TUCSON Government Surplus Lab Equipment Online Auction

Start Date: Thursday 9/12/13
End Date: September 17, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Monday 9/16/13 and Tuesday 9/17/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 1441 E. 17th St., Tucson AZ 85719
Load Out Times: IN TUCSON: Wednesday 9/18/13 through Friday 9/20/13 from 10am to 4pm. IN PHOENIX: Tuesday 9/24/13 through Thursday 9/26/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

We are liquidating a great selection of government surplus lab equipment. Don’t miss the deals in this auction!

8169 Kaba L1000 Series pushbutton heavy duty lock
8170 Access percutaneous doppler monitor model LR77114 W/ 2 sealed vascular access devices
8172 Vanlab heat block model 13259-005 50hz 100 watts
8173 Beckmann high quality differntial mercury thermometer model ASTM115c
8174 Branson 2200 ultrasonic cleaner model B2200R-3
8176 Jouan Titan vapor trap TT-105 made in 1995
8177 Milton Roy Company Refractometer LR45227
8178 Thermolyne Nuova II Hot plate
8180 Harvard Apparatus Pulsatile blood pump model 55-1838
8181 Vacuum Pressure pump model 400-1901
8182 Vacuum Pressure pump model 400-1901
8183 Medrad Pulsar ultrasound injection system models PMU300, PRU300 and PUI500
8187 Light box grande model ULB-150 needs repairs
8189 National Scientific Target DP vials model c4000-1 18 packs of 100
8190 VWR International 1.8ml std opening as vial clear 11mm crimp 2 packs of 100
8191 Vial Las 23.35×75 TI FB 20 as 1000/cs 3 packs of 125
8192 Vial Las 18.75×50 TI FB 20 as with beval 2 packs of 132
8193 Wheaton vial, 5ml serum, auto sampler glass clear 144 pieces
8194 Kimax 35 500ml glass container w/ stoppers 15 total
8195 Kimax 35 500ml glass container w/ stoppers 24 total
8196 Kimax 1000ml Erlenmyer flasks 11 total
8197 Lot of two pyrex 2000ml buchner filter both are broken at the bottom
8198 Sorvall RC26 plus centifuge model RC-26 plus
8199 Savant speed vac plus model SC110A centrifugal concentrator
8200 lot of 13 500ml Kimax NO. 26500 glass beakers
8201 Precision Shaking water bath model 25
8202 Large lot of approximatly 10 per size 1/2ml-20ml Kimax Pipettes
8204 Labconco model 195 Vacuum Pump
8205 Perkin Elmer Series 200 LC pump
8206 Sargeant Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump model 1400 w/ 1/3HP A-C Motor and pump oil
8207 PE Pelson 600 series Link model 610 and PE nelson 900 series interface model 970A
8208 US Stoneware Long roll Jar Mill Serial #CZ-91109
8209 Perkin Elmer series 200 LC autosampler
8210 Ultra Lum Electronic U.V. Transilluminator model EB-40
8211 lot of 5 freeze safe polyfoam shipping containers 11x9x15
8212 Barnstead Nano Pure Infinity ultrapure water system w/ 2 sanitation cartridges
8213 12 corning reusable pipets 25ml&50ml
8215 Rannies APV Motor type BF5
8216 Rannies APV Motor type BF5
8217 Perkin Elmer 1310 Infrared Spectrophotometer w/ extra components
8218 Sartorius Laboratory Class A Digital Scale
8219 Rich-Mar Model V ultrasound standard C22.2 NO.125
8220 Hewlett Packard 3325B Synthesizer/Function Generator
8221 Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 1000 Evaporative light scattering detector
8223 Hewlett Packard 6218C power supply 0-50v/0-0.02 amp
8225 Eppendorf centrifuge 5416B (needs rotor)
8226 HB Instruments 7500 quick set II adjustable thermoregulator 0-200°C
8227 Teal Isolation Filter Model 191101
8228 Advanced instruments model 3W2 Advanced Wide-Range Osmometer
8229 Tribute S-Video Amplifier Model SA1.3
8230 ENI AP400B controllable power amplifier
8231 Perkin Elmer model LC-30 Refractive Index Detector
8233 Panametrics model 5052PR Pulser Receiver
8234 Quest M1000 Modem w/ software and manuals
8235 Welch Vacuum Pump 5 Model 1111006405 1725/1425 RPM 1/2 HP
8236 Nicomp 370 HPL Particle sizing laser Model 127
8238 Chemglass 1000 mL chromatography column
8239 Misc parts and pieces for Welch Directorr V vacuum pump and Welch Chemstar 1402N Vacuum Pump
8240 Lot of Approx. 330 brown glass vials in shrink wrap
8241 Large lot of approx. 170 absorbent bench underpads
8242 Neslab Cool Flow CFT-75 refrigerated recirculator pump type PD-2
8244 Beckman System Gold 126NM Solvent Module
8246 Beckman System Gold 507e Autosampler
8247 Wheaton vial, 20ml serm, autosampler, glass clear 240 pieces
8248 Vial LAS 23.35×75 T1 FBV, 20 AS 1000/CS – 125/tray; Vial 2ml 13mm FNT BB L40 525 count
8249 Beckman Coulter System Gold 508 Autosampler
8250 Beckman System Gold Programmable Dectector Module 166
8251 Beckman System Gold 168NM Dectector
8252 Beckman System Gold Programmable Solvent Module 126
8253 Waters 486 Turnable Assorbance Dectector
8254 27x27x24 Waterproof white pelican case
8255 Waters 650e Advanced Preparative HPLC Protein Purification System w/ Waters 600e Multisolvent delivery system and controller
8256 Bio/Data Corp. Platelet Aggregation Profiler Modul PAP-4
8257 Bio-Rad Model 2110 Fraction Collector
8258 Scientific Equipment Products Automatic Pipetting Machine Module# 40A
8259 Thermolyne Type 1300 Furnace Model# FB1315M
8261 Barnstead/thermolyne type 12900 Temcometer Controller Model# CP12915
8262 Blue M Single Wall Gravity Convection Laboratory oven Model# SW-17TA-1
8263 Avtech AUX-D-3-PS 10us to 100us Delay Generator
8264 HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph
8265 VWR Scientific Model 1131 Heated Water Bath Circulator
8266 UE 650 Chart Recorder
8267 UE 650 Chart Recorder
8268 UE 650 Chart Recorder
8269 UE 650 Chart Recorder
8279 Dickson Chart Recorder Model# C417 8″
8280 Dickson Chart Recorder Model# C417 8″
8281 Dickson Chart Recorder Model# TH603
8282 Bio-Pad Model 2110 Fraction Collector
8285 International Equipment Company IEC Spinette Centrifuge
8286 Lot of 3 Mixture Vial Activator Shakers, Shaker broken on one unit shows error, other 2 units have euro plugs
8287 Lot of 2 Vial mix Machines (needs repair)
8288 Lot of 2 Beckman Replacement Tungsten Lamp kits P/N 239370
8289 Franklin Electric Model 4101007405 1/2 HP Electric motor
8290 Cole-Parmer catalog# 7553-30 1-100 RPM materflex
8291 VWR Analog Heatblock Model 949310
8292 LE Croy Model 9410 150mHz Oscilloscope can be changed for 220 volts
8293 Large bottle of Tetraflouromethane
8294 Skatron waste bottle
8295 Lot of Electronics including Altec Lansing Computer speakers, D-link ethernet switch, extream mini VGA switch and more
8296 Amono TCX-11 Time Clock and 2 Unidentified wall clocks. Tested and Working
8297 Lot of two Guision J1ps Touchscreen 10.5″ with ac adapters. Tested and Working
8298 Dealers lot of approx. 100 Eden image 1500 message holders, Great for the office.
8300 Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 1000 Evaporative light scattering detector
8301 Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 1000 Evaporative light scattering detector
8302 Lab-Line 4628 incubation Shaker cart not included


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