TUCSON Antiques and Collectibles Estate Auction PART A

Start Date: Wednesday 11/27/13
End Date: December 3, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Monday 12/2/13 and Tuesday 12/3/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 1441 E. 17th St., Tucson AZ 85719
Load Out Times: Wednesday 12/4/13 through Friday 12/6/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

10376 Lost wax casting bronze bust of a woman
10377 mini gumball machine
10378 brass 32″x48″ victorian style chandelier
10379 Brass 5 stem candelabra w/ silver toned plating
10380 Nyctocereus serpentinus stained glass window in hand made wood frame
10381 Elegant Waterbury Clock Col Metal w/ Gold Overtones No winding key
10382 Beautiful Yale Lamp M.B.CO.N.Y. Bronze
10383 Hand crafted and hand painted Bamboo Parasol
10384 Grace line caribbean south america cruises travel poster on canvas 23×25″
10385 Paris Travel Poster on canvas 26×36″
10386 Paris Travel Poster on canvas 16-1/2 x 22-1/2″
10387 Fly to the caribbean by clipper Pan American Airways poster on canvas 20×28″
10388 Spend your holidays in Jamaica poster on canvas 23-1/2’x35″
10389 San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge travel poster professionally framed 26×32″
10390 Peru of the Incas Pan American Travel poster on canvas 16″x22″
10391 Pan American South Sea isles travel poster on canvas 16×22″
10392 Jacobs all metal scale w/ original paint and full set of brass weights 1g-500g
10393 English Silver M.F.G Corp. 6481 Made in USA rotating serving tray w/ cover
10394 Trans pacific flight Pan America Travel poster on canvas 20×28″
10395 Elegant brass Chandelier
10396 Beautiful Eight armed brass chandelier
10397 Elegant gold toned chandelier w/ 5 light fixtures
10398 clay Alchohol Jug
10399 Andrea by Sadek Brass Serving dish
10400 Elegant Silver toned condement tray w/ 4 fluted glass containers
10401 Brass Chandelier w/ silver paint job
10402 W.M. Bernard Manufacturer New York Brass cigar tray
10403 Lightning McQueen talking alarm clock/lamp
10404 Copper Cigar Holder
10405 Black wood pottery stand w/ hand painted pot
10406 Howard Miller wall clock w/ fruit decorated face
10407 Handmade bottle w/ low grade silver decoration and Ship shaped stopper
10408 Glass ashtray
10409 Mideval Helmet shaped mug Excalibur Las Vegas
10410 Heritage village collection 1992 gate house snowy village figure
10411 Pair of vintage solid steel handcuffs No Key
10413 Set of 2 brass candle sticks 26″
10414 set of 2 brass rotating mirror/portrait holders
10415 5 pieces of glass dishes w/ floral acid etchings includes: 2 wine glasses, 2 plates, 1 bowl w/ spoon
10416 2 Gevalia Black Coffee Mogs w/ gold trim and “by appointment to his magesty the king of Sweden” painted on and 2 Gevalia glass jars
10417 4 Irish coffee cups
10418 “When the going gets tough the tough get coffee” Coffee Cup
10419 Solid brass double inkwell w/ 2 pens, 1 extra tip, ink blotter and letter opener
10420 Summer shop 6 piece Bar-B-Q tool set
10421 iPreziosi by C.F Design Gold rimmed glass set of 6 in red velvet box
10422 AC guide headlamp authorized aligning kit for regular and rectangular lamps
10423 kiddie fire escape ladder in red plastic case
10424 Gevalia 12 Cup coffee maker model XCC-12
10425 Set of 3 fireplace tools including ” Broom, poker and coal tongs brass stand and handles
10426 Vynal record set great music from the movies 4 records total
10427 RCA victor red seal records Rachmaninoff Concerto NO2 5 record set
10428 Readers digest Happiness is 9 Record set
10429 The Smithsonian collection of classic jazz 6 record set
10430 lot of 18 Vynil Records including: Ludwig Van Beethoven, tchaikovsky, Stardust memories, Tommy Dorsey and more
10431 Set of 6 vynil records featuring 70 of Glenn Millers greatest original recordings
10432 Toyo K307 Decorative plate (Contains copper pain for decorative purposes only)
10433 Hollow Brass Pumpin Container
10434 Beauty shop/coffee shop cnowy village hosue
10435 Snowy Village Gazeebo
10436 GIJoe unforgettable military moments “Story of Victory” porcelain figure
10437 Sleepy Lion Singing lion plush toy (sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
10438 The original snow village Last Stop Gas Station (Gas pump broken)
10439 Small glass pitcher w/ glass planters penuts jar
10440 the original snow village Rositas’ Cantina handpainted ceramic figure
10441 Coca Cola 2007 Main Street Collection ceramic house 1 light broken
10442 Snow Village Watch and Jewelry shop
10443 Snow Village Train Station
