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With cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service, and years of auction experience, Auction Nation is your source for hassle-free and profitable auctions. Although we provide a variety of auction services, our specialties include business liquidation, equipment, and overstock or surplus inventory auctions.

At Auction Nation, we work with some of the largest organizations in the U.S. – Food Management Partners, NRG, and ASU Athletics, just to name a few. We’re also proud to liquidate surplus assets for big name companies like Home Depot, Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. Regardless of the client and the auction’s size, we’re committed to providing personalized auction services that meet each client’s needs and produce the highest possible returns. Take a look at the testimonials below to learn what buyers and sellers are saying about Auction Nation!


Read what everyone is saying about Auction Nation!

5 Stars on Google
“Absolutely love this place. Such a great business concept. I mean EVERY item has an opening bid of $5.00……..BARGAIN!! The staff is very helpful as well. Everyone there seems to really enjoy their jobs as well as eachother. Such a great team environment.”

— Melissa N.

5 Stars on Google
“You really have to practice restraint when it comes to these ‘out of this world’ good prices. The friendly staff there is more than willing to help you throughout the process, as swift as possible.”

— Brittany M.

5 Stars on Google
“Great employees and great deals to be had on many items! Most the bad [reviews] are from people who don’t win the item they were bidding on. But this place has tons of items and lots to choose from so stop whining and try again you’ll get those smoking deals.”

— Witty B.

5 Stars on Google
“I love paying less than in stores. My grandchildren and great grandchildren love what I get. The staff is quite simply the best and most friendly, which makes it a pleasure to do business with them.”

— Iana M.

5 Stars on Google
“I have nothing but great experiences when dealing with AUCTION NATION. I have participated in more than a few auctions and have yet to have any major disappointments.

If you are interested in buying auction items I highly recommend that you give Auction Nation a try, you wont regret it.”

— Harry F.

5 Stars on Google
“Clean store, great customer service, totally remodeled. Check your auction items before you leave and if there’s any issues, they’ll do what they can to make it right. I’ve had to get refunds before and they’ve always been taken care of; not nearly as dramatic as what some other reviews are saying. Jacob always takes great care of his customers.

They’ve really upgraded the pick up process too. Air conditioned, comfortable seating and buzzers to cut down on all the yelling and chaos of other locations. Also, they have a discount store inside while you’re waiting. Even if you have no items to pick up, they’re clothes, shoes, toys and furniture are definitely worth checking out!!

They have a community board and want to promote and build small businesses in the area. Overall, just a great group of people.”

— Sherry

5 Stars on Google
“I found this place through a google search and was excited when I won my first item. …everything went well for me. I arrived around 10am on the designated pick up date and was pleasantly surprised. The staff brought my item to me within 15 minutes of arriving at the warehouse. My item was as described and I had no issues.”

— G. T.

5 Stars on Google
“Great spot for in-store and auction purchases. Helpful staff, great prices on all kinds of stuff. I’ve been going here for years and will continue to do so!!”

— Milena H.

5 Stars on Google
“Thank you for a great consignment process! Employees were all helpful and understood my time constraints and had no problem getting the auction ready. Kudos to the employees who helped us with the process. Sell your items with AN, you won’t be disappointed. Selling made easy!”

— Lissa F.

5 Stars on Google
“10 minutes of a wait for winning items at action that saved me at least $300 of retail prices. I personally want to thank the staff at North Phoenix for doing what you’ll do every day throughout the years… keep it up; you’re all doing a great job!!!”

— Wayne W.

5 Stars on Google
“If you follow the procedures you can get some really good deals at Auction Nation.

Their return policy is excellent and they ask no questions if you have a valid return due to misrepresentation or inoperable merchandise. Returns are accepted easily at each location.

Customer service goes out of their way to help whichever issue arises at any of the auction locations. They are very helpful and always smiling and congenial. I recommend Auction Nation for great deals.”

— Scott J.

5 Stars on Google
“I am a very big fan of this company. I have been with them through lots of changes and am still impressed. You can get a really good value on some pretty great products. I browse the site daily and love that you can add things to your favorites so you don’t have to go hunting around for them. Love this place.”

— Jennifer M.

5 Stars on Google
“I have been buying from Auction Nation for 4 years. I never pay retail everything I won at the auctions has been at or below wholesale. I highly recommend Auction Nation.”

— Brenda C.

5 Stars on Google
“This place is a great!! I was new and unfamiliar with it all. I bid online and ended up best bid for some mint green and butterfly car seat covers, a white bookshelf, and a “My First Sewing Kit. I showed up today after work. Excited to pick up my things and was told that I missed the pick up for my car seat covers on Saturday. It was super disappointing, but still glad I had the bookshelf and the sewing kit to take home. On the way out the door, I was offered help with my heavy bookcase by a nice guy named Jacob who worked there. I was sharing with him my disappointment that I lost the car seats covers that I bid on -due to my lack of understanding how to pick up system worked. Let me tell you. He is AWESOME!!! He told me he could find them for me still in the back because those in particular didn’t get taken out yet and he DID!👏🏻😭 I have to give a shout out to the most helpful employee!! It made my day that he went out of his way to make sure I was a satisfied customer and I AM!

Thanks again, Jacob! 😁So happy!”

— Desiree B.

5 Stars on Google
“Great auctions!! Never had any issues. Will continue to use Auction Nation and refer to family and friends”

— Tammi S.

5 Stars on Google
“Used to have to wait in line – now I’m in and out real quick. As far as the merchandise- everything is pictured and discribed. Yes some things are used, some are not. It’s up to the bidder to READ and research prices. For the huge inventory they have, they do a great job. I mainly frequent the north Phoenix branch. Whom ever is in charge has done a great job.”

— Rhonda S.

5 Stars on Google
“I have had nothing but a perfect experience here. Follow their return rules and there will bo NO ISSUES! Every item I have purchased that was not complete or broken I have had a complete refund, no questions asked..

The people that help you at the store are nothing but nice and appreciative.

I have saved a whole lot of money shopping herd, highly recommend!!!”

— Dream C.

5 Stars on Google
“They have some phenomenal deals.”

— Noneya

5 Stars on Google
“Been buying items from [Auction Nation] for years, they have great merchandise for auction and offer a 24 hr guarantee, ill be buying from them for years to come.”

— HH

5 Stars on Google
“For years I have been bidding on items at Auction Nation. The people that work there are always kind and accommodating. I can not say enough good things about the company.”

— Kelly J.

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