Start Date: Wednesday May 29th 2013
End Date: June 2, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Wednesday 5/29/13 through Saturday 6/1/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 6/4/13 through Thursday 6/6/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

Lot 1001 Lot 1002 Lot 1003 Lot 1004 Lot 1005 Lot 1006 Lot 1007 Lot 1008 Lot 1009 Lot 1010 Lot 1011 Lot 1012 Lot 1013 Lot 1014 Lot 1015 Lot 1016 Lot 1017 Lot 1018 Lot 1019 Lot 1020 Lot 1021 Lot 1022 Lot 1023 Lot 1024 Lot 1025 Lot 1026 Lot 1027 Lot 1028 Lot 1029 Lot 1030 Lot 1031 Lot 1032 Lot 1033 Lot 1034 Lot 1035 Lot 1036 Lot 1037 Lot 1038 Lot 1039 Lot 1040 Lot 1041 Lot 1042 Lot 1043 Lot 1044 Lot 1045 Lot 1046 Lot 1047 Lot 1048 Lot 1049 Lot 1050 Lot 1051 Lot 1052 Lot 1053 Lot 1054 Lot 1055 Lot 1056 Lot 1057 Lot 1058 Lot 1059 Lot 1060 Lot 1061 Lot 1062 Lot 1063 Lot 1064 Lot 1065 Lot 1066 Lot 1067 Lot 1068 Lot 1069 Lot 1070 Lot 1071 Lot 1072 Lot 1073 Lot 1074 Lot 1075 Lot 1076 Lot 1077 Lot 1078 Lot 1079 Lot 1080 Lot 1081 Lot 1082 Lot 1083 Lot 1084 Lot 1085 Lot 1086 Lot 1087 Lot 1088 Lot 1089 Lot 1090 Lot 1091 Lot 1092 Lot 1093 Lot 1094 Lot 1095 Lot 1096 Lot 1097 Lot 1098 Lot 1099 Lot 1100 Lot 1101 Lot 1102 Lot 1103 Lot 1104 Lot 1105 Lot 1106 Lot 1107 Lot 1108 Lot 1109 Lot 1110 Lot 1111 Lot 1112 Lot 1113 Lot 1114 Lot 1115 Lot 1116 Lot 1117 Lot 1118 Lot 1119 Lot 1120 Lot 1121 Lot 1122 Lot 1123 Lot 1124 Lot 1125 Lot 1126 Lot 1127 Lot 1128 Lot 1129 Lot 1130 Lot 1131 Lot 1132 Lot 1133 Lot 1134 Lot 1135 Lot 1136 Lot 1137 Lot 1138 Lot 1139 Lot 1140 Lot 1141 Lot 1142 Lot 1143 Lot 1144 Lot 1145 Lot 1146 Lot 1147 Lot 1148 Lot 1149 Lot 1150 Lot 1151 Lot 1152 Lot 1153 Lot 1154 Lot 1155 Lot 1156 Lot 1157 Lot 1158 Lot 1159 Lot 1160 Lot 1161 Lot 1162 Lot 1163 Lot 1164 Lot 1165 Lot 1166 Lot 1167 Lot 1168 Lot 1169 Lot 1170 Lot 1171 Lot 1172 Lot 1173 Lot 1174 Lot 1175 Lot 1176 Lot 1177 Lot 1178 Lot 1179 Lot 1180 Lot 1181 Lot 1182 Lot 1183 Lot 1184 Lot 1185 Lot 1186 Lot 1187 Lot 1188 Lot 1189 Lot 1190 Lot 1191 Lot 1192 Lot 1193 Lot 1194 Lot 1195 Lot 1196 Lot 1197 Lot 1198 Lot 1199 Lot 1200 Lot 1201 Lot 1202 Lot 1203 Lot 1204 Lot 1205 Lot 1206 Lot 1207 Lot 1208 Lot 1209 Lot 1210 Lot 1211 Lot 1212 Lot 1213 Lot 1214 Lot 1215 Lot 1216 Lot 1217 Lot 1218 Lot 1219 Lot 1220 Lot 1221 Lot 1222 Lot 1223 Lot 1224 Lot 1225 Lot 1226 Lot 1227 Lot 1228 Lot 1229 Lot 1230 Lot 1231 Lot 1232 watchset

Great selection of watches, sports memorabilia, camping gear, antiques and collectibles and much more!

1001       Stunning teak wood humidor coffee table with four locking drawers

1002       Antique Silvertone knight Templar sword

1003       Antique? Vintage ethnic sword With heavily carved case and handle is Marked

1004       White Nintendo Wii game station with accessories and games

1005       Louisville slugger blue flame ultimate pitching machine

1006       Vintage European sterling silver massive belt buckle is marked by the maker

1007       Vintage sterling silver belt buckle with extremely detailed Native American scene

1008       Vintage fine silver Asian 5 spoons and one fork

1009       Vintage set of Asian spoons three different sizes 70 Percent silver

1010       Vintage set of Asian Fine silver chopsticks

1011       Vintage set of Asian Fine silver chopsticks

1012       Vintage set of Asian Fine silver chopsticks

1013       Men’s sterling silver chain link necklace

1014       Antique Faternal president Metz council Missouri badge with metallic tassels

1015       Two antique military badges

1016       Assorted lot of antique military pins and badges

1017       Men’s 10 K yellow gold Harley-Davidson ring accented with black hills gold

1018       Men’s stainless steel wristwatch with red face

1019       Vintage general electric radio Alarm/clock Model 518

1020       Assorted lot of vintage car and parts magazines

1021       Silver tone golf themed pen new inbox

1022       Silvertone pebbled texture letter opener accented with rhinestones

1023       Silvertone woven design pen New in the box

1024       Silvertone vine design pen new in the box

1025       Silver tone letter opener with gothic vine design handle

1026       Silvertone pebble textured pen with rhinestones new in the box

1027       Two sets of collectible billiard balls by cue concepts Including US flag , bin Laden, and  huessin

1028       Two sets of collectible billiard balls by cue concepts Including US flag , bin Laden, and  huessin

1029       Two sets of collectible billiard balls by cue concepts Including US flag , bin Laden, and  huessin

1030       Vintage possibly Boy Scout? Cap

1031       Thomas Kinkade “Gardens beyond Spring gate ” lithograph 44×36

1032       Famous painting of Cal Ripken famous artist Ray plate plaque showing lifetime stats and picture of  Ray and Carol 34 x 24

1033       Mickey Mantle autographed photo with Certificate of authenticity

1034       Curt Schilling autographed photo 21 x 16 2001 National League champs with certificate of  authenticity

1035       Jane Wooster scott “a moment to cherish” artist proof 9/75 gallery price $1200 32 x 26 With  certificate of authenticity

1036       Robert Lyn Nelson 1993 violet hues of Moreaa offset signed lithograph 64 of 1000 gallery price  $750

1037       Limited edition by John Alvin ” a real good story” issued 2007 20/200 35x 25

1038       The Beatles Revolver limited-edition lithograph print 1993 315 of 9800 36/31

1039       Signed print Depicting great events in 1983 1078/2840

1040       Signed print And numbered print depicting ducks by Balke 1433/2000

1041       Signed print depicting ducks by Balke

1042       Original pastel by Gary Bargell Depicting birds 1963 with lovely gold gilt frame

1043       Signed and numbered framed southwestern print 903/1000

1044       Vintage large crushed turquoise wall art depicting Aztec calendar

1045       Vintage Aurora AFX racing track set Phoenix 500

1046       Southwestern Native American wall hanging with real feathers and horse hair

1047       Vintage pastel by Casandra 1975 depicting little African-American girl crying

1048       Postal originals Handcrafted antique mailbox door piggy bank

1049       Vintage Stroh’s beer handle tapper the Stroh brewing Company Detroit 26, Michigan

1050       Nice Wrangler brown leather belt with wood buckle

1051       999 fine silver one troy ounce  50th Memorial Pearl harbor Dala December 7, 1941 -1991 coin