10444 Snow Village Toy store
10445 Snow Village Bus Stop
10446 Snow Village Ice Rink Hut
10447 Limited edition 1998 O’Well snow village cofee shop
10448 Snow Village Village Inn
10449 Snow Village Antique shop
10450 Snow Village Post office
10451 Heartland valley village fire department deluxe porcelain lighted house
10452 25th aniversary Dickens’ Village Town Hall porcelain village piece
10453 set of 2 brass candle sticks 15″ tall
10454 Booth #52 sample theatre seat end plates
10455 6 piece Royalton bathroom set includes: 2 soap dispensers, tissue box container, waste basket, soap holder and toothbrush holder
10456 Set of 6 hold toned rimmed champagne glasses turkey
10457 old world village book shop lighted
10458 Handcrafted holiday wreath in box
10459 Handcrafted holiday wreath in box
10460 2 Elegant 18″ tall brass light w/ red lens
10461 lot of silver us currancy coins including quarter, nickels, dimes, liberty dimes and liberty quarter totals 9.4oz
10462 lot of Mobil Petroliana (one can of burner cleaner is full and unopened)
10463 Collectable M&M candy dispensor
10464 lot of collectable wine and pitcher glass
10465 Salton MW5DTW desktop coffee cup warmer
10466 Lot of various sized jars and glass spoon/butter trays
10467 noble excellence Romana 11-3/4 crystal vase made of 24% leaded crystal
10468 West Bend stainless steel knife set in wooden case
10469 lot of vintage safe parts
10470 vintage brass bookstand w/ adjustable hieght
10471 2 Vintage Carnation Malted Milk Jars (1 lid)
10472 Brass tooth brush holder
10473 Brass Wired Basket
10474 collectable Texsaco Decorative light set of 1920s style gas pumps
10475 The Wine enthusiast 9-piece corkscrew set
10476 G.I Joe Sigma 6 Action Toy (New in Box)
10477 Original Big Mouth Billy Bass in original box
10478 lot of 15 glass A&W Bugs: 7 large, 5 medium and 3 small glasses
10479 2 boxes of Libbey 12 count coca-cola glasses
10480 Emerson FR23SL wine cooler tested/works goes 48°F
10481 Kenmore mini refrigerator Tested Working
10482 Fender Champion 30 DSP type PR-404 amp two channel
10483 Calphalon Slow cooking set
10484 Marinakis copper and brass chess Pieces
10485 The Heritage village collection “Snow Village” Independence hall
10486 Rose Point Vase
10487 antique Sterling Silver Match Box
10488 Lot of 8 turkey napkin holders and turkey salt and pepper shaker
10489 Raytheon Etched Glass of SM-3 BLK1 Deployment
10490 Dickens’ Village Series ” Notting Hill Water Tower”
10491 Lemax Village Collection “Abramson Jewelers
10492 Dickens’ Village Series “Butter Tub Barn”
10493 Lemax village collection “Craft Boutique”
10494 Dickens’ Village Collection “St. Ives Lock House”
10495 Dickens’ Village Collection ” City Park ticket Gate”
10496 Dickens’ Village collection “Dickens’ St. station”
10497 Christmas Around the world town set
10498 Oxodized Lamp
10499 Hearland Valley Village “Deluxe House”
10500 Snow Village ” Nutcracker Playhouse”
10501 Christmas in the city “WDFS Radio”
10502 2 Molded Glass Candy dishes w/ Elaborate Decorative Carvings
10503 West Germany Walther Crystal Serving Bowl w/ Swan Handles
10504 Budweiser Racing 1993 Mug Featuring Bill Elliot, Junior Johnson
10505 Field and Stream Featuring Winter Cabin and Quail
10506 Scuba Diving Vest w/ flippers
10507 Snow Village High School
10508 Cooks Essential hot plate w/ 3 bin steamer tray
10509 Uselect it vintage candy bar machine
10510 Thomas Kinkades Faith for all seasons Limited Edition Winters Peace Plate (hanger is broken)
10511 Thomas Kinkades Faith for all seasons Limited Edition Springs Blessing Plate
10512 Thomas Kinkades Faith for all seasons Limited Edition Summers Glory Plate
10513 Thomas Kinkades Faith for all seasons Limited Edition Autumns Splendor Plate
10514 Thomas Kinkades Bridges of Life limited edition Blossom Bridge w/ Certificate of Authenticity
10515 Thomas Kinkades Bridges of life limited edition Lamplight Bridge w/ Certificate of Authenticity
10516 Martha Stewart Fondue Pot w/ 4 plates and dipping sticks
10517 2 Vintage Milk Bottles one has a baby face on it
10518 2 Cheverny Cristal D’arques
10519 Porcelain Woman w/ flowers
10520 2 wigs
10521 5 Crystal Clear 3″ imported crystal prisms
10522 2 McDonalds Batman Forever Glasses featuring Riddler and Two Face
10523 Black Car Trunk w/ folding lip
10525 Solid Wood Desk w/ Knotwork Top
10526 Beautiful Wood table on casters w/ marble top
10527 72″x44″x29″ Elegant wood table w/ hand tooling and 2 18″x24″ Leaflets VERY LARGE AND HEAVY


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics