SCOTTSDALE ONSITE Pre-Demo Building Fixture Auction

Start Date: Monday 2/17/14
End Date: February 25, 2014 7:30 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 2/25/14 from 10am to 2pm
Location: 6525 E. Thomas Rd., Scottsdale AZ 85251
Load Out Times: Wednesday 2/26/14 and Thursday 2/27/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

Lot 1 Lot 10 Lot 11 Lot 11a Lot 11b Lot 11c Lot 12 Lot 12a Lot 12b Lot 12c Lot 12d Lot 12e Lot 13 Lot 13a Lot 13b Lot 13c Lot 13d Lot 14 Lot 14a Lot 14b Lot 14c Lot 14d Lot 14e Lot 15 Lot 15a Lot 15b Lot 15c Lot 15d Lot 15e Lot 16 Lot 16a Lot 16b Lot 16c Lot 16d Lot 16e Lot 17 Lot 17a Lot 17b Lot 17c Lot 17d Lot 18 Lot 18a Lot 18b Lot 18c Lot 18d Lot 19 Lot 19a Lot 19b Lot 19c Lot 19d Lot 19e Lot 19f Lot 1a Lot 1b Lot 1c Lot 1d Lot 2 Lot 20 Lot 20a Lot 20b Lot 20c Lot 20d Lot 20e Lot 20f Lot 21 Lot 21a Lot 21b Lot 22 Lot 22a Lot 22b Lot 22c Lot 22d Lot 22e Lot 23 Lot 23a Lot 23b Lot 23c Lot 23d Lot 23e Lot 23f Lot 24 Lot 24a Lot 24b Lot 24c Lot 24d Lot 25 Lot 26 Lot 26a Lot 27 Lot 28 Lot 29 Lot 2a Lot 2b Lot 2c Lot 2d Lot 2e Lot 2f Lot 2g Lot 2h Lot 3a Lot 3b Lot 3c Lot 3d Lot 3e Lot 3f Lot 4 Lot 4a Lot 4b Lot 4c Lot 4d Lot 4e Lot 5 Lot 5a Lot 5b Lot 6 Lot 7 Lot 7a Lot 7b Lot 7c Lot 7d Lot 7e Lot 7f Lot 8 Lot 8a Lot 8b Lot 8c Lot 8d Lot 8e Lot 8f Lot 8g Lot 8h Lot 9 paddock2

