WISCONSIN Indian Creek Estate Liquidation Auction

Start Date: Thursday 4/3/14
End Date: April 15, 2014 5:00 pm
Preview Times: Tuesday 4/15/14 from 10am to 4pm
Location: 16125 W. Ryerson Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151
Load Out Times: Wednesday 4/16/14 through Friday 4/18/14 from 10am to 4pm

Photo Gallery:

1 Keystone model K160 16mm film projector
2 large safe by Guardian with combination
3 Cherry finished partner desk KITTINGER THE GEORGIAN COLLECTION 9 drawers Measures approximately: 30.5″ tall x 85″ long x 19 1/4″ wide
4 Cherry finished partner desk KITTINGER THE GEORGIAN COLLECTION Measures approximately: 80″ Length x 40.5″ wide x 30.5″ tall
5 Cherry finished partner desk KITTINGER THE GEORGIAN COLLECTION 3 Drawer Measures approximately: 72″ Length x 36 1/4″ wide x 30.5″ tall
6 Solid wood intricately inlayed end table Measures approximately: 20.5″ tall x 28″ length x 28″ wide
7 Solid wood intricately inlayed coffee table Measures approximately: 14″ tall x 60″ length x 30″ wide
8 Measures approximately 56″ tall
9 Measures approximately 48″ tall
10 Measures approximately 30″ tall
11 American antique cylinder barrel top executive desk with keys
12 Antique Burgundy Leather folding Opera/theater seats with cast iron construction and wood trim Measures approximately 62.5″ x 34 1/2″
13 Galvanized double handled with lid wash tub
14 Copper double handled wash tub
15 Galvanized metal lid for wash tub
16 Antique primitive sickle scythe farm tool
17 Primitive farm wood Yoke
18 Primitive farm double wood Yoke
19 Antique primitive two man logging cross cut hand saw
20 Vintage/Antique Warranted Superior logging cross cut saw
21 Antique Alex Taylor & Co New York wood skis
22 Antique Viking Wood Skis
23 Vintage heavy saw blade
24 Antique/primitive logging criss cross saw 71″
25 Antique intricately carved solid wood office chair with wicker bottom Measures approximately 48″ tall and 20″ from floor to seat
26 Wrought iron ornate wall sconces
27 LifeGear Portable Massage Table Measures approximately 74 1/2″ length x 28″ wide x 30″ tall
28 Large Ingento industrial paper cutter
29 Premier industrial paper cutter
30 Underwood turn-of-the-century manual typewriter
31 Antiqe Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter with case
32 Vintage Highly collectable Christy Lee 1960’s Ballerina Wall decors
33 General Precision Graflex 16 film movie projector 16mm
34 Antique hand painted wood duck hunting decoy with amber glass eye and lead weight
35 Antique hand painted wood duck hunting decoy with lead weight
36 Antique hand painted wood duck hunting decoy
37 Antique hand painted wood duck hunting decoy with one glass eye
38 Antique hand painted wood duck hunting decoy
39 Antique Empire cast iron boot/shoe stand
40 Vintage Bell systems western electric company rotary style telephone
41 Antique Ice Tongs
42 Vintage/antique copper P51 airplane fighter table lighter
43 Antique advertising Ice Tongs
44 Antique Ice Tongs
45 Antique advertising Ice Pick with case
46 Vintage window card for Ice and coal advertising Ice Pick
46a Collection of ice service souvenirs from 22nd annual NAII convention
46b Collection of 15 vintage ice scrapers work/rakes
47 Lot of 6 antique ballet wood shoe forms
48 Lot of 5 antique ballet wood shoe forms
49 Lot of 5 antique ballet wood shoe forms
50 Lot of 5 antique ballet wood shoe forms
51 Lot of 4 antique ballet wood shoe forms
52 Lot of 5 antique ballet wood shoe forms
53 Lot of 6 antique ballet wood shoe forms
54 Lot of 6 antique ballet wood shoe forms
55 Lot of 4 antique ballet wood shoe forms
56 Lot of 4 antique ballet wood shoe forms
57 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
58 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
59 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
60 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
