MILWAUKEE, WI ONSITE Former Hallmark Store Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Week of 7/27
End Date: August 13, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Saturday 8/2/14 and Saturday 8/9/14 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 8430 W. Silverspring Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53225
Load Out Times: All items other than shelving MUST be removed on Thursday 8/14/14 and Friday 8/15/14 from 10am to 4pm. All shelving CANNOT be removed until Saturday 8/16/14 from 10am to 4pm unless winning bidders are notified otherwise!

Photo Gallery:

hallmarkstore hallmarkstore2 Lot 103 Lot 104 Lot 105 Lot 106 Lot 107 Lot 108 Lot 109 Lot 110 Lot 111 Lot 112 Lot 113 Lot 114 Lot 115 Lot 116 Lot 117 Lot 118 Lot 119 Lot 120 Lot 121 Lot 122 Lot 123 Lot 124 Lot 125 Lot 126 Lot 127 Lot 128 Lot 129 Lot 130 Lot 131 Lot 132 Lot 133 Lot 134 Lot 135 Lot 136 Lot 137 Lot 138 Lot 139 Lot 140 Lot 141 Lot 142 Lot 143 Lot 144 Lot 145 Lot 146 Lot 147 Lot 148 Lot 149 Lot 150 Lot 151 Lot 152 Lot 153 Lot 154 Lot 155 Lot 156 Lot 157 Lot 158 Lot 159 Lot 160 Lot 161 Lot 162 Lot 163 Lot 164 Lot 165 Lot 166 Lot 167 Lot 168 Lot 169 Lot 170 Lot 171 Lot 172 Lot 173 Lot 174 Lot 175 Lot 176 Lot 177 Lot 178 Lot 179 Lot 180 Lot 181 Lot 182 Lot 183 Lot 183 Lot 184 Lot 184 Lot 185 Lot 185 Lot 186 Lot 186 Lot 187 Lot 187 Lot 190 Lot 190 Lot 191 Lot 191 Lot 192 Lot 192 Lot 193 Lot 193 Lot 194 Lot 194 Lot 195 Lot 195 Lot 196 Lot 196 Lot 197 Lot 197 Lot 198 Lot 198 Lot 199 Lot 199 Lot 200 Lot 200 Lot 201 Lot 201 Lot 202 Lot 202 Lot 203 Lot 203 Lot 204 Lot 204 Lot 205 Lot 205 Lot 207 Lot 207 Lot 208 Lot 208 Lot 209 Lot 209 Lot 210 Lot 210 Lot 211 Lot 211 Lot 212 Lot 212 Lot 213 Lot 213 Lot 214 Lot 214 Lot 215 Lot 215 Lot 216 Lot 216 Lot 217 Lot 217 Lot 218 Lot 218 Lot 219 Lot 219 Lot 220 Lot 220 Lot 221 Lot 221 Lot 222 Lot 222 Lot 223 Lot 223 Lot 224 Lot 224 Lot 225 Lot 225 Lot 226 Lot 227 Lot 228 Lot 229 Lot 230 Lot 231 Lot 232 Lot 233 Lot 234 Lot 235 Lot 236 Lot 237 Lot 238 Lot 239 Lot 240 Lot 241 Lot 242 Lot 243 Lot 244 Lot 245 Lot 246 Lot 247 Lot 248 Lot 249 Lot 250 Lot 251 Lot 252 Lot 253 Lot 254 Lot 255 Lot 256 Lot 257 Lot 258 Lot 259 Lot 260 Lot 261 Lot 262 Lot 263 Lot 264 Lot 265 Lot 266 Lot 267 Lot 268 Lot 269 Lot 270 Lot 271 Lot 272 Lot 273 Lot 274 Lot 275 Lot 276 Lot 277 Lot 278 Lot 279 Lot 280 Lot 281 Lot 282 Lot 283 Lot 284 Lot 285 Lot 286 Lot 287 Lot 288 Lot 288a Lot 289 Lot 290 Lot 291 Lot 292 Lot 292a Lot 293 Lot 294 Lot 295 Lot 296 Lot 297 Lot 298 Lot 299 Lot 300 Lot 301 Lot 302 Lot 303 Lot 304 Lot 305 Lot 306 Lot 307 Lot 308 Lot 309 Lot 310 Lot 311 Lot 312 Lot 313 Lot 314 Lot 315 Lot 316 Lot 317 Lot 318 Lot 319 Lot 320 Lot 321 Lot 322 Lot 323 Lot 324 Lot 325 Lot 327 Lot 328 Lot 330 Lot 331 Lot 332 Lot 333 Lot 334 Lot 335 Lot 336 Lot 337 Lot 338 Lot 339 Lot 340 Lot 341 Lot 342 Lot 343 Lot 344 Lot 345 Lot 346 Lot 348 Lot 349 Lot 350 Lot 351 Lot 352 Lot 353 Lot 354 Lot 355 Lot 356 Lot 357 Lot 358 Lot 359 Lot 360 Lot 362 Lot 363 Lot 364 Lot 365 Lot 365a Lot 366 Lot 367 Lot 368 Lot 369 Lot 370 Lot 371 Lot 372 Lot 373 Lot 374 Lot 375 Lot 376 Lot 377 Lot 378 Lot 379 Lot 380 Lot 381 Lot 381a Lot 382 Lot 383 Lot 384 Lot 385 Lot 386 Lot 387 Lot 388 Lot 389 Lot 389a Lot 390 Lot 391 Lot 392 Lot 393 Lot 394 Lot 395 Lot 397 Lot 398 Lot 399 Lot 400 Lot 401 Lot 402 Lot 403 Lot 404 Lot 405 Lot 406 Lot 407 Lot 408 Lot 409 Lot 410 Lot 410a Lot 411 Lot 412 Lot 413 Lot 414 Lot 415 Lot 416 Lot 417 Lot 418 Lot 419 Lot 420 Lot 422 Lot 423 Lot 424 Lot 425 Lot 426 Lot 427 Lot 428 Lot 429 Lot 430 Lot 431 Lot 432 Lot 434 Lot 435 Lot 436 Lot 437 Lot 438 Lot 439 Lot 441 Lot 442 Lot 445 Lot 447 Lot 448 Lot 449 Lot 450 Lot 451 Lot 453 Lot 454 Lot 455 Lot 456 Lot 457 Lot 458 Lot 459 Lot 460 Lot 461 Lot 462 Lot 463 Lot 464 Lot 465 Lot 466 Lot 467 Lot 468 Lot 469 Lot 470 Lot 471 Lot 472 Lot 472a Lot 473 Lot 474 Lot 475 Lot 476 Lot 477 Lot 478 Lot 479 Lot 480 Lot 481 Lot 482 Lot 483 Lot 484 Lot 485 Lot 486 Lot 487 Lot 488 Lot 489 Lot 490 Lot 491 Lot 492 Lot 493 Lot 494 Lot 495 Lot 496 Lot 497 Lot 498 Lot 499 Lot 500 Lot 501 Lot 503 Lot 504 Lot 505 Lot 506 Lot 507 Lot 508 Lot 509 Lot 510 Lot 511 Lot 512 Lot 513 Lot 514 Lot 515 Lot 516 Lot 517 Lot 518 Lot 521 Lot 522 Lot 524 Lot 526 Lot 527 Lot 528 Lot 529