1052       Men’s sterling silver bracelet with industrial rubber Modernist clean design

1053       Men’s snakelike Bracelet Marked 18k yellow gold But did not test as gold

1054       Men’s sterling silver United States Navy ring

1055       Men’s sterling silver ring with large Garnet

1056       Antique sterling silver life member Fellowcraft knights Templar token

1057       Two antique Sterling silver a Mason 25 year pins

1058       Unisex sterling silver Kokapelli band ring

1059       Assorted lot of men’s cufflinks, tie clips some appear to be fraternal groups

1060       Antique elk’s Lodge metal appears to be Sterling

1061       Monopoly Dale Earnhardt collector’s edition board game

1062       Windsor and Newton Bristol sketching easel with case

1063       Vintage 1978 Solid brass Datsun Z belt buckle

1064       Two vintage Corvette patches one 25 year anniversary

1065       Vintage POW MIA you are not forgotten patch

1066       Small Silvertone vintage Bambu Alcoy Matchbook or rolling paper compact Made in Spain

1067       Huge assortment of vintage matchbooks and matchboxes with assorted advertising

1068       Men’s vintage date city Florida 1979 Silvertone and brass belt buckle with turquoise nuggets

1069       Vintage Pickett slide ruler model N-500 ???es

1070       Safariland black leather Ruger gun case

1071       Safariland black woven leather belt case

1072       Black leather pistol/gun holster with side pouch for ammunition

1073       Don Hume Black leather handcuff case for belt

1074       Schaeffer black matte finish pen with goldtone trim new in the box

1075       Set of three Egyptian themed pens signed

1076       Vintage desk fountain pen by Schaeffer with 14k gold nib

1077       Rifle rest with camouflage material made in the USA by hunters specialties

1078       Ladies Brighton black leather belt with cute rabbit buckle

1079       Men’s black leather Ford belt by Paintree 1978

1080       Teal aqua sports watch by Adidas

1081       Men’s vintage Sanford jump hour digital Swiss goldtone wristwatch

1082       Vintage Digital Seiko quartz watch

1083       Men’s G-Shock by Casio sports watch

1084       Unique airfield wall clock spirit of St. Louis made for S.O.S.L collection

1085       More balls than most video juggling kit

1086       Vintage Stanley thermos jug

1087       Vintage pair of Playboy eyeglass frames

1088       Vintage authentic Silvertone expanding Rolex wristwatch band

1089       Ladies Pastorelli wristwatch with red leather band

1090       Silver tone bolo tie with horse cameo

1091       Vintage weather guide meteorologist standard forecast device

1092       Unique men’s Dulm Stainless steel military style wristwatch

1093       Men’s Brooks Brothers extra large suspenders

1094       Vintage cross 12 K gold filled mechanical pencil

1095       Set to vintage mid century sterling silver  forks With bells at the end

1096       Silver and gold tone DRH pen inbox

1097       Vintage green parker fountain pen

1098       Native American/southwestern hand woven basket

1099       Autograph Fred Biletnikoff Sixth annual dinner and crab fest with multiple autographs of famous  football players

1100       Large John Perry Dolphin sculpture mounted on wood

1101       Men’s authentic Emporio Armani stainless steel dress watch

1102       Southwestern braided horse hair hatband

1103       Vintage Vlasic 25th anniversary advertising wristwatch

1104       2003 buffalo nickel Lewis and Clark Bicentennial coin

1105       Men’s sterling silver Native American bolo tie with turquoise

1106       Vintage formal wear cufflink set by swank

1107       Bronze 1996 father Time calendar medallion Signed

1108       Men’s stainless steel fossil watch with blackface

1109       Marbled Wood cigar pocket carrying case

1110       Hand carved antler by B.Merry Anchorage Alaska depicting wolf scene

1111       Bulova mantel clock made in Germany

1112       Black and red pen with silver trim with box

1113       Los Angeles County sheriffs department Limited edition  set

1114       Vintage fly fishing lures with carrying tackle box

1115       Huge assortment of patches including some military pins

1116       Vanguard goldtone military badge

1117       Vintage brown leather hunter gun case for belt

1118       Mens Orvis brown leather belt with fishing themed decorations size 42

1119       Men’s professional driver award of excellence open road drivers plan belt buckle

1120       Vintage enamel advertising ashtray 50 years Schutte & koerting Made in Germany

1121       Men’s Permastran fiberglass pipe the light heavyweight belt buckle

1122       Men’s Silvertone Scarface belt buckle

1123       Vintage Salem cigarette advertising lighter

1124       Famous game calls note it does have a crack but still works

1125       PSP Sony’s game device with case plays videos and music but unable to get games to work

1126       Ray-Ban Combination lock

1127       Miniature clarinet In small velvet lined box

1128       Chipaway cutlery knife with blue handle Frost cutlery

1129       Vintage wood and brass handles camping knife by karar

1130       Vintage Camillus new York pocketknife for parts

1131       Vintage pocketknife by towiku

1132       Unique pewter lion shot glass Frankli wild by Royal Selangor

1133       Vintage Swiss hard-on naughty watch Sold as is

1134       Men’s Industial rubber and stainless steel surface wristwatch

1135       Men’s Spalding sports watch

1136       Men’s vintage Acutron stainless steel wristwatch

1137       Assorted lot of police patches

1138       Men’s goldtone citizen wristwatch

1139       Men’s fossil watch the band is broken sold as is

1140       Unisex Nike sports watch

1141       Assorted lot of Harley-Davidson and motorcycle patches dog collar and more

1142       Zippo Silvertone lighter with a picture of tobacco pipe

1143       Assorted lot of tokens and medallions including tax tokens, Tony Lama, and pokeman

1144       Vintage lighter with small flyfishing Luer

1145       Pair of bolle sunglasses sold as is will need nosepiece replaced

1146       Native American black pottery sculpture of a skunk leg looks like it has been repaired

1147       Vintage ABU hi-lo Sweden fishing lure

1148       Vintage capital airlines advertising cigarette lighter

1149       Men’s killer Loop sunglasses Made in Italy

1150       Men’s vintage aviator style Nouveau Sunglasses made in Italy

1151       Pronghorn taxidermy wallhanging

1152       Suzuki Q chord Digital songcard guitar Qc-1

1153       Yellow and black large spot light flashlight

1154       Vintage aluminum umco Fishing tackle box full of tackle and accessories including heddon, Creek  chub, Redeye wiggler and more

