TUCSON ONSITE Plumbing Contractor Liquidation Online Auction PART 2

Start Date: Thursday 8/8/13
End Date: August 13, 2013 7:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 8/13/13 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 2885 Ganley Rd., Tucson AZ 85706
Load Out Times: Wednesday 8/14/13 from 10am to 4pm, Thursday 8/15/13 by APPOINTMENT ONLY, and Friday 8/16/13 by APPOINTMENT ONLY. All items MUST BE REMOVED by Friday 8/16/13!

Photo Gallery:

7664 Wooden south America cultural mask 22×10
7451 Chevy 1 ton Via CCL 339 VIII 725 work truck engine was rebuilt, Runs great, Clear Title
7450 25′ two axle heavy duty trialer w/ dropdown ramp for towing Clear Title
7447 28′ Pup Trailer w/ metal and wood staircase Clear Title
7448 28′ Pup Trailer w/ metal and wood staircase Clear Title
7449 28′ Pup Trailer w/ metal and wood staircase Clear Title
7763 Lumidor red 6 drawer metal tool box with key
7768 Bosch model 0601-323-139 angle grinder with various disks
7770 45x28x60 Large green tool box with locking bar
7771 Green four drawer toolbox with locking bar 28x30x59
7772 Blue job box 31x49x56 (all contents included)
7780 Lot of four propane tanks w three lead melting attachments.
7785 Large Lot of ridgid pipe threading Dye’s
7784 Lot of seven chain pipe cutters
7773 lot of two wireless drill motors 1 battery included
7778 Remington powder actuated tool with rounds and powder fastners
7754 Marathon Electric serious E model 184TTDB4026BR 5 HP motor
7752 Lot of five cutting torch nozzles in metal tool box
7750 1×1 mini shop vac comes with hose, no additional attachments
7649 Abilit Joe Shimamura Asian Slot Machine Tested & Works with tokens
7650 Pachi Arcade skill stop game Asian slot machine tested & works with tokens
7648 WWI German Army Marching Band Led Painted Kaiser Soldier figurings
7646 40mm MK3 Explosive Round and more (not live)
7670 Asian inspired hand carved oriental wood mask 11×7
7615 1948 PHILCO RADIO & 78 PHONOGRAPH TUBE wood Model 48-1256 antique
7718 Solid wood desk with hutch 1 drawer 25x48x56
7716 Two drawer legal wood filing cabinet
7715 Two drawer latteral filing cabinet wood 19x34x30
7714 Xerox 5328 Copier/printer with manual
7717 Toshiba model 24AF4S 24″ TV with Sony DVD/VHS combo player
7720 Pitney Bowes small office series automatic mailing system
7730 Fiskars striaght edge paper cutter with swingline 3 ring holepunch
7647 Four drawer file cabinet
7420 Lot of Misc. Ventilation System Parts
7421 Lot of two tools Milwaukee heavy duty 3/4 inch rotary hammer and Milwuakee sawzall(needs replacement power cord)
7422 Lot of two heavy duty chop saws (untested)
7423 Husky100 psi max Quiet Air portable air compressor w/ carrying handle
7424 lot of water filters, temperature gauge and pressure switch
7425 Lot of four 65 watt yard lights and dual PA system/horn speakers
7426 Lot of electronics Model EK612 key telephone system, motorola moxy c/b radio, standard 6-slot rapid charger model CSB240 w/ two radios and a2 spare batteries
7427 Misc. lot of paper towel and liquid soap dispensers, office name plate, fire extinguisher case (no glass), and fire alarm heat sensor.
7428 Lot of four power tools (needs repair); two angle grinder; hole hog, and receprocation saw.
7429 1″ rotory hammer, black and decker cut saw(both with carring case)
7430 Pair of industrial rotary hammers(needs rapair) with carring case.
7431 Misc. parts, wires and casing for plumming and electrical incl. Mach 1 volume calibrator.
7432 Box of power tools and parts(needs repair) incl. hole hog, angle grinders, drill motors, and more.
7433 Misc. lot of power tool carry cases.
7434 Lot of 9 car/truck tire rims and high-tech lighting fixtures.
7435 White fiberglass handicap tub, 61″x33″x22″
7436 Lot of two wooden cupboards and wooden drawer, misc. ventilation system parts incl 3 industrial heaters, stainless steel sinks, and more.
7438 Lot of two tubes of various wooden rods, 18″-21″x1.5″ diameter.
7439 Lot of various car cassette radios, speakers, and equalizers.
7440 Lot of five Ford hubcaps
7441 Lot of Fuseal piping
7442 Lot of seven pieces of aluminum ducts
7443 Tank of Co2 Full
7444 Lot of five antique solid oak school desks
7445 Large lot of 21 rolling office and wooden fold up chairs
7446 Lot of five stackable metal office chairs
7452 Legal four drawer grey file cabinet 15″x18″x52″
7453 2 drawer white dresser 20″x18″x25″
7454 Rotating display case 20″x20″x54″
7455 Black metal rolling cabinet 20″x29″x25″
7456 Lot of two wood and wicker jewelery boxes