103 Protectors Of Peace “Keeping The Peace” By Vanmark Millennium Limited-Edition Statue Number 453 Out Of 4800 Approx. 20″ Tall
104 Protectors Of Peace “Heroic Patrol” Limited-Edition Statue By Vanmark First Of The Edition Approx.. 13″ Tall
105 Blue Hats Of Bravery “Looking For Fingerprints” Limited Edition 1/1865 Statue By Vanmark Approx. 4.5″ Tall
106 American Heroes “Air Ace ” Limited Edition Text Yo By Vanmark First In The Addition
107 First Edition American Heroes ” Happy Landings” Statue 1/0268 By Vanmark
108 Our Song By Brenda Joysmith Statue “Developing A Winner” Limited-Edition 3237/7500 With Dealership Plaque
109 Lilliput Lane Limited Landmarks Figurine “Small Town Library” Made In The Uk
110 Collection Of 15 Growing Up By Enesco One Does Have A Chip
111 Collection Of Four Precious Moments Porcelain Bisque Figurines “Growing In Grace” Ages 1 , 3 And Two 16
112 Precious Moments Porcelain Figurines “God Bless You Graduate” And “Coast Guard Proud To Be An American”
113 Precious Moments Birthday Series Train Porcelain Figurines Two For Baby Bears, One Leopard 7 , One Turtle 11 And One Panda 12
114 Willow Tree By Demdaco Susan Lordi Store Display Unit And Gift Guide From 2009 And Other Decor Items
115 “Mother And Daughter ” And “Cherish Awaiting A Miracle ” Willow Tree Figurines By Susan Lordi
116 Four In The Box “Grandmother” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
117 One “The Quilt” And One “Guardian” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
118 Two “Heart And Soul” And One “Courage” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
119 Two “Father And Daughter” And Three “Father And Son” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
120 One “Grandfather” And Two “Brothers” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
121 Two “Courage” And One “Celebrate” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
122 One “Bright Star” Ornament , One “Love Of Learning” Ornament And Four “Kindness” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
123 Two “You’Re The Best” And One “Serenity” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi Plus Angel Display Stand
124 Two “Spirit Of Giving” And One “Love Of Learning” Willow Tree Figurines By Demdaco Susan Lordi
125 Gaither Lyndon Gaither For Silvesti Angel Figurine And Nature’S Journey Marjalein Bastin Grandmother Plaque
126 Assortment Of First Communion Gifts Including Precious Moments Porcelain Photo Figurine, Two First Communion Collectors Plates By Roman , Small Trinket Box , Teddy Bear Picture Frame And Plaque
127 Assortment Of Religious First Communion Gifts And Crucifixes Including Precious Moments, Goebel Berta Hummel And Roman
128 First Holy Communion Necklaces With Gift Pouches By Roman
129 My First Communion Necklaces And Pins By Roman And Others
130 Confirmation Jewelry By Roman With Australian Crystals
131 12 Religious Cross Necklaces With Rhinestones
132 Two Shelves Of Confirmation Gifts Including Porcelain Figurines, Jewelry, Photo Frames And More Note A Few Of Them Do Have Damage
133 Three Packs Of Happy Hanukkah Cards And Envelopes With Assorted Seals And Two Porcelain Frames For Bar Mitzvah
134 Two Shelves Full Of Religious And Confirmation Gifts Including Photo Frames, Figurines And Jewelry
135 Three Shelves Full Of First Communion Party Cups, Plates, Invitations + Religious Photo Frames
136 Three Shelves Of Religious And Spiritual Gifts Including Plaques, Bookmarks, Ornaments And Crosses
137 Two Shelves Of Religious Baptism Gift Items Including Figurines One Musical, 8 Photo Frames By Roman, Plates And Two Roman Baptized In Christ Crosses
138 Two Shelves Of Baptism Gifts Including New Godparent Plaques, Nine Photo Frames Many By Roman Including Two Hallmark Signature Baptism Gift Sets
139 Two Shelves With Six Set Of Baptism Photo Frames And Piggy Bank
140 Two Shelves Full Of Baby Gift Items Including Door Signs, Magnetic Photo Holders Book Ends Baby Books Silver-Plated Baby Rattle And Fleece Blanket Pay Bank Tissue Box Cover Night Late Cover Figurines And More
