PHOENIX Antiques & Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Week of 7/12/15
End Date: July 20, 2015 7:30 pm
Preview Times: Thursday 7/16/15 through Saturday 7/18/15 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St. Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 7/21/15 through Thursday 7/23/15 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

1499 – HUGE Bead Collection! Glass, Seed, Fimo, Wood. Also includes dozens of plastic cases/holders. Thousands of beads here and over $5,000 in value. (299 photos)
1500 – Vintage Manual Spinning Wheel With Pedal
1501 – Antique Manual Singer AF024792 Sewing Machine With Foot Pedal Including Hideaway Cabinet, 41″H
1502 – Antique Singer AF780082 Electric Sewing Machine With 100-110V Sewing Motor Including Hideaway Cabinet
1503 – Vintage Monroe 1689-11-011 Calculating Machine
1504 – Vintage Paymaster Manual Check Writer
1505 – Antique Cast Iron Uncle Sam Bank With Opening Purse For Dropping In Coins
1506 – Metal Car With American Flag Motiff With Pop Up Hood & Pop Out Doors
1507 – Five Piece Scientific Toys, Inc. Train Set Including, Remote Control, Tracks, Power Supplies, And More
1508 – Nine Piece Train Set Including, Tracks, Power Supplies, And More, Some New In Package
1509 – World Of Warcraft “Thee Burning Crusade” Collectors Edition
1510 – Two Beautifully Hand Painted Original Water Color Bamboo Motif Art Paintings
1511 – Two Milk Glass Pieces Including, Flower Pot, 11″H & Fruit Dish, 6.5″H
1524 – Elvis Pez Collectibles & 4 Budweiser Coasters
1527 – GMT World Clock With Gold Tone
1528 – Large Antique Wood Trunk, 34.5″ x 20″ x 22.5″
1529 – Walt Disney “Mickey Mouse” Cartoon Print, 39″ x 26.5″
1530 – Gold Toned Candle 3 Candle Stick Holder With Angel Motif Marked DAV R T
1531 – Kenner “Star Wars” Collector Fleet Electronic Rebel Blockade Runner
1532 – Kenner “Star Wars” The Power Of The Force Electronic Imperial AT-AT Walker
1533 – Framed & Matted South Western Print Of Native American Vase With Flowers By Judith Durr, 37″ x 44″
1534 – Framed & Matted Print Of Roman Statues Looking Into Each Others Eyes, 52.5″ x 44″
1535 – Print On Canvas Of Roman Collesium, 24″ x 36″
1536 – Two Wood Figurines Of Woman Walking With Dog Carrying A Pot With Head Band, 8″H
1537 – Framed & Matted Seriograph By Dan Crook, “Fire Mountain”, 6/50, 28.5″ x 24.5″ {Cosmetic Damage), Frame Missing Glass
1538 – Group Of Star Trek Books & Magazines Including, The Photstory, Log Five, Planet Of Judgement, And More
1539 – Group Of Soundtrack Records Including, Speed, Terminator 2, Forest Gump, And More.
1540 – Really Big Copper-Like Cigarrete Lighter, 6″H
1541 – Pepsi Holiday Party Bunch Collectible Cardboard Motif Truck With Various Pepsi Soda Empty Cans With Fold Down Flaps
1542 – Group Of Vintage Movie Projecto, Cameras, & Films Including, Brownie 500 Movie Projector, Kodak Tourist II Camera, Castle Films Mouse Movies, And More
1543 – Group Of Collectible Figurines Including, Picturesque Tile From Harmondy Kingdom, Lou Rankin 2523 “Someone To Lean On”, Harmony Kingdom “Waddles” 1999, And More, All New In Box
1544 – Group Of Collectible Figurines Including, Cottage Collectibles By Ganz A0387 “Sneakers & Katrina – My Girl”, In A Nutshell IE141A By Maruri, And More
1545 – Kachina Rug Art Piece On Burlap, 20.5″ x 26.5″
1546 – Group Of Rolled Movie Films Including, Titan A.E., Saving Silverman, Dungeons & Dragons, And More
1547 – Group of Collectible Figurines Including, Official Mascots Salt lake 2002 “Powder Copper Coal”, Hamilton “Cleaning House” By Maud Humphrey, And More
1548 – Group Of 11 The Illustrated Library Of “The World And Its People” Books Including, France, Germany, Ireland, And More
1549 – Group Of 5 Classic Creations Kids Porcelain Dolls & 1 Signature Series Collection By Seymour Mann Porcelain Doll
1550 – Vintage Kids Shool Desk With Chair Attatched And Book Rack Underneath (Cosmetic Damage)
1551 – Lakeside Industries 1540134 Falstaff Plastic Beer Sign With Picture Of Stein, Crack On One Side (Cosmetic Damage)
1552 – Thirty-Nine Piece Silver Plated Silverware With Anti-Tarnish Silverware Container
1553 – Two-Color (Brown & White) Marble-Like Chess Pieces In Box
1554 – Group Of Collectables Including, Pez Dispensers, Colibri Pen Set In Box, Earphones, And More
1555 – Group Of Collectables Including, Mini Jade Budha, Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers, Yellow Glass Icecream Cups, And More
1556 – Two Vintage Board Games Including, Park And Shop Shopping & McHales’s Navy
1557 – Large Group Of Pez Dispensers Including, Garfield, Princess Leah, Kermit The Frog, And Many More
1558 – Group Of Collectables Including, World Of Warcraft Gaming Books, Light Saber, Gold Painted Quail, And More
1559 – Three Game Room Art Prints Of Martini’s And 1 Print Of Drink On The Rocks By Godard, 3 – 17″ x 17″, 1 – 14.5″ x 14.5″ (Cosmetic Damage)
1560 – Rooster Brand Superfine Pure Italian Olive Oil Advertising Print, 36″ x 48″
1561 – Kachina Rug Art Piece With Top And Bottom Wood Pieces, 22.5″ x 40″
1562 – Large Tin Decorative Platter, 23″D
1563 – Buffalo Chip Tobacco Company Wood Cigar Motif Advertising Sign Marked ” The Wests Finest 10 Cent Cigar For Only A Nickel”, 9″ x 46″
1564 – Two Apollo 6153 Vintage Bernard Rice’s & Sons Silver Plated Bottle Holders
1565 – Large Star-Shaped Art Piece Named “Owl Dancer’s” By Paul Hallowell, 43″ x 62″
1566 – The Three Stooges “Hotel Knucklehead” Framed Tin, 12″ x 15″
1567 – Moon & Stars Ceiling Light With Cover, 18″D x 7″H
1568 – Group Of Collectible Rocks In Various Shapes & Sizes
1569 – Group Of Collectables Including, Two Handpainted “Love Story” Vintage Plates, Royal Crown Derby “Red Aves” Vintage Plate, Jasa Ceramic Handpainted Figurine, And More
1570 – Three Ezra Brooks Collectable Ceramic Liquor Bottles, 16.5″H
1571 – Vintage Jet Mixer For Fresh Soda, Ginger Ale, Or Mixes
1572 – Sunburst Golden Amber Snack Set Including, 4 Plates & 4 Cups
1573 – Sunburst Golden Amber Snack Set Including, 4 Plates & 4 Cups
1574 – Noritake 6450 Reina China 4 Place Settings Set, 28 Pieces Total
1575 – Three Star Trek Collectable Pieces Including, Captain Kirk Shirt (Size 14-16), Lieutenatn B’Ellanna Torres Figurine, & Lieutenant Commander Data Figurine
1576 – Group Of Records Including, Michael Jackson “Thriller”, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, And Many More
