SCOTTSDALE DASH Luxury Furniture Store Liquidation Auction PART B

Start Date: Sunday 11/10/13
End Date: November 16, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Preview cancelled for Part B
Location: 7625 E. Redfield Rd., Suite #200, Scottsdale AZ 85260
Load Out Times: Monday 11/18/13 and Tuesday 11/19/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

241 (2) Glass Belmont Cylinder Table Lamps- 22″ Tall
242 Rob & Stucky Split Sofa with 4 Accent Pillows
243 Decorative End Table with Tile Top and Iron Base- 19″x19″x24″
244 Decorative Stone Urn with Artificial Floral Arrangement- Urn Height- 20″ Tall
245 Decorative Artificial Orchid in Planter
246 Badash Decorative Glass Vase- 16″ Tall
247 Walnut Creek Decorative Plate with Metal Stand- 18″
248 Robb & Stucky Decorative Metal 2-Tier Table Lamp
249 Decorative Italy Green Pot with Artificial Foliage- 18″ Tall Pot
250 Elegant Upholstered Zak Lounge Chair
252 Decorative Murano Shell Dish
253 Robb & Stucky Light Wood Dresser with 6 Drawers – 41x19x61
254 Elegant Robb & Stucky Wood End Table with Drawer – 28x28x24
255 Elegant Robb & Stucky Wood End Table with Drawer – 28x28x24
256 Beautiful Colton Lamp
257 Elegant Wood and Metal Framed Mirror – 16×42
258 Floral Arrangement in Clear Glass Cylinder
259 Decorative Horse Head Sculpture- 11″
260 Elegant Metal Chest with Latch and Handles
261 Elegant Italy Stand with Gold Colored 4-Legged Base – 16″x16″x33″
262 Decorative Pot with Metal Stand and Top – 32″ Tall
264 Elegant Seahorse Lamp with Bronze Colored Accents
265 Large Decorative Canvas Wall Art Painting – 40″ x 40″ (Retail $399.99)
266 (3) Clear Glass Berry Vases
267 Decorative Artificial Tree with Elegant Planter
268 Decorative Woven Thristen Basket
270 Aviano Green Decorative Lamp
271 Elegant Reclaimed Wood Corner Cabinet, 43″x25″x75″
272 Beautiful Drexel Studio Wood Chest with 2 Doors and 3 Drawers, 44″x22″x63″
273 12 Foot Artificial Palm Tree
274 Thomasville Lexington Dining Table with One 18″ Leaf, 74″x45″x30″
275 (4) Elegant Leopard Print Dining Chairs
275a Shaggy Collection Waves Decorative Area Rug- Made in Turkey- 6’7″x9’3″
276 Decorative Wrapped Pot- 40″ Tall
277 Large Elegant Kreiss Lounge Chair
277a (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
278 Large Elegant Kreiss Lounge Chair
278a (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
278b Shalimar Collection Decorative Area Rug- 8’x10′
278c Davis Cabinet Company Solid Wood Cabinet with 4 Doors and 2 Drawers, 65″x19.5″x31″
279 Decorative Silver Framed Scroll Mirror, 38″x33″
280 Decorative Urn with Floral Arrangement- 3 Ft. Tall
281 Scotsman Automatic Ice Machine with Elegant Wood Door, 15″x22″x33″
282 (2) Decorative Metal Canisters with Decorative Bamboo Stick Arrangements
283 Elegant Robb & Stucky Solid Wood Chest with 3 Drawers, 55″x20″x36″
285 (2) Beautiful Wicker Trunks
286 Beautiful Freeze Dried Swirl Tree with Elegant Planter, 91″ Tall
287 Decorative Framed Canvas Painting- 42″x42″
288 Elegant Travertine Dining Table with Glass Top, 82.5″x43″x30″
288a Global Accents Decorative Area Rug- 9’6″x13’6″
288b (6) Laguna Upholstered Cushioned Dining Chairs with Wood Legs
289 Decorative Metal and Wood Framed Mirror, 46.5″x52.5″
290 (2) Decorative Metal Candle Holders, 24″ and 18″
291 (2) Decorative Metal Stars, 20″ Tall
292 Elegant Metal Wall Art, 70″ Tall
293 Beautiful Belfast Vase with Décor, 29.5″ Tall
294 Elegant Wicker Dining Table and Chair Set, 42″x42″x29″
294a Mohawk Home Bamboo Garden Area Rug- 9’x12′
295 Gorgeous Green Jubilee Vase, 30″ Tall
296 Decorative Blue Painted Glass Italy Ball
297 Decorative Red/White Glass Italy Ball
298 Elegant Wood Chester Sofa Table, 54″x16″x26″
299 (3) Decorative Bolton Candle Holders, 40″ and 28″ Tall
300 Elegant 7-Tiered Iron Candle Holder, 26″ Tall
301 Elegant Metal Plate with Metal Stand, 22″ Plate
302 (2) Decorative Talon Brown Pots with Lids, 21″ Tall
303 Elegant Upholstered Armchair with Wood Legs
303a (4) Decorative Matching Accent Pillows
304 Elegant Drexel Studio 3-Tiered Table, 22″x19″x37″
306 Decorative Leopard Pattern Glass Plate, 20″ Tall
307 Decorative Leopard Pattern Glass Vase, 16″ Tall
308 Elegant Malibu Metal Tin with Lid, 19″ Tall
309 Majestic Glass Candle Holder, 17.5″ Tall
310 Elegant Vista Wood Coffee Table, 54″x66″x18″
310a Large Decorative Area Rug- 146″x109″
311 Elegant Framed Palm Tree Painting, 19″x24″
312 Elegant Framed Palm Tree Painting, 19″x24″
313 Beautiful Bloomingdale Lamp
314 Middle Eastern Decorative Statue, 26″ Tall
314a Decorative Middle Eastern Statue- 18″ Tall
315 Decorative Elephant Statue from India, 8″ Tall
316 Decorative Silver Elephant Statue, 9″ Tall
317 Elegant Circular Dalton Mirror, 27.5″ Tall
318 Decorative Rod Iron and Glass Candle Holder, 26″ Tall
319 Elegant Red MGM Vase, 24″ Tall
320 Decorative Hand Blown Blue Glass Vase, 30″ Tall
320a Decorative 4-Corner Glass Bowl, 21″x14″x12″
321 Decorative Blue Glass Vase, 12″ Tall
322 Elegant Tolon Vase, 14″ Tall
323 Decorative Cherub Statue, 32″ Tall
324 (2) Decorative Acorn Statues, 7.5″ Tall
325 Decorative Hand Made Box
326 (3) Decorative Leather Bound Stash Box Books
327 Elegant Hand Blown Green Glass Bottle with Lid
328 Elegant Wood and Stone Bistro Table, 36″x40″
328a Karastan Persian Renaissance Decorative Area Rug- 7’10”
329 (3) Elegant Jeweled Silver Candle Holders, 22″, 20.5″ and 18″ Tall
330 Elegant Wood Framed Mirror, 51″x34″
331 Decorative Artificial Sheffela Tree in Wicker Basket
332 Elegant Wicker Planter, 19″x19″x40″
333 Ornamental Metal Framed Mirror, 30″
334 Large Arbor Tree in Elegant Stone Planter, 36″x36″x36″
335 Elegant Tall Blue Glass Vase, 27″ Tall
336 Decorative White Italy Stand, 13.5″x13.5″x14″
337 Large Decorative Ceramic Pot, 28″ Tall
338 Beautiful Decorative Peach Pot, 17″ Tall
339 Elegant Painted Tribal Pot, 23″ Tall
340 Beautiful Artificial Flowers in Elegant Planter, 20″ Planter
341 Decorative Elegant Urn Style Planter, 20″ Tall
342 Native American Light Tan Pot, 20″ Tall
343 Decorative Stone Statue, 32″ Tall
344 Spectacular Canvas Painting of Jesus on the Cross with Elegant Wood Frame, 55″x67″
345 (2) Elegant Knight Vases, 31″ and 26″
346 Decorative Hanging Iron Lantern Frames, 12″x12″x20″
347 Decorative Hanging Iron Lantern Frames, 12″x12″x20″
348 Decorative Elegant Black Urn, 25″ Tall
349 Elegant Metal Talon Vase, 18″ Vase
350 Wonderful Murano Glass Taco Shell Art, 27″x12″x11″
351 Decorative Pot,26″
352 Elegant Urn Planter with Artificial Flower Arrangement
353 Extravagant Cusp Floor Lamp, 70″ Tall
354 Elegant Leather Trunk and Woven Trunk, 24″x13.5″x12″ and 11″x6.5″x9.5″
355 Elegant Black and White Chest, 15″x9.5″x14.5″
356 (3) Decorative Alligator Skin Nesting Storage Boxes
357 Decorative Wicker Elephant Statue, 15″ Tall
358 (2) Rustic Iron Chairs
359 King Size Log Headboard
359a Hand Made Decorative Area Rug- Made in India- 9’x12′
360 Elegant Reclaimed Wood Box Shelf, 29″x6″x39.5″
361 Elegant Reclaimed Wood Box Shelf, 21.5″x7″x40.5″
362 Elegant Decorative Stone Shelf, 41.5″x11.5″x4.5″
363 (2) Exquisite Rod Iron Plant Holders
364 Elegant Clear Glass Vase, 23″ Tall
365 Elegant Clear Glass Vase, 23″ Tall
366 Decorative Hand Blown Clear Glass Bottle, 34″ Tall
367 Decorative Hand Blown Clear Glass Bottle, 41″ Tall
368 Decorative Hand Blown Clear Glass Bottle, 39″ Tall
369 Decorative Metal and Wood Plate, 26″
370 Decorative Green Leaf Bowl with 3 Decorative Tomatoes
371 Beautiful Colored Glass Serving Bowl, 13″
372 (2) Decorative Woven Bowls, 18″ and 11.5″
373 Beautiful Buddha Face Statue, 23″ Tall
374 Decorative Black Music Note Sculpture, 23″ Tall
375 “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” Decorative Framed Picture, 12.5″x16.5″
376 Elegant Candle Holder Sculpture, 25″ Tall
377 Elegant Iron Hanging Pot and Pan Holder, 59″x20″x12″
378 Elegant Glass Top Coffee Table, 44″x31″x16″
379 Beautiful Metal Chester Bowl with Decorative Balls, 22.5″x12″x5.5″
380 Decorative Angel Spare Key Holder, 8″ Tall
381 (2) Decorative Artificial Cactus Plants in Planters
382 Beautiful Amber Vase- 24″ Tall
383 (2) Decorative Glass Candle Holders- 22″ Tall
384 Decorative Cherry Vase- 18″ Tall
385 Decorative Silver Horse Statue- 18″ Tall
386 Decorative Orange Vase- 19.5″ Tall
387 Decorative Signed Fruit Art Piece- 27″x17″ (Signed “Paula- Haziza”)
388 Decorative Glass Vase with Decorative Balls- 29.5″ Tall
390 (2) Decorative Storage Boxes- 10″x10″x3″, 6″x6″x3″
391 “Love is the Music of the Soul” Decorative Framed Picture- 12.5″x16.5″
392 “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” Decorative Framed Picture- 12.5″x16.5″
393 Wood 2-Drawer Night Stand- 20″x16″x22″
394 Bellmont Decorative Table Lamp
395 Exquisite Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet with 2 Doors, Glass Shelves and Light- 26″x19″x72″
396 Wicker Single Drawer Night Stand- 21″x18″x25″
396a Shaw Rugs Elegant Area Rug- 7’8″x10’9″
397 Upholstered Cushioned Ottoman with Metal Frame- 28″x20″x18″
398 Robb & Stucky Luxurious Down Sofa with Nailhead Trim and Accent Pillows (Retail $7,000)
399 Gorgeous Lexington Wine Bar- 44″x22″x64″- With Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Storage (Retail $9,000)
400 Stylish Suede 2-Piece Chase Sofa with Wood Table Ends- 128″x64″ (Retail $6,800)
401 Parnian Lexington Extravagant Curio Cabinet with Glass Doors, Glass Shelves and Interior Light- 37″x19″x79″ (Retail $6,900) (Elephant Not Included)
401a Wright Table Company Exquisite Wood Dining Table- 60″x40″x30″
401b (4) Exquisite Champagne Dining Chairs with Carved Wood Trim
402 Elegant Asian Round Coffee Table with Glass Top- 40″x18″
402a Sphinx Kharma II Round Area Rug- 69″
403 Elegant Upholstered Cushioned Ottoman with Inside Storage- 43″x43″x20″ (1 Locking Hinge Needs Repair)
403a Royal Kingdom Danbury Wine Area Rug- 7’10″x11’2″
404 Thomasville Exquisite Light Wood Dining Table with (2) Extension Leaves- 76″x36″x31″
405 (6) Southwest Style Wood Dining Chairs with Upholstered Cushioned Seats
406 Shaw Rugs Winterthur Area Rug- 9’6″x13′
407 Decorative Archer Statue- 15″ Tall
408 Decorative Red Vase- 19″ Tall
409 Decorative Ceramic Bowl with Summer Floral Arrangement
410 Decorative Metal Candle Holder- 11.5″ Tall
411 Decorative Stone Urn with Lid and Felt Inside- 20″x9″x18.5″
412 Decorative Clay Pot with Artificial Plant and Metal Stand
413 Stunning Hand Carved Wood Wall Unit with 2 Doors- 54″x96″x6″
414 Elegant Marge Carson Dark Wood Coffee Table- 52″x32″x19″
415 Fancy Wood Carved Wall Shelf- 35″ Tall
416 (3) Decorative Round Wicker Vases with Artificial Plants- 21″ Tall
417 Large Decorative Square Stone Planter- 26.5″x26.5″x26.5″
418 Decorative Metal Leaf Wall Art- 26″
419 Elegant Round Mosaic Mirror- 20″
420 Exquisite Colorful Murano Bowl- 16″
421 Decorative Artificial Plant in Wicker Basket
422 Elegant Upholstered Cushioned Chair with Wood Legs and Nailhead Trim
423 Robb & Stucky Stylish Queen Bed Frame with Attached Night Stands with Drawers and Top-Padded Headboard (Unassembled with Hardware)
424 Magnificent Hand Carved Asian 8-Panel Room Divider- Each Panel is 16″x84″
425 Decorative Wood Shutter Wall Unit- 37″x48″x3″
426 Decorative Artificial Fall Apple Tree in Decorative Planter
427 Decorative Artificial Plant in Wicker Basket
428 Decorative Artificial Plant in Wicker Basket
429 Dashing Drexel Heritage Dining Table with (2) Extension Leaves, 4 Matching Dining Chairs and Protective Table and Leaf Tops- 50″x42.5″x29.5″
430 Beautiful Wood Armoire with 3 Drawers and 2 Drawers- 50″x25″x79″
431 Decorative Black Vase- 20.5″ Tall
432 Elegant Decorative Candle Holder- 19″ Tall
433 Cristallerie Italiane Decorative Blue Vase- 11″ Tall
434 Decorative Glass Candle Holder with Silver Base- 18″ Tall
435 Stylish Curve Cusp Coffee Table with Stone-Like Base and Glass Top- 59″x34″x16″
436 Decorative Blue Ceramic Planter with Artificial Plant
437 Kriess Luxurious Lounge Chair with Ottoman
438 Stylish Hillsdale Black Wood Coffee Table with Glass Top- 50″x26″x20″
439 Stylish Hillsdale Black Wood End Table with Glass Top- 24″x22″x23″
440 Beautiful Black Thunder Table Lamp- 40″ Tall
441 Hendredon Elegant Wood Round Dining Table- 50″x30″
442 (4) Elegant Matching Dining Chairs with Asian Design
443 “Fiorino” Decorative Framed Picture
444 “Contratto” Decorative Framed Picture
445 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows
446 Beautiful Glass Vase with Metal Stand, 33″ Tall
447 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows
448 Gorgeous Marily Bottle With Lid, 20″ Tall
449 Elegant Tile Bowl with Multi Colored Tiles, 17″x11″
450 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
451 Beautiful Orchid in White Planter
452 Exotic Red Elephant Statue, 8″ Tall
467 One Section of Pallet Racking, 103″x108″x42″
468 One Section of Pallet Racking, 103″x108″x42″
469 One Section of Pallet Racking, 102″x120″x36″
470 One Section of Pallet Racking, 103″x108″x42″


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