver bell charm up
3080 Vintage sterling silver Egyptian style clip on earrings
3081 Unique sterling silver interlocking hands ring
3082 Unusual 800 fine silver enamled face pendant
3083 Sterling silver and onyx pendant
3084 Pink quartz necklace with sterling beads
3085 Vintage gold over sterling floral brooch
3086 Vintage gold filled flower earrings
3087 Sterling silver and art glass pendant
3088 Designer signed sterling silver openwork filigree heart pendant necklace
3089 Sterling silver etched heart locket pendant necklace
3090 Sterling silver mother of pearl pendant necklace with macasite accents
3091 Gold over sterling silver crucifix pendant
3092 Vintage southwestern sterling silver onyx stud earrings
3093 Vintage sterling silver wide band ring
3094 antique man’s sterling silver initial ring
3095 Antique sterling silver watch FOB
3096 Antique sterling silver cufflinks
3097 Unique gold tone vintage cufflinks with Amber
3098 Vintage sterling silver Dodge key cufflinks
3099 Men’s stainless steel link bracelet
3100 men’s gold tone chain necklace marked 14k but did not test as gold
3101 Genuine vintage carved Ivory heart pendant with 14k gold loop on a 10k gold chain
3102 Genuine Amethyst & 14k gold pierced stud earrings
3103 Gold over sterling silver heart link bracelet with diamond accents
3104 Genuine pearl stand bracelet w/silver plated rhinestone clasp
3105 Sterling silver modern swirl pendant necklace
3106 Vintage sterling silver etched Winnie the Pooh Disney locket necklace
3107 Sterling silver etched heart design sweetheart band ring – size 5 3/4
3108 Sterling silver heart design pierced hoop earrings
3109 Nice designer sterling silver w/natural green stone chandelier style dangle pierced earrings
3110 Sterling silver heart design w/CZ stone ear cuff earring
3111 Vintage sterling silver set & green stone Native American cuff bracelet
3112 Set of 2 sterling silver twist design cuff bracelets
3113 Sterling silver Native American bear design pendant necklace
3114 Vintage Turquoise, Heishi with black beads strand necklace
3115 Vintage sterling silver Turquoise & Onyx pendant necklace – (note: chain does have a weak spot – see photos)
3116 Vintage sterling silver modern design ring set with Turquoise, Onyx, Malachite, Lapis & Coral stones – size 9 1/4
3117 Native American sterling silver & Turquoise heishi stone loop dangle earrings
3118 Vintage Native American Zuni sterling silver with inlaid Onyx stone teardrop design earrings – signed ‘S H Zuni’
3119 Sterling silver & Turquoise Native American tear drop design dangle earrings
3120 Vintage tie bar with hanging sterling silver Native American horse/dog charm
3121 Vintage Alpaca Mexico silver with inlaid stones disk loop design dangle earrings
3122 Vintage Alpaca Mexico silver with inlaid crushed green stones dangle earrings
3123 Vintage natural tooth or claw pendant necklace
3124 Vintage signed (c&o or c&c) 10k gold filled with large purple stone ring – size 5 1/4
3125 Vintage gold filled etched heart locket necklace
3126 Vintage/Antique 12k gold filled with beautiful faceted green stone pendant necklace
3127 Vintage/Antique brass filigree with beautiful oval faceted amber/citrine color stone brooch/pin
3128 Vintage Celluloid? cameo brooch in detailed metal frame brooch/pin
3129 Vintage sterling silver signed BEAU STERLING sweetheart heart & arrow design brooch/pin
3130 Vintage/Antique large purple stone with filigree fur clip
3131 Vintage Timex wristwatch
3132 Vintage Swatch brand wristwatch
3133 Vintage Andre Mouche cuff watch in silvertone with black & flower design – Swiss made
3134 Vintage Citizen brand brushed silvertone wristwatch
3135 Vintage Asian rickshaw design goldtone cufflinks
3136 Vintage Sarah Coventry brand modern triangle design cufflinks
3137 Vintage Damascene tie clip
3138 Vintage plastic stretchy Amber stone color wide bracelet
3139 Vintage Egyptian Revival design pendant necklace
3140 Vintage Whiting & Davis silver plated w/large Turquoise color oval stone inset pendant necklace
3141 Vintage classic daisy enameled flower power design clip on earrings
3142 Lot of two vintage Avon brand gold plated rings – both about a size 6 3/4
3143 Designer 1928 brand Victorian Revival style with cameo design pendant necklace
3144 Designer 1928 brand Victorian Revival style with enamel rose design pendant necklace
3145 Designer Amrita Singh set of gold plated & rhinestone bangles – new with original tag – retail $100
3146 Designer Trifari brand gold plated red & orange enameled design clamper style bracelet – new with tag
3147 Designer JR XX gold plated interchangeable color disk design pierced earrings
3148 Designer Lucky Brand stone & peace sign charm necklace
