WISCONSIN Indian Creek Tool Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Thursday 5/1/14
End Date: May 9, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Friday 5/9/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 16125 W. Ryerson Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151
Load Out Times: Saturday 5/10/14, Tuesday 5/13/14, and Wednesday 5/14/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

8186 Dewalt D21007 3/8th inch VSR drill with case.
8187 Chicago QOM-DC-3E 9.6 V cordless Rotary tool with accessories and case
8188 Coaxial Cable/Satellite installation and repair kit in foldout Plano tacklebox
8189 wire nut accessory kit
8190 Makita SJ 401 portable tabletop jigsaw
8192 Rotozip spiral saw with accessories and case
8193 Craftsman metal machinist toolbox with keys
8194 Klein metal toolbox with fold-outs and dividers
8195 Torch kit with accessories in metal case
8196 Milwaukee 1/2″ two-speed Right Angle Drive drill 48–06–2871 with accessories, case and extras
8197 Sanding/Grinding accessory and supply kit in Waterloo metal toolbox
8198 Porter Cable HD industrial jigsaw model 7545 with accessories and metal casey
8199 Milwaukee 3/8 inch 9.6v cordless driver drill # 0210-1
8200 Waterloo metal toolbox without insert
8201 Makita 180 mm sander polisher model number 9207S PB with tool & papers
8202 Skill 6 1/2 inch circular saw model 534
8203 Dewalt DW400 4-1/2 inch angle grinder
8204 Milwaukee double insulated screw shooter number 6753 – 1
8205 Black & Decker jigsaw #7504 Type 5
8206 Metal toolbox without insert
8207 Hand-drill boring kit with bits and accessories in All-American metal toolbox
8208 All-American by Waterloo metal toolbox with insert
8209 4 – Quick-grip bar clamps #66862
8210 Assorted drillbits in case
8211 DAPC 63-piece air tool kit model ATK80
8211a Porter Cable shaper/router table model number 698 with accessories
8212 Antique wooden 2-drawer lift-top toolbox on wheels
8213 Pine 5-drawer upright chest
8214 Antique wooden toolbox with insert and Hardwork
8215 Claw-footed lion accented metallic vessel
8215a Lot of 3 – metallic embossed vessels
8217 Vintage solid wood barrel back chair
8217a Vintage solid wood Spindleback Bentwoods chair
8217b Vintage solid wood bentwood chair
8217c Vintage slat-back cane bottom solid wood chair
8218 Assortment of wooden mallets clamps shims and brushes
8219 Large assortment of caulking/silicone and more with 2-dispensing guns
8220 Group of rope twine and string
8221 Assortment of clip on light fixtures some with shades
8222 Huge assortment of hardware including washers bolts screws nuts and storage containers
8223 Supply of various grades of motor oil
8224 6-adjustable wrenches of various types and sizes
8225 14 -pairs of pliers of various types styles and makers
8226 8-electrician tools of various types styles and makers
8227 5-pairs of scissors of various types and makers
8228 8-metal cutting shears and snips with outdoor lighting weatherproofing cover
8229 Assortment of electrical cords and splitter
8230 Wood Level
8231 Exact by the Hyde Group with case
8232 Johnson shockproof aluminum level
8233 Milwaukee 1/2″ Magnum whole shooter
8234 Milwaukee magnum hammer drill
8235 Group of 3 ground fault interrupt electric receptacles
8238 Large assortment of electrical items including duplex receptacles dimmers switch extension cords and more
8239 Large assortment of Telehony equipment including installation and repair items
8240 wallpaper and drywall accessories kit including tapes knives trays and more
8241 turtle wax random orbital waxer polisher model 65003 TW with carrying case and more
8242 Wen orbital car waxer with 10 inch in case with accessories
8243 Craftsman 1/4″ electric drill #315.7980 with drillbits in carrying case
8244 Remington power driver with nails and cartridges model number 490 with case
8245 large spool of coaxial wire
8246 Partial spool of community antenna television cable 18 AWG copper clad steel
8247 Partial spool of communication cable
8248 Pair of aluminum levels by Mayes brothers and MD
8249 Organizational divided drawers of various types of electrical connections and connectors
8250 organizational divided drawers containing fasters of various types
8251 Soldering kit in metal toolbox containing assorted soldering guns including Weller with solder flux and more
8252 large assortment of hardware items including indoor and outdoor lighting, locking devices, gate hardware and more
8253 large group of electrical items including switches, switch plates and more
8255 General assortment of hardware including toggle bolts various types of tapes electrical staples and wire nuts
8256 Group containing clamps, pencils and brush
8258 Kennedy large toolbox measures
8259 McGra-Edison 8 inch bench grinder model T6601
8260 Assortment of squares, levels and rules
8261 Assortment of tools including crowbars, saw, pry bars and more
8262 APC battery backup model 575
8263 Love-less Cheetah Fireplace Ash Vac with Winter Scene
8264 Large assortment of electrical hardware including switch covers clip on fixtures,harps, cords, tape and more
8265 Group of traveling accessories including jumper cables emergency lights power extensions hitch receivers plug-in outlets trailer lock with keys and more