61 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
62 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
63 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
64 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
65 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
66 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
67 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
68 Lot of antique ballet wood shoe forms
69 Noma collectible ballerina ornament , magic dancer and porcelain ballerina
70 Collection of three bells , two copper,one primitive
71 Wood tambourine and Mexican hand-painted maracas
72 Six antique cast-iron shoe forms
73 Collection of antique/vintage tools for shoemaking
74 Two white wood display blocks
75 Vintage mid century aluminum and cherrywood serving tray
76 Oneida silverplated serving tray
77 Two small brass kerosene hand-held lanterns
78 Oggi stainless steel small ice bucket
79 Silver plated serving platter with lid and protective anti-tarnish bag
80 Large silverplated serving tray with anti-tarnish bag
81 Oneida large silverplated serving platter with protective anti-tarnish bag
82 International silver company silverplated ladle
83 Cohiba la Habana Cuba porcelain collectible ashtray
84 Collection of home Decore and collectible Cecil Wisconsin plate
85 Hand made wooden box with dividers
86 Hand made wooden box with Plastic jewels
87 Vintage Realistic brand citizens 3 channels band transceiver
88 Vintage realistic brand citizens band transceiver four channels
89 Micronta regulated 12 V power supply converts to 12 VDC
90 Uniden pc 33x CB
91 Assorted lot of vintage CB antenna and other accessories
92 Vintage realistic CB TRC ?╟⌠ 421
93 Huge assortment of money rolls organizers and much more
96 vintage Xerox memory writer 6015 with manual and roll stand
97 Large pink storage trunk
98 Two boxes full of manila envelopes
99 Large box of tags for repair slips
100 Large solar system wall art
101 Wii game system with manuals and many accessories
102 Xbox game system with remote-control and much more
102a Xbox live headset for Halo2
102b Seven Xbox games including the Lord of the rings ,Crimson skies and more
102c Nine Xbox games including Apex , NBA Street, ninja and more
102e Nine Xbox games including project Gotham, rainbow six 3and more
102f Nine Xbox games including all sports two, Machassault, and more
103 Exxis observation system including 12 inch black-and-white monitor CCD cameras with wide angle lenses 60 foot cable and camera stand
104 Wenzel pressure lantern with original box never used
105 Remote-controlled alien wizard turbo blend
106 Large multicolored beach umbrella never used
107 FBI practice target
108 Vintage Parker Brothers Monopoly board game
109 Large assortment of boardgames some vintage
110 Four board games including Pictionary, Scrabble and more
111 Assorted lot of boardgames
112 Large assortment of Pok??mon trading cards and cardholders
113 Set of molecular models and more
114 Large assortment of children’s books including sharks, how science works, ships and sealing and much more
115 Large assortment of hand puppets including folktales
116 Large assortment of children’s hand puppets including vintage Fisher-Price Fozzie bear
117 Large assortment of children’s toys including vintage and modern
118 Children’s toys and trophies
119 Two large plush stuffed toys
120 B ?╟⌠ 2 bomber model
125 brand-new glitter lava lamp
126 Assortment of children’s musical instruments and peacock mask and wond
127 Large articulated wood python snake toy
128 Lounge lighted rec room sign
129 Neon dry erase board
129a Brand-new roulette table great for game room
129b Brand-new blackjack table great for game room
129c Brand-new poker chip set
130 assorted month of household items including hangers, bird feeder and brand-new shirts
131 Large assortment of picture/photo frames many unused
132 Large assortment of wood hangers including ones for suits
133 Large assortment of wood hangers including ones for suits
134 Large assortment of wood hangers
135 Large assortment of wood hangers including ones for suits
136 Huge assortment of cedar shoe stretchers
137 Dyson cordless handheld vacuum
139 assortment of hanging file folders, holy Bible, and matting material
140 Huge assortment of greeting cards, clips, index cards and much more
141 Three hardcover books including James Bond, thunder in the heavens and handguns
142 Large assortment of books including dictionaries, cookbook, and much more
143 Audio 1999 orion blue book 1999
144 Large assortment of file holders
145 Portable desk lamp
146 Oxford Locking metal file box
147 Large assortment of maps including Milwaukee Chicago and more
148 Huge assortment of leather binders and portfolios
149 assortment of binders
150 assortment of binders
151 14 inch Czechoslovakian bubble style crystal vase
152 14 inch Czechoslovakian bubble style crystal vase
153 14 inch Czechoslovakian bubble style crystal vase
154 Crystal decanter square patterned with stopper
155 Crystal decanter with Diamondcut designed with stopper
156 Vintage old Crow crystal decanter note some damage
157 Crystal decanter with stopper square design note chip on lip
158 Crystal decanter with Diamondcut pattern with stopper
159 Ceskci Crystal decanter square cut pattern with stopper
160 Crystal decanter with square cut pattern
161 Crystal decanter sleek rectangle with stopper
162 Crystal decanter with stopper Diamondcut design
163 Short square crystal decanter
164 Crystal decanter with stopper
165 Unique grenade shaped crystal pitcher
166 Crystal beverage pitcher
167 Crystal beverage pitcher
168 Small crystal scotch Decanter and tumbler set note chip on decanter
169 Set of Crystal Modernist candlestick holders
170 Hand blown crystal decanter
171 Crystal decanter with swirled Diamondcut
172 Vintage handblown glass decanter
173 Vintage handblown glass decanter
174 Crystal bowl with lovely pattern
175 Large crystal serving platter with Diamondcut design
176 Large crystal serving platter
177 Set of 13 Ralph Lauren crystal glasses
178 Set of crystal champagne flutes five large and two smaller
179 Two Waterford crystal champagne glasses
180 Set of three Crystal stemware
181 Set of five handblown martini glasses
182 Sign set of three wine glasses
183 Set of five Crystal stemware
184 Seven crystal wine goblet
185 11 cut crystal bowls
186 11 crystal parfait glasses
187 14 cut crystal tumblers
188 Set of four Ralph Lauren cut crystal glasses
189 Set Of five Ralph Lauren cut crystal glasses
190 Crystal tidbits serving tray with floral design
191 Nachtman set of six Crystal stemware
192 Set of five margarita glasses
193 crystal bowl signed by the artist
194 Set of six stemware
195 12 glass mugs made in Italy
196 Vintage set of 6 dessert sherbet cups
197 Set of iridescent balls and saucers
198 Set of clear glass sushi fish plates and sake cups
199 Vintage large bowl and assorted cups with stir sticks
201 antique German Heilige Schritf 1800s leather bound Bible
202 Vintage/antique copper fire extinguisher by quick aid
203 Antique solid brass Firemans hose nozzle by Hewitt rubber Company
204 Vintage Echo M. Hohner double sided harmonica made in Germany
205 Unique vintage art glass ashtray/inkwell?
206 Vintage solid marble ashtray
207 Antique baby alligator taxidermy note tail needs repair
208 Antique style solid brass inkwell
209 Blue crystal world paperweight
210 Antique porcelain naughty nude woman and man decor note does have Chip
211 Hand-painted Porcelain fruit made in Italy possibly Demonte
212 Vintage green iridescent ruffled stemmed bowl possibly Fenton
213 Vintage Large orange carnival glass bowl
214 Vintage Small orange carnival glass handled bowl
215 Vintage small orange carnival glass bowl with grape design
216 Hand painted metal art candlestick holder made in Italy
217 Antique glass 1 gallon liquid jug
218 Vintage Western electric mid century hidden telephone box
219 Amber crackle glass decanter with handblown stopper
220 Vintage/antique alnico magnetic headphones
221 Vintage/antique brass horn note rubber has cracked
222 Vintage/antique brass bell
223 Vintage style brass nautical mirror
224 Vintage style wood and brass towel holders ” first mate and captain”
225 vintage/antique Rayo kerosene lantern
226 Vintage/antique eagle kerosene lantern
227 Vintage/queen queen anne kerosene lantern
228 Vintage/antique brass tone Eagle kerosene lantern
229 Assorted lot of 1930s movie star cards from the 70s
230 Assorted lot of 1930s movie star/actor posters reproduction
231 Assorted a lot of vintage and antique pocketknives
232 Assorted lot of antique pocketknives and military pin
233 Assorted lot of mother-of-pearl pocketknives
234 Set of four small sterling salt and pepper shakers
235 Assortment of sterling silver including flatware, cup and more
236 Two small Bibles one antique leather bound and one military canvas
237 1933 fortune magazine lots of great advertising
238 1932 fortune magazine lots of great advertising
239 Rare 1800s book Fus A. Handschel’s Skizzenbuch
240 Four hours a year 1956 hardcover book
241 Macanudo ceramic advertising Ash Tray seton pottery England
242 Special TIME Magazine insert Queen Elizabeth 1953
243 Original greenware figurine sign by artist
244 Souvenir paddle from Troop 400 canoe Trip in 1964 with notes
245 Wooden frog call musical instrument
246 Pair of silverplated candelabras
247 Antique mustache cup
248 Authentic war dictionary by Louise G Perry. 1942
249 Signed footed handled silverplate with ornate design
250 Group of Colored glass insulators
251 Imported hookah pipe with carrying case and assorted Accessories
252 Noritake hand-painted 7283 dishware
