PHOENIX High End Decor and Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Tuesday 3/11/14
End Date: March 14, 2014 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Wednesday 3/12/14 through Friday 3/14/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Saturday 3/15/14, Tuesday 3/18/14 and Wednesday 3/19/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

This auction features a great selection of high end decor and collectibles!

10000 Ancient Egypt King Tut CD/DVD/Book Case Decorative Tomb, 6′ 3″ (H)
10001 Authentic 100% Rabbit Fur Overcoat, Size 16
10002 Authentic Mira Milano by Euro Mono Leather Jacket
10003 Authentic Phase Two Leather Jacket, Size XL
10004 Authentic Jacqueline Ferrar Women’s Leather Jacket, Size Small
10004a 1920’s Hand Carved Highly Detailed Oval Marble Top Table, 29″ x 21″
10005 Concrete Gargoyle Statue, 39″ (H)
10006 Highly Detailed Excalibur Knight in Metal Armor with Sword on Stand, 26″ (H)
10006a Beautiful 4′ Hand Painted Fan from Thailand, Detailed with Crane
10007 Decorative Colorful Art Piece
10007a Beautiful Framed Thomas Kinkade Accent Print with COA, 9.5″ x 19″
10008 Hanging Wall Art, 28″ x 16″
10009 25 Cent Candy Machine with Keys
10010 Concrete Gargoyle Statue, 26″ (H)
10011 Knight’s Helmet Ice Bucket
10011a Beautifully Detailed Hand Painted Geisha Girls and Men Scroll, Signed 1940’s, 12.6′ (L)
10012 Decorative Piece, 25″ (H)
10013 Decorative Piece, 17″ (H)
10014 “Night and Day” Original Contemporary Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe, Africa, 13″ (H)
10015 Stone Cube, 4″ x 4″ x 4″
10016 Decorative Sculpture Piece, 14″ x 17″
10017 Decorative Wood Mask, Made in Indonesia
10018 Decorative Wood Mask, Made in Indonesia
10019 Decorative Wood Mask, Made in Indonesia
10020 5-Piece Décor Set including Hand Carved Hand Painted Parrots and more
10021 Gargoyle Statue
10022 Scrap Metal Elephant Sculpture
10023 Gargoyle Statue
10024 Busch Bavarian Beer Sign
10025 Hanging Wall Décor
10026 (2) Decorative Fish
10027 Group of Assorted Harley Davidson Accessories including Choppers Pillow, Harley Davidson Hat, Easy Riders Wallet and more
10028 Wood Framed and Matted Marilyn Monroe Print and Marilyn Monroe in Fishnet Stocking Birthday Card with Envelope
10029 10K Gold Nike Earrings
10030 (4) Large Decorative Candle Holders
10031 Group of Coca-Cola Décor including Coca Cola Vintage Style Lamp, Tin Sign and Wall Clock
10032 (2) Victorian Style Figurines, Marked “MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN”
10033 Metal Wind Chime
10034 Large Decorative Plate, 30″ (D) (Cracked)
10035 (4) Royal Doulton Silver/Gold Collection Trivets
10036 Waltham Quartz Chime Clock
10037 4-Piece Vintage Glass Set
10038 Group of Assorted Décor Pieces
10039 (2) Decorative Statues
10040 Beautiful Framed Ancient Egyptian Cloth Art Piece
10041 Beautiful Framed and Matted Ancient Egyptian Cloth Art Piece
10042 Group of Assorted Blown Glass Décor
10043 Group of Assorted Brand Name Colognes including Calvin Klein Eternity, Stetson, Adidas and more
10044 Group of Assorted Brand Name Colognes and Perfumes including Versace, Playboy, Chanel and more
10045 “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” Silver Plated Bread Plate, Made in Taiwan
10046 7th Annual Mt. Burnbull Rodeo 1999 Bylas, AZ Cowboy Belt Buckle, Won by Thomas Tsosie, Jr
10047 Electrician Belt Buckle
10048 Large Group of Assorted Original Beanie Babies with Suitcase
10049 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10050 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10051 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10052 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10053 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10054 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Décor Pieces
10055 Group of Assorted Décor Pieces
10056 (6) Novelty Champagne Flute Glasses
10057 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Fish Décor
10058 Vintage 1949 7 1/2 Erector Metal Box with Assorted Vintage Model Pieces
10059 Group of Assorted Beautiful Glass Animal Décor
10061 “The Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien Red Leather Bound Collector’s Edition Book
10062 “Little Men” by Louisa M Alcott School Edition 1901 Antique Book, 381 Pgs
10063 Anne Klein II for Riviera Sunglasses, Made in Italy
10064 Woman’s Sunglasses
10065 Michael Kors Sunglasses, Model M2422S
10066 (6) Jason Brand Flower Box Designer Collection Placemats, Manufactured in New Zealand
10067 Authentic Coach Leatherware Tan Purse, N: 308-9875
10068 Vintage Dick Tracy Cap Gun, 210A
10069 “The Brooks Brothers” Leather Bound Recorder, New, No Markings
10070 First Edition “The Men In Her Death” by Stephen Ransome Hard Back Book, Copyright 1956, 189 pgs
10071 “The Shamrock- An Irish Blessing” Collectible Glass Piece in Box
10072 Woman’s Plaid Designer Wallet
10073 Authentic Louis Vuitton Red Leather Wallet
10074 Authentic Juicy Couture Garment Bag, Used
10075 Sheridan Taunton Silversmiths Platter, Tea Pot and 2 Creamers
10076 Beautiful Asian Decorative Piece
10077 Vintage Handmade Highly Detailed Tibetan Knife with Metal Sheath, 24″
10078 Vintage Handmade Highly Detailed Tibetan Knife with Metal Sheath, 20″
10079 Vintage Asian Décor Piece
10080 Beautiful Asian Style Faux Tree Décor Piece
10081 Beautiful Asian Candle Holder
10082 Beautiful Brass Dragon Décor Piece
10083 Dragon Knife Display on Stand
10084 Faux Faberge Egg in Glass Container, Marked “Gail 1/2001″
10085 Beautiful Asian Décor Piece
10087 (2) Wood 1960’s – 1970’s Soap Advertisement Décor Pieces, 13″ x 10″
10089 Vintage Starlight Projection Screen, Made in England
10090 (2) Vintage Style Ballerina Framed Prints, 19″ x 24″
10091 (4) Vintage Framed Civil War Era Prints, 15″ x 12”
10093 Group of Assorted Costume Jewelry with Jewelry Box
10094 Beautiful Decorative Clock
10096 Decorative Buddha
10097 Decorative Buddha, Marked “Lib 11/79”
10098 Beautiful Brass Tray
10099 Framed “Madonna and Child” Print, Murrillo (Spanish School 1617-1682), 8.5″ x 12.5″
10100 Beautiful Framed Shell Décor Piece, 18.5″ x 13″
10101 Bachman EZ Track System Railroad Set
10103 (2) Elegant Black End Tables, 16″ x 15″ x 15″
10104 Revolution Purse
10105 Guess Purse
10106 Red Leather Backpack Purse
10107 Suede Purse
10108 Authentic Elizabeth Arden Purse
10109 Harley Davidson Motorcycles Backpack
10110 Authentic Ed Hardy Purse with Cloth Storage Bag
10111 Authentic Louis Vuitton Hand Bag with Cloth Storage Bag
10112 Authentic Dooney & Bourke Purse
10113 Brown Suede Purse
10114 Women’s Purse
10115 Authentic Dooney & Bourke Tan Purse
10118 Mad by Design Handmade Mother of Pearl and Natural Horn Purse
10119 Women’s Wallet, Made in Hong Kong
10120 “The Scandalous Sabeth Carriage Race” Decorative Tile by Wooster Scott, 12″ x 12″
10121 Framed and Matted Sonie Ames Print, 14.5″ x 18″
10122 Framed and Matted Dello Valle “Augolo di Cortile” Print, 16.5″ x 22″
10123 Framed Pablo Picasso “The Two Salitimbanques” Print, 15″ x 18.5″
10124 Beautifully Detailed Vintage Asian Corkmade Decor, 8″ x 24″
10125 Framed Asian Bird Cloth, 15″ x 15″
10126 (2) Framed and Matted A. Ferguson Prints, 10″ x 8″
10127 Framed and Matted Sonie Ames Rose Print, 13.5″ x 16.5″
10128 Wood Framed Vintage Asian Print, 17.5″ x 13.5″
10129 (2) Framed Prints by Jay Howell and W. Loyes, 22″ x 25″ and 9.5″ x 11.5″
10130 Beautiful Framed and Matted Asian Peacock Print, 17.5″ x 31″
10131 Framed and Matted Print “Parco iu Fione” by F. Neri, 17″ x 24″
10132 6′ Wood Coat Hanger (Damaged)
10133 Black Table Lamp
10134 Knotted Wood Shelf
10135 Vintage Asian Brass Lamp Adorned with 2 Dragons and Lamp Shade, 28″
10136 Vintage Asian Brass Lamp Adorned with 2 Dragons and Lamp Shade, 28″
10137 Gray Vintage Lamp
10138 Green Vintage Lamp
10139 German Nesting Dolls
10140 (3) Vintage Tonka Trucks
10141 Ratan Chest with Brass Accents, 36″ x 20″ x 20″
10142 Two Dog Tin Pictures, 15″ x 12″ with Five Misc Dogs


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