SCOTTSDALE DASH Luxury Furniture Store Liquidation Auction PART D

Start Date: Wednesday 11/20/13
End Date: November 23, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Saturday 11/23/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 7625 E. Redfield Rd., Suite #200, Scottsdale AZ 85260
Load Out Times: Sunday 11/24/13 and Monday 11/25/13 from 10am to 4pm ONLY!

Photo Gallery:

738 Exquisite Rustic Wood Armoire with 2-Doors and 3-Drawers, 50″x25″x79″
738a Beautiful Wood Display Cabinet with Glass and Wood Shelves, No Light Fixture, 21″x19″x78″
739 Elegant Bronze Standing Lamp with Frosted Glass Shade
740 Decorative Wood Carved Wall Shelf, 39″
741 (2) Elegant Candle Holders, 23.5″ and 17″
742 (2) Signed Canvas Leaf Paintings, 23.5″x23.5″
743 (2) Decorative Framed Leaf Paintings Signed “Martin”, 28″x28″
744 Beautiful Signed Painting of Jesus Carrying Cross27.5″x37.5″
746 Decorative Valley Fair Circle Canvas Painting, 26″x38″
747 Elegant Glass Dolton Vase, 13″
748 Beautiful Silver and Black Colton Vase, 19″
749 Decorative Artificial Tree in Planter, 60″
750 Elegant Silver Vase, 11″
751 Decorative Artificial Tree in Planter, 72″
752 Decorative Wall Art Painting, 43″x35″
753 Decorative Sail Boat Wall Art Painting, 36″x27″
754 Decorative Wood Framed Wall Art Signed “Giovanni”, 44.5″x44.5″
755 Decorative Silver Framed Wall Art, 37.5″x44.5″
756 Elegant Silver Schunerman Bottle, 16″
757 Elegant Wood Framed Wall Art, 32.5″x37″
758 Elegant Wood Framed Wall Art, 32.5″x37″
759 Elegant Cream Colored Dolton Octagonal Mirror, 41″
760 (2) Decorative Wall Art Paintings, 22″x22″
761 (2) Decorative Leaf Paintings, 15.5″x27.5″
762 Elegant 10-Candle Metal Candle Holder, 31″
763 Decorative Silver Tray with 3 Wood Deco Pieces, 19″x8″x4″
764 Decorative Soho Rod Iron Piece, 28.5″x11″
765 Decorative Soho Rod Iron Piece, 28.5″x11″
766 Decorative Artificial Plant in Pot
767 Elegant Sunburst Flower Arrangement with Decorative Vase
768 Decorative White Wood Shelf Cabinet, 43.5″x20″x49″
769 Elegant Dark Wood Framed Mirror, 38″x42″
770 Beautiful Framed Canvas Painting Signed, Small Tear on Canvas, 58″x48″
771 Elegant Glass Planter with Artificial Plant
772 Elegant Glass Vase with Artificial Tulip Plant
773 Large Blue Decorative Planter, 26″x27″
774 Large Blue Decorative Planter, 26″x27″
775 Decorative Copper Tin with Plant, 5″ Pot
776 Decorative Beach Shell on Black Stand, 13″
777 Decorative Leather Trimmed Area Rug, Minor Damage to Leather Trim, 179″x76″
778 Decorative Beige Colored Area Rug, 145″x108″
779 (2) Decorative Glass Plates, 10″ and 11″
780 Decorative Soho Rod Iron Piece, 28.5″x11″
781 Decorative Soho Rod Iron Piece, 28.5″x11″
782 Custom Made Queen Size Head Board with Metal Base
783 Decorative Mounted Branding Iron, 34″x8″
784 Elegant Wood Framed Mirror with Metal Accents, 50″x45″
785 Decorative Artificial Tree in Gold Colored Planter, 51″
786 Decorative Artificial Plant in Wicker Basket
787 Decorative Wood Framed Star Wall Art, 18″x18″
788 Elegant 5-Candle Bronze and Gold Colored Candle Holder, One Arm Loose, 16″
789 Elegant Table Lamp with Gray Shade
790 (2) Elegant Rod Iron Table Lamps
791 Decorative Metal Tin with Artificial Flower Arrangement
792 Elegant Metal and Glass Candle Holder
793 Decorative Thristen Vase with Floral Arrangement, 30″
794 Decorative Clear Glass Vase with Beautiful Pink Flowers
795 Elegant Wall Sconce Décor, 14″x15″
796 Elegant Black Decorative Vase, 17″
797 (2) Decorative Framed Wall Paintings, 15.5″x13.5″
798 Beautiful Black Wood Framed Signed Painting31″x25″
799 Elegant Framed Mirror22″x26″
800 Decorative Urn Planter with Artificial Plant
801 Decorative Clay Planter with Artificial Plant
802 (2) Decorative Wicker Baskets
803 Elegant Wood Framed Abstract Art, 40.5″x29.5″
804 (2) Decorative Rod Iron Décor Pieces, 44″x22.5″
805 Dark Wood Framed Palm Tree Art, 27″x27″
806 Decorative Artificial Plant in Planter
807 Elegant Black Wood Framed Soho Mirror, 35.5″x47″
808 Elegant White Vase with Floral Arrangement
809 Italian Writing Set Including Venetian Glass Pen, Blue Ink and Leather Journal
810 (2) Artificial Plant Arrangements in Wicker Baskets
811 Elegant Cushioned Upholstered Ottoman, 41″x41″x18″
812 Decorative Wood Framed with Gold Colored Accent Flower Painting, 18″x30″
813 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows
814 (2) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
815 Decorative Black Wood Framed Face Abstract Art, 19″x23″
816 (3) Elegant Decorative Tree Paintings, 14″x16″
817 Decorative Silver Framed Wall Art, 24.5″x24.5″
818 Decorative Silver Framed Abstract Art, 30″x24″
819 Decorative Red Scheurich Vase, 16″
820 (2) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
821 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows
822 Elegant Wood Framed Wall Art, 18″x30″
823 Decorative Downe Burns Wall Art, 31.5″x31.5″
824 Decorative Canvas “Time Becomes Meaningless in the Face of Creativity” Painting, 24″x30″
826 (4) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
827 (3) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
828 Decorative Black Framed “Have Faith in Yourself and Trust in God” #254/500 Wall Art, 29″x23″
829 Decorative Wall Art of Boy and Girl Painting, 24″x28″
830 (2) Decorative Heart Shaped Bowls, 6″x6″ and 3.5″x4″
831 Wood Framed Cowboy Boot Painting Signed “Vivian”, 13″x10″
832 Decorative Canvas Abstract Art Signed “Edwin”, 22″x22″
833 Elegant Wood Framed Pare du Chateau de Canon Painting, 19″x23″
834 Elegant Wood Framed Picture Holder, 21.5″x25.5″
835 (6) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
836 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
837 Elegant Black Framed Abstract Art, 23″x27″
838 Decorative Framed Painting “Weinmann Cactus II”, 19″x24″
839 Decorative Wood Framed Palm Tree Art, 16″x19″
840 (2) Decorative Wood Framed Wall Paintings, 22″x22″
841 (4) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
842 (4) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
844 Decorative Wood Framed Tree Painting, 17″x29″
845 Decorative Southwest Style Downe Burns Painting38″x27″
846 Decorative Wood Framed Painting “Wood Gatherer of Walpi” Signed Paul Calle, 33″x25″
847 Decorative Framed Signed Painting, 33″x33″
848 Decorative Framed Field Painting31″x39″
849 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
850 Elegant Cheetah Pattern Accent Pillow
852 (2) Elegant Metal Wall Sconce Lights with Glass Shades, 9″x14″
854 Elegant Table Lamp , No Lamp Shade
855 (2) Elegant Clear Glass Jars with Lids, 25″ and 30″
856 Elegant Wood Framed Painting “Oksana’a Bouquet” by Bradford 29″x36″
857 Decorative Framed Abstract Wall Art, 28.5″x28.5″
858 Elegant Wood Framed Painting “Portrait/Pink Spring Flowers” by Bekaert, 33″x33″
859 Decorative Signed Canvas Painting, 36″x24″
860 Decorative Painting Elizabeth Murray The Museum of Modern Art, 30″x32″
861 The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles Painting, 38.5″x27.5″
862 Elegant Three Face Abstract Art, 29″x35″
863 (2) Decorative Rodeo Accent Pillows
864 Decorative Iron Table Lamp with Cowhide Shade
865 Decorative Tribal Face Statue- 23.5″ Tall
866 Beautiful Sphinx Statue- 13.5″ Tall
867 Decorative White Ceramic Vase- 12.5″ Tall
868 Decorative Brown Ceramic Vase- 26″ Tall
869 Elegant Glass Vase- 17″ Tall- and Silver Drink Shaker
870 Stylish Brown Vase- 17.5″ Tall
871 Pasale Judit Signed Decorative Clock- 3.5″x2.5″x6.5″
872 Decorative Artificial Tree in Wicker Planter- 9 Ft
873 (2) Decorative Metal Rectangle Planters- 11″x5″x5″, 12″x7″x4″
874 Decorative Storage Basket with Lid, Decorative Warming Basket and (4) Decorative Placemats
875 (3) Decorative Matching Bowls
876 Decorative Metal Planter- 14.5″x10″x9″
877 (2) Decorative Framed Leaf Wall Art- 10.5″x12.5″
878 (6) Assorted Decorative Picture Frames
879 Decorative Gold Framed Wall Art- 21″x11″
880 Decorative Book Ends with (4) Books
881 (4) Decorative Storage Boxes
882 (2) Decorative Wicker Baskets
883 Stylish Cusp Side Table with Drawer- 19″x19″x22″
884 (2) Malibu Matching Decorative Metal Floor Lamps- 48″ Tall
885 Group of Decorative Items Including Brown Vase, Metal Candle Holder, Glass Candle Holder and Wood Plate
886 Decorative Rooster Vase and Decorative Metal Bowl with Artificial Fruit Décor
887 (2) Decorative Red Jars and (1) Decorative Frosted Glass Jar with Lid
888 Decorative White Vase and Bowl
889 (6) Italy Blue Desert Glasses
890 Beautiful Framed Flower Painting- 33″x33″
891 Decorative Wicker Wall Planter with Artificial Floral Arrangement- 15″x13″
