WISCONSIN Designer Handbags, Accessories, and Estate Collectibles Online Auction

Start Date: Friday 5/16/14
End Date: May 21, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Wednesday 5/21/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 16125 W. Ryerson Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151
Load Out Times: Thursday 5/22/14 through Saturday 5/24/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

antiquesandcollectibles Lot 3301 Lot 3302 Lot 3303 Lot 3304 Lot 3305 Lot 3306 Lot 3307 Lot 3308 Lot 3309 Lot 3310 Lot 3311 Lot 3312 Lot 3313 Lot 3314 Lot 3315 Lot 3316 Lot 3317 Lot 3318 Lot 3319 Lot 3320 Lot 3321 Lot 3322 Lot 3323 Lot 3324 Lot 3325 Lot 3326 Lot 3327 Lot 3328 Lot 3329 Lot 3330 Lot 3331 Lot 3332 Lot 3333 Lot 3334 Lot 3335 Lot 3336 Lot 3337 Lot 3338 Lot 3339 Lot 3340 Lot 3341 Lot 3342 Lot 3343 Lot 3344 Lot 3345 Lot 3346 Lot 3347 Lot 3348 Lot 3349 Lot 3350 Lot 3351 Lot 3352 Lot 3353 Lot 3354 Lot 3355 Lot 3356 Lot 3357 Lot 3358 Lot 3359 Lot 3360 Lot 3361 Lot 3362 Lot 3363 Lot 3364 Lot 3365 Lot 3366 Lot 3367 Lot 3368 Lot 3369 Lot 3370 Lot 3371 Lot 3372 Lot 3373 Lot 3374 Lot 3375 Lot 3376 Lot 3377 Lot 3378 Lot 3379 Lot 3380 Lot 3381 Lot 3382 Lot 3383 Lot 3384 Lot 3385 Lot 3386 Lot 3387 Lot 3388 Lot 3389 Lot 3390 Lot 3391 Lot 3392 Lot 3393 Lot 3394 Lot 3395 Lot 3396 Lot 3397 Lot 3398 Lot 3399 Lot 3400 Lot 3401 Lot 3402 Lot 3403 Lot 3404 Lot 3405 Lot 3406 Lot 3407 Lot 3408 Lot 3409 Lot 3415 Lot 3416 Lot 3417 Lot 3419 Lot 3420 Lot 3421 Lot 3422 Lot 3423 Lot 3424 Lot 3425 Lot 3426 Lot 3427 Lot 3428 Lot 3429 Lot 3430 Lot 3431 Lot 3432 Lot 3433 Lot 3434 Lot 3435 Lot 3436 Lot 3437 Lot 3451 Lot 3452 Lot 3453 Lot 3454 Lot 3455 Lot 3456 Lot 3457 Lot 923 Lot 924 Lot 925 Lot 926 Lot 927 Lot 928 Lot 929 Lot 930 Lot 931 Lot 932 Lot 933 Lot 935 Lot 936 Lot 937 Lot 938 Lot 939 Lot 940

923 vintage Chinese brass etched Dragon designed cedar lined cigarette box
924 Vintage unique ethnic small heavy metal vases with silver inlaid intricately done
925 Antique steel cut beaded coin purse with silver repousse design with jet beads
926 Vintage/Art Deco velvet purse with embroidered design
927 Antique silk pillow sham with embroidered girl with large hat and flowers
928 Antique embroidered table runner with metal metallic tassels
929 Assorted lot of vintage/antique embroidered table runners, placemats and more
930 Assorted lot of vintage/antique embroidered table runners, placemats and more
931 Assorted lot of Antique Cotton slips
932 Vintage/antique baby cotton slip, embroidered pillow sham and vintage cowboy pillowcase
933 Two vintage evenflow glass baby bottles
935 Two vintage leather wallet sets
936 Vintage/antique leather covered glass decanter with ornate lion embossed design
937 Vintage/antique large leather covered glass decanter with ornate embossed men’s face design
938 Vintage 1950s teal blue plastic canister set
939 Vintage Ron Lee carousel horse on onyx with gold bead accents time and learned 1984
940 Antique children’s Scottie dog pull toy note one wheel is broken
3301 Brand-new Corvette stool seat swivels 360 29 inches tall 13 inches in diameter
3302 Brand-new in box Corvette stool seat swivels 360 29 inches tall 13 inches in diameter
3303 Corvette neon lighted round clock new in inbox
3304 Rubber tire clock 14 inches in diameter
3305 Cruel world diecast custom chopper model with display box
3306 Collectible M&M hot rod car candy dispenser
3307 2005 Chevrolet Corvette diecast model car scale 18-Jan
3308 Ornate steam punk 1910 touring car clock
3309 National Street Rod Association metal sign
3310 Two GM official licensed product hot Rod metal car signs
3311 Two GM official licensed product hot Rod metal car signs
3312 Two GM official licensed product hot Rod metal car signs
3313 Porcelain “travel the USA coast-to-coast” 1998 Inde Rooney metal sign
3314 Heavy duty metal key drop box with key by protex
3315 Four pair of brand-new safety goggles
3316 Super striper for parking lot including full cans of paint
3317 Eureka whirlwind 12 amp self propelled vacuum cleaner
3318 Double halogen work light on tripod note one light is missing a bulb
3319 LG dehumidifier capacity 65 pints model LD650EAL
3320 Black & Decker 18 inch hedge trimmer
3321 Three Motorola walkie talkies with chargers
3322 Assortment of three small space heaters
3323 Set of two logitech computer speakers
3324 Framed panoramic view in Milwaukee Wisconsin first pitch April 6, 2001 final score Brewers 5 reds 4 print
3325 Framed panoramic view at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison Wisconsin and zone the Rob Arra collection print
3326 Framed panoramic view of Milwaukee Wisconsin night time print
3327 Framed 1999 Rose Bowl champion Pasadena California print
3328 Two collectible 1999 baseball starting lineup figurine and matching cards
3329 Two collectible 1999 baseball starting lineup figurine and matching cards
3330 Two collectible 1999 baseball starting lineup figurine and matching cards
3331 Two collectible 1999 baseball starting lineup figurine and matching cards
3332 Collection of three collectors plates Knowles , Norman Rockwell, and jerrandie
3333 Election of four collectors plates including gone with the wind, 50th anniversary, and more
3334 Kikkusui China set made in Japan note is not complete great for replacement
3335 Collection of Oriental wall art including bamboo hand-painted
3336 Two canvas buckaroo ranch wall art
3337 Large collection of Wisconsin license plates
3338 Vintage collectible Corvette VCR tape reminder note is missing cord untested
3339 Dragon ring knife and three Metallica coasters
3340 Sent of aluminum spurs with leather straps
3341 Vintage set of 14 karat gold filled Cross pen and pencil set
3342 Enameled roasting pan and large glass measuring cup
3343 Blue carnival glass hanging dish
3344 Collectible Disney beauty and the beast enchanted Christmas Barbie doll
3345 Three drawer bright colored oranizer
3346 Three drawer Cart
3347 three drawer cart
3348 Two collectible bird framed wall art one signed by becky kruger
3349 Assortment of collectible Schlitz beer matches, Negra Falls ashtray and serving tray
3350 Collectible celluloid faced cotton stuffed doll
3351 Authentic Coach leather plaid large handbag
3352 Authentic Coach black classic logo handbag with leather trim
3353 Authentic Coach classic logo purse with pink leather trim
3354 Authentic coach classic handbag with leather trim
3355 Authentic Coach black leather Crossbody handbag
3356 Authentic pink leather coach wristlet
3357 Authentic Coach classic logo wristlet with flower design and pink leather trim
3358 Authentic large Dooney and Bourke suede handbag note may need a little TLC with cleaning
3359 Authentic small Dooney and Bourke canvas purse with leather trim
3360 Bally canvas purse with leather trim authenticity not guaranteed
3361 Replica Chanel black leather quilted handbag
3362 Replica Gucci classic GG Web designed handbag
3363 Authentic Harley Davidson duffel bag with leather trim
3364 Authentic Ugg sheep wool lined black leather boots with wood soles
3365 Authentic Ugg sheepskin care kit with protector freshener and conditioner
3366 Vintage Nordstrom exclusive Gary’s leather wallet with vintage watch embossed design
3367 Vintage US military mask chemical carrying bag
3368 Vintage US military mask chemical carrying bag
3369 Authentic vintage a gentleman’s cologne by Chanel with original box ( European version) very rare
3370 Authentic vintage a gentleman’s cologne by Chanel with original box ( European version) very rare
3371 Authentic vintage Gucci #3 perfume
3372 Authentic vintage Gucci #3 perfume
3373 Authentic Gucci perfume
3374 Authentic Christian Dior Jadore perfume
3375 Authentic Givenchy organza perfume
3376 Authentic Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche spray perfume
3377 Vintage authentic Arpege perfume over half full
3378 Authentic Lolita Lempicka perfume
3379 Authentic Liz Claiborne realities perfume
3380 Authentic Liz Claiborne realities perfume
3381 Authentic Liz Claiborne realities perfume
3382 Six bottles of assorted Estée Lauder mini bottles of perfume
3383 Four bottles of Jessica McClintock mini body mist spray
3384 Four bottles of lancome mini bottles of perfume
3385 Swarovski crystal double bell ornament with box
3386 Lenox full lead crystal kitty cat figurine
3387 Cedar trinket box with American Indian tribe top
3388 Cedar trinket box with Native American chief and Wolf top
3389 Bovane of cheshire Connecticut enameled copper mid century ashtray
3390 Art glass shallow dish with iridescent design find earth beat MS 89 named Moonshadow
3391 Silvestri Jewel luster amethyst glass vase
3392 Longaberger 1987 handwoven picnic basket
3393 Vintage celluloid dresser set
3394 Assorted lot of antique and vintage books including quintuplets play Mother Goose, paper ads, and Paderewski
3395 Art Deco chrome finished picture frame
3396 Assorted lot of crocheted placemat tassel trim and other vintage sewing items
3397 Antique wood shoe mold hand-painted for paper weight
3398 Vintage ace Fastner Corporation Chicago Illinois stapler with Staples
3399 Large collection of vintage advertising pens
3400 Collection of political and bicentennial items including magazines mug and pamphlet
3401 Vintage cigar box full of hardware
3402 Collection of miscellaneous houseware items including Lomioges plate, copper cup ladle, salt cellars and more
3403 Vintage Silvertone crumb catchers and Silvertone tidbit tray
3404 Vintage unopened cracker jack box, Howard Johnson promotional gift and vintage hair curlers and more
3405 Rogers & brothers silverplated flatware set with anti-tarnish bag
3406 Antique suitcase with antique , hand made quilt and small tape
3407 Vintage bissell’s hi-lo ball bearing self cleaning brush
3408 Antique Louis Sherry tin with superior quality bronze powder
3409 Set of two solid wood display boxes with glass tops
3415 bright pink sequined cylinder purse with fringe
3416 vintage/antique bronze elephant cigar ashtray
3417 Vintage chairman Mao zedong and Lin biao propaganda vase
3419 Assortment of Peter rabbit beatrix potter. Collectibles including tins, ornaments and more
3420 Large assortment of collectible vintage playing cards including Native American designed, dogs and more
3421 Large collection of vintage children’s dollhouse accessories furniture and more
3422 Large collection of wood children’s dollhouse toys
3423 Large box full of Legos
3424 Vintage collectible cootie game
3425 Collectible vintage big bird candle
3426 William flud Ouija mystifying oracle by Parker Brothers
3427 The children’s book virtual’s by William Bennett autographed and hand written note
3428 Leather bound one Nation America remembers September 11, 2001 book
3429 Collection of Halloween decorations including masks lighted skull and more
3430 Three sets of designer hand towels and bath towels
3431 Large U2 band wall decor
3432 Collection of hockey and basketball cards
3433 Three vintage baseball guide and how to play books
3434 Collection of unopened baseball cards from 1994
3435 Collection of large oversized baseball cards and pop-up baseball cards
3436 Collection of oversized baseball cards
3437 Two men’s western cats including Bailey and Henchz
3451 Vintage Mattel electronics Intellivision game
3452 Seven vintage tellivision games including Dracula, swords and serpents, safecracker and more
3453 Seven vintage intellivison games including horse racing, pitfall, basketball, and more
3454 10 vintage Intellivision games including space battle, b-17 bomber and more
3455 collection of vintage 1960s dolls including Kiddle doll
3456 Collection of vintage sea wee mermaid doll by Kenner
3457 Vintage collectible Marx Mickey Mouse toy watch note damaged


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