141 Two Shelves Full Of Baby Gift Items Including Plaques By Lasting Expressions, Invitations, And Etched In My Heart By Damdaco Photo Frame
142 Two Shelves Of Baby Gift Items Including Hallmark Signature Patti Cake Bear, Doorknob Signs, Boyd Bear Collection Photo Frames And Much More
143 Two Shelves Full Of Baby Gift Items Including First Tooth And Curl Trinket Boxes, Cherished Teddy Figurines, Photo Frames Plush Toys And More
144 Shelves Full Of Assorted Baby Gift Items Including Precious Moments Flushed Toys, Photo Frames, Gift Boxes, And Pewter Baby Cup
145 Enormous Lot Of Porcelain Baby Boy Name Shoe Ornaments
146 Enormous Lot Of Porcelain Baby Girl Name Shoe Ornaments
147 Two Shelves Of Assorted Baby Gift Items Including Photo Frames, Porcelain Baby Cradles, Rattles And More
148 Three Shelves Of Assorted Baby Items Including Baptism Gifts, Photo Frames And More
149 Two Shells Of Assorted Baby Gift Items Including Boyd Bears Figurine, Nightlight, Photo Frames ,And Invitations
150 Precious Moments Large Photo Album, Our Little Miracle Photo Frame Ty Angel Plush Toy And Other Baby Gifts
151 Three Etched In My Heart Metal Photo Frames By Demdaco
152 Two Shelves Full Baby Gift Items Including Julie Chen Collection Photo Frame, Baby Decor, Rattles And Plush Toys
153 Large Religious Crosses And Detailed Morning Plaque Including Etched Into My Heart
154 Three Shelves Of Home Decor Including Nature’S Journey Coasters, Hallmark Signature Shadowbox And Candleholders
155 Four Shelves Decor, Ornaments, Photo Frames, Candles And St. Joseph Home Sale Practice
156 Two Shelves Of Family, Sisters And Nature Journey Plaques And Photo Frames
157 Two Shelves Of Nature’S Journey Friends Box, Etched Into My Heart Faith Family Friends Frame, And Nature Journey Plaques
158 Four Shelves Full Of Floral Bowls, Cups, Teapot, Photo Frames And Much More
159 Four Shelves Full Of Mothers Day Gifts Including Photo Frames, Gift Bag, Decorative Pillows And Trinket Box’S And More Including Precious Moment
160 Four Shelves Full Of Mother’S Day Gifts Including Photo Frames, Books, Cds , Photo Tote And More
161 Grandma’S Blessing Beaded Bracelets ,Daughter’S Blessing Beaded Bracelets, The Latest Thing Figurine, Mom Heart Locket Ornament
162 Two Shelves Of Mothers/Women Gift Items Including Photo Frames, Beaded Bracelets, Key Chains, Purse Ornament , Take A Seat By Raine Figurine
163 Assortment Of Maxine Gift Items Including Photo Frame , Coffee Mug , Bracelet And More
164 Large Assortment Of Death/Father’S Day Gift Items Including Coffee Mug Photo Frames Clock And More
165 Shelf Full Of Assorted Men/Father’S Day Office Gift Items Including Desk Organizers, Coasters, Photo Books And More
166 Large Assortment Of Adventure Road/Travel Gift Items Including Coasters, Books, Photo Frames And Baseball
167 Four Shelves Of Father’S Day/Dad Many Gift Items Coffee Mug, Desk Decor, Books And More
168 Two Shelves Assorted Men’S And Grandpa’S Gift Items Including Posters, Figurines, Key Chains And Plaques
169 Three Shelves Full Of Great Men’S Gift Items Including Espn Decor Books, Figurines And Hallmark Signature Gift Items
170 Five Shelves Full Of Children’S School Themed Gift Items Including Stickers For The Photo Frames, Water Bottles, Keychains And Much More
171 Four Shelves Full Of Elegant Glassware, Candlestick Holders, Photo Frames And More
172 91 Assorted Candles Including Amscan, Glass Candlestick Holders, Candle Display Unit And Large Hallmark Signature Generation Frame
173 Two Glass Fusion Set By Laurie Steiber , Assortment Of Candles Including Holders , Three Glass Bowls, Two Porcelain Bowls And Three Decorative Platters
174 Approximately 130 Yankee Candles And Tarts
175 Approx.Ï¿¼ 20 Candles And Sets Four Silver Tone Metal Candle Holders
176 Five Shelves With 31 Assorted Journals And Note Pads Including The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection
177 Four Shelves Full Of Elegant Wedding/Love Story Decor Including Five True Love Stories, Shadowbox, 17 Silver-Plated Candle ,Forever Heart Pillows, Elegant Glass Bowl, And Glass Candleholders
178 Two Shelves Wedding Gifts Including Unity Candle, Champagne Glass, Photo Frame, Wedding Decor Silver-Plated Candleholder With Candle Pillar , Four Sets Of Cake Charms And Two Blue Sky Clayworks Cake Knifes