1155       Dale Earnhardt a legacy of racing metal wall hanging

1156       Genuine Fox tail keychain

1157       Vintage SouthWestern Couroc Tray with crushed turquoise and wood inlay made in Monterey  California

1158       Vintage SouthWestern Couroc Tray with inlay made in Monterey California

1159       Four packs of vintage puffy Star Wars stickers

1160       Miniature brass saxophone in small red velvet lined wooden box

1161       1994 Harley-Davidson sturgis pin

1162       2010 Harley owners group pin

1163       2011 Harley owners group pin with spider web design

1164       2012 Harley owners group pin with skull

1165       95th anniversary Harley-Davidson motorcycle pin

1166       40,000 Harley owners group miles pin

1167       1996 Harley owners group seventh annual Illinois State rally pin

1168       1995 Harley owners group mileage pin

1169       2004 Harley owners group sturgis pin

1170       1999 Sturges Harley owners group pin

1171       2000 Harley owners group pin

1172       15th anniversary Harley owners group pin

1173       1996 Harley owners group pin

1174       1995 Illinois Harley owners group pin

1175       2001 Harley owners group Pin

1176       I995 Harley owners group event Sturgis

1177       Vintage gold filled expansion watchband with unique calendar insert

1178       Vintage carved man with hat wood mechanical wine stopper

1179       Authentic fossil brand black leather money clip and credit card Holder

1180       Unisex tortoise shell colored sunglasses frames by Persol Made in Italy

1181       Vintage amethyst colored glass miniature Bottles “Health and vitality”

1182       Vintage Casio databank world time wristwatch

1183       Men’s necklace Marked 14K gold but did not test as gold

1184       Men’s  southwestern bolo tie with road runner and Castus

1185       Men’s detective phoenix police bolo tie

1186       Men’s vintage Swiss jump hour Endura wristwatch

1187       Miniature golf bag made of Faceted crystal With gold tone trim

1188       Vintage Lighthouse pot metal table lighter Unsure if it works

1189       Men’s Silvertone Art Deco etched pocket watch chain

1190       Rico the world’s most popular reed for clarinet size 2

1191       Vintage card shuffler with poker chips

1192       Vintage sterling silver quick release keychain

1193       Mr. beer premium gold edition beer kit with keg and bottles malt not included

1194       Plexiglass cigar humidor display is missing key

1195       Large Havaheart galvanized metal live trap

1196       Miniature wooden Louisville slugger bat

1197       Vintage umco plastic fishing tackle box with Lures ,hooks, accessories and more

1198       Vintage large Warren Telechron With Telechron motor Electric Metal wall clock

1199       Coleman propane camping cook stove

1200       Large Yellow and black sport spot flashlight spotlight

1201       Vintage lite-brite by Milton Bradley with patterns and pegs

1202       Igloo brand Industrial 3 gallon drinking water cooler

1203       T.D.Jake he motions even strong men Struggle CD set

1204       Antique copper fire extinguisher from Buffalo New York

1205       Unique hand blown glass mother with fetus inside mounted on marble

1206       Pair of unisex Bolle sunglasses

1207       Vintage men’s stainless steel black face longines wristwatch

1208       1926 liberty Dollar coin mounted in Silvertone bezel necklace

1209       2002 world champions station wall plaque

1210       SportRon pro radar ball shows speed of pitched ball

1211       Casey Jones locomotive with tender Beam decanter collectors train

1212       Casey Jones caboose beam Decanter collectors item

1213       Southwestern themed wood birdhouse handpainted

1214       Collection of Arizona Highways

1215       Mens vintage 14K rolledgold plate Bulova accutine 360 wristwatch

1216       Vintage 14 K rose gold plated bulova self winding wristwatch

1217       Men’s vintage electra 360 Longine watch

1218       1976 Uncirculated coin set Bicentennial

1219       1976 uncirculated coin set bicentennial

1220       1972 uncirculated coins set Bicentennial red

1221       1972 Uncirculated coin set bicentennial blue

1222       American revolution bicentennial commemorative medal

1223       1973 proof coin set

1224       1975 proof coin set

1225       1976 Proof coin set

1226       1982 proof coin set

1227       swede zippered pistol pouch

1228       Framed  wall art hunting dog and game By c. Carson 31 x 23

1229       Framed wall art pheasant takes flight oil painting by Forster 32 x 20

1230       Large Venus DeMilo Indoor/outdoor statue

1231       Vintage Lane cushion top cedar chest

1232       Lane cedar chest


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