PHOENIX Sporting Goods Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Monday 3/3/14
End Date: March 8, 2014 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 3/4/14 through Saturday 3/8/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2601 W. Cypress St., Phoenix AZ 85009
Load Out Times: Tuesday 3/11/14 through Thursday 3/13/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

8001 Roadmaster 18 Speed MTN Sport SX Bicycle
8002 Prime Fit Concourse Series 10.55 GI Treadmill
8003 AB Lounge
8004 Stamina Workout Trampoline Model 35-2038
8005 Kids Barbie Bicycle Model 8006-19
8006 Kids Spider-Man Bicycle
8007 Bag Boy Lite Golf Bag Cart
8008 Radio Controlled 360 Rally Car Thunder Tumbler (Only 1 Wheel Works)
8009 Golf Bag Cart
8010 Battery Operated Air Jet Hockey
8011 Columbia Sportswear Fishing Vest
8012 Cabelas Waders
8013 Nike Mesh Backpack
8014 Set of Wilson and Hyperion 26 Tennis Rackets (Small Crack on Both)
8015 Remington Fast Snap 2.0 Universal Gun Cleaning Kit (No T-Handle or Flex Rods)
8016 Prince Warrior 100 Tennis Racket (Has a Small Crack on Side)
8017 Set of 2 Wiffle Bats
8018 Oversized A’s Bat & Ball Set (Broken Bottom Cap)
8019 Wild Sports Washer Toss (Wood Has Minor Cosmetic Damage)
8020 Stack-On Portable Case With Lock (Fingerprint Doesn’t Work, Working Key Included)
8021 Assorted Wilson Golf Clubs
8022 Roxy Backpack (Cosmetic Damage)
8023 Pair of Jansport (Strap is Ripped) and Roxy (Seam Ripped Inside) Backpacks
8024 Assorted Level One Golf Clubs
8025 Set of Crutches
8026 Cobra Umbrella
8027 Assorted Fishing Poles & Reels
8028 Assorted Golf Clubs
8029 Assorted Playhut Tents
8031 Spyder Core Sweater, Size S
8032 Folding Backpack Chair (Arm Rest Damaged)
8033 UFC MMA-Open Palm Gloves, Size S (Finger Ripped)
8034 Walter Hagen Dual Canopy Umbrella, 62″
8035 Datrex Sporting Bag (Damaged)
8036 Under Armour Backpack (Ripped on Strap Seam)
8037 The North Face Backpack (Zipper Broken)
8038 Flextone Mimic XL Hi-Def E-Game Call
8039 Rage Fitness Supply Ab Mat (Small Tear in Back)
8040 Flambeau Long Honker Goose Flute
8041 Flextone Mimic XL Hi-Def E-Game Call
8042 Flextone Mimic HD Electronic Call
8043 Wilson Composite Leather NCAA Basketball
8044 Wilson Evolution Game Ball, 28.5″ Indoor Basket Ball
8045 The North Face Angstrom 28 Backpack
8046 Wandern Koppen Backpack
8047 Camelbak Hydration Pack
8048 Wenzel Inflatable Bed With Built-In Battery Operated Pump
8049 (2) Baden Pink Volleyballs
8050 Rain Cover Backpack
8051 Columbia Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Sleeping Bag
8052 Marmot Gunnison 35 Backpack (Seam on Main Pouch Ripped)
8053 Spider Web Scent Blocker, XL, 300 lb Max
8054 Okuma Salmon Herring Fishing Pole
8055 Marmot Gunnison 35 Backpack
8056 Dakine Backpack (Zipper Damaged)
8057 Lamiglas 10’6″ X11 Fishing Pole
8058 Competitor 7’0″ Medium Heavy Spinning Rod
8059 Roxy Backpack (Zipper Damaged)
8060 Columbia Compact Heavy Duty Jacket, Size M
8061 3 Pairs of Youth Sized Under Armour Pants
8062 Columbia XL Jacket
8063 Under Armour Heatgear Outfit
8064 Under Armour Heatgear Outfit
8065 Igloo Maxcold Cooler (Doesn’t Close Properly)
8066 Under Armour Backpack (Ripped on Side)
8067 Koppen Fieren Backpack (Missing Clip)
8068 Wenzel Inflatable Bed With Built-In Battery Operated Pump
8069 Wenzel Inflatable Bed With Built-In Battery Operated Pump
8070 Under Armour Heatgear Outfit
8071 Nishiki Water Resevoir Backpack (Ripped Strap)
8072 Defender Face Shield (Chin Pad Not Included)
8073 Redington 9′ Fly Fishing Pole
8074 Igloo Cooler (No Wheels)
8075 DeMarini Insane Backpack
8076 Kelty Backpack With Dynamic Air Flow and Cloudlock Suspension
8077 Flextone Mimic XL Hi-Def E-Game Call
8078 Camelbak Resevoir Backpack (Bladder Not Included)
8079 Youth Spring Swing Batting Tee
8080 Adidas Sporting Bag (Ripped on Side)
8081 2 Pairs of Carhartt Wind Resistant Pants
8082 Bell 120 Max PSI Pump
8083 Under Armour Top and Bottom Fitted Padded Gear, Size Y LG, Y SM, Y MD
