PHOENIX ONSITE Antiques and Collectibles Auction

Start Date: Week of 9/12/16
End Date: September 23, 2016 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 9/23/16 from 10am to 12pm
Location: 1539 W Amelia Ave Phoenix, AZ 85015
Load Out Times: Saturday 9/24/16 and Sunday 9/25/16 from 9am to 3pm

Photo Gallery:

2001 – Antique 8” porcelain clock, U.S.A. Patented, Model: W
2002 – Henry Troemner 4oz. Pocket Gold Scale No. 360 Alaskan Gold Rush
2003 – Lot of brass items including planters, candle snuffer, cake server and more
2004 – Lot of vintage stone collectible liquor bottles & candleholder
2005 – 1917 White Cross Electric Vibrator by Leslie D. Smith, M.D. in original case, with attachments, directions, and spinal char
2006 – Shelton Vibrator by Shelton Electric Company, New York, with attachments and original case
2007 – Lot of large lab glassware including a 2000ml. flat bottom Florence Flask, Boiling Tube, and heavy duty Carboys by Doerr, Wheaton, and Pyrex Glass
2008 – Collectible box with large amount of costume jewelry including real pearls and turquoise, earrings, necklaces, rings, and a collection of crosses
2009 – A broken gold cross pendant stamped 14K and weighs 7.5 grams. Scale not included
2010 – An authentic Jewish bronze coin pendant ca. 43 CE. from the Land of Israel, by L. Wolfe with Certificate of Authenticity
2011 – Large lot of vintage and antique bottles including liquor, milk, and others
2012 – Lot of colored vintage glass bottles and vases ranging from 6” to 16” tall
2013 – Lot of crystal items including a goblet, vase , and small decanter
2014 – Two antique hand blown open pontil 8” and 14” aqua glass bottles, lots of bubbles
2015 – Assorted lot of small antique clear glass bottles with the exception of two violet
2016 – Large assorted lot of vintage glass bottles which include chemical, soda, & more
2017 – Three Disney Commemorative Lithographs with Certificates of Authenticity and two textured prints or originals, no mark
2018 – Assorted lot of vintage kitchen items including hand mixer, carrot skinner, meat grinder, corkscrews, garlic press, meat tenderizer, measuring spoons and more
2019 – Two sets of six wood and cloth place settings with napkins and Sun and Moon ring holders, all new from Pier 1 Imports
2020 – Lot of large crystal and glass stoppers
2021 – Disneyland of California, 45 Years of Magic , bronze 2000 Collectors’ Coin with Certificate of Authenticity and felt case
2022 – Three vintage Walt Disney vinyl albums, Hansel & Gretel, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Engine That Could, all three in fair shape
2023 – New Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s Stainless Steel Watch Model #UL7762
2024 – Lot of three antique irons with universal handle made by Howell Co. Geneva Ill. And the J.C. Williams Co. out of Ravenna, Ohio
2025 – Authentic Native American wood and deer antler ceremonial pipe, sweat lodge drum & sticks, and turquoise necklace
2026 – Collection of different size bells, the copper one on left is from Arcosanti
2027 – Large collection of antique flint lighters, some need flint
2028 – Military lot with WW2 field gear, canteens, phone cable, goggles, grenades, a bullet head from WW1, and misc. bullets and partial badge from Civil War, plus more
2029 – Assorted canvas military bags from different eras
2030 – Foot themed lot of misc. antique collectibles including a pair of 1889 ice skates by Union Hardware Co. Torrington, Conn., a wooden shoe horn, a child’s leather boot and a shoe shine kit
2031 – Antique Sign-O-Meter by The Hedman Manufacturing Co. Chicago, Ill. with a C-4 115v Bodine motor
2032 – An antique camera and photograph lot including a Agfa Shur~Shot box camera and another unnamed box camera, some flash bulbs, and some old professionally taken photographs of different people
2033 – Assorted lot of different vintage items including a Schick men’s electric shaver, a woman’s shaver, spray perfume bottle, binoculars, Sear’s Roebuck hand warmer, single stem vase, and a portable alarm clock
2034 – Lot that consist of two antique irons, one from American Beauty Irons, the other is not marked, and a non-working, hand pump oil can
2035 – A vintage musical Elvis Presley figurine, hand carved wooden chess pieces, and a bunch of unused/unopened decks of playing cards from Las Vegas Casino’s that are no longer around or in business
