SCOTTSDALE ONSITE Paddock Pools Office Relocation Online Auction PART C

Start Date: Tuesday 10/22/13
End Date: October 27, 2013 8:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 10/25/13 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 6525 E. Thomas Rd., Scottsdale AZ 85251
Load Out Times: Monday 10/28/13 and Tuesday 10/29/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

9 Large Decorative Artificial Palm Tree in Large Planter- Approx. 176″ Tall- Planter- 32″x32″x28″
30c Fichet-Bauche Combination Safe- 24.5″x30.75″x54″ (No Combination)
30d Shaw-Walker Safe with Yale Combination Lock and Combination- 25″x27″x40.5″
30e Underwriters Laboratories Fire Insulated Filing Device 17″x20.5″x15″ (No Key)
30f Steel Safe (Manufacturer Unknown) 21.5″x25″x22″ (No Key)
30g Sargent & Greenleaf Combination Safe with Combination- 24.5″x21″x31.5″
57 Elegant Executive Office Desk with Glass Desk Top, 5 Drawers and Hutch Top- 120″x120″x72″
64 Elegant Executive 9-Drawer Office Desk72″x36″x31″
90 Wood Bookcase with 3 Adjustable Shelves- 36″x12″x48″
141 Wood 2-Piece Office Desk with 4 Drawers and Keyboard Slide- 82″x72″x29″ (Small Chip on 1 Drawer)
142 Rolling Office Chair with Adjustable Height
143 (2) Office Chairs
144 (2) HON Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
145 HON Metal 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
194 Light Wood 2-Piece 4-Drawer Office Desk- 66″x75″x29″- With Rolling Office Chair
285 (4) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
286 (2) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
287 (2) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets (1 with Key)
288 (3) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
289 (4) Metal Filing Cabinets- (2) 2-Drawer and (2) 3-Drawer
290 (3) Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
290a (4) Metal Filing Cabinets- (2) 4-Drawer and (2) 2-Drawer
290b (3) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
291 (6) Metal Filing Cabinets- (5) 3-Drawer and (1) 2-Drawer
292 (6) Metal Filing Cabinets- (3) 3-Drawer and (3) 2-Drawer
293 (6) Metal Filing Cabinets- (4) 3-Drawer and (2) 2-Drawer
294 (6) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets
295 (5) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets on Wheels
324 (3) Computer Monitors Including (2) Planar PL1700 Flat Screens and (1) Compaq 7500
428 (2) Desktop Printers Including Samsung ML-2010 and HP Laserjet P1505n
429 Canon Laser Class 710 Super G3 Facsimile Transceiver
430 Canon Laser Class 710 Super G3 Facsimile Transceiver
431 Ricoh Aficio 1013F Copier/Fax Machine
432 Toshiba Dp85F Fax Machine
433 Canon Laser Class 510 Fax Machine
434 Canon Laser Class 510 Fax Machine
434a Canon Image Runner 1370F Copier/Fax Machine
435 HP Laserjet 4000N Printer, Ricoh Fax 3900L, and Ricoh Fax 2700L
436 (2) HP Laserjet Printers Including 2200dn and 1100A
437 (2) HP Laserjet Printers Including 2100 and 5P
438 (2) HP LaserJet 2420dn Printers
439 (4) Epson FX-890 Fax Machines
440 (5) Oki Printers Including Microline 321 Turbo, 420, and 320 Turbo
441 Group of Portable Printers Including Pentax PocketJet, Canon BJC-50, and HP
442 Group of Assorted Mobile Phones Including Motorola i335, i205, and More
443 Nortel Networks Model Option 11C Phone System
444 Nortel NTAK11BD Phone System
445 Nortel NTAK11BD Phone System
446 Nortel NTDK32AA Phone System
446a (2) Powervar 6.0 Power Conditioner
446b (2) Powervar 6.0 Power Conditioner
447 Group of Asserted Office Phones Including Nortel, Avaya, and Polycom
448 (4) Conference Phones Including Polycom Soundstation IP6000 and Konftel 100
449 Group of Assorted Computer Accessories Including Pentax Portable Printer, Ethernet Cable, Power Cords and More
450 Group of Assorted Office Equipment Including Ethernet Cable, Wireless Receivers, Clamping Kit and More
451 Group of Assorted Cords Including Extension Cords, Phone Cords, Power Cables and More
452 Group of Assorted Power and Phone Cords
453 Group of Assorted Power and Ethernet Cables
454 Group of Cords Including Power and Phone
455 Large Group of Surge Strips and Extension Cords
456 (5) HP Desktop Computers Including Model dc5000 MT
457 (5) HP Desktop Computers Including Model dc5100 MT
458 (3) Desktop Computers Including HP and MPC Millennia
459 (3) Battery Backup Units Including Matrix-UPS 3000, Smartcell, and APS
460 (11) HP Compaq Desktop Computers
461 (3) Dell PowerConnect 2224 Switches and (1) Andrew Superstar/400 plus-2 Intelligent 5250 Star Panel
462 (13) Bay Networks Micro Annex-XL Terminal Server
462a (3) Bay Networks Micro Annex-XL Terminal Servers, (1) HP ProCurve 10/100 Hub and (2) US Robotics Modems
463 TechDisplay Model 1510CB 15″ LCD Monitor
464 TechDisplay Model 1510CB 15″ LCD Monitor and Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Router
465 (2) Computer Monitors Including I-Inc HSG1122 and CTX S500B
466 (4) Computer Monitors Including Acer V193W and Planar Systems PL1700-BK
467 (4) Computer Monitors Including Planar Systems PL1700 and PL1910M
468 (4) Planar Systems PL1700 Computer Monitors
469 (4) Computer Monitors Including ViewSonic VG900 and Planar Systems PL1700
470 (3) HP LaserJetPrinters Including P3005dn, 4250n and 4200n
471 Group of Hewlett Packard Equipment Including ScanJet 5300C Scanner, 3180 Fax, 1012 Printer, and 2550n Printer
472 (7) Assorted Printers Including HP LaserJet 4000N, XEROX Documate 510, Canon Laser Class 9000L and More
473 (5) OKI Microline 420 9-Pin Printers
474 Group of Electronics Including Disk Drives, a Power Supply and Curtis Data Switch
475 Large Group of Electronic Equipment Including Digital Cameras, Portable Printers, Surge Strips and More
476 Group of Computer Components Including Monitors, Keyboards, Desktop Computers and Printers
478 Canon Laser Class 510 Copier/Fax Machine
479 Canon Image Runner 5000i Copier
480 Lanier LD135 Copier
481 Decision Data 6614-CTA Line Matrix Printer
482 Canon Laser Class 2060P Fax Machine, HP LaserJet 5000N Printer, Canon Laser Class 2050 Fax and Paper Tray
483 Canon Image Runner 8070 Copier
484 Canon Image Runner 5000i Copier
485 Lanier LD127 Copier
486 Canon Image Runner 3320i Copier
487 Canon Image Runner 3570 Copier
488 Canon Image Runner 3570 Copier
489 Canon Image Runner 2870 Copier
490 Canon Image Runner 3570 Copier
491 Canon Image Runner 3320i Copier
492 (2) Canon Image Runner Copiers (1 Wheel Broken)
493 Image Runner 3570 Copier
494 Canon Image Runner 5000i Copier
496 (2) Defibtech Reviver Portable Defibulators (Electrode Pads Expired)
497 Group of Connection Cords
498 (5) enMotion Motion Activated Hand Towel Dispensers
499 Group of Restroom Items Including Towel Dispenser, Air Freshener Cans, and Cleaning Supplies
500 Group of Office Equipment Including Computers, Monitor, Laminator and Printer
501 (2) Ridgid 1-1/4″ Accessory 5-Piece Multi-Purpose Detailing Kits
502 (6) LaSico Model L-10 Mechanical Planimeter
503 (6) LaSico Model L-10 Mechanical Planimeter
504 (6) Haff Mechanical Planimeter
505 Whirlpool Full Size Refrigerator
506 Roper Full Size Refrigerator
508 Avanti Mini Fridge
509 Avanti Model 51RG Refrigerator
510 Absocold Model ARO21MG15R Mini Fridge
511 (2) Microwaves Including Emerson and Professional Series and (1) Wood Rolling Shelf
512 Round Table with Frosted Top and Four Folding Chairs
513 Round Table with Frosted Top and Three Folding Chairs
514 Round Table with Frosted Top and Three Folding Chairs
515 Group of Assorted Cooking Utensils Including Spatulas, Forks and Tongs
516 Rubbermaid Trash Can with Lid
517 United Defender Steel Step Trash Can
540 (7) Bulletin Boards
567 Decorative Artificial Tree in Decorative Planter
576a (2) Sections of Pallet Racking- 201″x44″x144″
576b (2) Sections of Pallet Racking- 208″x49″x144″
576c (1) Section of Pallet Racking- 102″x37″x120″
576d (1) Section of Pallet Racking- 102″x37″x122″
576e (2) Sections of Pallet Racking- 201″x44″x144″ (Contents Not Included)
576f (2) Sections of Pallet Racking- 237″x51″x99″ (Contents Not Included)
576g (2) Sections of Pallet Racking- 102″x38″x120″ (Contents Not Included)
576h (1) Section of Pallet Racking- 125″x48″x144″ (Contents Not Included)
577a Large Section of Metal Shelving with Wood Shelves- 199″x50″x72″
577b Large Section of Metal Shelving with Wood Shelves- 199″x50″x72″
577c Large Section of Metal Shelving with Wood Shelves- 199″x50″x72″
580 (2) Metal Racks with Wood Shelves- 37″x19″x84″
581 Wood 2-Piece 5-Drawer Office Desk-60″x71″x29″- with Wood Bookcase and Bulletin Board
582 Wood 3-Drawer Office Desk with CPU Shelf- 60″x30″x29″
583 Wood 3-Piece Office Desk- 73″x100″x29″
584 Wood 2-Door Cabinet- 30″x17″x30″
585 Wood Bookcase- 36″x12″x72″
586 (4) Matching Office Chairs
587 (3) Office Chairs (2 Rolling)
588 (4) Rolling Office Chairs (1 Has Stains)
589 (3) HON Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
590 (3) HON Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
591 (3) HON Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
592 (3) HON Metal 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets
593 (4) Metal 2-Drawer Filing Cabinets and (1) Metal Filing Cart
594 Group of Assorted Office Supplies Including (2) Dry Erase Boards, Paper Filers and more
595 (2) Computer Carts with (3) HP CPUs Flat Screen Monitor and more
596 HP Design Jet 755CM Printer
597 Large Dry Erase Board with Markers, Erasers and Cleaner
598 Large Receptionist Desk with 4 Filing Cabinets and Wood Counters- 213″x93″x41″
599 Large Lateral Metal 6-Drawer Filing Cabinet with Wood Top- 84″x18″x41″
600 L-Shaped Partition Desk Unit with 2 Filing Cabinets, Overhead Cabinet and Partition Wall- 75″x88″x68″, 93″x33″x54″
601 (2) Office Chairs
602 (2) Office Chairs
603 (4) Office Chairs (3 Matching, 1 Rolling) (Minor Damage)
604 L-Shaped Wood Office Desk with Metal Base and 4-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet, Rolling Office Chair, Partition Walls, Wood 2-Door Cabinet and much more


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