179 Six Sets Of Just The Right Shoe By Raine “Here Comes The Bride” And “By Your Side” With Certificate Of Authenticity And Promotional Tote
180 Hallmark Wedding Proof Book, Guestbook ,Photo Frame Treasure Masters Plush Pillow And Glass Candlestick Holder With Candle
181 Assortment Of Picture Perfect Figurines By Kim Anderson
182 Precious Moments Wedding Album, Etched Into My Heart Love Photo Frame, Four Mailable Instant Scrapbooks, Hallmark 10 X 10 Scrapbook Album And Satin Like Pillow
183 Three Russ Brand Grooms Teddy Bears And Five Porcelain Frames And Three Decorative Pillows
184 10 Hallmark 25Th Anniversary Memory Albums And 14 Silver-Plated Candles
185 8 Photo Frames For The 25Th And 50Th Anniversary, Five Silver-Plated Candles, Silver Charger, And Decorative Forever Heart Pillow
186 Five Love And Anniversary Frames, 2 Silver Chargers And Anniversary Etched Vase With 50Th And 25Th Anniversary Charms
187 Three Photo Frames Two Hallmark Signature Frosted Glass, First Anniversary Hanging Ornament With Hanger, Large Metal Rose , Loves Garden Plaque, Three Sets Of Candle In Heart Boxes, Silver Candle Holders
190 Three Shelves Of Valentine’S Day Gift Items Including Mugs, Hugs And Kisses Candles, Wash Heart Pillows With Cards Musical Love Buttons And More
191 Plush Hallmark Valentine’S Day Teddy Bears And Small Party Trays
192 Four Shelves Valentine’S Day Gift Items Including Photo Frames, Candles, Mugs, Plush Heart , Plush Puppy Dogs And More
193 Two Shelves Full Of Plush Hearts With Cards, Mugs, Candles And Gift Bags And Tags
194 Valentine’S Day/Love Gift Items Including Five Red-Hot Mugs , Two Red Leather Journals And 12 Reba Love Revival Cds
195 Assortment Of Valentine’S Day Frog Gift Items Including Plush Frogs , Photo Frames And More
196 13 Keith Kimberlin Easel Back Ceramic Cat And Puppy Plaques
197 Assortment Of Dog Themed Gift Items Including Figurines, Bookmarks With Little Miniature Dog Trinkets Cards And More
198 Assortment Of Dog Themed Gift Items Including Mugs, Placemats, Pen Set, Figurines And Natural Life Display With Frames
199 Assortment Of Dog And Cat Themed Gift Items Including Ornaments, Cookie/Puppy Treat Dish Set, Frames And More
200 Assortment Of Keith Kimberlin Cat And Puppy Magnets, Placemats, Pussycats Books And Cards
201 Five “Billie” Cherished Teddy Figurines
202 20 “It’S A Boy ” Cherished Teddies Figurines
203 Cherished Teddy Alphabet Blocks Abc’S
204 Two Cherished Teddies “Lance” , Two Cherished “Simone And Jhodi” , Thanksgiving Table, Picnic Set, Camel And Small Picnic Basket
205 Two Cherished Teddy Displays, Cherished Teddy Scrooge And Marley Lighted House And Jacob Barely Figuring
207 Five Cherished Teddies Collectors Starter Kits
208 Cherished Teddies Fraternity Groups Figurines/Ornaments With Greek Alphabet Letters In 22 Karat Gold Collect The Plate And Plush Church Today Gift Set
209 Classic Disney Winnie The Pooh Alphabets Letters And Small Assortment Of Precious Moments The Z
210 Large Assortment Of Precious Moments Babies First Christmas Ornaments
211 Assortment Of Precious Moments Ornaments And Toy Precious Moments Train
212 Assortment Of Nine “Pretty As A Picture” By Enesco Figurines
213 8 Dreamsickles Collectible Treasures 1995 Figurines
214 8 Dreamsickle Collectible Treasures 2000 Figurines
215 Friend Of A Feather Fruitful Blessing Figurine, Enchanted Seasons Ornament, Remember When By Francis Hook And ” I Am A Girl For You” Membership Figurine And
216 Assortment Of Figurines Including Homegrown By Enesco, Hoppin Floppers By Sarah Attic, Charming Tales By Fritz And Floyd, Mary Moo’S And More
217 Assortment Of Figurine Display Including Boyd Bears, Cherished Teddies Blocks, Winnie The Pooh Cake Block And Assortment Of Small Figurines
218 Two The Vatican Nativity Figurines Special Millennium Edition Limited To The Year Of Production 2000 Note Both Are Missing The Staff
219 Assortment Of Home Decor By Maryland Bastion Mr. Sketchbook Including Two Metal Outdoor Metal Plaques, Decorative Paper Table Runners, Decorative Metal Birdhouse, Noodles And More Decorative Porcelain Trinket Boxes And Large
220 Each Assortment Of Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts Including Jewelry, Notebooks, Small Porcelain Dishes , Olivia Cds And More
221 Large Assortment Of Marilyn Bastion Posters, Porcelain Tile Plaques, Tea Light Holders, Porcelain Candles Small Bird Baskets And More
222 Five Hallmark Mitford Miniature Figurine Houses
223 Seven Sarah’S Attic No Wonders Snowman Figurines Very Limited Edition
224 Six) Shepherd Figurines By Hallmark Keepsakes
225 Collection Of Thomas Kincaid Porcelain Ornaments
226 Collection Of Rachel Badeau For Silvestri Ornaments
227 Two Shelves Full Of Christmas Decor, Trinket Boxes, Candleholders And More
228 18 Illumination Ornaments And One Power Box By Hallmark
229 Over 50 Ornaments Assorted Sizes Material And Color
230 Assortment Of Christmas Gift And Decor Items Including Jewelry, Ornaments, And Door Hangers
231 Red Hat Society Bubble Lights, Silver Glitter Ornaments, Silver Glitter Christmas Tree Candles, Cards And Cds
232 33 Hallmark Keepsake Photo Frame Ornaments Or With Out Boxes 20 Hallmark Keepsake Spanish Baby First Christmas Teddy Bear Ornament
233 20 Hallmark Keepsake Spanish Baby First Christmas Teddy Bear Ornament
234 13 Spanish Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
235 66 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Panda Third Christmas Sorted Years Christmas Ornament
236 34 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Including Grandchildren’S First Christmas , New Home , Coach , Teacher And More
237 35 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Curtis The Elf
238 59 Hallmark Keepsakes Ornaments Including First Christmas Together And Our Christmas Themed Ornaments Including Snow Globes
239 21 Hallmark Porcelain 2007 Dated Bells And God With Us Ornaments
240 21 Hallmark Keepsakes Disney High School Musical Magic Features Sound Ornaments
241 98 Hallmark Keepsake New Millennium Baby Ornaments
242 Entire Shelf Of Holiday Decor, Ornaments And Cassette Tapes And 46 Ornaments Hanging Above It
243 Hallmark Ornament Charms, Light Stringing Adapters Basket Full Of Little Snowmen And 15 Picture Frame Ornaments
244 24 Gingerbread Plush Decor And 8 Felt Cut-Out Snowflakes Flakes Three Per Package
245 30 Felt Reindeer And 54 Felt Angels. Ornaments
246 Jim Shore Merry Christmas 2008 Santa Plaque, 13 Gift Box Type Photo Boxes And 12 Christmas Zip Along Flush Toys And Five Arctic Ice Lantern Molds
247 Two Huge Boxes Full Of Christmas Garland And Wreaths
248 Five Shelves Full Of Decorative Baskets Some Where Store Display Boxes
249 9 Hallmark School House Shaped Photo Frames/Memory Keeper Boxes
250 35 Hallmark School Themed Chalkboard Photo Frames
251 Over Thousand Miniature Christmas Ornaments And Snow Globes Most Are Monogrammed With Names
252 Brand-New Gift Items Including Melissa And Doug Brand Decorate Your Own Pet Figurines Melissa And Doug Decorate Your Own Wooden Vanity And Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank Plus More
253 Huge Assortment Of Children’S Plush Toys Including Fantastic, Brilliant Peacock, Vinyl Guitars And Plush Hippos
254 Assortment Of Children’S Plush Toys Including Ty Puppies And Sock Monkeys, Collectible Bears And Bunnies
255 7 Plush Alligator Toys By Hallmark
256 Four Plush Hallmark Frog Toys
257 17 Children’S Books Some With Pop-Ups ,Puzzle Pieces And Sparkles Great Variety
258 31 Assorted Hallmark And Other Books Including Cookbooks And Gift Giving Ideas
259 87 Clearly Christian Floating Pendant Necklaces By Roman With Genuine Crystal
260 Over 100 Hallmark Motherhood Silver-Plated Charms And Lockets Some With Crystals
261 Huge Assortment Of Nature’S Scrapbook Magnets By Marilyn Bastion
262 60 Assorted Jewelry Including The First Butterfly, Spiritual Expressions, Pins And More
263 90 Jewelry And Teaching Including Simply Charming Charms, Roman Pins Some With Crystals, Boyd Bear Pins And Red Hat Ladies Society Necklaces
264 45 Build And Play, Decorate And Display, Sticker Books And Stickers
265 Approx.50 Packs Of Stickers And One Back Pack Clip
266 97 Packs Of Stickers
267 Approx. 1800 Goodie Bags With Names
268 Assortment Of Small Gift Items Including Jewelry, Bookmarks, Frames Mugs And More
