SCOTTSDALE DASH Luxury Furniture Store Liquidation Auction PART C

Start Date: Sunday 11/17/13
End Date: November 22, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 11/22/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 7625 E. Redfield Rd., Suite #200, Scottsdale AZ 85260
Load Out Times: Saturday 11/23/13, Sunday 11/24/13, and Monday 11/25/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

471 Robb & Stucky Elegant Light Wood Dining Table with (8) Matching Dining Chairs- 72″x72″x30″
472 Elegant Upholstered Cushioned Belmont Chair
473 Elegant Upholstered Cushioned Belmont Chair
474 Decorative Talon Coffee Table with Round Glass Top- 42″x16″
474a Decorative Buddha Head Sculpture- 11″ Tall
475 Beautiful Tuscan Urn- 24″ Tall
476 Decorative Metal Brown Vase- 16″
477 Stylish South Coast Light Wood Dining Table with Extension Leaf- 78.5″x38″x29″/ 19″ Leaf (2 Corners Have Minor Damage)
478 (6) Elegant Leather and Iron Dining Chairs
479 Sphinx Tones Decorative Area Rug- 5’3″x7’9″
480 (2) Walnut Creek Decorative Table Lamps
482 Decorative Rectangular Slate Planter
483 Silver Based with White Leather Cushioned Ottoman 22″x24″x16″
484 Rapton Green Decorative Vase- 19″ Tall
485 Murano Brown Swirl Vase- 18″ Tall
486 Decorative Bolton Vase- 13″ Tall
487 Decorative Ritx Vase- 24″ Tall
488 Stylish Glass Dining Table- 60″x36″x30″
489 (2) Elegant Handmade Custom Dining Chairs
489a Beautiful Handmade Decorative Elephant- 14″x9″
490 (2) Elegant Brown Leather Dining Chairs
491 Decorative European Vase- 16″ Tall
492 Formosa Decorative Black Vase- 12″ Tall
493 Decorative Metal Urn- 15″ Tall
494 Beautiful Stone Vase- 19″ Tall
495 Villa Grande Hand Painted Grape Vase- 16″ Tall
496 Decorative Asian Style Vase- 14″ Tall
497 Elegant Dining Table with Stone Base and Glass Top- 72″x44″x29″
498 (2) Black Upholstered Forest Chair
499 (2) Elegant Wood Dining Chairs with Giraffe Fabric Cushioned Seats
500 (2) Marcus Elegant Wood Framed Dining Chairs
501 Elegant Silver Leather Side Chair
502 Large Decorative Area Rug- 120″x79″
502a Stylish Fleur De Lis Metal Wall Art- 17.5″x25.5″
502b Beautiful Fleur De Lis Wall Clock- 16″
503 (2) Zak Decorative Candle Holders with Decorative Leaf Candles- 16″, 12″
504 Decorative Bird Statue- 24″ Tall
505 Beautiful Elegant Tuscan Bowl, 18″x9″x8″
506 Westin Decorative Wicker Pot- 28″ Tall
507 (2) Decorative Stone Pedestals- 18″ Tall
507a Elegant Porto Pinto Canvas Wine Painting- 39″x19.5″
507b Stylish Metal Martini Bottle Holder Wall Art- 16″x25″
508 Beautiful Carved Wood Wall Art- 25″x18″
509 Native American Style Throw Rug- 44″x24″
510 (3) Handmade Decorative Clay Vases- 8″, 9.5″, 11″
511 Decorative Kokopeli Signed Plate- 16.5″
513 (2) Chester Decorative Storage Boxes- 12″x8″x8″, 10″x6″x6″
514 Beautiful Black/Silver Vase- 12″ Tall
515 Decorative Black/ Silver Fleur De Lis Urn- 15″ Tall
516 Elegant Black and Gold Wealth Bottle, 18″ Tall
517 Elegant Gold Colored Pot with Lid, 10″x6″
518 Decorative Signed Wood Framed Beach Scene Canvas Painting- 50″x40″
519 Beautiful Twist of Love Floral Arrangement in Elegant Vase
520 Gorgeous Ercole Mosaic Vase- 16″
521 Decorative Carved Wood Wall Art- 22″x19″
522 Decorative Verde Ceramic Pot Table Lamp on Metal Stand
523 Elegant Metal Basket with Floral Arrangement
524 Decorative Silver Buda Head- 14″ Tall
525 Decorative Black/White Sculpture- 15″ Tall
526 Lafer Wood Tray- 21″x16″
527 Decorative Sea Bisk Jar- 14″ Tall
528 Elegant Green Vase- 15″ Tall
529 Decorative Twist Vase- 14.5″ Tall
530 Decorative Tuscan Vase and Urn- 14″, 9.5″
531 Justin Elegant Vase- 10″ Tall
532 Decorative Leaf Stone Pot- 12″ Tall
533 Decorative Metal Plate Holder/ Serving Rack
534 Set of (12) Lynns Dining Plates
535 Decorative Signed Purple Plate- 16″
536 Decorative Black and Gold Colored Tile Plate, 16″
537 (2) Decorative Table Lamps
538 Decorative Area Rug, 94″x63″
539 (3) Decorative Storage Boxes
541 (2) Beautiful Wood Carved Arm Chairs with Wicker Style Seats
542 (4) Decorative Black Dillon Candle Holders
543 Decorative Planter with Floral Arrangement- 33″
544 Handmade Momeni Koi Collection Decorative Area Rug- 2’6″x8′
545 Radiance Regency Red Decorative Area Rug- 5’3″x7’6″
546 Decorative White Stone Planter with Yellow Floral Arrangement
547 (2) Decorative Table Lamps
548 Elegant Southwest Carved Wood Arm Chair with Upholstered Cushioned Seat
549 Decorative Black Vase, 35″x17″
550 Stylish Hillsdale Black Wood Coffee Table with Glass Top- 50″x26″x20″
551 Decorative Yellow Floral Arrangement in Planter
552 Stylish Dark Wood Entertainment Stand with 4 Drawers- 82″x24″x24″ (Legs Need To Be Put On)
553 Decorative Tulip Arrangement in Glass Bowl and Decorative White Floral Arrangement in Wicker Basket
554 Decorative Driftwood Round Table- 16″x21″
555 Decorative Urn Planter with Artificial Plant
556 Decorative Metal 5-Tier Candle Holder with Artificial Fruit Décor
557 Handmade Hollywood Decorative Area Rug- 5’x8′
558 Babette Holland Aviano Decorative Green Table Lamp
559 Elegant Decorative Custom Made Lamp with Shelf
560 Elegant Decorative Custom Made Lamp with Shelf
561 Decorative Round Wall Mirror- 30″
562 Decorative Floral Arrangement in Wicker Basket
563 Decorative Coffee Table with Metal Base and Glass Top- 42″x21″x17″
564 Decorative Striped Area Rug- 42″x66″
565 Habersham Heritage Round Table with 18″ Leaf, 60″x60″x30″
566 Elegant Wood Shell Box
567 Decorative Green Area Rug with No-Slip Bottom- 80″x74″
568 Decorative Urn Planter with White Floral Arrangement
569 Beautiful 5-Tier Chandelier with Leaf Accents
570 Decorative Urn Planter with Artificial Plant
571 Decorative Wood Carved Asian Wall Mask- 4″x17″
572 Beautiful Glass Swirl Bowl, 18″
573 Elegant Mosley Potteries Thunder Vase, 14″
574 Large Decorative Area Rug with Leather Trim, 102″x155″
575 Decorative Runner Rug
576 Exquisite Cube End Table
577 Decorative Cherry Red Glass Bowl- 17.5″
578 Decorative Black Spade Bowl with Top, 12″
579 (2) Elegant Lion Statue Book Ends
580 Decorative Runner Rug, 94.5″x26″
581 Large Decorative Gray Hanging Plate with Flowers, 21″
582 Stark Kent Decorative Area Rug- 61″x73.5″
583 Elegant Silver Hillsdale Bowl, 15″x8.5″x2.5″
584 Venice Clay Signed 69th Street Vase and Ceramic Floral Vase- 11.5″x 9″
585 Exquisite 5-Drawer Woho Chest with Nickel Knobs, 37.5″x18″x49″
586 (2) Elegant 2-Drawer Woho Night Stands, 25.5″x16″x25″
587 Beautiful Clear Crystal Mikasa Vase, 11″
588 Decorative Cherry Creek Area Rug, 63″x90″
589 Decorative White Planter with Artificial Plant
590 Elegant White Floral Vase Signed “B. Ware Malibu”, 12″
591 Stark Ashley Collection III Decorative Area Rug- 5’x6′
592 Elegant Clear Glass Vase, 17.5″
593 Metal Art Silver Vase Made In Mexico, 14″
594 (2) Beautiful Red Glass Candle Holders- 10″ Tall
595 Decorative Fulton Octagonal Area Rug, 60″x60″
596 Decorative Fulton Octagonal Area Rug, 60″x60″
597 Decorative Etched Glass Bowl- 12″
598 (2) Decorative Etched Glass Dishes
599 Decorative Etched Glass Dishes and Box with Lid
600 Stark Carpet Corp Area Rug
601 Perry Coyle Signed Decorative Floral Glass Plate- 12.5″
602 (2) Decorative Leather Storage Boxes- 13″x8.5″x4.5″
603 Stark Montreaux Decorative Area Rug- 72″x61″
604 (2) Sheffield England Tea Pots and (2) Sheffield England Creamers
605 (6) Assorted Wine and Champagne Glasses
606 Crystal Oil Bottle, Italy Bottle and Glass Decanter
607 Stark Carpet Corp Area Rug, 60″x76″
608 Elegant Blue Marcus Vase- 9″ Tall
609 Decorative Brown Plex Vase- 15.5″
610 Gorgeous Crystal Red Vase- 11″ Tall
610a Decorative Framed Wall Art, 54.5″x54.5″
611 Decorative Brown/Gold Floral Vase- 10″ Tall
612 Decorative Silver Storage Box- 12″x12″x4″
613 Decorative Area Rug, 60″x78″
614 Beautiful Blue Vase- 5.25″ Tall
615 (3) Campagnolo 3-Piece Ceramic Canister Set
615a Decorative Pink Flower Painting Signed, 64.5″x38″
616 Decorative Metal Safai Bowl- 14.5″x8″x10″
617 Decorative Gold Color Candle Stand with Décor Ball- 9.5″x6.5″
618 Decorative Area Rug- 5’x7′
619 Pasale Judit Signed Handmade Decorative Clock- 3.5″x2.5″x6.25″
620 Pasale Judit Signed Handmade Decorative Clock- 3.5″x2.5″x6.25″
621 Pasale Judit Signed Handmade Decorative Clock- 3.5″x2.5″x6.25″
622 Pasale Judit Signed Handmade Decorative Clock- 3.5″x2.5″x6.25″
624 (3) Decorative Floral Tim Planters
625 Stark Winford Rose Decorative Area Rug- 72″x61″
626 Maxcera Decorative Green Ceramic Pot and Decorative Toton Vase- 12″x7″x4″, 6.5″ Tall
627 Decorative Ceramic Vine Vase- 13.5″ Tall
628 Evans Ruku Signed Decorative Plate with Stand- 12.5″
629 (3) Décor Items Including (2) Decorative Boxes and (1) Decorative Zak Bottle
630 (2) Decorative Leather Storage Boxes- 10″x8″x3″, 8.5″x6″x6″
630a Exquisite Hand Carved Alabaster Lamp
631 Decorative Crystal Decanter- 7.5″x11″
632 Chester Decorative Table Lamp
633 Amazing Hillsdale Chest with 10-Drawers, 39″x20.5″x68″
634 Hanna Bahral Jerusalem Decorative Glass Plate- 13″
635 Decorative Glass Platter and Bowl- 11″x8″, 8″x7″
636 (7) Silver Candle Holders (3 Separate Matching Sets)
637 (2) Decorative Glass Candle Holders- 9″, 12″
638 Elegant Hand Painted Glass Vase- 12″ Tall
639 Beautiful Patton Urn- 13″ Tall
640 Decorative Ceramic Bowl and (2) Decorative Ceramic Plates
641 Decorative Signed Ceramic Blue Vase- 9.5″
642 (2) Mikasa Stylish Red Glasses
643 (2) Decorative Urn Statues and (1) Acorn Statue- 9″, 13.5″
644 Decorative Glass Vase with Fruit Décor- 14″ Tall
645 (3) Orrefors Crystal Raspberry Votive Candle Holders
646 Exquisite Glass Swirl Vase- 14″ Tall
647 Elegant Blue Crystal Bowl- 5.5″ Tall
648 Decorative Brown Candle Stand and Decorative Sculpture
648a Elegant 3-Light Iron Chandelier, 28″ not Including Chain
649 Elegant Wood Sculpture “LOVE” and White XO Vase, 19.5″ and 9.5″
650 (2) Matching Decorative Sculptures
651 Elegant Silver Leaf Platter and Candle Holder
652 Luxurious Tuscan Urn
653 Lenox Crystal Vase- 8″ Tall
654 Decorative Southwest Clock
655 (3) Handmade Native American Wall Art Pieces
656 (2) Wood Décor Items Including Dual Bowl and Box
657 Decorative Glass Vase and Jar with Lid
658 Decorative “Book End” Book Ends
659 Decorative Southwest Woven Plate, Pots and Basket
660 Decorative Black Vase
661 (2) Decorative Urns
662 Beautiful Brown Vase
663 (2) Decorative Gold Framed Mirrors- 11″x13″
664 (3) Native American Décor Items Including “Indian Fair & Market” Plaque, Signed Bowl and Jug
665 Decorative Southwest Candle Holder and (2) Decorative Pots with Plants
666 Decorative Angel Sculpture and Dove Sculpture (1 Bird has Broken Tail)
667 Decorative Metal Lion Sculpture and Dog Sculpture
668 The Wilton Co. Silver Bread Tray and Decorative Metal Sun Wall Art
669 Decorative Silver Reindeer Candle Holder and (2) Matching Silver Candle Holders
