TUCSON Government Surplus Online Auction

Start Date: Wednesday 10/9/13
End Date: October 15, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Monday 10/14/13 and Tuesday 10/15/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 1441 E. 17th St., Tucson AZ 85719
Load Out Times: Wednesday 10/9/13 through Friday 10/11/13 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

This auction features a great selection of government surplus items including lab equipment, medical equipment, electronics, tools and much more!

8630 Metal Hospital gurney 53″ long with extendable side rails.
8754 Fender Rhodes vintage suitcase piano w/ 2 amplifiers (amps need some work)
8631 Skatron instruments scan washer 300
8752 lot of 6 baratron pressure transducers w/ 2 nupro valves
8641 67″ tall model skeleton w/ numbered bones
8644 Thoren caging systems 80″ tall 7 shelf lab rat cage rack w/extra water bottles cages and accessories. Complete system
8666 Huge proto professional 1 inch drive socket bar w/ extender and 1-1/2″ socket
8671 Ridgid model 12-R manual pipe threader w/ 3 dies 1/2″-1″
8672 Ridgid model 12-R manual pipe threader w/ 3 dies 1-1/4″-2″
8684 Acopian model A28HT1400 Regulated power supply
8686 Acopian model A6MT1100 regulated power supply
8688 Acopian model VA5MT1200 regulated power supply
8701 flash chromatography gas regulating adaptor w/ ball joint
8706 Chemglass 5000ml round bottom 29/42 stem lot of 2
8712 Foley automatic saw filer model 387 1/3 HP motor
8719 Foley automatic saw blade retoother model 385
8627 Konica 7145 print, scan, copy and fax machine
8628 Risograph RN2030ui printer and copier
8629 Canon Image class model 2220 super g3 print, scan, copy and fax machine
8632 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 61A-1B-0031
8633 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 61A-1B-0050
8634 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 61A-1B-0031
8635 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 62B-4B-0030
8636 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 62A-4B-0030
8637 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model FA145
8638 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 62A-2A-0300
8639 Wallace and Tiernan Pennwalt Absolute Pressure gauge model 61A-1B-0031
8640 HP scan jet document feeder and dell 5210N printer (printer is missing paper tray)
8642 Pallet of 12 dell P4 mini towers, 1 optiplex 780, 760,745,2 GX620, 1U rack mount server blade and cables
8643 25lbs of square head screws
8645 lot of 6 manual pipe bender 1/2″-1″
8646 lot of 42 misc pliers, vice grips, channel locks, dikes, wire strippers crimpers and more
8647 lot of 70+ Philips and flathead screwdrivers
8648 lot of 7 hammers, 1 hatchet and two axe heads
8649 lot of 16 nut drivers w/ 2 sets of screw driver heads
8650 lot of misc pegboard hooks w/ red toolbox
8651 lot of 26 sockets 7/16″-1-1/4″ w/ 5 stems 1/2″ drive
8652 lot of 5 welding strikers, 1 banding wrench PRG402, 3 greenlee 1940 flex splitters and 1 hole punch ]
8653 Powr-Kraft 1/2″ drive socket set
8654 lot of 16 3/8″-13/16″ 3/8″ drive w/ 3 extenders and 3 swivel socket heads
8655 huge lot of drill bits includes: 10 drill indexes(not complete) and misc loose metal drill bits
8656 lot of 17 long wood bits w/ 1 extender
8657 Complete Husky metric socket set 10mm-19mm
8658 complete Powr-Kraft socket set 7/16″-15/16″ w/ extender
8659 S-K Tools socket set 3/8″-13/16″
8660 lot of 17 sockets w/ small brown carry case
8661 Husky 10 piece metric wrench set 7mm-17mm
8662 Powr-Kraft10 piece wrench set 1/4″-1-1/8″ in rollup case
8663 wards miniature precision wrenches 5 piece 1/8″-5/16″
8664 8 piece combination wrench set 13/64″-7/16″
8665 large lot of misc wrenches metric and imperial
8667 lot of 7 handsaws: 2 wood handsaws, 3 hack saws, 3 drywall saws
8668 lot of 12 chisels and 20 punches w/ red tool box
8669 lot of 5 tin snips and sheet metal clamp
8670 large lot of tap and die bits
8673 Ridgid manual ratcheting pipe threader w/ 4 dies 1/8″-3/4″
8674 lot of 6 pass and Seymour split mesh basket cable pullers and cable saw for plastic piping
8675 large lot of Allan wrenches w/ metal level
8676 lot of 26 files w/ 1 auto body filer
8677 lot of 2 safety harnesses, 1 cloth tool bag and 2 tool belts
8678 3 boxes of naltex plastic mesh.
8679 lot of 60ml syringes 100+
8680 HUGE lot of lab coats, booties, hair caps 1000+ items
8681 B-D precision glide needles approx 100 23gauge 1″, 1500 25 gauge 5/8″, 1000 27gauge 1/2″
8682 large box of eppendorf tips
8683 Kepco model ABC 40-.5m regulated DC power supply
8685 Acopian model A28HT1400 Regulated power supply
8687 Acopian model A6MT1100 regulated power supply
8689 Acopian model VA5MT1200 regulated power supply
8690 EGS sola heavy duty SLS-24-120T linear open frame DC power supply
8691 23lbs of misc stainless steel Swagelok fitting w/ asco valves, Ashcroft 160 psi gauge and more
8692 lot of display shelves including metal and wood, sunglass case and hoses case
8693 large lot of syringes volumes vary. 200+
8694 6 boxes of micro centrifuge tubes .6ml
8695 lot of 16 bags of nunclon surface sample tubes
8696 large lot of styrofoam cold pack shipping containers w/ 20 polar pack foam bricks
8697 Jacketed medium pressure chromatography column
8698 22 liter source flask for buchi 22 liter rotary evaporator
8699 Pyrex dropping funnel 1-250ml
8700 Allrich column for flash chromatography 21″x1″ diameter
8702 distillation column for packed column distillation 21″x1.2″ 24/40 joint
8703 lot of 2 rings for CSC danony tensiometer model 70535-2
8704 Buchi drying gun-needs gasket
8705 pope scientific 1000ml vacuum dewar flask
8707 sea metrics EM101 low flow magnetic flow meter
8708 Nalgene 25 liter lab water jug
8709 Chemglass air free vacuum port setup w/ 2000ml kimax bottles
8710 lot of 4 solvent sample bottle w/ tubes
8711 Drierite laboratory gas drying filter
8713 2 72x30x30 folding wood tables
8714 lot of misc industrial supplies
8715 Large lot of various Nalgene Water bottles with spout
8716 large lot of plastic lab cups w/ 1000ml schott Duran glass bottle
8717 small blue vacuum pump
8718 2 1H6P3 flow pumps
8720 lot of office supplies including: fiskars straight edge paper cutter, cork board and more
8721 1 roller saw horse
8722 lot of 2 round 47″ table tops and desk peninsula attachment w/ assembly guide (round table tops have no base)
8723 83″ long stainless steel steam cleaning attachment
8724 28 51″ long fluorescent light fixtures
8725 concoa gas regulator model 21233811M
8726 Praxair model 3124331-580 gas regulator
8727 air products 3000 psi inlet valve
8728 air products E12-J-N145D CGA gas valve
8729 Air products 3000 max inlet psi gaze valve
8730 lot of phlebotomy tube ports 50+
8731 lot of DuPont sorvall tubes, bottles and adaptors
8732 Degussa Mixomat 220v
8733 Nuova II Thermolyne stir plate
8734 Branding iron w/ interchangeable numbers
8735 Chemglass 15000mL lower half of glass reaction chamber
8736 lot of 7 velocity micro Cruz tablets for parts
8737 Flaring tools w/ pipe clamps, saw box and pulley puller
8738 Hospital Bed HILL-ROM 886 GPS Procedural Series Stretcher
8739 Acoustic imagin sonogram machine with 6 ultrasound wands (monitor does not turn on but all other functions have tested good)
8740 Captaid by Erlab toxicap Lab hood with 6 filters
8741 lot 9 brass base wall sconces
8742 lot of 2 gas tanks, 1 fire extinguisher and 3 box lights w/ orbital jigsaw.
8743 lot of max a key way for shafts 3/8″-1/2″ brand new
8744 lot of quick disconnects/connects imperial and metric
8745 lot of all thread various length and size
8746 Onda HNC-1000 hydrophone
8747 reichert-jung series 150 microscope- 4/.10, 10/.25, 40/.66, 100/1.25 magnifications
8748 6ft aluminum step ladder
8749 steel desk w/ 4 drawers 5″x30″x35″ w/ very comfortable leather chair has small tare in arm rest
8750 steel desk w/ 4 drawers 62″x18″x30″
8751 grafix writer 200 w/ blank sidewinder tickets
8753 2D precision Jig 31″x35″ (NSEW movement)


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