892 (2) Decorative Framed Signed Scenic Pictures- 19″x23″, 20″x16″
893 Santa Fe Vineyards Framed Picture- 16″x20″
894 (2) Decorative Framed Wine Pictures- 16.5″x19.5″
895 Beautiful Framed Boat Picture- 22″x18″
896 Decorative Framed Face Picture- 16″x17″
897 Beautiful Framed Wall Art- 15″x22″
898 Decorative Tile Medallion- 36″
899 Decorative Tile Medallion- 36″ (Missing Some Tiles)
900 (4) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
901 (2) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
901a Large Group of Wax Candles with 1 Rod Iron Candle Holder
901b Large Group of Furniture Cleaner and Protectant
902 (2) Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
903 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
904 Tommy Hilfiger Blanket and Nautica Wedge Pillow
905 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
906 (4) Decorative Silver Serving Trays
907 Elegant Dark Wood Candle Pedestal, 12″
909 Group of Wood Bowls and Plates, and Woven Placemats
910 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
910a (3) Decorative Wicker Planters with Artificial Plants
910b (4) Metal and 1 Glass Vases with Decorative Bamboo Sticks
911 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
912 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
913 (4) Colton Matching Decorative Accent Pillows
914 Group of Clear Glass Plates, Bowls and Vase, 11 Pieces
915 Assorted Glass Dishware with Assorted Patterns, 19 Pieces
916 Group of Glass Dishware Including Plates, Cups, and Trays, 13 Pieces
917 (4) Elegant Silver Candle Holders, Green Cream and Sugar Holders, and (7) Coventry Stoneware Cups, 13 Pieces
918 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
919 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows
920 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
920a Home Inspirations Decorative Drapery Rod Set and Delta 24″ Towel Bar with Hooks
921 (3) Assorted Decorative Accent Pillows
922 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows
923 (3) Assorted Decorative Accent Pillows
924 (3) Assorted Decorative Accent Pillows
925 (4) Decorative Accent Pillows with Bed Skirt and Sheet
926 (3) Decorative Accent Pillows with 2 Matching Pillow Cases and 2 Quilts and 2 Sheet
926a Decorative Bedding Set Including Accent Pillows, Full Pillows with Pillow Cases and Comforter
927 (3) Assorted Decorative Accent Pillows
928 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
929 (2) Decorative Accent Pillows
930 (3) Assorted Decorative Accent Pillows
931 (2) Decorative Artificial Plants with Wicker Baskets
932 (2) Decorative Planters with Artificial Flowers
933 (2) Elegant Wicker Baskets with Foliage
934 (2) Artificial Plants in Planters
935 (2) Artificial Plants in Planters
936 (4) Decorative Assorted Artificial Plants in Planters
937 Elegant Wood Framed Painting, 35.5″x43″
938 Elegant Wood Framed Painting, 35.5″x43″
939 Decorative Black and White Abstract Art, 24″x34″
940 (2) Decorative Mountainside in Snow Paintings, 29″x35″
941 Elegant Carved Wood Framed Singed Painting, N. Galli, 34″x30″
942 (4) Decorative Wall Art Pieces, Minor Damage, 14″x14″
943 (2) Decorative Wood Accent Wall Art Pieces, 9″x26″ and 22″x22″
944 (2) Decorative Framed Vase Paintings, 23″x28″
945 (3) Decorative Elegant Framed and Signed Plant Paintings, 15″x27″ and 23″x27″
946 (2) Elegant Framed Flower Paintings, 24″x28″
947 (4) Decorative Flower Wall Art Paintings, 13″x16″
948 (3) Decorative Wall Art Paintings, 15″x12″ and 16″x11″
949 Elegant Wood Framed Flower Painting, 24″x19″
950 Group of Assorted Decorative Wall Art and Decorative Mirror, Mirror Frame Cracked
951 Group of Decorative Artificial Plants with Planters
952 Large Group of Decorative Wicker Baskets
953 (2) Large Glass Table Top Pieces
954 Group of Decorative Pillar Pieces
955 Whirlpool Model ED5VHFXVO06 Refrigerator
956 Group of Electronics Including 3 Toshiba DVD Players and Sony Stereo
957 Omni Mount Tria Series 3-Shelf Wall System
958 Magnavox Model 15MF050V/17 Flat Screen TV
959 Group of Assorted Computer Equipment Including 2 Monitors, PC, Mouse, Keyboard and USB Speakers
960 Magner 35 Money Counter
961 4-Channel MJPEG DVR with Remotes and Surveillance Camera Cables


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