7457 Lot of two entertainment cabinets w/ glass doors25″x18″x50″ and 19″x16″x35″
7458 Large fluffy stuffed doged, shopping cart not included.
7459 engineering drafting table 48″x39″x37″
7460 512 lbs. Genie manual crank lift.
7461 engineering drafting table 48″x39″x37″
7462 Very large lot of books and magazines on a pallet
7463 Medical boot, heat blanket, and muscle made therapudic heat wrap
7464 Two boxes of dalmation pen holders, mini mouse jax case and more
7465 glass fish tank filled with accessories, 12″x24″x17″
7466 Lot of seven children animal toys.
7467 Lot of collectable sculptures and rainstick.
7468 lot of thirteen hand carved wooden ducks
7469 Lot of ladies hair products and losture makeup
7470 Pair of wooden dutch clogs
7471 25 pairs of camo pants and blue jeans various sizes.
7472 lot of two oak and partical board dresser and cabinet. Needs some repair.
7473 Yamaha PSR-185 Keyboard
7474 Yamaha Porta Sound PSS-460, needs a/c adapter
7475 Casio Casiotone CT-102 Keyboard, needs ac adapter.
7476 Vintage wood sewing machine cabinet.
7477 Large lot of games and puzzles
7478 dealers lot of 11 Lion King Sarari boats 52″x31″ new in box.
7479 Lot of Disney’s Mickey Mouse 60″x27″ rafts and 3 24″ swim rings, new in box
7587 large lot of Disney collectable Figurines, activity pads, notebooks, chidren books, and more.
7588 lot of seven toy vehicles.
7589 toy train and train Telephone
7590 Lot of seven dolls.
7591 Huge lot of cassette tapes and VHS tapes with various CD’s.
7592 Misc. lot of kids toys, table cloth, jars, and more.
7593 Jason model 307 explorer astronomical telescope.
7594 Lot of VHS, DVD, and stereo receivers.
7595 Vynle record player, works great.
7596 Vynle record player, works but volume control is broken (very quiet)
7597 Travel suitcase vynle record player, works.
7598 Large lot of shower certain rings, marroon.
7599 Lot of misc. Disney memorabilia including Rajah toy, paint by numbers, coloring books, and more
7600 Lot of twenty military jackets includes ten desert, four sleeveless, and one jungle.
7601 Lot of fifteen Military jackets, woodland camo.
7602 Lot of nineteen military jackets, seventeen woodland camo, two digital camo.
7603 lot of fourteen military dress shirts/ working uniforms shirts.
7604 Lot of twenty four military working uniform shirts.
7605 Lot of eleven Military specialty coats includes MOPP coat and pants, woodland camo field jacket, two wet weather jackets, and four heavy duty jackets
7606 Lot of six military dress uniform jackets includes 2 army dress green jackets, one pant, 2 green german, dress jackets, one Air Force and one foreign.
7607 Lot of vintage Navy coats and black Army duster coat (non-GI) includes vintage Navy officer peacoat.
7608 Lot of various clothing, seventy eight articles incuding blazers, long sleeve button ups, leather and Denim coats, Jeans, and more.
7609 Lot of various active wear, 23 articales including Nike, Adidas, and more.
7610 Lot of various unique button-up shirts.
7611 Lot of various custume items including wolfman mask, vampire cape, devils gown, cowboy hat, shirts, and boots, and more.
7612 Lot of WWII German and English vintage collectable led painted Army Men.
7613 Steel five drawer file cabinet 14″x25″x58″
7616 Wooden filing cabinet with keys (only the top drawer locks) 25x21x51
7617 Two oriantal colorful wooden mask 5×7 and 10×10
7618 Two oriantal wooden mask 8×10
7619 Two South America wooden mask 10×10 and 13×7
7620 Oriantal Bamboo painting 30×13
7621 Two South American wooden tribal mask 20×9 and 15×7
7622 Three cultural South American masks 13×6, 3×5, and 6×4.
7623 Two wooden South American hand carved Forks. 29″l and 20″l
7624 Two wooden zebra head mask from South America 16×6 and 10×5
7625 South African cultural wooden mask 51×7
7626 Very large Universal Map of Tucson, AZ and the surrounding area.
7627 Two South America wooden mask 11×7
7628 Two South America wooden mask 10×11 and 14×7
7629 F. Taylor Painting “The Game Keeper’s Daughter” 33×27
7630 South African cultural wooden mask 11×6 and 14×6
7631 South African cultural wooden mask 16×8 and 18×6
7632 Hand carved wooden Garriff 24″ tall
7633 Two South America wooden mask 9×4 and 9×8
7634 Hand carved wooden Monkey 7″ tall
7635 Hand carved wooden tribal figure
7636 Hand carved wooden tribal figure
7637 Hand carved wooden elephant
7638 Hand carved wooden elephant
7639 Hand made horse wrapped in leather
7640 Two hand carved head statues 6×4
7641 hand made zebra wrapped in fur
7642 Hand carved wooden elephant
7644 Webcor RT-1651-1 Tubed record player tested&works, Plays 33, 45, & 78
7645 Hand carved wooden camel with metal formed legs & head
7651 Hand carved hollow wooden statue 14″ tall
7652 Two carved wooden statue 14″ tall and 17″ tall
7653 hand carved oriantal wooden statue 12″ tall
7654 Three hand carved wooden African statues 15″ tall, 16″ tall, and 20″ tall
7655 Hand carved wooden statue, 7″ tall
7656 Hand carved coconut monkey and coconut woman’s head lamp
7657 Lot of hand carved animals aome are musical insturments
7658 Drafting table with light 6’x38″x38″
7659 Four ceramic masks
7660 two hand carved wooden South America cultural mask, very colorful, 10×8 and 11X10
7661 Wooden African cultural mask, very colorful 39×6
7662 Lot of Civil War South and North antique led painted Army Men
7663 Oriantal Mini dong made from brass
7665 Black four drawer file cabinet(doesn’t included the items on top of the cabinet)
7666 17X7 hand carved wooden African mask.
7667 11×14 signed picture of Kathy Mattea
7668 Christmas Big Mouth Billy Bass wall decoration (untested)
7669 Signed Holly Dunn photo 10×13
7671 27×13 hand carved wooden mask depictings mans face
7672 Signed picture of Judy Garland as Dorothy with Toto 9×11
7673 12×10 oriental influenced hand carved wooden mask
7674 16×11 hard carved African mask
7675 Oriental influenced hand carved wooden mask
7676 Cavalry Sabre
7677 Hand carved mask
7678 “A Moments Rest” by Daniel Ridgeway Knight
7679 Hand carved wooden spanish man 25″x6″
7680 Cavalry Sabre
7681 Hand Carved African Wooden Mask
7682 Metal Speak-A-Phone record
7683 Hand carved wooden demon mask
7684 Hand Carved African Wooden Mask 6×20
7685 Hand carved African wooden mask 6×19
7686 Hand crafted wooden mask from Ghana 7×16
7687 Hand crafted wooden mask from indonesia
7688 Hand crafted mask of womans face with turtle 8×13
7689 4×11 hand carved and painted pacific islander mask
7690 6×11 hand crafted and painted wooden mask from Asia
7691 9×24 hand carved tiki mask
7692 Small 4 1/2x 9 hand carved African mask
7693 hand carved and painted wooden spirit mask 7×12
7694 Lot of two small hand crafted African Masks
7695 Decorative wooden mask 11×23
7696 39×4 mink pelt good condition
7697 Spanish Puppet
7698 Indian hand carved wall sculpture
7699 Hand carved African wooden tribal mask
7700 Born in the USA Harley Davidsin wall clock
7701 Hand carved wooden African mask
7702 lot of two ceramic wall mask, Miyan.
7703 Hand carved spirit mask from Indonesia
7704 Hand carved spirit mask from Guatamala
7705 Hand carved wooden gazelle lead with hand carved spirit mask
7706 Lot of two hand carved wooden flutes Native American design
7707 Elvis wall clock legs move
7709 5′ tall hand painted digerydoo
7710 Vintage pair of binoculars
7711 Pair of size 9 1/2 USA Harley Davidson boots
7712 Made in Myunmar elaboratetly deovated ballcap
7713 Lot of two authentic woodmaslss from Placzmela Bolivia Punishment Mask (wax seals in tacted)
7719 Three drawer white wood dresser
7740 two sliding Van windows 45″ edge to edge
7751 Lot of three jacks, tested and working.
7753 Shrink fast industrial heat gun for shrink wrapping
7755 Emerson belted fan/blower duty model T55CXBNT-1013 3/4 HP motor
7756 Rothenberger No. 7.0040 pipe cutter 1/8 and 1/4, 1/8-2 inch N0. 7.0050, Ridge tool co. model E24 pipe wrench
7757 Lot of five Thermometers including ashcroft 248*, Moeller 240*, 2x weiss instruments 120*
7758 Win-holt Stainless Steel lab sink 12x15x51 bowl 10x11x9
7759 54 piece lead soldier toy set incl. church and warplane props
7760 lot of Hand crafted color glass sculptures
7761 Harley Davidson wall clock with basket
7762 Lot of four valve keys various in size
7764 Large lot of 12 rotary hammer attachments
7765 lot of misc tools includes wrenches, pliers, bush sheers, air painting can and more
7766 Large lot of drill attachments
7767 Ridgid 300T pipe threader with pedal no motor
7769 Grey security locker with 400t welding rods
7774 Skill power belt sander
7775 Craftsmen 2 1/8 hp circlar saw
7776 OCI Istruments test kit
7777 Craftsmen sabre saw 1/4 hp
7779 Black and Decker 7 1/4 Cicular saw model 7308
7781 lot of five porcelain three hole white sinks, 1 porcelain toilet bowl and tank
7782 Lot of Approx. 11 fire hoses
7783 lot of three white porcelane toilet bowls and four white porcelane toilet tanks


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Desert Sky Mall




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