8084 Datrek Heavy Duty Bag (Buckle/Strap Broken)
8085 Avenir Air Source One Pump (Gauge Damaged)
8086 (2) Russell Athletic Football Pants, Size M
8087 Bear Paw Women’s Boots, Size 8
8088 (3) Mizuno Adult Baseball Pants, Size XL
8089 HH Work Wear Men’s Large Jacket
8090 Goliath Basketball 23″ Mini Hoop
8091 Goliath Basketball 23″ Mini Hoop (Missing Hardware)
8092 Under Armour Backpack (Cosmetic Damage)
8093 Silicone Aqua Lung Adult Snorkeling Mouthpiece and Mask
8094 Silicone Aqua Lung Sport Snorkeling Kit
8095 Igloo Maritime Dual Compartment 30 Bag
8096 Kelty Cosmic Down 40F Down Mummy Sleeping Bag
8097 Igloo Maritime Dual Compartment 30 Bag (Damage to Handle)
8098 Six One Ninety Five Tennis Racket
8099 (2) Pairs of Ping Pong Paddles
8100 Under Armour Pink Backpack
8101 Arizona State University Backpack (Cosmetic Damage)
8102 GCI Outdoor Collapsable Chair
8103 Moon Shine Feeder Light
8104 Flambeau Game Strap
8105 Flextone Mimic XL Hi-Def E-Game Call
8106 Flextone Mimic XL Hi-Def E-Game Call
8107 Primos Decoy Heart Accessory
8108 Primos Raspy Coaxer
8109 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8110 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8111 Primos Decoy Heart Accessory
8112 Flextone Mimic HD Electronic Call
8113 Primos Decoy Heart Accessory
8114 Primos Decoy Heart Accessory
8115 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8116 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8117 Primos Still Mouse Squeaker
8118 (2) Volleyballs
8119 Aqua Lung Snorkeling Kit (Strap on Goggles is Damaged)
8120 (6) Piece Dick’s Sporting Goods Water Bottle and Carrier Set
8121 Kelty WeekenderSleeping Pad, Self Inflating
8122 Wenzel Inflatable Bed With Built-In Battery Operated Pump
8123 Sierra Designs Solar Down Sleeping Bag
8124 (3) Mazuno Men’s Baseball Pansts, Size L
8125 Adidas Sporting Bag
8126 Avenir Air Source One Pump (Gauge Damaged)
8127 Schutt Youth Shoulder Pads, Small 12″-13″
8128 Flambeau Outdoors 200′ PVC Décoy Cord
8129 Vandal La Crosse Net
8130 Sun Mountain Umbrella
8131 Igloo Cold/Warm Zone
8132 Coghlan’s Hikers Mosquito Net
8133 Easton Backpack
8134 Kelty WeekenderSleeping Pad, Self Inflating
8135 Avenir Air Source One Pump (Gauge Damaged)
8136 Bike Lock with Key
8137 Igloo Maxcold Cooler on Wheels
8138 Fieldline Camoflauge Backpack (Damaged)
8139 Wilson Ncode Tennis Racket (Small Crack on Side)
8140 Knight & Hale Ultimate Predator Distress Call
8141 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8142 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8143 Mad Predator Pro Pack
8144 Primos Raspy Coaxer
8145 Knight & Hale Ultimate Predator Distress Call
8146 Primos Raspy Coaxer
8147 The North Face Backpack (Broken Clip)
8148 Flextone Animal Call
8149 Under Armour Gloves
8150 Cold and Hot Knee Pack
8151 Mizerak 57″ Two-Piece Hardwood Cue
8153 Competition Spinning Reel
8154 Shimano Spinning Reel
8155 Eagle Claw Gunnison Spinning Reel
8156 Eagle Claw Colorado Spinning Reel
8157 Ray-Ban Sun Glasses with Case (Chipped)
8158 Camoflauge Backpack (Missing Clip)
8159 Louisville Slugger Baseball Bag (Zipper Damaged)
8160 Genuine Carrom Game Board
8161 2-Piece Fishing Pole
8162 Okuma Celilo 8’6″ Fishing Pole
8163 Duo Ice Chest Bag
8164 Eagle Claw Wright & McGill Essentials IM7 9’3″ Fishing Pole
8165 Under Armour Youth Shorts, LG
8166 Lamiglas 9′ X11 Fishing Pole
8167 Under Armour Backpack
8168 The North Face Backpack (Damaged Zipper)
8169 Okuma Celilo 8’6″ Fishing Pole
8170 Adidas Backpack (Main Zipper Damaged)
8171 Daiwa Spinning Reel
8172 Roxy Backpack
8173 Marmot Gunnison 35 Backpack (Inside Seam Ripped)
8174 Knee Support with Dual Hanges, XL


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L & L Society


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Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


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Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


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