269 20 Russ With Love Bear Key Chains Name And Initial Bears
270 30 Get Well, Birthday, Sympathy And Other Card And Envelope Sets
271 61 Photo Frame Name Key Chains
272 157 Name Rings
273 15 Car Pool Duty Shadowboxes And Seven Water Bottles With Names
274 110 Treasured Teddy Pins
275 Huge Namesakes Store Display With Hundreds Of Name And Origin Bookmarks
276 28 Candles In Ceramic With Names
277 Four Shelves Full Of Home Decor, Figurines, Singing Insulated Cups, Harley-Davidson Desk Top Organizer Citronella Candles And Much More
278 Entire End Cap Of Graduation Gifting And Party Supplies, Mortarboard Decoration With Blinking Lights And Approx. 250 Cards
279 Store Display Stand Full Of Postcards And Two Small Bags And Miniature Books
280 Enormous Lot Over The Hill Age Gifts And Party Accessories
281 Enormous Lot Of Helium Balloons Over $500 Retail
282 Helium Balloon Regulators
283 Assortment Jewelry Including Boyd Bear Pin, Cherished Teddies Club Member Pin Bracelets And Charms
284 Assortment Of Jewelry Items Including Boyd Bear Pins, Mothers Charms, Teddies Pins And More
285 Small Metal Bird/Garden Display Houses By Marjalin Bastion, Blue Sky Porcelain And Large Assortment Of Easter Card Holders
286 Huge Assortment Of Easter Gifts, Home Decor, Books, Wrapping Paper And Jewelry
287 Large Lot Of Thanksgiving/Fall Home Decor And Gift Items Including Turkey Candleholders, Paper Cups And Plates And Large Ceramic Platter Plus Hundreds Of Cards
288 Enormous Lots Of Halloween Decor Items Including Wall Plaques, Witches Shoes Spoon Rest And Small Bronze Like Figurines
288a 15 Crackle Witch Luminary For Indoor Or Outdoor Motion Detected Activation
289 Antique Style Wooden Barrel With Fall Leaves And Small Hallmark Tree And Coppertone Wall Decor
290 Assortment Of If The Girl Baby Shower Happy Anniversary Bridal Shower Banners And Stickers Plus Much
291 Huge Assortment Of Paper Party Plates ,Cups, Napkins Hats And More
292 Huge Assortment Gift Bags Including Children’S Birthday Themed Unique High School Musical Gift Boxes , Nametags And Much More
292a Boys Red Eclipse Bike
293 Enormous Lot Of Valentine’S Day/Love/Ladies Gift Bags And Boxes Children’S Valentine’S Day Cards And Two Boxes Of Valentine’S Day Card
294 85 Rolls Of Ribbon
295 Large Assortment Of Wedding And Baby Themed Gift Wrap And Accessories
296 Enormous Lot Of Individual Bows And 23 Rolls Of Wrapping Paper
297 Six Shelves Full Of Bridal, Baby, Announcements And Other Similar Invitations Plus Many Blanks And Accessories 141 Pieces Total
298 Assortment Of Note Card Sets, Album Refills And Wax Stamps 240 Pieces Total
299 110 Packages Of Invitations And Some Are Packages Of Print Your Own Invitations
300 159 Invitation/Announcements And Create Your Own Card Kits + Five Baby Shower Kits
301 310 Invitations, Announcements, Envelopes, Blank Cards Accessories For Make Your Own And More
302 Large Assortment Of Packages Of Christmas Cards Some Are Dvds, Gift Bags, Bows And More
303 237 Boxes Of Hanukkah And Shalom Cards Over $2300 Retail
304 201 Boxes Of Hanukkah Card Over $2000
305 225 Christmas And New Year’S Packages 60 Treat Snack Packages 13 Tablecloths And 25 Christmas Streamers
306 Approximately 4100 Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday Greeting Cards Note Some Have Sun Fading On Outside Cards Over $7000
307 Approximately 2200 Valentine’S Day/Romantic Greeting Cards Note Outside Cards Have Some Sun Fading Over $4000
308 Approximately 1000 Mother’S Day Greeting Cards Over $2000 Retail
309 Approx. 900 Fathers Day Greeting Cards Over $1500
310 Approx. 3200 Love, Romantic Greeting Cards Over $7500 Retail
311 Approx. 2200 Confirmation Communion Bar Mitzvah Greeting Cards Over $2500 Retail
312 Approx. 1900 Birthday Greeting Cards …Humorous, 1/2 Birthdays, General, Religious, And So Forth Over $4000 Retail
313 Approx. 1750 Family Birthday Cards Mother, Father, Siblings Nieces, Nephews, Aunts And So Forth Over $6000 Retail
314 Approx. 1800 Anniversary Wedding Baby Greeting Cards Over $4000 Retail
315 Approx. 1300 Sympathy Thank You Special Occasion Friendship And Get Well Greeting Cards Over $3000