670 Decorative Desk Clock
670a Beautiful Birch Wood 2-Door Cabinet, 33″x20″x28.5″
671 (2) Metal Star Book Ends
672 Hand Painted Signed Bottle and Cup
673 Elegant Decorative Vince Book End Set
674 Handmade African Tribal Mask with Decorative Drum
675 The Great Wall Decorative Serving Tray- 14.5″x9.5″
676 Decorative Wire Apple and Metal Framed Lamp
677 Decorative Beverly Jar and Southwest Wall Plate,
678 Elegant Renoir Designs 4″x6″ Picture Frame
679 Wood Framed The Expedition II “The Hunt 1805″ Signed by Gary P. Miller, 10″x12”
680 Painted Plate with Monkey and Hanging Bracket, 10″
680a Elegant Gold China Set for 12
681 Elegant White Vase with Birds and Trees, 10″
682 Elegant Fleur De Lis Tuscan Jar, Minor Damage
683 Beautiful Artificial Tree in Elegant Planter, 17″
684 Elegant Bronze Colored Zak Vase, 13.5″
685 Contemporary Hanging Light Fixture, 8″x8″x20″
686 Carved Wooden Bowl with Handle, 16″x14.5″
687 Decorative Wall Lamp with Cheetah Print Shade, 15″
688 (2) Pink Flowers in Elegant Glass Vases
689 (5) Decorative Hanging Wall Art, 8″x8″ and 6″x6″
690 Decorative Hanging Ball Lamp, 17″
691 Daniel Full Size Wood Bed Frame
692 Elegant Birch Wood Book Case, 15″x83″x14″
693 (2) Elegant Wood Night Stands with 1-Drawer, 20″x17″x29″
694 Decorative Canvas Painting, 36″x42″
695 Wonderful Robb & Stucky Black Wood Framed Mirror, 28.5″x51″
696 Elegant Wood Framed Drexal Mirror, 29″x49″
697 Elegant Wood Framed Robb & Stucky Mirror, 37″x40″
698 Elegant Dark Wood Framed Hiro Mirror, 35.5″x44″
699 Decorative Thamel Area Rug, 10’x14′
700 Elegant Wood Sewing Machine Center, No Key, 24″x19.5″x30″
701 (2) Elegant Wood Arm Chairs with Red and White Upholstered Cushions
702 Decorative Cherry Wood Framed Mirror, 39″x46″
703 Elegant Wood Framed Mirror with Ledge, 39″x24″
704 Decorative Forrest Canvas Painting, 30″x40″
705 Large Roll of Unused Cloth Fabric
706 Decorative Travertine Shelf, 63″x20″x1.5″
707 Decorative Travertine Shelf, 19″x65.5″x1.5″
708 Elegant Floral Painting in Black Wood Frame, 36″x36″
709 Elegant Iron Lamp with White Lamp Shade
710 Decorative Glass Plate with Stand, 23″x27″
711 Decorative Summer Floral Arrangement in Vase
712 (3) Glass Candle Holders, 6.5″
713 Large Decorative Glass Cylinder and Glass Salad Bowl, 10″x5″ and 9.5″x33.5″
714 Decorative Planter Box with Foliage
715 Beautiful Red Bolton Vase and Clear Glass Vase, 4″x20″ and 11″x12″
716 Elegant White and Silver Tolon Vase, 10.5″
717 Elegant Chocolate Round Plate, 24″
718 Elegant Decorative Serving Tray, Made In Mexico, 23″x15.5″
719 (3) Decorative Wicker Baskets
720 (3) Decorative Wicker Baskets
721 (2) Decorative Wicker Baskets
722 Elegant Red Lush Tray and Silver Round Metal Tray
723 Elegant White Serving Tray with Decorative Fruits
724 Decorative Iron Wall Plaque, 27″x14″
725 Elegant 4-Wick Candle with Iron Stand, 6″x6″x18″
726 Elegant 4-Wick Candle with Iron Stand, 6″x6″x11″
727 Elegantly Trimmed Metal Serving Tray, 20″x14″
728 Decorative Wood Western Bowl with Rope Surround, 15″x10″x3″
729 Decorative “His” Metal Wall Accent Piece, 10″x9″x24″
730 Metal Plate Holder and Wood Wicker Tray, 20″x13″ and 14.5″x11″x20.5″
731 Decorative Wood Wall Shelf and Metal Accent, 24″7″x5″ and 24″x5″x2.5″
732 Decorative Bowl with Signed Base, 15.5″x8″
733 Decorative Wood Framed Abstract Art, 15″x15″
734 (2) Decorative Plant Arrangements Including Summer and Cactus
735 Elegant Copper Straining Pan
736 Beautiful Signed Clay Pot, 7″
737 (3) Decorative Elegant Silk Table Linens, 70″x70″


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