WISCONSIN Indian Creek Estate Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Wednesday 6/25/14
End Date: July 1, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Monday 6/30/14 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 16125 W. Ryerson Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151
Load Out Times: Wednesday 7/2/14 and Thursday 7/3/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

1 Taxidermy large woodchuck mounted on wood bottom marked with ax and initials LG
2 Taxidermy large male pheasant mounted on wood with wonderful coloring
3 Taxidermy female pheasant mounted on wood
4 Taxidermy white grouse mounted on wood
5 Large lacquered alligator snapping turtle shell
6 Lacquered dehydrated painter turtle
7 Chuck Kondor original insect specimen exhibit bug collection encased in glass
8 Chuck Kondor original tarantula specimen exhibit encased in glass and wood frame
9 Chuck Kondor original butterfly specimen exhibit encased in glass with wood frames
10 Chuck Kondor original grasshopper specimens exhibit encased in glass with wood frames
11 Chuck Kondor original large scorpion specimen exhibit encased in glass with wood frame
12 Vintage large Hispanic bust sculpture appears to be plaster
6008 stainless steel outdoor portable fireplace with caged side
6009 Blue rhino Skeeter vac mosquito exterminator with propane tank
6010 Vertical ascent camping tent
6011 Two Wenzel Brand padded inflatable camping mattresses
6012 Lifetime plastic collapsible picnic table note legs do have rust and may need a little TLC
6014 large canopy
6015 large assortment of sporting goods including Louisville slugger, baseball gloves, basketball, volleyball and more
6015a Two Wilson tennis rackets, volleyball net, birdies
6015b Prince zone titanium tennis racket with case
6016 Spalding Gold edition deluxe horseshoe set
6017 South bend lawnplay Croquet set
6018 sports equipment organizer
6019 electronic dartboard with Spalding brand darts and cabinet
6020 sportcraft dart game with darts English Mark Brand
6021 two boxes of patio torches two in each box
6022 large outdoor brass barometer
6023 large Lot of assorted fishing tackle, fishing nets, reels and much more
6023a Four pair of rubber waiters and boots
6023b Assorted lot of rain gear including overalls and jackets
6024 two bows with arrows
6024a Three vintage/antique metal animal traps
6025 large outdoor ceramic? Fariy note arm and finger is broke
6026 large black wrought iron medieval style candle holder with glass Amber vase
6027 set of seven Copper outdoor citronella torches
6028 Set of four wrought iron black outdoor torches
6029 Large blue igloo brand cooler, Coleman cooler and styrofoam coolers
6030 Large assortment of fire starters and cooking fuel
6031 ice skate covers/carrying cases and large dancewear bag
6032 E – Zup large white canopy sun shade
6034 out door camping supplies including Wenzel padded cushions, keep cool freezer bag and similar items
6034a three adult size extra-large and XX large life vest brands include oceans Pacific, Stearns, and obrien
6034b Youth? Med size life vest and wetsuit
6034c Youth/extra small adult size life vest and wetsuit
6034d Men’s size extra large gotcha brand 2.2 MM titanium wetsuit
6034e Extra large jet pilot brand wetsuit
6035 large umbrella stand
6036 antique 19th-century child’s primitive wood snow sled
6037 Rustic style wood board with outhouse painting
6038 Two unframed prints one of Williamsburg VA and Iceland Falcons
6038a Two unframed ducks and water fowl prints
6039 middle Eastern framed musical band print
6042 antique unique beverage? Dispenser and brass candlesticks and candelabras
6043 large Lot of assorted silver plated goblets, vanity set , and pewter salt seller set
6044 antique beveled glass night scene with ornate carved frame plus wood Decore and salad serving bowls
6045 artisten signed bird print with with wood frame
6045a Two artist signed water follow and duck prints with light wood frames
6045b Antique style gold gilt ballerina wall art
6046 assortment of home decor items including cut crystal vase, metal sculpture vine candleholder made in Italy, marble vessel and silk floral arrangement
6046a vintage/antique porcelain water pitcher for dry sink
6047 large assortment of home Decore items including vases, wall art, trinkets and more
6048 large assortment of home Decore items including vases, wooden treasure box, and candles
6049 assorted lot of home Decore including marble ashtray, faux bronze statue and other miscellaneous home Decore
6050 large Lot silverplated serving ware
6051 large assortment of crystal and glass including large crystal vase, platters and more
6052 large Lot of Crystal and glass stemware
6053 large Lot of Crystal and glass stemware
6054 pressed glass punch bowl and cups
6055 large assortment of plastic party catering serving ware
6056 large assortment of plastic party/catering cups and stemware
6056a Antique/vintage 10 gallon red wing crock with handles
6056b 5 gallon vintage/antique shoulder crock by Western stoneware
6056c 8 gallon antique/vintage red wing crock with handles
6056d Antique/vintage shoulder Jug
6056e Antique/vintage 2 gallon Crock
6056f Antique/vintage 2 gallon Redwing crock
6056g Antique/vintage 2 gallon Redwing crock
6056h Antique/vintage shoulder jug
6056i Antique/vintage shoulder jug
6056j Antique/vintage Western stoneware shoulder jug
6056k Antiques/vintage one and a half gallon crock
6056l Antique/vintage half-gallon crock
6056m Antiques/vintage half-gallon crock
6056n Antique/vintage shoulder jug
6057 Antique/vintage Douglas 1 gallon glass milk jugs
6058 Set of 12 glass tumblers
6059 Romantic style nestling art two sets five boxes each
6060 large Lot of antique and vintage cabinet photos
6061 Two Tuxedo,s with accessories
6061b Huge assortment of shoe shine equipment including stretchers brushes oils and polish
6062 enormous lot of men’s cologne aftershaves and other vanity items names include Gucci, Drakkar, Ralph Lauren Polo, and many more
6063 Assortment of garment bags
6064 Singer magic press 4 clothing press
6065 Assortment of bathroom essentials including lighted makeup mirror hanging Mirror picture frames vegetables soaps and other items
6066 Assortment of silk flowers with flower planter
6066a Two large wall mount platform shelfs made in Italy
6067 Assortment of candleholders and candles
6068 assortment of candles and candle holders
6068a Assortment of glass vases with silk flowers
6069 assorted lot of picture frames and plate display holders
6070 large Lot of miscellaneous home Decore including large brass tone candleholder, Bell, candles and more
6071 Waterford Crystal floor lamp
6071a Pair of porcelain cloisonné style table lamps
6072 Pine coffee table
6073 Laminate wood entertainment stand
6074 White laminate wood hope Chest
6075 Two-tiered locking wood display cabinet
6076 Wooden coat rack
6076a Howard Miller Eight-day wind pendulum wall clock
6077 Square wicker baskets with leather accents
6078 Round wicker baskets with covers
6079 Wooden nightstand drawer missing see photo
6080 Wood and glass and endtable
6081 Antique/vintage Wood bookcase
6082 White wall mount small cabinet with glass panel door made in Italy
6082a Two small end tables/stands
6083 Rolling entertainment stand
6084 Wood framed elegant wall mirror
6085 “Coat Of arms light fixture missing one Shane
6087 Collection of light fixtures including sconces outdoor lamps and hanging lamps very retro
6088 Outdoor spotlight
6088a Brass colored sconces with frosted glass extra pieces
6090 Vintage lamps with glass shades
6091 Retro style hanging lamps and additional lamp accessories
6092 Two out door lighting fixtures
6093 Sermon of light fixtures including indoor outdoor light fixtures
6095 Two outdoor light fixtures
6096 Two shop light fixtures with extra bulbs
6097 Werner scaffolding
6097a Rolling flat utility cart
6097c Rolling computer table
6098 Metal sawhorses
6098a Four pieces wainscot wall panel two-piece wonder board and aluminum vinyl door bottom
6098b Three-tiered metal shelving with rollers
6098c Assorted lot of plexiglass note one has damage
6099 Assortment of automotive parts including bottle jack jackstands flares bluebooks oil pans tire pump
6101 Greenfield Grass seed spreader
6102 Assortment of lawncare products including fertilizers Miracle grow and insect fog
6103 Large certainly no insect killer weed b gone and other items
6104 Assortment of house plant food mosquito beater and garden dust
6105 Ryobi and Homelite leaf blower
6105a Assortment of tent stakes orange and yellow flags and digging bars
6106 Assortment of shovels and ice chopper
6106a Assortment of roof snow rakes and other similar items
6106b Assortment of shovels
6106c Assortment snow shovel, push broom, rakes and other similar items
6106d Assortment of postal hole diggers, spade shovels and other similar items
6106e Large rubber squeegee and floor push brooms
6107 Large assortment of lawn and garden care tools
6107a Assortment of yard and lawn care tools including sledgehammer, rakes , shovels and more
6107b Assortment of yard care and lawn tools including rakes, shovels, and more
6107c Two axes and one saw
6107d Bolt cutters, sledgehammer, and crowbars
6107e Large assortment of lawn care tools including shovels , rakes , pick fork and more
6107f Assortment of mine care items including handheld Tiller, hoe, shovels and more
6108 Black metal firewood rack
6109 Black metal firewood rack
6110 Black metal firewood rack
6110a Lot of cement patio blocks
6111 Assortment of tools including various size pipe wrenches wire brushes grinding wheels power sawblades drillbits
6112 large assortment of drillbits
6113 Wax master orbital wax polisher
6114 2 gallon stainless steel compressed air sprayer, large yellow bucket, hose with sprayer, and cable
6115 assortment of extension cords and cables some are missing plugs will be used for parts
6116 three extension cords
6117 1/3 hp cast iron pedestal sub pump
6118 Assortment of tools including pipe cutters brass fittings 10 inch ballcock glacier Bay faucet and other items see pictures
6121 large assortment of hand saws some vintage
6122 assortment of hardware drillbits locks and more
6122a lot of household/hardware goods including extension cords, surge protector outlets and more
6123 large assortment of Painters covers, wiping cloths, and steel wools
6124 large Lot of household cleaning supplies
6125 three large safety cones
6125a Large metal restricted area authorized vehicles only sign
6126 pioneer audio/video stereo receiver VSX – D606S digital signal processor
6127 pioneer cd cdv LD player CLD – S250 laser disc player
6128 set of two Koss CM/530 computer maximized speakers
6129 realistic stereo mixing council, six channel mixer by Sony, and other similar stereo equipment
6129a Assortment of microphone equipment stand and microphone
6129b Assorted lot of walkie-talkies and accessories
6130 Panasonic CD stereo system model SA-PM533 and cyber home progressive scan DVD player
6131 JVC stereo ultracompact component system FS-D88 and speakers
6132 TEAC stereo cassette deck, Toshiba video cassette recorder, Koss speakers and remote
6133 JVC DVD player, Toshiba DVD video player, and seven disc play and exchange unit
6134 three video and DVD players including Toshiba, Samsung, and JVC
6135 Samsung DVD and VHS player and vintage Sony Betamax video cassette recorder model SL – HF400 super Beta hHi
6136 large assortment of cords and cables
6137 Plano fishing box full of stereo equipment components
6138 large assortment of stereo cords and Other miscellaneous similar items
6139 assortment of cameras, recording systems, And other similar items
6139a Vintage crown binoculars 7×50 triple tested
6139b Apple iPod nano
6139c Metal tripod
6140 Haier apartment/dorm room size refrigerator
6140a Two stainless steel trash containers
6142 Executive brown leather quilted office chair with stud accents
6143 Metal cabinet with four shelves
6144 Sony tape recorder 777
6145 collectible Xerox memory writer 6015
6146 Assortment of office items including keyboard and mouse, clipboards, and portfolios
6146a Two cash register trays
6146b Large assortment of postage-paid postcards
6147 two large file boxes full of hanging folders
6148 Large assortment of cell phone accessories, cords and more
6149 two large executive office blotters
6150 assortment of office supplies including desk organizer, timeclock file, messageboard, and binders and more
6151 large assortment of leather business briefcases
6152 assortment of travel luggage, briefcases, and other similar bags
6153 heavy-duty quick kleen vacuum cleaner
6153a heavy-duty quick kleen vacuum cleaner
6153b commercial heavy-duty quick kleen vacuum cleaner
6154 Large hookah with incense from Egypt
6155 large assortment of these instruments and other similar items
6155a Case for musical string instrument
6156 six drawer organizing file cabinet on wheels
6157 antique children’s ornate carved rocking chair
6158 antique folding vanity mirror
6159 decorative white vase with lacquered natural foliage
6159a Large assortment of wicker baskets
6160 large assortment of gift boxes including Movado, Rolex and other name brands
6161 large assortment of gift boxes, gift bags and similar items
6164 Costume made wrapping station on revolving dispenser, ribbons, and tons of wrapping paper
6166 assortment of neon flag banners for business
6167 assortment of office paper holders, catering items and brass wall brackets
6168 box of household items
6169 large lot decorative brass tone trays and party serving items
6171 antique copper washtub, brass own trash cans, brass tone candlesticks and assorted lot of lamps including precious moments
6173 box of kitchen utensils and flatware
6174 folding executive director like chair
6175 three TVs one with built-in VCR
6177 large antique cast iron bell and pot bell does have original stand
6178 FBI target
6180 Five 1.5amp 12 V fully automatic onboard battery chargers
6300 The New Yorker framed print. note:glass broken
6301 Marcus Uzilevsky framed art note:glass broken
6302 James Bond poster
6303 James Bond poster
6304 framed wall art
6305 Framed James Bond movie post
6306 Framed wall art
6307 Framed wall art depicting roses
6308 Folon Serigraphies framed poster Wall art
6309 Secrets of the rain forest poster framed wall art
6310 Framed poster Wall art
6330 large assortment of Treptow lemonade bran new T-shirts
6331 large hand made Noha Ark wooden toy set with safari hat
6332 collection of vintage my little ponies with carrying case
6334 Quality laser cartridge compatible Hewlett Packard c4182X
8181 Horizon fitness stationary bike R3 H- series
8182 Pro – form XP 542S treadmill
8183 Excel the exercise company weight lifting bench
8185 weight storage rack
8185a Set of weights bars
8185b Set of weights bars
8185c Set of weights bars
8185d Two set of Dunbar weights
8217 tall upholstered counter/office chair
8270 assortment of home maintenance items including solder guns, Phone wire, and straps


Ashley Furniture


L & L Society


Paddock Pools


Maricopa County


Earnhardt Hyundai


Islands Burgers


Desert Sky Mall




Phoenix Motor Company


Desert Pacific


Furniture King






Cassidy Turley


Father Joe’s Villages


Earnhardt Kia






Morris, Hall & Kinghorn


Interior Solutions


Designer Shoe Outlet


Lynn Morrison


Allstar Movers




Arizona Asset Management


Recon Motorsports


Sonoran Air


Villa Enterprises Management


World Wide Maps and More


Rose Law Group


Free Arts for Abused Children


Fiduciary Solutions LLC


Camelback Moving Inc.


American Truck Sales & Salvage



Biltmore Loan and Jewelry


ASU Athletics