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If you have business assets you want to sell for top dollar, Auction Nation is the answer! Let Auction Nation handle your liquidation needs so you can focus on your core business. With our unmatched commitment to reliability, customer satisfaction, and maximum returns, we’re proud to be the nationwide leader in online auctions.

Are you a company with decentralized operations around the U.S.?

Auction Nation is uniquely qualified to be your one vendor to service all of your locations.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, years of auction experience, and exceptional customer service, we provide a seamless and profitable auction experience. Our user-friendly online platform and expert marketing strategies enable us to reach thousands of qualified, targeted buyers nationwide. This, in turn, leads to a successful auction and maximizes seller profits.

Who Benefits
From Business Liquidation Auction Services?

Our business liquidation auction services are used by various companies facing different circumstances, primarily for efficient and profitable asset disposal. Companies undergoing bankruptcy, closure, downsizing, relocating, or restructuring often turn to Auction Nation for fast asset liquidation with maximized returns.


A business liquidation auction provides an efficient and expedient way to dispose of surplus inventory, excess raw materials, or unused equipment. By liquidating these assets through auctions, manufacturing companies can quickly generate capital to reinvest in their core operations or offset financial burdens.

Solar/Alternative Energy Companies

Technology rapidly evolves in the renewable energy sector. This often leaves companies needing to upgrade their equipment or infrastructure to stay competitive. Liquidation auctions provide a convenient avenue to sell off older or surplus equipment and inventory. By recouping some of their investment, these companies can then reinvest in cutting-edge technologies.


Business liquidation auctions give restaurants a streamlined platform for selling surplus equipment, furniture, and kitchenware. These auctions can liquidate everything in a restaurant quickly and allow the tenant to be out of the location before the lease term ends. This allows restaurant owners to recoup some of their investment and offset costs associated with business changes. Liquidations can also benefit new restaurateurs searching for high-quality, pre-owned equipment at competitive prices.

Construction Companies

Business liquidation auctions offer a convenient platform for construction firms to sell surplus or outdated inventory, machinery, tools, and materials. By liquidating these assets, companies can generate capital to invest in newer, more advanced equipment. In addition, liquidation auctions provide an opportunity for new or smaller construction businesses to access high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

Commercial Warehouses

Liquidation auctions offer warehouse managers a streamlined alternative for selling surplus inventory, obsolete equipment, or discontinued products. This frees up valuable space and optimizes inventory management. By liquidating unused or outdated inventory through auctions, warehouses can generate revenue and reduce costs, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Why Choose Us
For Your Business Liquidation Needs

Customized Auctions Designed For Your Goals

At Auction Nation, we know that every business is unique. That’s why we provide personalized solutions tailored to your company’s specific circumstances, goals, and timeline. Whether you have a small family-owned business or a large publicly traded corporation, our customized auction strategies are designed to maximize returns and streamline the liquidation process.

In-House Marketing Experts & Targeted Audiences

Utilizing the expertise of our in-house marketing experts, we can target potential buyers who are most likely to be interested in the assets being liquidated. And, by using a selection of proven marketing methods, we can effectively engage with a diverse range of buyers, including collectors, resellers, and industry professionals. Our strategy maximizes auction visibility, drives higher participation and bidding activity, and ultimately leads to successful liquidation outcomes for businesses.

Maximized Returns & Successful Track Record

As the nationwide leader in online auctions, we’re proud to have facilitated thousands of successful auctions across the US. From the initial consultation to the final payout of proceeds, we ensure a seamless and efficient auction experience. With Auction Nation as your business liquidation partner, you can trust that your company’s assets will be handled with professionalism and expertise, ultimately maximizing returns and streamlining the liquidation process.

What’s Included
With Our Business Liquidation Service

Customized Schedule

Asset Photography

Asset Inventory & Descriptions

Online Marketplace

Online Advertising

Auction Preview

Load-Out Supervision

Shipping Options

Unsold Item Removal

Detailed Settlement Report & Payout

Liability Insurance

How Does a Business Liquidation Auction Work?

Step 1

Create a detailed schedule/timeline for your business liquidation auction.

Our goal is to set up and complete a well-structured auction that works for your company and contributes to your overall auction objectives. The ideal schedule takes into consideration a variety of factors, including asset quantity, multiples of similar items to be sold, facility size, and logistics of bidders previewing auction items.

Step 2

Complete auction preparation and processing.

This includes taking photos of and creating an inventory list of all items to be auctioned. Our staff will photograph each asset and document its condition, special features, and details. The onsite location will also be prepared for a successful and efficient auction.

Step 3

We set up your online business liquidation auction.

Our auction experts upload high-quality images of your company’s assets and their corresponding descriptions to our user-friendly online auction platform. Your auction gets a unique gallery page where potential buyers can view and bid on each item.

Step 4

Our marketing experts create and implement online marketing campaigns.

We use a variety of proven marketing methods to effectively advertise your business liquidation auction, reaching thousands of qualified buyers nationwide and encouraging bidder participation to maximize returns. Campaign content and creatives are specifically designed to match your auction and are tailored to your company’s goals.

Step 5

Your online auction runs for a specified time period.

During step 1, our auction experts worked closely with you to determine how long your business liquidation auction should run. Now that it is up and running, you have a link to your auction’s gallery so you can track bidding progress in real-time.

Step 6

Bidders preview auction items and the auction closes.

During our years of experience in the auction industry, we’ve discovered that auctions are often more successful when bidders have the chance to see items firsthand. That’s why we offer bidders a short preview period (approximately 2 hours) on the final day of the auction. Once the preview period has ended, the auction closes.

Step 7

Winning bidders are notified and pick-up begins.

Your auction timeline/schedule dictates how long winning bidders have to pick up the items they’ve won. Typically, pick-ups occur over 1-2 days and the entire process is supervised by Auction Nation personnel.

Step 8

We pay your company for assets sold during your business liquidation auction.

For many companies, this is the most exciting part of the process! When the auction and pick-up have been completed, we will send you a detailed report of the auction’s performance that lists each item’s selling price. We’ll also send your auction proceeds via check or wire transfer according to the terms of your agreement, typically within 15 days of auction completion.

Maximize Your Returns With a Personalized Business Liquidation Auction

With our user-friendly online platform and extensive network of potential buyers, Auction Nation is your source for successful business liquidation auctions and other auction services! Our unique process ensures a customized auction experience that caters to your specific needs and goals.

Contact us today to see how we can efficiently liquidate your company’s assets while minimizing your staff’s efforts and maximizing your returns.