2036 – Three vintage items including a pencil sharpener, hole punch, and a Speedo Stone Blade Sharpener , all three are Made in U.S.A.
2037 – Lot of vintage equestrian items including misc. stirrups, horseshoe, and mouth bits.
2038 – Another mixed lot of vintage items including binoculars, a baseball, hockey puck, yoyo, Avon bottle, gold plated Pokémon cards, a small ceramic train set, plus figurines and more
2039 – Vintage KwikWay Ball-Grip Massager with attachments and two adult gag gifts in original boxes
2040 – Antique brass items from India which include a bowl, two large keys, and a small kettle with maker’s mark on bottom
2041 – Vintage and antique binoculars by Halco and BiaScope, military compass, and a old mining or ships light
2042 – Vintage lot of misc. iron pieces including horseshoes, hunter’s trap, lock, reptiles , tools, railroad ties, and more
2043 – Assorted lot of misc. porcelain items with gold trim including small vases, plates, and a heart shaped bowl
2044 – Collection of French wine themed items that include wood pictures, ceramic heat pads, and glass cutting board
2045 – Assortment of vintage medical glass items which include an inhaler, small jars, breast milker and more
2046 – Vintage ceramic piggy bank from Mexico, paint is peeling off
2047 – A small child’s school chair, numbered 13 on back with D-Patent #126710
2048 – Beautician’s training head and assortment of foam display heads
2049 – Vintage button collection in glass case
2050 – Collection of older kitchen utensils and small collectible spoons
2051 – Lot of Martial Arts training weapons including Kamas, Sais, and Nunchakus in case
2052 – Assortment of stone items including book ends, candleholders, and paper weight
2053 – A dozen pewter figurines with a Swarovski’s crystal on each, part of The Fantasy of the Crystal Chess Set by The Danbury Mint with Certificate of Authenticity
2054 – Five small pewter figurines, three clowns, dolphins, and a little girl by J. Wanat marked 1984 Hudson Fine Pewter USA #3718. Two others are marked too
2055 – Large lot of CHAOTIC Trading Cards including foils
2056 – Large lot of Magic the Gathering Trading Cards in collector’s boxes, 1995 and up
2057 – Lot of 1990’s KONAMI Trading Cards and others like Star Wars, Marvel, and more
2058 – Large pile of old horse tack, leather, and canvas for crafting, belts, and more
2059 – Lot of antique brass items including a Daniel B. Smith mortar, oil lamp, and cup
2060 – Vintage 5” Solid Brass Sextant
2061 – Small windup Reuge Music Box with that plays Doctor Zhivago Lara’s Theme, Swiss Musical Movement, Hand made in Italy
2062 – 1980 Europa, Portraits of Greatness, First-Day Covers Stamp Book
2063 – Authentic Dooney & Bourke Black All Weather Leather Purse and Sunglass Case
2064 – Handmade Solid Copper 8” Frying Pan
2065 – Great condition Air Walk Snow Boots, Size 10 Men’s/11 Women’s
2066 – Life size Resusci Baby by Laerdal Medical Corp. CPR Training Device in original case
2067 – Vintage Vig-O-Rator Model No. 241 Personal Vibrator with attachments in original box and other massage tools
2068 – Lot of 1988 and 1990 Donruss, Fleer, and Bowman full sets of Baseball Cards, boxes are complete and unused
2069 – Sealed pack of Score’s 1990 Baseball’s 100 Hottest Players and 1991 Nolan Ryan Collection by Pacific Trading Card Company
2070 – Perfect AB-CARVER, Abdominal Work-Out Device
2071 – New 1991 Bowman Football Trading Card Set and large lot of assorted football trading cards of different years and manufacturers
2072 – Vintage brown leather doctor’s bag with a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat and a aneroid monitor for taking blood pressure readings
2073 – A lot of skateboarding/rollerblading knee, elbow, and wrist pads by Rollerblade
2074 – The Kenmore World Album stamp book barely used with only a few pages filled and two Showguard stamp books completely filled with new and used stamps from around the world. Great starter collection
2075 – K12 Advanced Rock and Mineral Kit Product #03009
2076 – Two animal print reversible velour pillows approx. 10” x 14” each
2077 – Antique Atlas Spray Atomizer No. 26 in original box
2078 – Small wood box with two vintage woman’s Seiko watches Model No. 8522-5020 and 1520-7099, both need new batteries
2079 – Small wood box that contains a assortment of laptop and computer RAM from 128MB to 1GB memory by Dell, Crucial, Nanya and others
2080 – Four Chinese hanging wood ornaments, Approx. 6” x 12” not including string
2081 – A smokers lot of vintage items that include hand blown ashtrays, cigarette holder, cigar box, collectible matchbooks and more
2082 – Antique set of brass and wood silverware in a collectible wine box
2083 – Assorted lot of misc. medical items including a stethoscope, surgical thread, compass, limus paper, dissecting kits, a small Bible and more
2084 – Two Mighty Modules Model No. FR1020, Wilkerson Instrument Company, Inc. Lakeland Florida U.S.A. 115VAC Plug In Signal Conditioners
2085 – Three vintage containers and a small metal smoker
2086 – Large lot of small pictures and picture frames. Some of the pictures are double matted. Also included are two small oil paintings and two new photo albums
2087 – 2005 Nissan Murano Owner’s Manual, Warranty Information Booklet, Quick Reference Guide, and Service & Maintenance Guide in original case
2088 – Large lot of military items including WW2 Leggings, Flight Goggle Lenses, Food Ration Cards, Honorable Discharge, Navy Telegrams and more
2089 – Lot of autographed pictures of professional car racers and funny car drivers including Allen Johnson, Mark Pawuk and the Petty Racing Team
2090 – Antique witch puppet locked in a cage, puppet is made of paper Mache and wood, very detailed, needs to be re-stringed in order to work
2091 – Handmade wallets and business card holders, wallets are made from real leather and snakeskin, there are both new and used
2092 – Antique lot of woman’s toiletry and beauty items including small makeup bag with rouge and lipstick, beautiful inlayed mirrors, brush, comb, lighter and other stuff
2093 – Antique men’s razors in original boxes by Gillette and manual hair clippers
2094 – Unopened can of Allen & Ginter’s tobacco from The American Tobacco Company U.S.A. and a vintage Skoal can along with other items like Camel cigarette tins, antique wine opener, fumigator, candle snuffer, wood box and other items
2095 – Three Ikea FRAGG rubber display trays and two vintage voodoo dolls
2096 – Approx. 18” x 14” x 2” Stainless Steel and Glass Locking Display Case with keys
2097 – Louis Vuitton Men’s Wallet Paris, France, Not Authenticated
2098 – Lot of photo album books and picture frames with a bunch of antique and vintage photographs of different things including some early photos of Arizona deserts
2099 – Original Food Saver Vacuum Packing System Model No. Vac 350 with instructions
2100 – African wood carved statue, stands 52” with metal base
2101 – Four vintage advertising tin cans including Coca-Cola, Ocean Queen Coffee, The Steamship Brand, and other no named can
2102 – WM. Hodgson & Sons Ltd. Manchester, New Hampshire 20” Brass Machinist’s Scale
2103 – Five small antique pharmacy bottles from Corr’s Drug Store Onawa, Iowa, bottles are 4” tall and have ground glass stoppers with TCWCO USA embossed on bottoms
2104 – Antique Kenmore Sewing Machine Model No. E-6354 with instructions, box with many attachments, and another box with Buttonhole Attachment No. 60766, power cord needs to be rewired to motor.
2105 – Lot of four vintage crates including LePage’s Glue, Wallace Bros., Sonoma-Cutter and other, biggest crate is 20” x 14” down to 14” x 12”
2106 – Home décor Tuscan 22” Ceramic Statue, brown with gold markings
2107 – Piero Old World Antique Style Clock 10” x 4” x 3”
2108 – Small 6” antique oil lamp, no maker’s mark
2109 – Mixed lot containing several religious crosses, brass coat hanger, ship themed night-light, and a brass lockable smoker box
2110 – Lot of Greist Manufacturing Co. New Haven, Conn. U.S.A. Rotary Attachments and four Needle-Pac sewing machine needles Model No. AA1221 and CC1221
2111 – An authentic early Native American clay bowl hand painted, bowl does have a hairline crack but does not go all the way through and is barely visible
2112 – WM. Rogers & Son No. 00118414 Silver-Plated Santa Dish Approx. 8” x 6”
2113 – Three antique brass candle snuffers, unmarked
2114 – Large lot of stainless steel medical scissors, clamps, and snips mostly made in Pakistan, some U.S.A.
2115 – Lot of vintage scissors and pinking shears by Boker, Klein, Clauss, Wiss, Singer and others, range from 6” to 12” in length
2116 – Lot of vintage Arizona Highways magazines dated back to 1947 thru 1980
2117 – Lot of military memorabilia items including WW2 Deutsches Reich Nazi, Germany Postal Stamps – Unused, and original photographs. Also included is a disarmed missile head and bronze medallions
2118 – Vintage HERMETIC Glass Storage Jars with anchor locking lids, Made in Italy
2119 – Home décor items including a bowl of hand blown glass vegetables and a jeweled carved wood HOME sign
2120 – Lot of past issues of Playboy magazines in plastic sleeves mostly dated in early 2000’s featuring Brooke Burke, Pamela Anderson, Tricia Helfer and others
2121 – Vintage menues from past Phoenix restaurants including Houlihans, Ferrell’s, Lunt Avenue Marble Club, GoodEarth and others
2122 – Vintage lot of WOODSMITH and WOODWORKER’S JOURNAL magazines, full of wood working ideas and instructions, mostly from the 80’s
2123 – Vintage lot of 1980’s GRAY’S SPORTING JOURNAL and UPLAND BIRDS, all in plastic protective sleeves
2124 – RIVAL Crock-Pot, hot plate, and a waffle iron
2125 – PRESTO Pressure Cooker and misc. stainless steel cooking items
2126 – BAYOU CLASSIC 30qt. aluminum pot and lid, two ECKO Baker’s Secret 9” Pie Tins, CANTERBURY ARTS Hammered Aluminum Pot & Gravy Server, and other items
2127 – DIXON Silver Pie Server with stag handle, GERMAN Stein Mug, two Italian wall décor and sun hanger
2128 – A pair of antique ATLAS Strong Shoulder Mason Jars and other glass items
2129 – A beautiful handmade SHARKSKIN & KOMOTO DRAGON Checkbook or long biker wallet with Sterling Silver Hardware and Genuine Cowhide interior
2130 – FESTIVAL DE CINEMA CANNES unframed picture on wood, approx.. 24” x 32”
2131 – Two wooden display cases with glass, approx. 22” x 16” and the other 18” x 14”
2132 – THE CROSS, An inspirational 2” glass cross in decorative box
2133 – 9 sqft. of old photographs of different times, places and people
2134 – Large lot of old original and official documents including Wills, Deeds, Contracts, Checks, Paystubs, Telegraphs, Marriage Certificates, Liens, Sales, Licenses and other documents dating back to the late 1800’s
2135 – Natural Museum Quality Emerald Oval Cut 11 x 8 x 6 mm., Clarity: Translucent, Luster: Good, Origin: Zambia
2136 – Two LIGHTNING RIDGE AUSTRALIAN BLACK OPAL FREEFORM DOUBLETS, 10 x 9 mm with dark blue and green fire and 10 x 8 mm multi-color fire 4.05cttw
2137 – BLACK ONYX GEMSTONE Criss-Cross Cut 10 x 10 mm
2138 – LEGENDS OF HOLLYWOOD, Mint sheet of James Dean USPS 32cent stamps in frame
2139 – Large USPS POSTAL STAMP COLLECTION including First Day Cover’s, Commemorative’s, Airmail, and more. Over $500 face value mint condition unused stamps and many more used dating back to mid 1800’s
2140 – New KOREAN GAS MASK in original issued tin can
2141 – HOWE 1200 Capacity Brass Grain Scale
2142 – Vintage CAST IRON SCALE with weights
2143 – Large amount of original photographs and autographed pictures that include Paula Abdul, Jimmy Rogers, Matt Joyce, Eve Mecum, James Dean and others
2144 – Large lot of over fifty larger (6 inch) TY Beanie Babies all in great condition, most still with tags
2145 – Large lot of over twenty five smaller (4 inch) TY Beanie Babies all in great condition, most still with tags
2146 – Huge lot of Beanie Babies and VanderBear clothing, all different costumes, dresses, hats, shoes and collection of VanderBears by the North American Bear Company
2147 – Large oil painting of country landscape, framed and signed by artist
2148 – MAYLINE COMPANY, INC. vintage drafting table
2149 – Large lot of assorted Baseball, Football, and Basketball trading cards from 80’s & 90’s, includes rookies, stickers, and more
2150 – REMO Practice Drum Pad, Handmade Native American Drum, and a small guitar by First Act


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L & L Society


Paddock Pools


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Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


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Father Joe’s Villages


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Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


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Arizona Asset Management


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