PHOENIX Estate Liquidation Online Auction

Start Date: Wednesday 6/26/13
End Date: June 30, 2013 6:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 6/28/13 and Saturday 6/29/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 7/2/13 through Thursday 7/4/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

This auction features a great selection of antiques and collectibles including decanters, toys, jewelry, and much more!

4001 Remy Martin Baccarat Cognac Bottle and case
4002 Vintage leather bound liquor bottle embossed with a lion crest
4003 Vintage leather rooster bottle
4004 Millennium Budweiser collectors set (Not for consumption)
4005 Vintage Kahlua bottle
4006 Vintage leather bound wine bottle with embossed faces front and back
4007 Wooden handcarved sacrement bottle case
4008 Ceramic Budweiser beer stein “G” series merchant ship
4009 Ceramic Budweiser beer stein “G” series brewing process
4010 Ceramic Budweiser beer stein “G” series aging process
4011 Ceramic Budweiser beer mug with clydesdale horses and wagon
4012 Two ceramic mugs and old spice beer stein
4013 Assorted vintage milk bottles
4014 Large glass Detroit Tigers Budweiser bottle
4015 Vintage assorted milk bottles
4016 Vintage pewter mug racing tropies
4017 Bald eagle Budweiser beer stein (new with box)
4018 aluminum beer mug and wooden Busch beer straw holder
4019 Michelob Amber Bock tap handle
4020 Antique floral engraved silver plated cups
4021 Antique sterling cup with handle
4022 Antique? Silver plated childs cup with impressed kitten
4023 Collector Coke bottles
4024 Very Early ribbed Coke bottle hard to find
4025 Vintage beer bottles and Italian wine bottle
4026 Colletors soda bottles
4027 Incan liquor bottle
4028 Vintage Baseball glove
4029 Vintage Baseball glove
4030 Vintage Baseball glove
4031 1935 World Series Souvenir bat with pennet
4032 Detroit Red Wings Jersey signed by Howie Cowboy Young
4033 Signed pictures by Howie The Cowboy Young and detroit red wings flag
4034 Vintage Howie Young sports illustrated poster
4035 Assortment of Nascar toy cars and pins
4036 Assortment of participant race plates
4037 Lot of hat and lapel pins
4038 Vintage MG car plate
4039 Assorted lot of button pins in a vintage glass and enamel box
4040 Vintage Donald Duck and Mighty Mouse patchs
4041 Vintage lot of Datsun and malboro key chains
4042 Sports Team Christmas Ornaments
4043 Vintage Zippo Lighter with virgo emblem new in box
4044 Varga Girl Zippo Lighter in new tin box
4045 Vintage streamline stainless steel Ronson Lighter
4046 Vintage table lighter and metal cigarette case
4047 A pair of vintage Budweiser lighters
4048 Vintage empress miniture lighter
4049 Vintage Vulcan lighter from DLG 17 guided missile destroyer Harry E. Yarnell
4050 Dundee metal lighter with Detroit police emblem
4051 Small Dundee metal lighter with Detroit police emblem
4052 Vintage gold plated engraved Zippo lighter
4053 Stanless steel Zippo lighter
4054 Lot of cigarette logoed lighters
4055 Lot of vintage table lighters cast metal wagon ashtray
4056 American legend propane lighter
4057 Dragon lighter
4058 Harley Davidson Custom blend cigarette (for collectors only)
4059 Vintage cast metal ashtray slogan “be oil wise”
4060 Lot of Camel cigarette lighters
4061 Vintage lot of dice table lighters
4062 Vintage lot of lighters
4063 Assorted lot of lighters
4064 Gold tone electronic slim lighters
4065 Assorted lot of parody cigarette lighters
4066 Assorted lot of bottle openers
4067 Have a blast bottle and can opener
4068 Assorted lot of tie clips and lapel pins
4069 Assorted lot of Misc. watches and vintage razor
4070 Necklace ladybug watch and mother of pearl ladys wrist watch
4071 Assorted lot of Mickey Mouse watches and items
4072 Bradley pie-eyed Mickey Mouse alarm clock
4073 Silver tone turttle trinket box
4074 Vintage Silver tone trinket box with porcelin inlay
4075 Vintage Silver tone tea sipper straw
4076 Vintage Hubley cast metal airplane
4077 Vintage textured tea pot
4078 Antique hatchet head with artistic inlay
4079 Lefton porcelin wall hanging Little Boy Blue
4080 Vintage Doctors surgical kit
4081 Black glazed native american design vase signed
4082 Prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth with lot other shark teeth
4083 Lot of fossils and semi precious gemstone uncut
4084 Misc. jewlery
4085 Original Nintendo Donkey Kong hand-held game
4086 1948 tucker blue metallic franklin mint model car
4087 Die-cast stock car replica (nascar)
4088 1950 pannel truck STP bank new in box
4089 Tyco Crash test dummies action figure new in package
4090 Tracks Richard Petty trading collector cards part 1 and part 2
4091 Hot Wheels Nascar assortment
4092 Kenner winner circle pit crew car set
4093 Kenner winner circle Dale Earnhardt victory doughnuts car set
4094 Dale Earnhardt winner circle 50th anniversary start up line up figure Nascar
4095 Dale Earnhardt winner circle 50th anniversary start up line up figure Daytona 500
4096 Pair of toy cheveron cars
4097 Cheveron Autopia Disney land toy car
4098 Betty Boop Doll
4099 A pair of Pee Wee Herman dolls
4100 Felix the cat stuff doll
4101 Childs play Chucky stuffed doll
4102 Mr “T” action doll
4103 Crash test dumie stuffed doll
4104 Miss Piggy Muppet doll
4105 vintage danish girl doll
4106 Cabbage Patch boy doll with birth certificate
4107 Michael Jackson puppet cooler new in box
4108 Vintage Flip Wilson Geraldine doll in box
4109 Honey mooners Ralph Kramden doll new in box
4110 George Burns doll new in box
4111 Ken Barbie doll
4112 Barbie Holiday sisters doll set new in box
4113 Rosie O’donnell friend of Barbie set new in box
4114 Shopping time Barbie Wal-mart new in box
4115 Doctor Barbie in box
4116 Russell Stover candies Barbie special edition new in box
4117 Share a smile Becky Barbie doll new in box
4118 See’s candies Barbie new in box
4119 Princess Barbie doll new in box
4120 Millennium princess Barbie new in box
4121 Chinese Barbie new in box
4122 Native American Barbie new in box
4123 Nigerian Barbie new in box
4124 Jewel hair mermaid Barbie new in box
4125 Ocean friends Barbie with Keiko the whale new in box
4126 Bead blast Barbie new in box
4127 Mermaid princess doll new in box
4128 Very Velvet Barbie new in box
4129 Solo in the spotlight Barbie special edition reproduction new in box
4130 University Barbie new in box
4131 WNBA Barbie new in box
4132 Olympic gymnast Barbie new in box
4133 Nascar Barbie new in box
4134 Chicago Cubs Barbie new in box
4135 Cool blue Barbie new in box
4136 Party and play Stacie Barbie new in box
4137 The Mommy to be doll new in box
4138 Got Milk Barbie new in box
4139 Star skater Barbie new in box
4140 Tooth fairy Barbie new in box
4141 Cordory cool Barbie new in box
4142 Sun jewel Barbie new in box
4143 Earring magic Ken Barbie new in box
4144 Glitter beach Steven Barbie new in box
4145 Rosie O’donnell plush doll new in box
4146 Furby new in box
4147 Dasiy brass button bear with stand
4148 Energizer bunny squeeze light new
4149 ty babie halo bear in collector’s box
4150 assortment of troll dolls
4151 Bob’s Big Boy bobble head doll
4152 Vintage Fransico dish set 52 pieces
4153 Three hardback historical picture books
4154 The All American Stamp Album partially filled with vintage collector’s stamps
4155 Large lot of Vintage collector’s Time Life Books
4156 Large lot of Vintage collector’s Show Bills
4157 Two Time Life books and one War book
4158 Cosmo Burt Renolds,Madonna and Dale Earnhardt in Sports illustrated
4159 Misc. décor items
4160 Misc. jewlery
4161 Vintage G.I. JOE doll with sleping bag, original metal knife and authentic clothing
4162 Dr. Seuss green eggs and ham book signed with cat and hat stuffed doll


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics