PHOENIX General Merchandise Online Auction

Start Date: Saturday 7/13/13
End Date: July 18, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 7/16/13 through Thursday 7/18/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Friday 7/28/13, Saturday 6/29/13, and Tuesday 7/2/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

Lot 101 Lot 102 Lot 104 Lot 104a Lot 105 Lot 106 Lot 107 Lot 108 Lot 109 Lot 110 Lot 110a Lot 111 Lot 112 Lot 113 Lot 114 Lot 115 Lot 116 Lot 117 Lot 118 Lot 119 Lot 120 Lot 120a Lot 120b Lot 120c Lot 120d Lot 120e Lot 120f Lot 120g Lot 120h Lot 121 Lot 122 Lot 123 Lot 124 Lot 125 Lot 126 Lot 127 Lot 128 Lot 129 Lot 130 Lot 131 Lot 132 Lot 133 Lot 134 Lot 135 Lot 136 Lot 137 Lot 138 Lot 138a Lot 138b Lot 138c Lot 139 Lot 140 Lot 141 Lot 142 Lot 143 Lot 144 Lot 145 Lot 146 Lot 147 Lot 148 Lot 149 Lot 150 Lot 150a Lot 150b Lot 150c Lot 150d Lot 150e Lot 151 Lot 152 Lot 153 Lot 154 Lot 155 Lot 156 Lot 157 Lot 158 Lot 159 Lot 160 Lot 161 Lot 162 Lot 163 Lot 164 Lot 165 Lot 166 Lot 167 Lot 168 Lot 169 Lot 170 Lot 171 Lot 172 Lot 173 Lot 174 Lot 175 Lot 176 Lot 177 Lot 178 Lot 179 Lot 180 Lot 181 Lot 182 Lot 183 Lot 184 Lot 185 Lot 186 Lot 187 Lot 188 Lot 189 Lot 190 Lot 191 Lot 192 Lot 193 Lot 194 Lot 195 Lot 196 Lot 197 Lot 198 Lot 199 Lot 200 Lot 201 Lot 202 Lot 203 Lot 204 Lot 205 Lot 206 Lot 207 Lot 208 Lot 209 Lot 210 Lot 211 Lot 212 Lot 213 Lot 214 Lot 215 Lot 216 Lot 217 Lot 218 Lot 219 Lot 220 Lot 221 Lot 222 Lot 223 Lot 224 Lot 225 Lot 226 Lot 227 Lot 228 Lot 229 Lot 230 Lot 231 Lot 232 Lot 233 Lot 234 Lot 235 Lot 237 Lot 238 Lot 239 Lot 240 Lot 241 Lot 242 Lot 243 Lot 244 Lot 245 Lot 246 Lot 247 Lot 248 Lot 249 Lot 250 Lot 251 Lot 252 Lot 253 Lot 254 Lot 255 Lot 256 Lot 257 Lot 258 Lot 259 Lot 260 Lot 261 Lot 262 Lot 263 Lot 264 Lot 265 Lot 266 Lot 267 Lot 268 Lot 269 Lot 270 Lot 271 Lot 272 Lot 273 Lot 274 Lot 275 Lot 276 Lot 277 Lot 278 Lot 279 Lot 280 Lot 290 Lot 291 Lot 292 Lot 293 Lot 294 Lot 295 Lot 296 Lot 297 Lot 297a Lot 298 Lot 299 Lot 300 ourwarehouse

This auction features a great selection of items including decor, sporting goods, tools, furniture, electronics, collectibles and much more!

101 Aruze “Continental XXXX” Slot Machine (Powers On-Full Functionality Unknow-Preview Recommended)
102 Cunningham Piano Co. Piano
104 Roketa 4 Stroke Scooter
104a “Phoenix” Sun Glasses
105 White Clad Oak Ice Box Cabinet
106 Schumacher 600W Speed Charge Fully Automatic Battery Charger
107 Lanzar Heritage 3000 Watts Mono Block Mosfet Amplifier, Model HTG157
108 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
109 Onkyo Integra Stereo Graphic Equalizer, Model EQ-35
110 Keystone Americana Electric Eye Turret 8mm Movie Camera
110a Outdoor Storage Chest with Assorted Pool Toys/Supplies
111 Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera
112 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
113 Viewlex Koolite Projector, Model AP22C
114 Gilligan’s Island Collector Set including The Complete 2nd Season DVD Set, Figurines, Bob Denver Double Feature 2 Movie Set and Framed Bob Denver Newspaper Clipping
115 Meridian Transit Level Surveyor, Model 8080
116 Mansfield Film Editor, Model 950
117 Evertron Neon “OPEN” Sign
118 Belvedere Hydraulic Barber/Salon Chair
119 Commercial Grade Hair Washing Sink
120 Group of Assorted Mens and Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands Cabelas, American Eagle and more
120a HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120b HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120c HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120d HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120e HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120f HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120g HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
120h HDX 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Shelving
121 Purple LED Watch
122 THH Helmet
123 Phillips Norelco Aquatec Electric Shaver with Charger and Case
124 Evertron Neon “OPEN” Sign
125 Sony FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver, Model STR-DE597 (Powers On-Full Functionality Unknown)
126 1847 Carving Set by Rodgers Bros
127 Human Skeleton Model, 33″ (H)
128 Barnett Banshee Bow (Missing 1 Pulley)
129 Wooden Jack Daniels Hang Up CD Case, Asian Hand Carved Statue and European Gun Holster
130 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
131 Apple Infrared Remote Control, Model A1156
132 Authentic Replica Bowie Knife, Circa 1830
133 Evertron Neon “OPEN” Sign
134 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
135 Group of Home Décor (Quaker Oats Jar Repaired)
136 Stainless Steel Hunting Knife with Zebra Pattern
137 (3) Decorative Frames
138 Avon “Christmas 2009″ Collector’s Plate
138a Avon “Christmas 2009″ Collector’s Plate
138b Avon “Christmas 2009″ Collector’s Plate
138c Avon “Christmas 2009″ Collector’s Plate
139 Panasonic 25″ Color TV
140 Evertron Neon “OPEN” Sign
141 Group of Assorted Vinyl Records including Andy Williams, The Vagabond King and more
142 Sanyo 15″ LCD HDTV, Model DP15647
143 Kenmore Electric Food Processor
144 Group of Assorted Womens and Childrens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers
145 DiVinci Limited Edition Platinum Series Sound System, D-6
146 Group of Home Décor
147 Group of Home Décor
148 “Annie and Sandy” Edwin M Knowles China Company Plate with Certificate of Authenticity
149 Group of Home Décor including Glass Vases, Glass Candy Bowl and more
150 Group of Assorted Mugs and Plates
150a Wood Table, 72″x36″x29″ (Cosmetic Damage)
150b Wood Table, 72″x42″x29″ (Cosmetic Damage)
150c Wood Table, 72″x42″x29″ (Cosmetic Damage)
150d Metal Base Wood Top Work Table, 72″x30″x34″
150e Wood Table with 2 Drawers, 72″x36″x30″
151 Loopz Game
152 Unassembled Christmas Tree
153 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
154 Carrier Access Corporation Access Bank I
155 MerchSource Entertainment II Projector (Does Not Power On)
156 3com Wireless LAN Access Point, Model WL-450
157 RCA VCR and Curtis Mathes DVD/CD/MP3 Player, Model CMD1000
158 Presto Hot Dogger
159 Honeywell Whole-House Drum Humidifier, Model HE120A
160 Mansfield Holiday Automatic 8 and 16mm Film Splicer, Rosco Film Cement and (6) Universal Slide Trays with Assorted Slides
161 “OPEN” Neon Sign (Damaged)
162 Orange LED Watch
163 Pioneer DVD Player, Model DV-341
164 Faux Plant with Basket
165 Group of Home Décor
166 Group of Home Décor
167 Group of Home Décor
168 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
169 Group of Home Décor
170 Group of Assorted Face Masks
171 Group of Assorted Vinyl Records
172 Portfolio Island Pendant Pot Rack
173 Group of Assorted Shoes
174 (3) Peerless SmartMount Universal Flat Wall Mount for 10″-42″ Screens
175 Hand Carved Wood Coffee Table with Decorative Pot
176 Group of Home Décor
177 Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper
178 Group of Assorted DVD’s and CD’s
179 Large Group of Assorted Dishware
180 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
181 Group of Tropical Collection Vases
182 Group of Camoflauge Clothing
183 Italian Famous Paintings Book, Italian Picture and 2 Southwestern Pictures
184 Group of Assorted Items including Summer Baby Monitor, Candle Holders, Lamp, Mirror, Home Goods and mre
185 New Pillow Cases, New Twin Sheets, New Blankets and New Table Cloths
186 Group of Assorted Womens and Childrens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers
187 Victorian Sterling Silver Brush and Mirror Money Clip
188 Albert Einstein Framed Motivational Poster and Framed Southwestern Landscape Décor, “Silverwood”
189 Group of Camoflauge Clothing, Hats, Jackets and Stocking Foot Chest Waders
190 (2) Commercial Cutting Boards, Hamilton Beach Blender, Mr Coffee Maker, Pots, Stainless Bowls, John Wright Cast Iron Baking Pan and Popcorn Maker
191 Pink LED Watch
192 (2) Decorative Hand Painted Plates and Nutcracker
193 2001 American Eagle Silver Dollar in Full Color and 2000 Lady Liberty Silver Dollar in Full Color
194 Conair Chrome Double Sided Round Lighted Mirror
195 Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station
196 Tower 8mm Cine Camera, Model T 92
197 Akai Professional MPK Mini Laptop Production Keyboard
198 Group of Assorted Womens Shoes, Sandals and Slippers including brands American Eagle and more
199 Car Headrest Mount Holder for Apple iPad
200 iNote Mobile Note Taker
201 Sylvania 7″ Dual Screen Portable DVD Player
202 Moultrie Digital Game Camera, Model D-555i
203 The Bradford Exchange “Our Royal Princess” by Bill Chambers
204 Turtle Beach Earforce Gaming Headset, Model PX21
205 Marilyn Monroe Collector’s Plate
206 (2) Uniden Walkie Talkie’s with Charger and Headpiece
207 Truth Cam 35
208 Sony Smart Watch
209 Solaraway Electronic Listening and Digital Recording Device
210 Satechi 4 Sockets and USB Jack
211 Brica Kick Mats, Towing Mirror, Rearview Mirror and more
212 5 Function Quartz Clock and Smittybilt Clinometer
213 Stainless Steel Exhaust and (4) License Plate Frames
214 MGG MP3 Player with Headphones and Charger
215 Jabra Bluetooth In Car Speaker Phone
216 Wagner Thermo Quiet Premium Disc Brake Pads
217 12″ Proto Adjustable Wrench, 7/8 Klein Hammer Wrench, Crow Bar and Bungee Cords
218 Decorative Flowers and Vase
219 (2) Jars
220 Cast Away “Wilson” Volleyball
221 Skull Candy Skull Crusher Headphones
222 Bell Riding Helmet with Bag
223 Decorative Wall Clock
224 4-Shelf Glass Shelf
225 Entertainment Rack with Glass Door
226 Metal Rack
227 Children’s Folding Cafeteria Table with Attached Chairs (Missing Leg)
228 Children’s Folding Cafeteria Table with Attached Chairs
229 Pre Lit Christmas Tree with Eleve Piece Nativity Scene Set
230 Pallet of Assorted Items including Clothing, Hangers and Household Items
231 Pallet of Assorted Household Goods
232 Pallet of Assorted Household Goods
233 Pallet of Assorted Household Goods
234 Guitar Case
235 Large Group of Rings
237 Antique Mall Display Sign
238 Large Asian Container
239 Glass Display Case with Assorted Goods
240 Wood Cabinet with Assorted Goods
241 Radio Shack Ice Hockey Game, A Question of Scruples and Civil War Trivia Board Game
242 Vintage Samsonite Suitcase with Stand
243 (2) Clothing Racks (Some Hardware Missing)
244 Group of Home Décor
245 (2) Purses Marked “Dooney & Bourke”
246 Metro Style La Juive Piano Roll, 64323
247 Group of Home Décor
248 Alcatraz “Death Row” Replica Lock
249 Logitech Adjustable Headband
250 50 Cent “Bulletproof” and EA “Fight Night” PSP Games
251 (2) Stethoscopes
252 Red Ball Insulated Waders
253 (2) Arm Rest Folding Chairs, Umbrella, Patio Folding Table, Shower Stool, Guitar Stand and Bell Floor Pump
254 Discovery Kids Ultimate Labs Fingerprint Investigation
255 The Original Topsy Turvy Upside Down Strawberry Planter
256 Patron Lighted Display
257 Casserole Bowl with Carrier and Decorative Duck Plate Set
258 Large Group of Office Supplies
259 Large Group of Holiday Décor
260 Faucet Light
261 Group of Cell Phone Holders including “Scarface”
262 Energy Rock
263 Twin Turbo Trax
264 LED 18′ Rope Light
265 Vintage End Table
266 Panasonic 27″ Color TV
267 Vintage Cash Register
268 Group of Assorted Items including Native American Village Project Pack, Rawlings Glove and more
269 Group of Assorted Party Favors
270 Group of Hamster Cage Parts and Accessories
271 Group of Holiday Décor
272 The Singing Machine CD Karoake Machine
273 Ping Putter with Cover
274 Sony 32″ Color TV, Model KV-32FS100
275 CyberHome Portable DVD Player with Remote, Bag and Cords
276 Pallet of Assorted Office Items
277 Pallet of Assorted Office Items
278 (3) Disney Store Exclusive Commemorative Lithographs including Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Little Mermaid
279 (5) Floral Pictures (Various Sizes)
280 Sunbeam E lite Automatic Blanket, 2 Homedics Massagers, Con Air Jelly Rollers Teck Solution and Strip Cut Paper Shredder
290 Zenith 25″ Color TV
291 Group of Home Décor
292 Group of Assorted Items
293 Adjustable Towing Mirror
294 Craftsman 3-Drawer Tool Box
295 Group of Home Décor
296 (7) Star Trek Collectible Figurines
297 (2) Star Trek Collectors Edition Figurines incluidng Mr. Spock and Hikaru Sulu
297a (2) Star Trek Collectors Edition Figurines incluidng James T. Kirk and Montgomery Scott
298 Taylor Made Driver
299 Ping Putter with Cover
300 Ping Putter with Cover


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics