PHOENIX Pet Supply Liquidation Online Auction

Start Date: Tuesday 1/7/14
End Date: January 15, 2014 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 1/7/14 and Wednesday 1/15/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Thursday 1/16/14 through Saturday 1/18/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

4001 Petsafe 1 gallon water station & 4 lb food station – medium for pets
4002 Lee’s Reptile 11″ Firebelly Landing (small crack-still functional) & Lee’s small Kricket Keeper
4003 Iris 10″X9″X6-1/2″ Small Animal Carrier & Super Pet 4-1/2″ Silent Spinner Excercise Wheel
4004 Large 8″X7″X5″ Aquarium Ornament (cracked end-still functional) & Doc Wellfish’s Extra Long Extra Strong 18″ Algae Scraper
4005 Featherland Bird Ladder 24″ & Super Bird Creations Coco Fiber Ball Bird Toy & JW Pet Insight Bird Bath
4006 Boots & Barkley Corrugate Post Cat Scratcher 22″X11.8″X11.8″
4007 (2) Nicole Miller NY Ceramic Pet Dishes & 5″ Lil Pals Slicker Brush & Sam’s Yams Natural Dog Cookies Berry Yammy
4008 Zoo Med Large Terrrium Cork Round Hollow Log 10″X6″X 6″ & Jurrassi Diet Easi-Cricket Large Crickets for Reptiles
4009 Prevue Hendryx Metal Bin Feeder & Lixit 16 oz Water Bottle & Super Pet Large 12″X10″X6-1/2″ Critter Igloo Home/Hide-A-Way
4010 Marineland Bio-Wheel Power Filter Penguin 100 for Aquariums
4011 Polly’s Window & Shower Perch & 17″ Sm/Med Wood Bird Perch & Super Bird Creations Coco Fiber Ball Bird Toy
4012 (1) Feline Greenies Pill Pockets & 3 Feline Greenies Smart Bites Digestive Care for Cats
4013 Zilla Medium Reptile Bark Bends Hiding Place & Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Tropical Bulb & Exo Terra Hygrometer
4014 Super Pet Small Animal Critter Trail Play Pen & Critter Exercise Wheel & Super Pet 7″ Critter Run About Exercise Ball
4015 Marineland Bio-Wheel Power Filter Penguin 150
4016 JW Pet In Sight Bird Bath & 2 Bird Kabob Toys & Birdie Chew Roll 15″ Bird Toy
4017 Safari Self Cleaning Pet Grooming Slicker Brush & Lil Pals Puppy & Toy Breed Nail Trimmer/Cutter & Safari Stainless Pet Grooming Dematting Comb
4018 Drymate Cat Bowl Placemat 12″X20″ & Smarty Kat Catnip Mist (1/2 full) & Casual Kitty 3/8″ Cat Collar with Bell 8″-12″ & Earthborn Holistic Harbor Harvet Cat Food 3 oz
4019 Exo Terra Medium 11-3/4″X7″X2-1/4″ Turtle Bank (cracked-still usable)
4020 (6) 14 oz Birdola Premium Squirrel Food
4021 Seachem Reef Builder 300g & Reef Advantage Calcium 250g & Advantage Magnesium 300g
4022 Kaytee Parakeet Food Mix 2 lb & Living World Natures Treasure Med/Lg Foraging Bird Toy & Sweet Feet and Beak Can-O-Nuts Bird Toy
4023 CatIt Design Senses Speed Circuit Cat Toy
4024 Zoo Med Repti Shelter 3-in-1 Cave Medium 8″X7″X4″ (chips on inside edges, small crack at entrance – still functional)
4025 Havahart Live Animal Cage Trap 16″X6″X6-3/8″ for Rats, Squirrels, Weasels, Chipmunks & More
4026 2 Tetra Whisper Bio Bag Cartridges & Penn Plax Aquamist 7/16″ Quad Pack & Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Fish Food Flakes & Marineland Silicone Rubber Aquarium Sealant & 2 Seachem Purigen Filters (open packages)
4027 2 Woodlink Audubon Plastic Hummingbird Feeders & JW Pet In Sight Bird Bath & Featherland Bird Ladder 24″
4028 PetMate Softsided Pet Carrier – Up to 10 lbs – 17″X10″X10″
4029 Cat Toy Fishing Pole & Feeline Greenies Smart Bites Digestive Care & JW Pet Cataction Wanderfuls Cat Toy
4030 Zoo Med Habba Hut Giant Size 11″X8-1/2″X3″ Natural Half Log Shelter/HideOut
4031 Rollin The Hay Spinning Hay/Alfalfa Dispenser & Super Pet Perfect Chews for Rabbit & Super Pet Natural Lava Block with Wood Chews
4032 Aqueon Betta Bowl 1/2 Gallon Aquarium & Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus & Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner
4033 Perky Pet Deluxe Chalet Cedar Bird Feeder 12-1/2″X7-1/2″X10″
4034 East Side Collection Punky Pup Tee Large 20″ Length & Dog Rocks = No More Urine Burn on Lawns & Multipet Mallard Plush Dog Toy Large 15″
4035 Smart Cat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box for Cats & Friskies Cat Treats 6 oz
4036 Exo Terra Vivicator Reptile Remote Controlled Vibrating Feeding Dish
4037 Hagen Living World Pet Carrier 9-1/2″X7″X6-1/2″ & Habitrail Mini Exercise Ball for Mice & Super Pet Silent Spiner 4-1/2″ Exercise Wheel for Hamster, Mice & More
4038 2 Aqueon T8 Freshwater Full Spectrum Daylight 18″ Length Aquarium Lamps/Bulbs & Medium Marina Long Handled Algae Scrub Brush & Aquarium Ornament 9″X5-1/2″X3″ (cracked-still functions)
4039 5 lb Manna Pro Game/Show Bird Vitamins/Minerals for Starting & Growing
4040 Dexas Single Elevated Pet Bowl (4 cup) 5″HX10″ & 2 Nite Ize Innovation Spot Lit Use Anywhere Clip on LED & 2 Pure Bites 100% Natural Cheddar Cheese Dog Treats 4 oz each
4041 Kong Zoom Groom Cat Brush & Whole Life Cat Treats & Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy & Loopies Catnip Snake Cat Toy & Inflatable Evil Unicorn Horn for Cat
4042 Exo Terra Large Turtle Bank 16″X9-1/2″X2-3/4″ (cracks-still usable)
4043 Super Pet 32 oz Flat Bac Critter Water Bottle & 2 Super Pet 8-1/2″ Large Comfort Exercise Wheel
4044 Seachem 500 ml Reef Calcium & Tetra AquaSafe Plus 8.45 fl oz & AquaClear 110 Activated Carbon & Marina 20 ft Airline Tubing & Jardin Aquarium Fish Tank Biochem Filters
4045 (2) 4 lb Bags Wild Bird Food Songbird & Cardinal Blend
4046 5 lb Natural Balance Small Breed Bites Dry Dog Food & Churpi Chews Natural Dog Treats
4047 Living World Ergonomic Small Pet Dish(slanted for comfort) & Kong Denim Catnip Cat Toy & 3 Pet Food Lids & Play-N-Squeak at Night Twinkle Light Up Squeaking Mouse
4048 Zoo Med Habba Hut for Reptiles or Critters 11″X6-1/2″X2-1/4″ & Frogg Toggs Reptile Cooling Pad
4049 Super Pet Critter Trail Burrowing Maze Accessory (cracked – still functional) & Roll-N-Around 5″ Critter Exercise Ball & Super Pet 6-1/2″ Silent Spinner Critter Exercise Wheel
4050 Large Aquarium Ornament 9″X5″X5″ (cracked end – still functional) & (4) Jardin Aquarium Bubble Air Stones & (2) Aqua Terra Green Aquarium/Terrarium Sand 5 lbs each
4051 Audubon Park 5 lb Premium Wild Bird Food & Lyric 4.5 lb Supreme Wild Bird Mix
4052 The Sharper Image Pet Cooling Mat Medium 24″X30″ & Rinse Ace Indoor/Outdoor Pet Faucet Sprayer & JW Pet Grip Soft 9″ Pin Brush for Pet Grooming
4053 (2) 8 Qt Little Giant Heavy-Duty Professional Farm Grade Buckets – Green
4054 CatIt Design Senses Play Circuit Cat Toy & 2 Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys (mouse & squirrel) & Purness Cat Pan/Litter Box Liners
4055 Exo Terra Water Well 8″ Height Reptile Water Dispenser PT2805
4056 Large Catch & Release Mouse/Critter Trap & Natures Miracle Scoop & Caddy for Pet Waste & PetSafe Drinkwell Cleaning Kit Extra Long Scrub Brushes (small brush missing)
4057 (3) 300 watt Aquarium Heaters
4058 Furminator DeShedding Shampoo for Pets & Twin Lotus Pet DeShedding Tool & (2) 16 oz Stainless No Tip Pet Dishes
4059 Four Paws Super Catnip Cat Scratching Post 21″ Height & (2) Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar for Cats/Kittens(open pkg) & LeSalon Essentials Cat Matt Breaker Tool for Medium & Long Hair Breeds
4060 5 Fusion Quiet Power Aquarium Air Pumps & 1 Tetra Whisper Air Pump & 1 Fluval Aquarium Heater – FOR REPAIR or PARTS ONLY


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