1577 – Oriental Style Miniature Display Case With Lock & Key, 20″ x 34″
1578 – Three Oriental Style Miniature Display Cases
1579 – Group Of Collectible Figurines & Bin Laden Prime Suspect Newspaper From Arizona Republic Including, Tots By Graham Miller, Cow Sitting On Half Moon, Bugs Bunny 24 Carrot Xmas Tree, And More
1580 – Group Of Collectibles Including, Mickey Mouse Figurines, Home Sweet Home By Leonardo, Gold Trimmed Leaf Motif Plate, And More
1581 – Group Of Mickey Mouse Collectibles Including, Plate, Alarm Clock, Tape Dispenser, And More
1582 – Two M & M Dispensers, One With Jukebox, Other At the Movies Eating Popcornd
1588 – Group Of Vintage Leaf Christmas Tree Holiday Motif Candy Dishes
1589 – Group Of Collectables Including, Three Water Globes, Jack Daniels Glass, Thomas Kinkade House, And More
1590 – Group Of Collectables Including, The Gift Horse Puzzle, Men In Black Print, Goofy Shirt, And More
1591 – Group Of Records Including, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, And More
1592 – Vintage Trunk With Double Clasps & Center Lock, 33″ x 19″ x 21″
1593 – Group Of Collectables Including, Dolls, Figurines, And More
1594 – Group Of Sonshine Promises Collectables By Gretchen Clasby, 1998
1595 – Three Collectable Gold Toned Plates With Ship Motif’s
1596 – Group Of Bear Motif Figurines Including, Pitcher, Baby Teddy Bear, Bears Taking Sugar Cubes, And More
1597 – Four Collectable Dolls Including, Cutie Porcelain Doll, Beth Doll, Collector’s Choice Doll, And More
1598 – The Edwin M Knowles China Co. Plate 2694A, “The Barn Owl”, Includes Certificate Of Authenticity
1599 – The Edwin M Knowles China Co. Plate 2740A, “Twikle, Twinkle, Little Star”, Includes Of Authenticity
1600 – Japanese Style Collectable Plate
1619 – Group Of Vintage Collectable Dolls Including, The Bionic Man, Captain Kirk, Evil Kneivel, And More
1620 – Group Of Books Including, The For Century, Garbo, Look, And More
1621 – Vintage Trunk With Double Clasps & Center Lock, 35″ x 21″ x 24″, (Cosmetic Damage), Broken Handles
1622 – Portrait Of Man In Bar Smoking A Cigar & Drinking A Martini, 20″ x 20″
1623 – Framed & Matted Print By Winchester (Cosmetic Damage), Missing Glass, 37″ x 43″
1624 – Vintage Coca-Cola Round Advertising Sign, Cosmetic Damage
1625 – Group Of Collectables Including, Glass Figurines, Lamp & More
1626 – Group Of Pig Motif Items Including, 2 Dolls, Metal Pigs, & Stamps
1627 – Three Wood Cow Motif Decorative Pieces
1628 – Aurora Aston Martin Assembly Kit, And Box Of Basball Cards
1629 – Group Of Collectables Including, Aztec Calender, Egyptian Pieces, & More
1630 – Group Of Drink Glasses Including, 2 Pilsner Samuel Adams Glasses, 6 Rocks Glasses, Hershey’s Icecream Glass, And More
1631 – Three Angel Figurines In Different Sizes
1632 – Group Of Vintage Radio Tubes
1633 – Group Of Key Chains Including, City Of Forks Washington, Let The Color Get Ya, Bush 25, & More
1634 – Group Of Collectable Dishes Including, God Bless Our Home Plate With Gold Trimming, Gravy Dish, Butter Dish, And More
1635 – Los Angeles Sunday Times July 16, 1899 Vintage Newspaper (Cosmetic Damage)
1636 – Vintage Metal Lamp With Candle Motif Lights With Shades
1637 – Group Of Plates Including, Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, And More
1638 – Large Frosted Serving Plate
1639 – Large Group Of Dolls Including Seymour Mann Geppeddo, Victorian Garden Porcelain Doll, And Many More, 20+ Dolls
1640 – Two Scarface “Al Pacino” Posters
1647 – Group Of Glass Collectables Including, Decanter, Butter Dish, Candy Dish, And More
1648 – Group Of Collectables Including, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Bunny Candle Holders, Ceramic Storage Containers, And More
1649 – Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball W/DVD


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