253 Large wall clock with relative humidity and temperature indicators
254 Collection of flatware including serving pieces 1847 Rogers brothers (case included)
255 collection of flatware various patterns
256 Serving platter by Sheridan silverplate
257 Montclair serving vessel
258 Assorted silverplated serving trays
259 Assorted large group of serving pieces and more
260 Six stainless steel service by Vollrath
261 Assorted stainless steel service items including works by PLAZZA of Italy
262 Pitcher, utensils and more
263 DeLonghi coffee urn 60 cup capacity
264 Faberware automatic 12 to 55 cup coffee urn
265 Double wall stainless steel beverage tub 16 Qt
266 Commercial Beverage dispenser
267 5 quart chafing dish
268 Triple compartment chafing dish
269 Hibachi grill With woodchips
270 Ed Wusthof cutlery set
271 Huge assortment of Cutlery
272 Hamilton Beach commercial malt mixer
273 Handled service with pyrex insert
274 Various service peices
275 Daeware 2 quart water pitcher
276 Removable footed glass bowl with decorative fruit
277 Plated serving trays
278 Handled serving tray
279 Large serving platter made in Italy
280 Handled champagne bucket made in France
281 Wooden salt and pepper shakers
282 Pair of serving trays
283 Punchbowl trays and more
284 Signed Footed silver plated serving dish
285 Silver plated caviar service
286 Various silverplated serving pieces
287 Silver plated service with goblets
288 Various silverplated serving pieces
289 Pair of metal art candleholders
290 Pewter salt-and-pepper service
291 Collection of electric candles and notive pieces
292 Elegant candleholders and more
293 Notives vases and more
294 Pair of brass wall sconces
295 Pair of shaded Notives
296 Brass candlesticks champagne service, trays and more
297 Group of brass candlesticks and more
298 Hanging holder with plastic insert
299 Pair of ToastMaster buffet range hotplates
300 Grandhall rotisserie
301 Mid century wooden fold-out bar
302 Rolling wood storage cabinet
303 Simulated granite sink top 16 x 11
304 Solid brass Hunter ceiling fan with Globe
305 Herman Miller adjustable office chair
308 sleep innovations mattress cover 60 x 80 x 2
309 Area rug 62 x 90.75
310 Area rug 60.5 x 39.25
311 Pair of notive lanterns
312 Pair of notive lanterns with glass mantels
313 Group of three dragon fly accented notive lamps
314 Silk floral centerpiece
315 New in the box Electric wall sconce
316 White three shelf display cabinet
317 Valley industries tailgate tow package accessory
318 Hollywood bike rack
319 Live animal trap
320 Live animal trap
321 2-Telemount TV Wallmount
322 Paramont pictures omnispeaker
323 Paramont pictures omnispeaker
324 Mechanical pencils with pencil holder
325 Mechanical pencils with pencil holder
326 Large assortment of pencils pens and refills
327 Large assortment of mechanical pencil lead many unopened
328 Large assortment of permanent markers including Magnum and highlighters
329 Four stainless steel scissors including wiss and italy
330 assortment of drafting and office supplies
331 Group of stickers stamps and more
332 Scissor and letter opener with holder
333 Schwaab corporate seal stamp
334 Clauss no. 3752 shears
335 Assorted office items including magnifying glasses
336 Nestler mechanical pencil made in Germany
337 Ball point pen holder
338 Royal postal digital scale
339 Assorted office items including Texas instrument calculators and voice digital recorder
340 Lestrasel sculpting set
341 Sterling silver letter opener
342 Assortment letter openers knives and more
343 Group of miscellaneous items including NASA sticker Oriental coin wooden cardfile holder and more
344 Group of various pins tokens and more
345 Butane fuel
346 Assortment of designer wallets and cardholders
347 Assortment of leather Travel wallets
348 Bolle singlasses with case
349 Kirkland sunglasses new in the box
350 Designoptics sun readers new in box
351 Enameled skillet
352 Enameled skillet
353 Covered enamel skillet by copco
354 Enameled skillet by copco
355 Enamel skillet by LeCreuset made in France
356 Enamel skillet by LeCreuset made in France
357 Enamel skillet by LeCreuset made in France
358 Wolfgang Puck Caf?? collection 10 inch saut?? pan stainless steel
359 Colander and steamer
360 Group Of Teflon porcelain enamel Tramontia skillets
361 Glass covered frypan with wire insert basket
362 Cutting boards serving trays and more
363 Collection of serving pieces including deviled egg tray
364 Glass divided relish tray and juicer
365 various kitchenware including Lazy Susan wire racking and more
366 Terrene insert with ladle
367 Assortment Corning Ware casserole dishes and lids
368 Pair of round casserole dishes
369 11 round casserole dishes
370 Large group of service pieces and more
371 Group of service pieces
372 Port of call Sakura stoneware plates
373 Lead crystal snack plates
374 Lead Crystal snack plates
375 Hand-painted tea service made in Japan (teapot missing)
376 Vic’s beer wood case for 7 ounce bottle
377 Group of dinner linens and more
378 Large Lot of housework including Lala Koala crossing sign candles and more
379 Group of assorted lampholder shades
380 Outdoor repellent candles and more
381 Cutlery items measuring glasses basket and more
382 Group of glassware
383 Amiscellaneous items including bubble lights Christmas tree light set fixer ornaments and more
384 Turkey platter made in Italy
385 In the box Halloween decoration
387 Large assortment of tissue paper
389 Group of office-supply
390 Large group of assorted heavy stock paper and more
391 Group of office supplies
392 Timeclock
393 Lighted exit sign
394 Group of office blotters letter holders and more
395 Group of vintage metal sign holders
396 enameled customer parking only sign
397 Group of miscellaneous supplies including solid brass rail holders
398 Brass candlestick holders


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