1 Approximately 100 Recessed Lighting Fixtures
1a Approximately 14 Track Light Fixtures with Lights
1b (9) Recessed Mounted Speakers
1c (9) Vent Covers
1d All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 1
2 Approximately (23) Round 3-Light Flood Lamp Fixtures
2a Approximately 29 Track Light Fixtures with Lights
2b (4) Recessed Mounted Speakers
2c (8) Vent Covers
2d (2) Doors- 1 Metal- 47.75″x79.5″; 1 Wood- 35.5″x79.5″ (No Keys)
2e White Metal Ramp Hand Rail- 144″x42″
2f All Slat Display Walls Contained in Section 2
2g (4) Hallway Exit Signs and (2) Security Lights
2h (3) Large Mirrors- 100″x50″
3a Corner Desk with Overhead Wall Mounted Cabinets, 138″x12.5″x30″
3b Wall Mounted 2-Door Cabinets, 85″x16″x36″
3c (3) Ceiling Fans
3d (15) Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
3e (5) Doors, 3 with Windows- 4- 35.75″x80″; 1- 47.75″x79″ (No Keys)
3f All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 3
4 Wood Shelving Unit, 48″x48″x120″, (Contents of Shelves Not Included)
4a Section of Metal Pallet Racking
4b Metal 5-Shelf Storage Rack
4c Group of Assorted Items Including Display Units, Phones, Light up Signs, Aficio 450e Copier and More
4d Large Group of Assorted Size Lumber
4e Large Blue Metal Door with Window- 47.75″x79″ (No Key)
5 Approximately 57 Fluorescent and Track Lighting Fixtures
5a (4) Round Ceiling Mounted Speakers
5b (10) Metal Vent Covers
6 Contents of Section 6 Including Cabinets, Metal Display Stands, Glass Shelves and More
7 (9) Office Doors
7a (56) Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
7b (3) Recessed Mounted Speakers
7c Hampton Bay Fan Company Ceiling Fan
7d Corner Office Desk, 96″x68″x42″
7e (13) Vent Covers
7f All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 7
8 (31) Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures
8a (25) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
8b (16) Vent Covers
8c (4) Round Ceiling Mounted Speakers (2 Silver and 2 White)
8d (3) White Ceiling Fans
8e (4) Office Doors
8f All Window Blinds Contained in Section 8
8g Spa Display Unit with Jet Displays
8h Wood 2-Door Display Cabinet with Marble Top
9 Halsey Taylor Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain
10 Elkay Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain
11 (4) Office Doors
11a (12) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
11b All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 11
11c (4) Vent Covers
12 (38) Round Recessed Light Fixtures and (12) Rectangular Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures
12a (7) Office Doors
12b (2) Hunter Ceiling Fans and (1) White Ceiling Fan
12c (13) Vent Covers
12d All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 12
12e Contents of Bathroom Including Sink, Soap and Towel Dispensers, Mirror, Trash Can and More
13 (9) Office Doors
13a (22) Round Recessed Light Fixtures and Mounted Fluorescent Light Fixtures
13b Wall Mounted Cabinets, 112″x14″x36″
13c (11) Vent Covers
13d White 4-Blade Ceiling Fan
14 (2) Office Doors
14a (14) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
14b (3) Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans
14c Wall Mounted Counter Shelf, 115″x28.5″
14d (8) Vent Covers
14e Sliding Security Window with Latch, 71.5″x33.5″
15 (3) Office Doors
15a Wire Mesh Security Window, 47″x34″
15b (18) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
15c (8) Vent Covers
15d (2) Ceiling Fans- 1 White and 1 Bronze/Wood Grain
15e (2) White Wood Wall Mounted Shelves with Metal Brackets- 48″x12″
16 (5) Office Doors
16a (24) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
16b (2) Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans
16c (8) Vent Covers
16d (1) Round Ceiling Mounted Speaker
16e (2) Exit Signs and (1) Security Light
17 (6) Office Doors
17a (20) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
17b (14) Vent Covers
17c (1) White Hunter Ceiling Fan and (1) Security Light
17d (1) Recessed Ceiling Speaker
18 (4) Office Doors
18a Wood 6-Drawer Cabinet with Dark Countertop
18b Elegant Wood Framed Wall Décor
18c (34) Square and Round Office Lighting Fixtures
18d (11) Vent Covers
19 (6) Office Doors
19a Wood Wall Mounted Countertop with Cabinets and Drawer
19b (40) Recessed Fluorescent Light Fixtures
19c (4) Recessed Mounted Speakers
19d (2) White Ceiling Fans
19e (25) Vent Covers
19f All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 19
20 (9) Office Doors
20a Approx. 61 Ceiling Light Fixtures
20b (6) Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans
20c (6) Recessed Ceiling Speakers
20d (16) Vent Covers
20e All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 20
20f (4) Exit Signs
21 (3) Office Doors
21a (8) Ceiling Light Fixtures
21b Kenmore Wall Cooling Unit, Hampton Bay Wall Cooling Unit and (3) Vent Covers
22 (6) Office Doors
22a (38) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
22b (3) Recessed Mounted Speakers
22c (5) Ceiling Fans
22d (13) Vent Covers
22e (1) Exit Sign and (2) Security Lights
23 (7) Office Doors
23a Raised Floor System and All Contents on Floor Including Laptop Chargers, Computer Monitor Bases, Power Strips and more
23b (44) Fluorescent Light Fixtures
23c (3) Round Ceiling Mounted Speakers
23d (18) Metal Vent Covers
23e (1) White Ceiling Fan
23f All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 23
24 (7) Office Doors, 3 with Windows (No Keys)
24a (38) Ceiling Light Fixtures
24b (13) Metal Vent Covers
24c (2) Round Ceiling Mounted Speakers
24d All Ceiling Tiles Contained in Section 24
25 Approx. (12) Exit Signs
26 Approx. (12) Security Lights
26a Approx. (3) Hallway Half-Dome Safety Mirrors
27 Approx. (6) Round Ceiling Mounted Speakers
28 Approx. (28) Ceiling Light Fixtures
29 All Hallway Vent Covers


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