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Business Liquidation Auctions

Business liquidation auctions help companies sell off assets when undergoing significant changes. A wide range of items can be sold, including equipment, inventory, furniture, and more. These auctions often attract a diverse range of buyers, ultimately maximizing returns for sellers while providing opportunities for buyers to get quality assets at competitive prices.

Overstock & Store Return Auctions

Overstock and store return auctions offer companies an opportunity to liquidate surplus inventory or returned merchandise. Sellers benefit from being able to recoup some of their initial investment while buyers enjoy discounted prices on a variety of products, including appliances, clothing, tools, home goods, and more.

Equipment Auctions

Equipment auctions are a hub for buying and selling a variety of industrial machinery, tools, and equipment. These auctions cater to businesses across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, restaurants, and more. Sellers can efficiently liquidate surplus or unused equipment while buyers often get specialized tools and equipment at competitive prices.

Trustee & Receiver Services

Our trustee and receiver services help ensure the integrity and fairness of the auction process. Trustees and receivers oversee auctions to ensure compliance with legal requirements and safeguard the interests of all parties involved, including buyers, sellers, and creditors. Our expertise in handling complex financial and legal matters facilitates transparent and efficient auction transactions, improving buyer confidence and promoting overall trust within the auction community.

Alternative Energy Asset Auctions

Alternative energy asset auctions feature a wide range of renewable energy assets and infrastructure. These include solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage systems, and more. Buyers can access cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions at an affordable price while sellers can efficiently sell surplus or decommissioned equipment.

Vehicle Auctions

Vehicle auctions can feature a wide range of automobiles, from used cars to luxury vehicles. These auctions offer an opportunity for both dealers and individual buyers to purchase vehicles at competitive prices. With diverse inventory and varying conditions, vehicle auctions provide a platform for buyers to find the perfect vehicle while sellers benefit from a streamlined process to liquidate their inventory.

Government Surplus Auctions

Government surplus auctions allow government agencies to sell off excess or unused items to the public. These auctions offer a wide array of items, including vehicles, equipment, furniture, electronics, and more. Buyers can often get quality items at a significant discount while government agencies benefit by recouping some of their investment and clearing out storage space.

Private Auctions /
Dealer-Only Auctions

Private or dealer-only auctions provide licensed dealers or specific individuals within certain industries exclusive access to specialized inventory not typically available to the general public. These auctions often showcase high-quality, unique items, fostering a platform for networking and cultivating relationships within the industry.

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