8266 Assortment of wall hardware including brackets screw in hooks, hardware and more
8267 Large assortment of outdoor items including storage organizer brush monofilament line and charcoal starter fluid
8268 Group of oil pans phone anymore
8271 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8273 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8274 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8275 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8276 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8277 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8278 Two door metal locking shelving unit (keys not included)
8279 Open metal shelving unit
8280 Open metal shelving unit
8281 Open metal shelving unit
8282 Milwaukee sawzall with case and extra blades
8283 Big blower floor fan
8285 Senco Framepro #601 pneumatic power nailer
8286 Wallpaper kit with accessories and container
8288 large selection of paintbrushes by various makers including Grumbacher
8289 Collection of paintbrushes including various types sizes and makers
8290 Collection of paintbrushes including various types sizes and makers
8291 Commercial grade heavy-duty grounded extension cord
8292 Large group of stakes, spikes and more
8293 Pair of 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8294 Pair of 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8295 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8296 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8297 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8298 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8299 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8300 8 foot pre-wired fluorescent light fixtures
8301 Large group of clip on light fixtures with shades
8302 Senco SFW 10 XP pneumatic fine wire stapler with box
8303 Large group of files knives punches chisels and more
8304 Wire gutter guard
8305 Senco 2- boxes of nails including 2 3/8 hot dipped galvanize ring shank and 3 1/2 inch 16d brilliant basics
8307 Large group of miscellaneous hardware including PVC and more
8308 Chamberlain waxmaster random orbital waxer polisher in case
8309 organizational divided drawers containing miscellaneous hardware
8310 large group of paddle locks with keys (many keyed the same)
8312 titan by Hyundai TH – 007 multi use battery/built-in jumper cables/emergency light
8313 Adapter set in case
8314 Thorson sockets with holder
8315 Thorson ratchet set with sockets and case
8316 KMC sockets with carrying case
8317 9-PC 3/8th inch deep drive socket wrench set
8318 Assortment of tape measures and rules
8319 Campbell Hausfeld Airless paint sprayer head 1/2 hp model AL 2306 with cart assembly
8320 Campbell Hausfeld Airless paint sprayer 1/2 inch model AL 9015
8321 Group of painting accessories
8322 Partial coil of 1/2 inch soft copper refrigeration tube
8324 large assortment of auto accessories including anti-freeze car wax and more
8325 Assortment of various types of Seeds, pruning sealer and more
8326 Group of auto care needs including brake fluid power steering fluid in your cleaner and more
8327 Huge assortment of lubricants with appliers
8328 2- handle bar faucet inbox
8329 Peerless 2-handle bar faucet
8330 Adapter set with drivers in case
8331 7- hammers of various types and makers
8332 5- hand mauls of the various types and makers
8333 5-hammers of various types and makers
8334 Mikita belt sander model 9900B with Waterloo metal tool case
8335 Waterloo toolbox with insert
8336 Metal toolbox containing large amount of fittings of the various types
8337 Drillbits with holder
8338 Drillbits with holder
8340 Drill bits with holder
8341 Drillbits with holder
8342 Drillbits with holders
8343 3-large extended drillbits by Irwin
8344 assorted drillbits with holder
8345 2-drillbit holders with drillbits
8346 Large assortment of drillbits attachments holesaw and more
8347 Assortment of drillbits with holder
8348 Assortment of drillbits and more
8349 large assortment of various types of boring bits by Irwin and Milwaukee
8350 Group of buffer pads
8351 Tap and die set
8352 moen lever 2-handle chrome widespread faucet number 84240
8353 Portable Spotlight
8354 Large group of wire and cables including strapping
8355 Huge group of extension cords and wire
8356 Pair of light fixtures
8357 Lot of plumbing accessories including PVC metal couplings strapping and more
8359 Tap And die set
8360 Wall switch security Timer
8361 assorted electrical tools
8362 Group of 4 cutting boards
8363 Group of wire wheels and brushes
8364 Challenger socket set with ratchets
8365 Large group of sockets and more
8366 Pair of locking pliers
8367 Large group of fasteners
8368 assortment of fasteners
8369 portable extension cord on roll
8370 Portable extension cord on roller
8371 Industrial extension cord
8372 Pair of heavy duty extension cords
8373 Group of lighting shades
8374 group of plumbing accessories including splitters couplers and more
8375 organizational drawers containing miscellaneous hardware including wood products connectors and more
8376 Organizational drawers with miscellaneous hardware including caster wheels and more
8377 Pair of storeforce folding sawhorses
8378 Pair of storeforce folding sawhorses
8379 Group of buckets sprayers and more
8380 Group of painting supplies including rollers handles and more
8381 Folding scaffolding
8382 Portable step ladder
8383 Portable stepstool
8384 Black & Decker workmate 425
8385 Ceremonial speed shovel
8386 Pair of hand saws
8387 Pair of hand saws
8388 Pair of hand saws
8389 Pair of hand saws
8390 Group of four hole saws
8391 Assortment of automobile excess cerise including compass, lighters, locks and more
8393 assortment of paint accessories and paints
8394 Painting trays and accessories
8395 Group of paint, painting supplies and accessories
8397 30 drawer metal cabinet by Tennsco
8398 30 drawer metal cabinet by Tennsco
8399 7-drawer divided lift out drawer storage cabinet
8400 Assortment of wall repair compounds
8401 Group of painting accessories
8402 Arrow stapler plus nail gun model ETFX 50 with case
8403 Speedy auto Flator 12 V DC mini air compressor
8404 Group of metal cutting saws and blades
8405 assortments of saws and draw plane
8406 Assortment of staples and staplers
8407 Group of extension cords
8409 lot of 6-pliers
8410 Group of extension cord plug-ins
8411 Group of 4 locking pliers
8412 Lot of three pipe wrenches
8413 Assortment of drivers and box wrenches
8414 Large group of files drivers and more
8415 Group of screwdrivers
8416 large assortment of screwdrivers of various types styles and makers
8417 Group of extension cords of various types and sizes
8419 Andy bundler strapper with strapping material
8421 Group of chisels pics and more
8423 large group of clip on light fixtures screw in adapters cords and more
8424 Work belt organizers and aprons
8425 Group of crowbars pry bars and more
8426 Group of steel wool pads
8427 Group of electrical adapters
8428 Assortments of electrical adapters
8429 Assortment of electrical adapters
8430 electrical test equipment and meters
8431 large assortment of hand drivers
8432 Group of drivers ratchets wrenches and more
8433 Large group of cutting tools knives blades and more
8434 electrical items including duplex receptacles
8435 large assortment of electrical accessories including boxes
8436 lot of open and a box wrenches various types
8437 A lot of miscellaneous wrenches
8438 Assortment of rivet and rivet guns
8439 Assortment of electrical equipment supplies
8440 Assortment of miscellaneous electrical items
8441 large assortment of curtain hooks and more
8442 Easy heat eve heating unit
8443 Group of ratchets and strap
8444 assortment of electrical lighting shades
8445 assortment of various types of locks including keys
8446 Group of clips and more
8447 streamline wirefeed fishing tape
8448 Heat gun pro-1000
8449 Zircon video stud finder scanner 5.5
8450 Gasgard propane natural gas fitting
8451 pipe bender
8454 Collection of extension cords
8455 electrical supplies including wall plate switches and more
8456 large group of miscellaneous plumbing supplies
8457 Large group of miscellaneous hardware
8458 group of electrical hardware supplies
8459 Large box of miscellaneous hardware and supply
8460 Large gauge chain with carrying case
8461 Lot of two planters
8462 Group of wire nuts holders, case and more
8464 assortment of electrical tools
8465 Metal Tool carrier containing washers putty and more
8466 Pair of sump pumps
8467 Pair of Wayne sump pumps
8468 Bottle corker
8470 Electronic engraver and more
8472 Rolling plastic cart
8473 Electric towel warmer
8474 Rolling display cart
8475 Rolling display cart
8476 Rolling display cart
8477 Rolling display cart
8478 Collection of hardware including, bearings turnbuckles hooks and more
8479 Bucket of peg-hook hardware
8480 assorted plumbing hardware
8481 Chisel and pump set
8482 Wire feed extension kit
8483 Organizational dividers
8484 8-miscellaneous electrical boxes and covers
8485 Large quantity of hardware items including rubberized corp tape buckets Masonary tool and adjustable flag mount
8486 Group of miscellaneous hardware including knives Staples Bronze wool, crystal saver and more
8488 come-along hand wench
8489 Senco nails hardware and accessories
8490 Huge lot of miscellaneous hardware including tape Rings clips tie wraps and more
8491 A lot of miscellaneous hardware items including safety tape pin and clavus latches rope tools string line reflective edging and more
8492 Miscellaneous wire and hardware items including Leviton switch various gauges of wire expandable dryer vent and more
8493 group of caulk guns and expandable paint roller pole
8494 Hanging wall plaque depicting the history of cut nails in America
8495 2-Nautical themed mirrors inbox
8496 Auto feed paint roller inbox
8498 Group of miscellaneous hardware items including strapping, bits, silk plant with holder and more
8499 Group of decorating items including vases goblets ashtray and lamp
8500 Group of hardware including flashlights it sat pruning sheer holddown bolts strapping and more
8501 Umbrella stand
8502 metal rolling cart
8503 Expandable metal rolling cart
8504 Expandable rolling cart
8505 4-Rolling tables
8506 Rubbermaid rolling receptacle with lid
8507 Group of cutting boards and basket


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