316 Approx. 1600 Specialty, Spanish, Blank, And Gift Card Holders Greeting Cards Over $2000 Retail
317 Approx. 550 Blank Cards And Gift Card Holders Over $1000 Retail
318 Approx. 1600 Friendship, Encouragement, Miss You And Children’S Encouragement Greeting Cards Over $2500
319 Approx. 600 Wit Happens Humor Designer Greeting Cards Over $1000 Retail
320 Assortment Of St. Patrick’S Day, Boss Day And Other Miscellaneous Holiday Greeting Cards And St. Patrick’S Day Cups Paper Plates And Party Supplies
321 Enormous Lot Of Promotional Kids Encouragement Greeting Cards
322 Huge Assortment Of Stationary Sets And Envelopes
323 Six Box Is Full Of Envelopes
324 Large Assortment Of Mostly White Card Envelopes
325 Three Bins Storage Organizer Full Of Envelopes And Two Boxes Including Padded Envelopes
327 Enormous Lot Of Shelving And Store Signage Including Sale Signs, Stickers Backdrops For Shelving And Much More
328 Large Lot Of Pricing Guns And Labeling Accessories Including Stampers And Stickers
330 Hallmark Gold Crown Bags And Wrapping Paper With Three Wrapping Paper Dispensers And One Large Unopened Box Of Paper Plus Three Rolls Of Hallmark Stickers
331 Huge Assortment Of Display/Gift Boxes Unassembled
332 Hallmark Assortment Of Gift Boxes Unassembled
333 Hallmark Gold Crown Gift Boxes
334 Hallmark Gold Crown Gift Boxes
335 Assortment Of White Gift Boxes
336 Hallmark Gold Crown Gift Boxes
337 Hallmark Gold Crown Lot Of Gift Boxes
338 Hallmark Gold Crown Huge Lot Of Gift Boxes
339 Hallmark Gold Crown Large Gift Boxes
340 Hallmark Gold Crown Lot Of Gift Boxes
341 Hallmark Gold Crown Lot Of Gift Boxes
342 Large Lot Of Paper Merchandise Bags Including Small Candy Bags
343 Hotshot Professional Heat Gun And Shrink Wrap
344 Large Lot Of Store Display Gift Boxes And Pictures
345 Large Lot Of Display Blocks For Precious Moments
346 Huge Lot Of Collectible Figurines, Vases, Glassware, Dolls And Hand-Painted Wooden Duck And Much More
348 Metal Coat Rack
349 Large Roll Of White Merchandise Packing Paper
350 Large Box Of Paper Bags
351 Hallmark Glass Showcase With 2 Locking Sections
352 Hallmark Glass Showcase With 3 Locking Sections
353 Hallmark Glass Showcase
354 Hallmark Glass Showcase With 1 Locking Sections
355 Hallmark Glass Showcase
356 Hallmark Glass Showcase With 1 Locking Sections
357 Hallmark Glass Showcase With 3 Locking Sections
358 Enormous Lot Of Glass Showcase Shelving Glass Parts And Hardware
359 Large Lot Of Glass Shelving
360 Large Lot Of Glass Shelving
362 White Wood Revolving Display Rack With Underneath Storage
363 White Plastic. Revolving Store Display Rack
364 White Metal Revolving Three Sided Display Rack
365 Black Metal Revolving Display Rack With Top Storage Bins
365a Beanie Baby Revolving Display Rack
366 Four Display Podiums
367 Tall White Podium Style Shelving Display Unit
368 Hallmark Cards Store Shelving/Fixture
369 Hallmark Cards 10″ Section Wall Shelving Unit With Lighiting
370 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
371 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
372 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
373 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
374 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
375 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
376 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
377 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
378 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting
379 Hallmark Two 4 Foot Wall Shelving Section With Lighting And Glass Shelving
380 Hallmark Cards 16″ Shelving Unit With Shelving And Deviders
381 Two Hallmark 4″ Shelving Units With Lights And Shelving
381a Three Hallmark 4″ Shelving Units With Shelving
382 Hallmark Cards Two Sided Shelving Unit With And End Caps
383 Hallmark Cards Two Sided Shelving Unit With And End Caps
384 Hallmark Cards Double-Sided Shelving Unit
385 Hallmark Cards Double Sided Shelving Unit With Four Drawers
386 Hallmark Cards Double Sided Shelving Unit
387 Hallmark Cards Double Sided Shelving Unit With Glass Shelving
388 18 Drawer Storage With Top
389 Two Laminate Display Tables
389a Removable Laminate Store Display Divided Bin For Round Table Top Is Removable