3149 Designer Chico’s brand large round pendant necklace
3150 Designer White House/Black Market black beaded waterfall design multi-strand necklace
3151 Sterling silver mesh ring marked T&C 925 authenticity not guarantee
3152 Authentic James Avery fish pendant necklace
3153 Native American sterling silver and turquoise ring
3154 Sterling silver cocktail ring with czs
3155 Vintage southwestern alpaca money clip with sterling top
3156 Native American stainless steel money clip with sterling top
3157 Southwestern liquid silver necklace with turquoise
3158 Sterling silver black catseye pendant necklace
3159 Sterling silver genuine pearl necklace and earring set with garnet beads
3160 Coral and pearl necklace with sterling findings
3161 Extra long sterling silver chain necklace
3162 Sterling silver bell necklace with czs
3163 Thick sterling silver rope and box chain bracelet
3164 Nice sterling silver mesh bracelet
3165 gold over sterling tennis bracelet with czs
3166 Dantiy sterling silver bracelet with cross
3167 gold over sterling large hoop earrings
3168 Hammered sterling silver disk earrings
3169 Sterling silver dangle earrings with marcascite
3170 Sterling silver openwork hoop earrrings
3171 Small sterling silver semi hoop earrings
3172 vintage sterling silver and black onyx ring
3173 Nice open work sterling silver band ring
3174 Disney mickey mouse sterling silver ring
3175 Vintage bypass sterling ring
3176 sterling silver frog toe ring
3177 Two sterling silver toe rings
3178 Ecclissi sterling silver watch
3179 Brighton brand silver plated heart watch
3180 Mens new stainless steel watch
3181 Vintage Bulova accutron gold filled watch untested
3182 Vintage gold filled ladies watch
3183 Assorted lot of pocket watch parts
3184 ladies carraige watch note crytal is scratched
3185 Ladies Peugeot stainless steel chain watch
3186 Ladies gold tone pendant watch not running
3187 Vintage solid copper heart charm bracelet
3188 Two solid copper bangle bracelets
3189 Vintage solid copper southwestern large pendant necklace
3190 Vintage gold tone floral pearl cluster brooch
3191 Vintage Damascene earrings
3192 Antique aqua blue glass beaded rosary
3193 Vintage silver tone rosary
3194 vintage saint Christopher protect us badge/pin
3195 strand of black pearls with crystals
3196 Vintage Sarah Coventry brid brooch with rhinestones
3197 Vintage Foreign coin bracelet
3198 Vintage gold tone floral linked necklace with rhinestones
3199 Gold plated ring with rubies and clear stone
3200 Cute gold plated bee ring with rhinestones
3201 Multi colored enamle hoop earrings marked “Channel ”
3202 Designer Givenchy silver tone classic logo necklce
3203 Designer Brighton silver plated double strand necklace
3204 Designer Brighton silver plated with gold accent earrings
3205 Designer gold tone cuff bracelet paved with Crystals
3206 Designer Chicos bronze and silver tone modernist bracelet
3207 Vintage Deigner Ciner flower brooch paved with Rhinestones
3208 Designer signed silver tone earrings with crystals
3209 1928 designer silver tone fringe necklace
3210 Vintage Designer HAR gold tone clip on earrings with large blue stone
3211 Vintage designer De grosse gold tone branck coral design with genuine coral
3212 Vintage designer signed gold tone leaf brooch
3213 Huge designer signed gold tone mid Century pendant necklace
3214 Vintage crown trifari extra long chain necklace
3215 Vintage crown Trifari enameled link necklace
3216 Designer signed inspirational charm link bracelet
3217 antique mico mosaic silver tone openwork brooch
3218 Antique carved wood scotty dog brooch
3219 Antique/ vintage czech multi colored beaded necklace
3220 Antique/ vintage czech red beaded necklace
3221 Assorted lot of victorian jewelry
3222 Vintage unique cut light blue glass beaded necklace
3223 Vintage Arura borealis crystal double strand necklace
3224 Vintage Faux pearl necklace with sterling clasp
3225 Vintage Faux pearl necklace with sterling clasp
3226 Vintage Arura borealis crystal necklace
3227 1928 designer gold tone locket necklace
3228 Designer Barlow gold tone linked bracelet
3229 Vintage gold tone ring with larg blue stone marked 14k but did not test as gold
3230 Assorted lot of costume rings
3231 Assorted lot of costume rings
3232 Assorted lot of vintage charms
3233 Assorted lot of stud earrings
3234 Nice silver tone wide band ring with ruby and clear colored stones
3235 Two gld tone tennis style bracelets on signed Monet
3236 Two brangle style bracelets with crystals
3237 Vintage crow Trifari gold tone leaf link necklace
3238 Three vintage Cameo pins
3239 Three vintage butterfly broochs
3240 three vintage sweater clips


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