PHOENIX ONSITE Carl Carlock Estate Liquidation Auction - Day 1

Start Date: Tuesday 7/9/13
End Date: July 12, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 7/12/13 from 7am to 12pm
Location: 3715 E. Campbell Ave., Phoenix AZ 85018
Load Out Times: Sunday 7/14/13 through Monday 7/15/13 from 8am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

We are liquidating the Carl Carlock Estate! This is a two part antique and collectibles auction that you don’t want to miss!

1241 Lot of 3 vintage cow bells on chain link
1242 Lot of 12 decorative serving trays
1244 Lot of assorted glassware/dishware
1245 Lot of 9 decorative souvenir plates: New Zealand, Japan
1246 Lot of 10 kitchen glass ware items: Pyrex cup
1247 Lot of 20+ dishes
1250 Vintage washboard, Columbus Co.
1251 Box lot of pens, pencils, cards
1252 Vintage Vee Jackson of California ceramic ashtray with rose
1271 Lot of 2 1983 Star Wars glasses
1272 Lot of hand painted dishes, cups: Austria, Germany, Noritake
1273 Lot of tea cups, creamer, sugar bowl: Bavaria, Nippon
1274 Lot of 4 plates & bowls
1275 Lot of 20+ small dishes: Limoges
1276 Lot of teacups and server w/plate: Limoges, Austria
1277 Lot of oriental dishes, cups
1278 Lot of southwest glasses, brandy snifters and misc.
1279 Lot of 6 Arizona frosted desert scene glasses
1280 Harley Davidson stuffed pig
1281 Vintage turquoise blue Florsheim loafers, size 13 W
1282 Set of 2 hand painted cups with lids
1283 Hummingbird nylon stockings in boxes, size 9 ½
1284 Cherub forging steel
1285 Vintage Scotty dog planter
1286 Lot of 2 vintage belt buckles
1287 Nostaglia lot: Mrs. Butterworth, Howdy Doody, Foghorn Leghorn and more
1288 White ceramic hurricane lamp
1289 Lot of 7 railroad spikes
1290 Lot of 4 vintage ties: 2 hand painted
1291 Lot of silver plate and brass items
1691 Seth Thomas mantle clock
1692 Assorted stemware
1693 Made in Germany pickle dish with roses
1694 Hand painted coffee grinder
1695 Silver plate butler
1696 Yellow numbered ceramic flower vase
1697 Vintage Nomad fez hat with sword & tassel
1698 Made in USA toy truck
1699 Greenbrier tobacco tin with two pipes
1700 White ceramic pitcher
2092 Petrified wood and rock
2093 Antique tool: planer
2094 Lot of 5 various plates, 2 teacups: England, Germany
2095 Lot of 9 various dishes cups: England
2096 Lot of 7 salt and pepper shakers sets
2097 Horlick’s malted milk jar with lid
2098 Riley’s Toffee tin full of vintage buttons
2099 Harrison’s Candy tin full of vintage buttons
2100 Refrigerator tray of buttons, medal
2101 Oriental box full of jewelry, shoe clips
2102 Set of German advertising beer glasses
2103 Lot of two mortar & pestle sets
2104 Set of 6 metal western trivets
2105 Wooden jewelry box with wallets, sheriff’s patch, alligator wallet
2106 Naughty leather wallet
2107 Tray with sheriff’s posse patches, misc. coins
2108 Lot of 7 wallets, billfolds
2109 Lot of 2 gold filled eyeglasses and 3 cases
2110 Lot of 3 black rimmed glasses and 2 cases
2111 Blue and aqua glass Horn of Plenty
2112 Cobalt blue spotted glass vase
2113 Easter lamb cake pan/mold
2114 Lot of 2 ceramic jars
2115 Cast iron iron
2116 Ceramic piggy bank with roses
2117 Lot of 7 salt and pepper shakers and 1 extra
2118 Lot of petrified wood, rocks
2119 Box lot of marble, rocks, shells
2120 Small art deco ceramic deer
2121 Cork pencil holder and bulletin ball
2122 Glass carafe in box
2123 Lot of 2 pink ceramic boy and girl planters
2124 Turquoise blue swirl glass dish
2125 Lot of cartoon character glasses, Foghorn, Taz, Daffy
2126 Lot of 22 turquoise glasses
2127 Lot of 3 clear glass pitchers
2128 Tan speckled USA pottery
2129 Tom and Jerry punchbowl and cups, 1 handle broken, 1 handle cracked
2130 Lot of 5 purple, blue, navy glassware pieces
2131 Set of sea foam plastic kitchen canisters
2132 Lot of 6 drink glasses and 9 cordial glasses
2133 Lot of various glassware
2134 Lot of 6 red sherbet footed cups & 2 pink drink glasses
2135 Lot of clear glass and 1 amber plates
2136 Lot of martini, cordial glasses and misc.
2137 Lot of pink depression glass sherbet cups
2138 Lot of shot glasses, some boxed
2139 Lot of McDonald’s. Holly Hobbie and Snoopy glasses
2140 Lot of assorted glassware
2141 Stamped large ceramic bowl
2142 Lot of various vintage ashtrays
2143 Lot of various glass vases, jugs, hurricane glass
2144 Lot of Noritake stoneware called Rain dance
2145 Lot of vintage food and medicine tins
2146 Signed antique bust of woman
2147 Seashell collection
2148 Lot of two ceramic candle burners
2149 Lot of 5 purple glass flutes
2150 Kiwi shoeshine kit with accessories
2151 Pot of shards
2152 Hand carved old folks rack with hooks
2153 Lot of furry rams and sheep
2154 Lot of 2 sea foam and brown coffee mugs
2155 Lot of Oriental dishes, cups, fans
2156 Lot of misc. household items: calendar, rooster, box with lid
2157 Lot of knic knacs: mouse, rooster, Siamese cat
2158 Lot of vintage license plates
2159 Wooden box
2160 Ruggeri Italian religious sculpture
2161 Antique photograph pinback
2162 Plastic Lazy Susan tray
2163 Lot of ceramic plates, pot, bowl, lid is broken
2164 Lot of clear glass hurricane lamp flutes
2165 Lot of oriental misc.
2166 Lot of odds and ends dishware: cup broken
2167 Lot of wicker baskets and misc.
2168 Sunbeam waffle iron
2169 Lot of vintage kitchen utensils, odds and ends
2170 Lot of Looney Toons cartoon glasses and plastic mugs
2171 Lot of misc. glasses, apple plates, pear plates
4177 Lot of apple dishes, pear dishes and glassware
4178 Bamboo weave purse with tags
4179 Lot of playing cards, misc.
4180 Lot of boxed darts
4181 Lot of 4 vintage glasses
4183 lot of 2 Mexican weavings with fringe
4184 Lot of 10 vintage Las Vegas casinos glasses
4185 Large lot of glassware, odds and ends
4186 Lot of 3 vintage gold trimmed glasses
4187 Silver plate coffee carafe in box
4189 Box lot of kitchen items: cheese shredders, plasticware
4190 Lot of 6 vintage southwest frosted glasses
4191 De Jay turntable and speakers
4192 Lot of blender, mixer pieces
4193 Box lot of hats, feathers and purse
4197 Blue flowered table lamp
4198 Standing magnifier
4199 Self powered solar radio
4200 Vintage round wall mirror
4201 Vintage rectangle wall mirror
4202 Gold framed wall mirror: damaged edges
4203 Wood trimmed ceiling light
4204 Harley Davidson southwest blanket
4205 Spanish matador wall hanging
4206 Mexican sombrero
4209 Anchor hocking punch bowl in box
4212 Signed & framed street scene
4213 Robert Hawk framed photograph
4214 Lot of misc. items: tin bucket, gun holster, compass
4215 Round wall mirror
4216 Framed giraffe poster
4217 Blackboard
4219 Lot of 3 spiral “Bitch” cookbooks
4224 Large rectangle wall mirror
4227 Oxygen tank with accessories
4229 Framed & signed floral picture
4230 Lot of 2 Louis Vuitton purses, authenticity not guaranteed
4231 Magnavox turntable
4232 Wrought iron hanging chandelier
4235 Lot of 2 domed containers for hanging ornaments
4239 Lot of 2 small benches
4240 Lot of 4 men’s straw hats
4242 Lot of scrapbooks and photo album
4243 Vintage adjustable desk lamp
4244 Lot of 2 kitchen items: food scale and sprouter
4245 Sewing basket with accessories
4246 Box lot of California raisins, hand made ceramics and Beanie Babies
4251 Decorative wall mirror
4252 Box lot of miniature Indian figures and accessories
4253 Red leather beaded moccasins
4254 White leather beaded moccasins
4255 Tan leather beaded moccasins
4256 Tan leather beaded moccasins
4257 Lot of record albums
4258 Lot of record albums
4259 Box lot of Gamma seals for long term food storage
4260 Women’s leather shoes with hand tooled heels and box
4261 Women’s tri color high heels
4262 Women’s black leather high heels with square pattern
4263 Lot of slippers, flat shoes
4264 Women’s leather high heels with loop pattern
4265 Box lot of southwestern wooden items: Snake, coyote
4266 Box lot of umbrellas, music box with jewelry
4267 Lot of castinets and decorative sticks
4268 Box lot of old Rit dyes, laundry items
4269 Box lot of 60’s/70’s colorful ceramic items
4270 Tall purple glass vase
4272 Bag of WW II ration stamps and other paper misc.
4273 Metal music stand
4274 Lot of glass bake ware: Fire King
4275 Boxed glass beverage server
4276 Box lot of kitchen items: GE mixer, glass bakeware
4277 Lot of 2 decorative crosses
4278 Lot for 4 beaded and polka dotted martini glasses
4279 Lot of AZ Diamondbacks brochures, signed baseball
4280 Lot of 2 framed black and whites of Bette Davis, Vivian Leigh
4281 Framed Paul Klee “Head” Op art picture
4282 Lot of 2 colorful Mexico pictures
4283 Lot of 2 framed vase and grape pictures
4285 Lot of 3 wrought iron candle holders
4286 Lot of misc.: Vintage purse (stained)
4287 Punch bowl and glasses


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