390 Metal Shelving Cabinet
391 Six Drawer Storage/Organizing Bins
392 Two Goldtone Small Revolving Card Racks
393 Stone Scents Store Display Unit And Small Metal Revolving Unit
394 Three Black Metal Small Store Displays Racks
395 Two Hallmark Gold Crown Wrapping Paper Display Bins And Amia Electrical Display Board
397 Ten Metal Adjustable Sign Holders
398 10 Metal Adjustable Sign Holders
399 Ten Metal Adjustable Sign Holders
400 9 Adjustable Metal Sign Holders One Is Broken
401 Antique National Brand Cash Register
402 Vintage National Cash Register
403 Antique Suppository Pill Press From Pharmaceutical Company
404 Zebra Brand Barcode Label Printer Model Lp2 844 With Hardware And Software
405 Zebra Brand Barcode Label Printer Model Lp2 844 With Hardware And Software
406 Intermec Barcode Reader And Software
407 Intermec Barcode Reader And Software
408 Ibm Point Of Sale System With Scanners And Software
409 Ibm Point Of Sale System With Scanners And Software
410 Ibm Point Of Sale System With Scanners And Software
410a Assortment Of Computer Printer Parts
411 Dell Computer Tower And Monitor With Windows 7
412 Sharp Electric Cash Register Model Er €“ A 410 With Tranz 330, Extra Receipt Rolls And Scanners
413 Two Vintage Sweada Brand Cash Registers With Keys And Extra Paper
414 Two Sharp Vintage Cash Registers One Appears To Need Work, Vvcg. Nnn Cccxcgbbfvn..
415 Two Cannon Brand Printers And Some Accessories
416 Assortment Of Credit Card Manual Machines ,Counterfeit Marker Detectors And Vintage Bank Bank Bag
417 Large Assortment Of Office Electronics Including Printers Phones Cords And Much More Untested
418 Assortment Of Power Strips And Battery Backup Power Supplies
419 Assortment Of Extension Cords
420 Assortment Of Power Strips
422 Assortment Of Extension Cords And Light Cords
423 Assortment Of Miscellaneous Cords And Power Supplies
424 Two Adding Machines And Large Amount Of Register Tape
425 Two Paper Towel Dispensers With One Key
426 Schlage Lever Handle Lockless Locksets
427 Two Door Announcers With Counters American Security Equipment Company Please Note One Does Not Have Chime
428 Huge Assortment Of Office Supplies And Desk Organizers Including Staplers Pens Markers Clipboards And Much More
429 Small Vintage Pharmaceutical 21 Drawer Metal Storage/Organizer Cabinet
430 Green Metal Dolly
431 Metal Rolling Cart
432 Metal Rolling Cart
434 Three Metal Hanging Ceiling Racks
435 Assortment Of Display Items Including Plate Holders, Sign Clips And More
436 Assortment Of Plastic Store Displays And Brochure Holders And Unique Hallmark Ornament Display
437 Five Boxes Full Of Plastic Display And Shelving Dividers For Shelving Units
438 Two Drawer Metal File Cabinet And Laminated Wood Cabinet
439 Haier Small Refrigerator 115V Lg
441 Lasko Fan Wind Tunnel Remote
442 Two Steps Stools
445 Huge Lot Of Extension Cords And Power Strip
447 Assortment Of Lighting And Sound Horn Untested
448 Assortment Of Merchandising Sign Holders And Hooks Note:Items On Shelf Not Included
449 Assorted Electronic Devices And Remote Controls
450 Group Of Merchandising Items Including Hallmark Basket
451 Over 30 Feet Of Pallet Racking Available For Pick Up On Last Day Of Load Out
453 Three Unit Shelving Section Including Nine Shelves
454 3 Unit Shelving Including Nine Shelves
455 3 Unit Shelving Including Nine Shelves
456 Two Shelving Unit Including Six Shelves
457 Four Unit Shelves Including 12 Shelves
458 Two Unit Shelving Including Six Shelves
459 One Unit Shelving Including Three Shelves
460 Five Unit Shelving With 15 Shelves
461 Lot Of Three White Shelving Units
462 A Lot Of Three Gandola Style Shelving Units Glass Not Included
463 Section Of 8 Drawer Units
464 Section Of 14 Drawer Units
465 Section Of 14 Drawer Units
466 Entire Section Of 26 Drawer Units
467 Sturdy Wood Workbench
468 Cooper Track Lighting Fixture Units With Extras
469 Huge Assortment Of Light Bulbs
470 Large Assortment Of Fluorescent Light Fixture
471 Large Quantity Of Ballasts And Other Light Fixture Hardware
472 Huge Assortment Of Fluorescent Lightbulbs (Untested)
472a Huge Assortment Of Fluorescent Lightbulbs (Untested)
473 Rubber Cove Baseboard Molding
474 Wiring And Conduit For Valance Display Shelf
475 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware And Accessories For Display And Merchandising
476 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
477 Extra Shelving And Accessories For Hallmark Shelving Units
478 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
479 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
480 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
481 Group Of Hallmark Shelving Hardware
482 Group Of Hallmark Shelving Hardware
483 Group Of Hallmark Shelving Hardware
484 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
485 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
486 Huge Quantity Hallmark Shelving Hardware
487 Group Of Hallmark Shelving Hardware
488 Corner Unit For Hallmark Shelving
489 Corner Unit For Hallmark Shelving
490 Slat-Wall Shelving Accessory
491 Merchandising Accessories For Shelving Units
492 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware Accessories (Assembled Shelving Not Included)
493 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware Accessories (Assembled Shelving Not Included)
494 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware Accessories (Assembled Shelving Not Included)
495 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware Accessories (Assembled Shelving Not Included)
496 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware Accessories (Assembled Shelving Not Included)
497 Huge Assortment Of Shelving And Extras
498 Large Quantity Of Shelving Inserts
499 Large Lot Of Shelving Supports And Hardware
500 Large Quantity Of Caster Wheels Approximately 50 (Second Photo Box Full)
501 Giant Lot Of Shelves, Shelving Hardware And Shelving Supplies Inside 40 Foot Storage Container Pallet Racking And Casters Not Included
503 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
504 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
505 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
506 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
507 2 Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
508 4 Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Not Included)
509 4 Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Included)
510 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Included)
511 Two Drawers Full Of Shelving Hardware (Drawers Included)
512 2 Drawer Of Electrical Cords (Drawer Not Included)
513 Drawer Of Shelving Hardware (Drawer Not. Included)
514 Large Quantity Of Shelving Hardware
515 Group Of Fire Extinguishers (See Photo For Charge Amounts)
516 6 Foot Wooden Step Ladder
517 4 Foot Wooden Stepladder
518 Large Quantity Of Hardware
521 Four Retro Chrome Kitchen Chairs Some May Need To Be Reupholstered
522 Store Shopping Baskets, Totes And Christmas Accessories
524 Three Vacuum Cleaners One Commercial Plus Accessories And One Small Shop Back Note Is Missing Wheels
526 Vintage Brown Plaid Sofa
527 Vintage Henredon Floral Sofa With Matching Drapes
528 Rubber Mat For Back Support
529 Two Replica Security Cameras


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics